Recall Raul Valdivia- Fullerton Rangers Board of Directors President

Petitioning Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald and 1 other

Recall Raul Valdivia- Fullerton Rangers Board of Directors President

Since at least 2012, the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club has been overseen by Club President, Raul Valdivia.  Under his watch, the Fullerton Rangers have been involved in an embezzlement scandal, had nearly $200,000 stolen from the organization, have not kept current with city requirements, and illegally operated a profitable business.  As more details emerge, it seems as though many parents are losing faith in the people that govern the organization.

By signing this petition, the members of the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club recognize the need to overhaul the Fullerton Rangers Board of Directors and ultimately desire to see to it that Raul Valdivia step down/resign immediately as acting Club President.  In addition to supporting a recall of Raul Validivia, signing this petition also should act as a vote of no-confidence for Raul Valdivia and others that serve on the Board.


In a public meeting held on January 27, 2016, members of the Board stated that they would rewriting the By-laws and making them current.  This is frightening as this new set of by-laws are being written by the very people that members of the organization are losing confidence in.  The Board has already shown it has an inherent interest in appointing certain people to board positions, as was evidenced during introductions at the public meeting.  At least two people were appointed to the Board, by the Board, within the past 90 days.


At this same meeting it was stated by some Board members that they were aware that using a for-profit LLC, named Rangers Academy, LLC, was illegal.  Yet despite knowing this, the LLC is still active and continues to do business. A search on California’s Secretary of State website shows that the LLC is active as of February 1, 2016 and that it is registered at a location in Orange, CA.

Entity Number:
entitiy number 201209410306
Date Filed: 03/14/2012
Status: ACTIVE
Entity Address:
Entity City, State, Zip:
Agent for Service of Process:

A separate search for the same LLC shows that Club President, Raul Valdivia, is quite possibly the President of aforementioned LLC.

Raul Valdivia | Rangers Academy LLC |
View Raul Valdivia’s business profile as President at Rangers Academy LLC and see work history, affiliations and more.

Rangers Academy LLC

369 S. Acacia Ave.
Fullerton , California 92831
United States

Raul Valdivia is aware that operating a for-profit LLC is illegal when used in conjunction with a non-profit organization like the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club.  However, by leaving the LLC open and in good-standing with the State of California, it seems as though he is putting his personal interest ahead of the club’s.  For this reason alone, he should be recalled and resign as Club President.


At a City Council meeting on October 3, 2012, Raul Valdivia came up against other local soccer clubs that were looking to use fields and facilities that were maintained by the City of Fullerton.  Raul Valdivia countered that the Blue Stars, A.C. Fullerton, and soccer league known as Orange County Community Youth Soccer League (OCCYSL) should not be able to use Fullerton fields, specifically Richman Park, citing that the organizations did not meet City of Fullerton minimum standards.  These standards included residential requirements that 80% members live in Fullerton and that the clubs were not non-profit organizations.

From that October 3, 2012 meeting, as cited on FullertonFactCheck.comFresh Faces Protest at City Council Meeting, by Jennifer Karmarkar;Fullerton Rangers board member Raul Valdivia countered that OCCYSL does not meet requirements to be a partner group with the city, including being recreational based, being non-profit and having 80 percent of its members reside in Fullerton.
“By their own admission, they have less than 40 percent residents,” he argued.

More recently, in a letter from the City of Fullerton addressed to the Fullerton Rangers dated December 23, 2015, it is noted that among other issues, the Fullerton Rangers are below the 80% resident threshold.  This is strikingly alarming as the recreation side is over 90%** resident rate.  So to fall below the 80% threshold, the competitive side has go to be closer to 50%** residency.  This may pose a problem for the city.  We will find out after a scheduled meeting on February 2, 2016 between city officials and representatives from the Fullerton Rangers.

**When pressed for this information, current members of the Board of Directors will not give exact percentages.

Also, similar to the Blue Stars, A.C. Fullerton and OCCYSL, the Fullerton Rangers now admit to running a profitable LLC, another violation of the city’s requirements.  The arguments that Raul Valdivia used to argue the other leagues desire to use Fullerton fields can now be used against him as well.



  1. #1 by bob schilling on February 3, 2016 - 11:45 am

    Raul needs to be recalled. I also feel that the manager Rick mcbenntes as well as his brother Vic should be investigated, I have a feeling those scumbags are involved

  2. #2 by Fullerton Lover on February 3, 2016 - 10:19 pm

    These are excerpts from the Fullerton Rangers own website about whether the participants have to be Fullerton residents? (No), and even goes on to say that all of the facilities that they use to practice and play their games on, are owned by the residents of Fullerton, who residents cannot access them for their own recreation needs, because they are constantly monopolized by a bunch of people running a for profit company?

    Hugo Curiel should have known that this has been going on and has conveniently chosen to look the other way. He should lose his job over this but we all know that the odds of a public employee being fired is about $500,000 to 1

    Fullerton Rangers Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can participate in Recreational League soccer?
    The league serves kids from ages 4 to 19, see the Division Ages Table for eligible ages. A child requires no previous experience to play. And a player does not have to be a Fullerton resident.

    When does the season start?
    There are two seasons; Fall and Spring.
    •In Fall, teams can start practicing the first week of August, with the first game of the season starting the Saturday after Labor Day. The season runs for approximately 10 games, for ages 10 years and older, a City Cup tournament starting after the last game of the season. There are no games on the weekend following Thanksgiving, and for most teams, soccer ends before Christmas.
    •In Spring, the season runs for approximately 8 games starting in March and ending early May. Games are held on Sundays after 12noon. Team practices are replaced with approximately 5-6 sessions of R.A.M.P held on Friday nights.

    Where will my player practice and play? (Fall)
    It depends on the age and who the coach is. Generally, the teams practice at a school or park close to where the coach lives or works in Fullerton. The games are played at schools and parks within Fullerton. Check our Fields page for a list of locations

    Here’s “their” list of “their” practice and playing fields…all of them exclusively within the city of Fullerton!

    Acacia Elementary Acacia Park Amerige Park
    Bastanchury Park Beechwood Elementary Byerrum Park
    Chapman Park Commonwealth Elementary Fern Park
    Ford Park Fullerton Sports Complex #3 (East) Fullerton Sports Complex #2 (West)
    Golden Hill Elementary Hermosa School Park Ladera Vista Junior High #1
    Laguna Road Elementary Lemon Park Lions Field
    Orangethorpe School Park Pacific Drive Elementary Parks Junior High Lower
    Parks Junior High Upper Richman Park Rolling Hills School Park
    Sunset Lane Elementary

  3. #3 by Fullerton Lover on February 3, 2016 - 10:44 pm

    Fullerton Rangers Soccer Club Treasurer arrested for embezzlement…

  4. #4 by Fullerton Resident on February 4, 2016 - 3:17 pm

    This organization needs to come completely clean and take full responsibility for any bad acts. Those that mislead the city about the nature of their organization should resign. Once all that is done, the organization must totally divest themselves of their for profit arm.
    Anything less from the Rangers requires that the city take action against the group.
    Even in the best case scenario described above, the city should consider fining the Fullerton Rangers for failing to follow the proscribed rules.

    • #5 by Fullerton Lover on February 5, 2016 - 2:47 pm

      …read this article and note that this was when Sharon Silva was Mayor of Fullerton and was literally trying to squeeze the local low cost non-profit league off the fields, so that the for-profit league teams of the “Fullerton Rangers” can legally bump them off the same fields that they had been raised on?

      Best part is the irony of irony Raul Valdivia pointing the finger at the other leagues about that they have 40-50% Fullerton residens, and his league has no requirement for the children to be Fullerton residents!

      Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

      Fresh Faces Protest at City Council Meeting

      October 3, 2012

      Story by Jennifer Karmarkar/ –

      Blue shirts once again dominated council chambers Tuesday, but this time it was kids—not cops—who flexed their muscles before the City Council.

      Dozens of youth soccer players and their parents showed up at City Hall to fight for their practice field at Richman Park after the city told their league its teams could no longer practice there.

      Clutching handmade signs that read “We Want Peace. Return Our Park,” nearly 100 members of the Blue Stars and A.C. Fullerton soccer teams turned council chambers into an ocean of blue, filling seats and lining the aisle as they waited with their parents to address the Council.

      “I’ve been playing at Richman since I was four,” said 11-year-old Ivan Herrejon. “It seems unfair that you guys are taking the park away from us even though we were there first. How would you feel if they did that to you guys?”

      The Fullerton-based Orange County Community Youth Soccer League (OCCYSL) was informed on Sept. 20 that the Fullerton Rangers Soccer Club would be using Richman Park for their practices beginning Oct. 1. The city offered the OCCYSL the use of a field at Woodcrest Elementary School in exchange for Richman.

      The action impacts nearly 400 Fullerton youth, many whose parents say they cannot afford the higher fees to play for the Fullerton Rangers. Some, like Alfredo Sotes, say they are no longer able to take their kids to soccer practice.

      “I don’t have a car. I live far away, and that was the closest park to get to,” Sotes said. “I cannot make it to the park which means my kids cannot go to practice anymore.” He added there are many others in the same situation.

      More than 30 public commenters addressed the Council, many in Spanish. Several expressed concern that the 20-by-40 yard Woodcrest field is too small for the number of teams practicing there. Others worried about injuries from flying baseballs on adjacent fields.

      Natividad Alvarez, a 20-year resident with three children, said she’s worried that making the kids play in a smaller space will lead to boredom and force them onto the streets. “As parents we’re trying to do everything in our power….so they can become good citizens.”

      Mario Villamil, who heads the 1000-player OCCYSL, said he has appealed to parks and recreation department officials to resolve the problem. “In four months we haven’t received any support.”

      Fullerton Rangers board member Raul Valdivia countered that OCCYSL does not meet requirements to be a partner group with the city, including being recreational based, being non-profit and having 80 percent of its members reside in Fullerton.

      “By their own admission, they have less than 40 percent residents,” he argued.

      Regardless, the Council decided to agendize the issue for the Oct. 16 meeting.

      Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva told the group the parks and recreations director will contact them to develop an interim plan.

  5. #6 by Anonymous on February 5, 2016 - 12:07 pm

    Guess who worked very closely with him at city hall?

  6. #7 by Fullerton Lover on February 5, 2016 - 2:31 pm

    oooh -oooh pick me!

    …my guess is Sharon Quirk Silva and her husband, Jesus Silva, who is a Parks and Recreation Commissioner?

  7. #8 by If you're really that good then we wouldn't be here on February 6, 2016 - 12:26 pm

    Maybe “some of you” are just bitter because “your kids” we’re good enough to make the cut/team. So naturally (like those parents that believe in Participation medals) it’sthe club and board members fault.

    Stop spending your time CLEANING HOUSE; and practice with your kid more… I’m sure your feelings would be different if you WERE on the team.

    After all… This is all about the kids right???

    • #9 by Angie on February 7, 2016 - 6:46 am

      You write like “Danny Boy”, “Reality Is”, aka the Fullerton Sheepleherder trying to sweep EVERYTHING under the rug.

      You defend illegal activity; are you okay with the embezzlement too?

      Yeah, you are all about the kids, right?

    • #13 by anon on February 9, 2016 - 5:36 pm

      #8 you can’t be serious! The Board of Directors didn’t notice $200k being stolen over 3 years (by an outsider I might add) and they set up a for profit entity to avoid all the rules governing a tax exempt entity yet used the guise of a tax exempt entity to gain benefits in the City and YOU have no problem with it because your kid is “good enough to be on the team”? My kids play rec and I am PISSED this went on and you should be too! It has nothing to do with what level you play at, it has to do with the fact that the entity now looks corrupt. And you don’t think the President used his position to put his kid on a team that perhaps he did not earn a spot on because he has the Director of Coaches in his pocket?? Give me a break. There are so many kids simply “paying to play” that the elite status of “club” has been lost. Buy a clue why don’t you?

      • #14 by Fullerton Lover on February 11, 2016 - 2:51 pm

        …direct edict from the Queen whose children play for the Fullerton Strangers (mostly children who AREN”T from Fullerton!)

        …I wonder if they are going to enforce the Parks and Recreation rule that says that these teams should be comprised of mostly children who reside in Fullerton?

        Feb 10, 2016
        City of Fullerton and Fullerton Rangers Collaborate to Resolve Field Use Issues

        Following the recent guilty plea by Laura Zellerbach for embezzlement and money laundering felonies against the Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club, the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton Rangers are working together to continue to allow over 2,100 youth participants to play soccer in Fullerton, while the City reviews the organization’s possible improper use of fields for its club branch. Concurrently, sweeping leadership and structural changes have been implemented by the Rangers addressing concerns of accountability and transparency.

        Newly appointed and interim President Munish Bharadwaja stated: “I have mandated that the organization provides all necessary information to City staff ensuring full compliance with policies, including supplying required player information, following permit processes, and conforming with the City of Fullerton’s Parks and Recreation’s policies. I will be collaborating with players, families, coaches, managers, board members, and City staff to move forward as the region’s premiere soccer organization.”

        Bharadwaja continued: “I’d also like to acknowledge former President Raul Valdivia and Vice President Raymundo Valdez for their years of service with the organization and display of leadership in stepping down, in order to provide an opportunity for fresh eyes to resolve current issues and to move the club forward,” he continued. “For over 50 years, the Fullerton Rangers have upheld a tradition of excellence, providing athletic and valuable life lessons that far surpass simply playing soccer, including teamwork, dealing with adversity, respecting others, and just as importantly, building self-esteem.”

        “This immediate change in leadership is the Rangers’ first step in rebuilding trust and relationships within the community,” Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald explained. “The Rangers are also doing a complete revision of their bylaws to ensure transparency to the board, parents, and community. The committees are also being restructured to include more parents, providing more opportunities for accountability and transparency within the organization. “

        Mayor Fitzgerald continued, “As a mother with two young children who play with the organization, I appreciate that the Rangers have taken this situation seriously and acted so swiftly. Mr. Bharadwaja has an established, positive reputation in the community. Under his new leadership, an action plan has been outlined, with an initiative to move forward. The Rangers have displayed full cooperation in working with City staff, providing me great confidence that they are on the right path to resolution, which serves as a testament to their commitment to the Fullerton community.”

        Fullerton Parks and Recreation Director Hugo Curiel stated: “The City is committed to working with the Fullerton Rangers to meet the City Council’s objectives of providing the community with access to fields for youth recreation. In doing so, we will ensure that the City’s public assets continue to be used in a proper manner.” He continued, “I have complete faith in Mr. Bharadwaja and his leadership as he immediately works to rectify these issues. The Rangers have a long-standing tradition of playing in Fullerton and we will continue to maintain our relationship, allowing children the ability to play soccer on our fields.”

        Mr. Bharadwaja, a 20-year resident of Fullerton, is a public relations and public service professional, specializing in crisis management, leadership training, and organizational management with experience in both the public and private sector. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from University of California, Irvine, and was named President of the Fullerton Rangers by the Board of Directors at their February 4, 2016 meeting.

  8. #15 by Fullerton Lover on February 10, 2016 - 9:13 am

    Sadly, this same pay to play attitude now permeates at the high school level in Fullerton as well.

    If Mom and Dad are big enough “boo$ter$”, your children will have an incredibly good chance of making that team.

    That’s just down right un-American.

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