Phony conservative Jennifer Fitzgerald and her liberal twin’s land of the lost.

Jennifer Fitzgerald works for Curt Pringle full time. She works for big developers part time behind the scenes as you will see when she votes to ruin Fullerton with the Downtown Core and Corridor Special Program. Jencurt Fitzpringle works overtime for the municipal employees, most of which do not even live in the city. Fullerton has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of unfunded pension and health care liabilities and she smiles at all of you because she doesn’t work for you.


Flory also works overtime for the municipal employees. What some people will do for a free lunch. Fullerton has hundreds of millions of dollars worth of road, sewer and water main repairs that will never be made because of people like this.

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At a time when most peoples incomes are going down, job loss going up, underemployment being on the rise, and our infrastructure is in ruin, Fitzgerald and Flory voted for generous raises and benefits for city employees when most peoples pay is declining and their retirement and medical costs are skyrocketing.


Fitzpringle and her damsel in distress liberal twin Flory were very proud of their socialist votes last night when with a gleam in her eye under the stripe on her head, Fitzpringle gloated about how happy she was for her vote having stabilized health care costs for the municipal employees while sticking the costs up the taxpayers back side.

You can bet this tripped out tag team will do anything for votes, not limited to ignoring the obvious with their public school common core fuzzy math skills. When truth is spoken to them up on the dais, like the alleged misappropriations going on with the Brea Dam property they always look down to see what their bosses are telling them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been in the insurance business for over a quarter of a century. I have never seen a four year period in my life where medical insurance costs remained flat. Felz packaged and both Fitzgerald and Flory delivered the goods when they voted to offer a contract to municipal employees that was based on what I believe to be outright taxpayer ripoff. Look at the costs on this so called audited form. This issue of bogus numbers on the health care costs was brought up for the second time last night and went right over both of the talking heads. The health care costs are not forecast to increase over 4 years. What planet are these people on? What are they smoking? Do they even read what they are signing? Do they care? All of these costs are underestimated in my opinion but the health care costs remaining flat for 4 years? Average increases are in the range of anywhere from 8-16 percent this year alone.

This was just for the first round of employees. Wait until the greedy firefighters and cop unions show up for more ridiculous raping of the Fullerton taxpayers. Now you see why the coppers and the fireman love getting involved in the elections and back candidates. It is so they can use these tools to pick your pockets.

Fullerton is riddled with corruption and I can see why. No one is looking. We aim to change that one Royce and divorce hack at a time.

  1. #1 by Fullerton Lover on November 5, 2015 - 9:54 am

    One should read all about Ms. Fitzpringle’s boss, Curt Pringle, to have a level understanding of what she’s got in store for Fullerton.

    Note also that one of Pringle’s clients is the County of Orange, so I’d be suspicious of the close relationship Ms. Fitzpatrick enjoys with Shawn Nelson and his wife, “Sharebear”.

  2. #2 by Fullerton Lover on November 5, 2015 - 10:04 am

    Self-serving public servants team picture of Jennifer Fitzgerald…

    Does anyone honestly believe that she has the residents of Fullerton’s best interest at heart? How about “Team Pringle’s” ?

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