It has been said that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The Royce Dynasty is no exception. Ed Royce makes sure these agendas go from The White House all the way down to children’s blood streams in the school house just as you are about to see here. Ed likes to get behind candidates that will never pose a threat to his dynasty or whatever you want to call his…..

Ed-Royce-poses-with-Obama-party-crasher-Michaele-Salahi (1)

Posing with posers is par for the course-Ed-Royce-poses-with-Obama-party-crasher-Michaele-Salahi

For decades Ed Royce has been an institution in North Orange County with his name plastered all over the place in every election, running unopposed year after year. While going through the motions of his political machinations and his Kabuki theater, his voting record marches to the tune of a very different drum. Yes Royce is one of the sharpest  tools of the military industrial complex’s, PNAC, Neocon, Jesuit inquisition collection while he strip mines the US Constitution with his votes for things like the Patriot Act, The TPP and the NDAA while he wraps himself in the American flag as he opens up the borders. It is no wonder he HOLDS NO TOWN HALL MEETINGS. As the head of the foreign affairs committee with the blood of 4 million dead Muslims on his hands, he has the audacity to send me a Christmas card every year.


You know type, the type that will never raise the flag, sound the alarm or even tell the truth about the real issues that will get in the way of the works of darkness like murdering millions of people with illegal bloodbath wars, forced medical experimentation on our soldiers with sealed medical records while force feeding your children into the military industrial complex’s meat grinder only for them to come home to wander our streets with PTSD while we bomb innocent people back to the stone age to steal their land and resources, after we blow up our own buildings and blame it on people who had nothing to do with it, running cover for government sponsored terrorism, running the continued inquisition with the false flags the government runs so they can keep stealing all our our rights while running false flags at home with fake psyop shootings setting up the domestic police state and surveiling and criminalizing all of our activities. These phonies like Royce are also busy ramming through the destruction of our children with the unfunded common core brain damaging indoctrination mandates, ruining children with Obama’s ConnectEd E rate wireless shopping spree for the schools and its sterilizing forced wireless microwave exposure in the classrooms, forced vaccinations and the treasonous trade deals that he sat back, voted for and keeps smiling like the Cheshire cat all the way to bank. He and his plants got it all under control, on schedule and right up in all your faces. This country is broke and is being gutted like a fat hog and he just keeps on smiling and you all keep voting for him and his plants.


12115549_10153727871605559_6977886495211449426_n (1)

What happened to the blonde?

Locally he works both sides of the aisle and in my opinion, runs the biggest political shell game in town. When he stamps his name on a candidate, you can bet they will get elected. The problem is, what he stamps his name on are not what the voters think they are getting because they can’t tell them apart. That is because in reality, there is no difference with the Royce plants.


Here in Fullerton is where I wish to turn our attention.


Royce Plants Fitzpringle and Bruce



Royce Plant Seaborne


Royce Plants Larry Bennett and Ackerman


Royce Plants Bennett and F Dick Jones (aka Boss Hog)


Just the good ol’ boys never meanin’ no harm




The eyes have it- Royce plant Whitaker playing ball


unnamed (1)

Royce appointed queen of Fullerton polictics Jencurt Fitzpringle

Royce’s rubber stamp candidate endorsements get handed out like liquor licenses did back when the Royce hacks cursed Fullerton with the downtown restaurant overlay district. Royce’s spawn has given Fullertonians more RINO plants than it will ever need. Just look who’s coming out to support Fitzpringle- check out this guest list.


with Special Guests:
Todd Spitzer, Chairman,OC Board of Supervisors
OC Supervisor Shawn NelsonPlus the Honorary Host Committee
Congressman Ed Royce*
State Senator Bob Huff
Assemblywoman Young Kim
Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang
Todd Spitzer, Chairman, OC Board of Supervisors
OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson
OC Supervisor Andrew Do
OC Supervisor Lisa Bartlett
OC Supervisor Michelle Steel
OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas
Fullerton Councilwoman Jan Flory
Fullerton Councilman Doug Chaffee
 Did you catch that? The Union hacks, the forced vaccinator, the DA that got the murderers to walk, the players, the tax and spenders and even Flory and Chaffee to pay homage to the RINO Fitzpringle over at the den of evil spirits, the slime bar.



Jennifer Fitzgerald is a Democrat who changed party affiliations just to hoodwink the voters. She always votes for big government programs, union pay raises, big development and anti freedom laws and ordinances moving the agendas right along.
Here is the Royce fall line up for Fullerton

Fitzpringle and Bennett

Fitzgerald who has the worst Republican voting record in Fullerton History, and Larry Bennett who ran the anti recall campaign years back protecting the establishment that left Fullerton in ruin.

I wonder why the Royce mob didn’t invite this Royce plant to come out and play with the 4F mafia Chaffee, Flory and Fitzgerald? Is it because he is too busy being the honorary guy for the Fullerton technology foundation to raise money to ram more wireless into the schools.  This guy votes with the liberal house majority on the council 90% of the time, ignores repeated requests to investigate the criminal activity of Dan Hughes’s department, the out of control pension scam, the development back room deals, the overtime scams, and the general corruption at city hall. Look where playing ball got you Greg. What have you gotten the taxpayers?  All we have gotten out of you besides friggin’ fireworks is a 65 dollar water tax refund.
Fullerton Mayor Greg Sebourn cheers on every single runner as they cross the finish line for the iCureMelanoma 5k at Laguna Rd. School Park in Fullerton to raise money funding research for a cure for Melanoma Cancer. Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC

Fullerton Mayor Greg Sebourn ran  on a platform of limited, transparent government and police reform. What a joke.

I believe Jan Flory is a union puppet and an establishment plant in the purest sense of the word only connected to Royce through Sex Ed Silva’s ties. You will find that her and Fitzpringle are two peas in a pod and their behavior towards Barry Levinson and their voting records on the council prove it. Royce will be in good company throwin’ a few back with this crowd at the satanic mosh pit that was rumored to have ordered the hit on Kelly Thomas, the slime bar. Yup, Royce a roni’s  got everyone maneuvered.
jan florry by Samahan Mohagen 10336840_597500127032663_7859966640831628486_n

You know what they say about eating processed meats and add the fluoride and that explains everything with this one.


I am her boss, not the voters


While I am on the subject of Royce’s good ol’ liberal fettish, NUFF and the Fullerton Observer seem to be in lock step on just about anything and everything here in Fullerton, and that Vince Buck, who I suspect is ghostwriting the Observer, I believe is also a driving force behind NUFF.

I believe that this guy’s Vince Buck is a bona fide fraud of a Political Science Professor that appears to be using/controlling both of these organizations to further the Teachers greedy political agenda in town which seem to be only interested in their own as they cram upwards of 40 kids in a class just so they can keep the raises and the bennies coming.



If a federal edict such as blanket wireless deployment in all schools is in order like Obama’s connectEd or the big brother common core comes down the Fullerton creek turnpike, good old Royce calls them out and gets them in and delivers the goods.


Royce plant FJUHSD Trustee Marylin Buchi-forced wireless and common core down the throats of 15,000 children after years of repeated warnings of the credible threats it poses to the students

Just what the doctah ordered right here folks and what Royce ordered before they shut down the buffett


When Royce needs a heavy hitter to make sure the wireless goes in to the hardwired high school district against the dire warnings of hundreds of scientists, Royce just gets behind the father of the microwaved soldier Bob Singer.

images (2)

Royce plant FJUHSD Trustee Bob Singer who continues to refuse a parent meeting with an oncologist whose work determined that wireless exposure caused cancer. Bob voted to install wireless in the FJUHSD forcing wireless exposure on 15,000 students




Royce plant FSD Trustee student irradiator Beverly Berryman posing with planned parenthood’s favorite  Sex Ed Silva who endorsed Bruce Whitaker last time around, the dethroned queen of Fullerton’s limousine liberal establishment.



The empty suit and the talking head are all smiles after SB 277, bringing back redevelopment, the cell tower ram through AB 57 bill, the asset forfeiture seizure bill party and the LGBT agenda move along party.

This one is quite a shot here. Nelson and his cronies have been carving up Fullerton for years while playing both sides of the aisle from both sides of the tracks. Nelson and his wife have been hamstringing the Republican party here in town with their cocktail parties and coffee clutches on that palm tree lined street for far too long. No one really in the know is smiling at these two Royce plants.



Coming to a GOP function near you, these Royce plants Kim and Nelson, hands are lookin mighty ready for some Royce-a-Roni



Royce plant Ackerman congratulates Royce hack Young Kim after she voted to bring back the redevelopment agency scam. Some things never change as redevelopment is rearing its ugly head again.

Good times are gonna be back for this Royce plant with College Town, The DCCSP and the other redevelopment orgies that are coming to a council calendar near you soon.


I’ll drink to that

Chris Thompson is a Royce plant.  He has it right on so many fiscal issues but on the most important ones like common core and wireless in the schools, he has it all wrong and won’t budge.


Rocye plant Chris Thompson silent on the 3 year battle to end the forced irradiation of the students in the FSD and complicit in the Common core disaster.



Don’t be fooled by this Royce establishment plant Janny Meyer  who is married to retired union plant Fullerton city manager Chris Meyer. Janny  Meyer sits on the FSD board of Trustees forcing brain damaging common core and sterilizing wireless on the students when she is not moonlighting as little red riding hood and posting ridiculous pictures of her and her husband on facebook blowing their wad with their taxpayer funded pensions



Something tells me closet liberal Ling Ling Chen doesn’t belong here but I could be wrong. Royce lackey plant Shawn Nelson tried to put a 100 grand real estate commission in his pal Cameron Irons pocket by trying to ram a homeless shelter in right next to a Title I elementary school loaded with special ed students.

Long time Royce plant Bruce Whitaker who has probably the slickest MO is the business in terms of allowing the agendas to move forward while pontificating when he knows it is to little to late. This Royce operative made his boss,  the Pringle lobbyist Jennifer Fitzgerald get the mayor title for the ballot when he voted to make Jennifer Fitzgerald mayor of Fullerton after years of her horrible voting record.


What do these three Royce plants have in common?





Royce Plant Larry Bennett

It is all perspective ladies and gentlemen



Hey man what the heck happened to the blonde? This Asian thing has gone too far.

For almost 3 years, this Royce plant has ignored every shred of evidence on the dangers of microwaving the high school students in Fullerton. I don’t think he can read or maybe he just is to tired to care.

10769 (1)

Royce plant Bob Hathaway FJUHSD trustee rams through wireless and common core 

Royce plant Young Kim, the racist Korean tribe leader who caters only to Koreans and Korean business owners that have lots of money to give for her campaign, is the cats meow of the political glass ceiling. The climb stops here for Kim. She voted for SB 277 and a host of other bills that have gained her the highest accolades from her spiritual bosses represented here.



Looks like Royce hack Young Kim,  has finally met her spirit guise that told her to vote for SB 277.

No election cycle would be complete without the fabled “cocktails with conservatives” up on Las Palmas in Bankhead country at the Nelson compound. The worst laid plans of mice and men are being made over scotch and soda while the taxpayers are killing their lawns, gardens, trees, children with the vaccines and wireless and themselves paying for the ponzi and eugenics schemes our government leaders have set up.

I wonder if Nelsons wife would want that homeless shelter in her back yard with a bunch of hyped out dreadlocked freaks crashing her cocktail parties? Nah, just stick it next to the apartments.



The collar on this Royce plant is the dead giveaway gang-look for Bennett  the Royce tool to emerge from the basement under city hall anytime now with his instructions from Felz and Hughes.

Or maybe this one who runs the white elephant money pit over on the corner of Chapman and Harbor, the real estate guy that claims he is against massive development

Fox6 (1)

Another establishment Royce creation- everything to all people Leland Wilson-not this guy again


12115549_10153727871605559_6977886495211449426_n (1)

Bring back the blonde and get me out of here

We will get back to these two later


What do these two have in common? Eugenics.



The RINO Lincoln log club that moves things like Fitzpringle and the bond scams right along


Education is the biggest threat to our children today. The classroom has become a place where children are being harmed, physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically. Common Core needs to go and the Royce hack Young Kim just cant seem to get enough of it. She also refuses to address the wireless exposure issue while she praises the accolades of sterilizing technology in the laps of all the children.


10615363_256829884492185_4648447799129490620_n (1)

Royce hack Common Core curriculum supporter Young Kim handing out brownie buttons


another victim of the FSD technology program with the microwave transmitters antenna on his zipper



Young Kim enamored with the forces of darkness as she prepares to smile for the camera in her symbolic black garb for the occasion


1796694_229911500517357_5258716832718302664_n (1)

Royce’s  TRack  and Kim sporting some nice suits as they are locking it all down


UNITED STATES - July 31: Interview with Mimi Walters (R) California at Roll Call's office's in Washington, D.C. (Photo By Douglas Graham/CQ Roll Call)

“Getting Ed Royce re-elected to Congress next year should be our top priority,” said Senator Mimi Walters. “His tireless work ethic and the level of dedication and commitment he has for the people he serves is unmatched. Ed represents the standard that all elected officials should strive to achieve.”


12049248_1635496720056271_4189355867790128080_n (1)

It is all laid out right here for Ms. Kim, the dark spiritual forces that she serves as a Royce tool in the State Legislature



Young Kim’s enchantment with the forces of darkness appear to supersede her thinly veneered Christian facade


Young Kim at the altar

Rocye plant FSD Trustee Hilda Sugarman was quoted as saying her vision for students is”… to have an iPad 24/7″ She is in good company with Young Kim whose vision is for children to be injected with whatever the government deems necessary.

10710937_245144825660691_6227165849432449609_n (1)

Royce plant FSD Trustee Hilda Sugarman, project inkwell member, and forced wireless classroom radiation exposure queen next to the forced vaccinator herself Young Kim .

Royce creature and creation Young Kim’s voting record is a disgrace.
Despite Young Kim’s campaign promises, she has rejected Republican Party principles at almost every turn: WE MUST BLOCK THE GOP ENDORSEMENT TODAY OR BE FACED WITH AN EVEN WORSE OUTCOME NEXT NOVEMBER
images (3)

What does a Republican have to do……to NOT get OCGOP’s Endorsement?
images (4)

1. FACT: Young Kim voted against private property rights when she voted for AB 2 to bring back Redevelopment Agencies.


2. FACT: Young Kim voted against parental rights and in direct opposition to the OCGOP’s Resolution by not only voting for SB 277 but by publicly speaking on the Assembly floor in support of this Democrat bill.


3. FACT: Young Kim voted against reforming the out of control and unconstitutional Civil Asset Forfeiture program by voting against the bi-partisan SB 443.


4. FACT: Young Kim voted against traditional family values and for the LGBT agenda by voting in favor of HR 24, supporting LGBT PRIDE MONTH


5. FACT: Young Kim voted against personal liberties when she voted for SB 792, the first adult vaccine mandate!


This is as far as I can go because I cant take this anymore. Here these two are cut from the same cloth and have the hots for everyone’s bloodstreams with forced vaccinations.


A forced vaccinators match made in hell-SB 277’s Young Kim and Gardasil’s Rick Perry

Perry is toast politically and hopefully Kim is on her way back to answering the phone at Royce’s office. Heck at least with Sex Ed Silva we know what ro expect. I guess time will tell folks.


Young Kim made this mandatory for millions of children against their parents wishes and must be held accountable. She needs to be thrown out of office.


As far as Royce goes, this one’s for you Ed.

I am sick of your cronies and I am sick of your phonies.


Ed Royce can take his phony endorsement, his plants, his hacks and stick ’em. I am sick and tired of watching these phonies ruin our nation and our city ripping off the taxpayers, playing games with peoples lives, letting the police get away with framing, raping and with outright murdering people, letting our infrastructure crumble and lie in ruin, kill our lawns, gardens and trees, and leave our children no future while they get drunk, stuff their faces and their wallets and stick their middle fingers up at all of us while Rome burns .

Time to take back our country one hack and plant at a time ladies and gentlemen. The party is over and we are out of time.



Capture (1)



  1. #1 by Bernard Alan Spear on October 2, 2016 - 9:21 am

    Yes, how appropriate this message, “No More Ed Royce”, he’s a walking advertisement fro term limits.

  2. #2 by rick on October 13, 2016 - 7:29 pm

    Where can I get a No Trump No Royce yard sign?

  3. #3 by Jaime Wong on October 22, 2016 - 12:09 am

    I’d like to get a few of those “NO TRUMP ROYCE” signs, too. A bunch of them were put up along busy Grand Ave. in Diamond Bar, but overnight, those right-wing nutjobs clipped off the “NO” portion of the signs.

    • #4 by Anonymous on October 22, 2016 - 11:41 am

      Jaime if you are a progressive liberal or socialist, of course you will be against both Trump and Royce. However, there are many conservatives, libertarians and independents who are very disappointed in Ed Royce and not thrilled about Trump either.

      I will be voting for Trump because I cannot vote for Clinton who repeatedly sold the office of the Secretary of State for million dollar donations to her families Clinton Foundation among other crimes (such as intentional unprotected emails) that in my opinion comes very close to treason. I can’t bring myself to vote for the very flawed and very phony Ed Royce. He is partly responsible for two decades of corrupt Fullerton city councils based on his awful endorsements. Question: How can he represent the good people of Fullerton well when he spends almost all of his time in Washington D.C. area.

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