Mr. Renick, thou shalt not covet thy neighbors property

Wouldn’t it be nice for Mr. Renick, to bulldoze the Grand Inn so his family could expand operations selling his overpriced Cadillac cars and overpowered Subarus to the masses? Gee, I wonder how much traffic his business causes Fullerton? No matter what your opinion of the Grand Inn may be, or whether you even have an opinion, or are clueless about this whole thing, pay close attention. The City of Fullerton can ruin your business if they or someone city officials are beholden to want you gone. At any rate, the process already at work is highly suspect at best and perhaps totally corrupt at worst.



I wonder how many accidents have been caused by those 300 horsepower street racing cars operated by his customers that he showcases on that corner of Euclid and Orangethorpe avenues back dropped by the homeless, potholes, graffiti, alongside the plethora of the unlicensed drivers sharing our third world roads. Yes, never you mind that you can’t do more than 35 mph on any given day and almost any given time in Fullerton due to the choking traffic and roads in ruin floated by the very politicians he has repeatedly supported over the years. Anyone who has been paying attention will attest to the open air candidate advertising platform he willingly provides for his handpicked favorites. The sad part is, those politicians are the ones who further the demise of Fullerton.


Of course, it is his first amendment right to do so and this article, of course, is ours.  I digress.

Well, who needs one of these Cadillacs or Subarus when then the infrastructure is in ruin while the traffic rivals LA because a 20-year-old Nissan will do as it does for most look around. I guess it feels good for some to sit in traffic $80,000 in debt with a bunch of gadgets that no one needs, no one understands how to operate and the potholes make virtually impossible to push the buttons correctly on.


Well its David versus Goliath. I believe that, in spite of what Mr. James Renick claims publicly, he wants the Grand Inn shut down. Is it really just so he can expand his families ventures? Maybe it should be the dealership that should be closed down and moved to a location that is more conducive to a retail car lot and service facility. Does the current zoning even allow for such an operation to be crammed into a busy corner? Why is our now dethroned ex-city manager Joe Felz working as a consultant for Renick Cadillac?

Is Joe Felz now working behind the scenes to help Renick navigate the process of taking the Grand Inn and turning it into a GM lemon factory?


Well with the full force of the law, the bravado of The corrupt Fullerton police department,

FPD’s Dan Hughes

and the machinations of local politicians, we just may see the Grand Inn get shut down.


Ashamed of the words spoken as she is forced to listen to the proletariat, Fitzpringle needs to return the favor for the free advertising.



The Renick family is a staunch pro-establishment clan. Their undying support for the politicians that have trashed this town can be witnessed first hand every time there is an election. Any political sign on their property always supports the status quo RINO hacks like in the last election-Larry Bennet and Fitzpringle.


Perhaps the benefactors will be the Renicks as they would be able to, after decades, expand their operations. The hearings have been underway and the process is in full swing ladies and gentlemen.

Most of the crimes occur in the parking lot, and perhaps that is where the FPD likes to pull the people over into. Are these people guests at the hotel?   Almost 80 percent of the allegedly reported criminal activity occurred in the PARKING LOT and by individuals not registered as guests of this hotel. Is this business being targeted for confiscation by the city or its neighbor Renick Cadillac or does this business deserve to be shut down?


I believe there is as always, more to the story, as I allude to in my appearance at the hearing last year.

Below is commentary from the Grand Inn owners

“In 2003, Rennick, our adjacent neighbor on both sides wrot a letter to the City asking it to use public nuisance to close us down. The City used many police hours, resources and taxpayers’ money to investigate Grand Inn. Two long years of investigation and many man hours later, the City dropped the case when they couldn’t find reasons to shut the Grand Inn down.

Starting 2012, the City suddenly started to increase police patrols at our property, sometimes up to 8 times a day to harass our guests. Without any reason, the police officers even suggested to our guests to not stay with us. Many of our guests complained to us about the police behaviors and suggested that we talk to the police department. We asked the police chief why we are receiving this unfair treatment from the officers. The police chief not only did not listen to our story, or try to work with us on a solution, but instead told us that we had great problems and dismissed our inquiries with suggestions of us moving out. We asked the police chief at that time for police reports so we can see what problems we have, we did not receive any police reports for two years! The City Manager then met with us and told us the same story and gave us the same suggestions to sell our property. We told them that we did not wish to sell our property as our team never did anything to hurt anyone and have been constructively working in this City for 12 plus years. Shortly after the meeting with the City officials, we actually received offer letters from a real-estate development company. We’ve never heard of them, or talked to them before, but they readily provided us with signed offers, asking us to counter-sign and sell our property. This company told us that they’ve already talked to the City and that all we have to do is sign to sell our property.

We asked multiple times for the police reports. After two years, we received only 20 cases that covered the time period between (2011-2014) 3 years period. Within these 20 cases, there were extremely ridiculous ones, such as a taxi driver pulling over at our property and called the police, because the person refused to pay his taxi fare. After Dec 2014, we received a notice of violation. The City used many police hours, taxpayer money and inspected our entire property. The City entered every single room and did not find any problems. We received approval from the City’s Code Inspection in May of 2015.

We waited for 2 years to receive 20 cases in a 3 year period. After not being able to pin us on the 20 cases, we suddenly received 103 cases within a short one year period (2015 to current). Within these 103 cases, nearly 78% of the cases are not even our guests! In April of 2016, we received notice of public nuisance hearing. Before this, we heard many rumors within the City about Grand Inn. Some rumors include sex trafficking and prostitution. After looking into the police report, we discovered that the prostitute was actually arrested in the Marriott! The sex trafficking case was Huntington Beach Police’s investigation. Our staff after assisting the police officers to look at videotapes for 1.5 hours couldn’t find any problems. There are no standards for the hearing. The City refuses to make the hearing fair and impartial. The whole process was setup for us to fail.

We are a group of minorities. Within these 12 plus years, twice we received harassment from the City we so trusted in and supported. There are some in this City that choose to use their authority and unjust methods to suppress the weak and the rights of minorities. Our government’s job should be to protect those under their care and not to harm them. Today, we absolutely cannot accept this injustice. Support justice and future of all small businesses in this community! We sincerely welcome our neighbors and friends to come and visit us. We will be happy to let you know more about the truth! Please help us and appear at Fullerton City Hall on June 22, 2016 at 4:30pm to express your opinion concerning the Grand Inn! We sincerely thank you for your attention and hope you will help us support Justice! May God Bless each family and business of this city! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us” 

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More to come on this on April 24, 2017 from  9am to 4:30pm at Fullerton City Hall. Please attend the hearing.



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    Oh yeah a car salesman calling someone a criminal. That’s hilarious.

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