Press Release:  SB277 Referendum Filed by Former Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Sacramento, CA                                                              July 1st, 2015 Today, Former Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Filed papers to qualify a Referendum against SB277, the bill forcing the vaccination of every child, who wishes to attend public or private school in California. Former Assemblyman Donnelly stated, “This referendum is not about vaccinations; it is about defending the fundamental freedom of a parent to make an informed decisions for their children without being unduly penalized by a government that believes it knows best.” See Referendum Petition: California enjoys one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, and until recently respected the right of individuals for personal or religious reasons to opt out of some or all vaccinations.  When Governor Jerry Brown signed SB277, he deprived every Californians of that choice should they wish to send their children to a private or public school.  For the vast majority, this is not an issue, but for those who are concerned about the inherent risks of an ever increasing schedule of vaccinations, or who themselves or their children have suffered severe reactions, up to and including death, having the freedom to opt out is everything. Now, that freedom is subject to the arbitrary control and subjective determination of a doctor and the government, instead of the parent.  By referencing SB277, we intend to work with every individual and group willing to collect the signatures necessary to place it on the 2016 ballot and allow all Californians to decide. Contact:  Tim Donnelly or Lauren Stephens Phone: 760-933-8460 or email: FaceBook: Twitter:  @SB277referendum PO Box 1170, Sanger, CA 93657