LAUSD WiFi systems “Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.

images (4)

“Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.


In the Fall of 2014, LAUSD, the second largest public school district in the US, officially accommodated teacher Ms. Anura Lawson by approving her request to have the Wi-Fi turned off in her classroom during the 2014-2015 school year and alternatively approving a reassignment to a different school site where Wi-Fi has yet to be installed.

Lawson-Anura.Reasonable-…dation.092214-2 (1)

The Middle School teacher reported that she fell seriously ill after a wireless system upgrade in her school in Spring 2014.  She described her cardiac symptoms during a May 28, LAUSD Common Core Tech Project meeting. Ms. Lawson also stated, “The students are having nosebleeds and the main offices are refusing to do incident reports.  I have had two seventh grade students bleeding out of their ears.” See

This is the first accommodation in a US public school system for microwave sickness.

Microwave sickness, also known as electro hypersensitivity (EHS), is not widely recognized in the US.  However, physicians in many other countries are familiar with this medical condition and the diagnosis is more common.  EHS symptoms include:  headaches, dizziness, anxiety, rapid heart beat (tachycardia) and irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), ear and nose bleeds, tinnitus, red and irritated eyes, increased mucous and upper airway congestion, itchy skin rashes, abdominal pain, poor focus and attention, memory and sleep problems.

In March 2012, the Austrian Medical Association recognized and developed EHS treatment guidelines.  In the United States, adverse effects were identified before 1988 when a US Air Force Review stated that “Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes.”

The LAUSD Board of Education went ahead with a wireless technology plan in February 2013, even after they were presented with numerous letters from many noted medical doctors and researchers, including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, imploring them to use wired technology in the classroom because of the health impacts from wireless radiation.  See

Wireless LAUSD classrooms typically employ 30+ devices (iPads) in addition to an industrial-sized router. These devices all emit microwave radiation and represent an unprecedented level of exposure to children.

Decades of accumulated research show wireless radiation damages neurological, immune, and reproductive systems in addition to increasing cancer risk.  Professor Olle Johansson, Karolinksa Institute, Stockholm Sweeden, has stated that wireless radiation exposure studies have indicated “irreversible sterility within five generations.”  As this damage is cumulative, the longer the radiation exposure, the greater the health impact over time.

“We are getting reports of headaches and cardiac issues from across the country.  The time to act is now,” stated a spokesperson for the National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST).

NACST is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the health impacts of wireless radiation on children.  They are calling for schools to use wired Internet only.  Their website details both the accumulated research showing wireless radiation’s acute as well as long term health impacts.


The National Association for Children and Safe Technology


Folks this is what is going on with your children once they are dropped off at school.



This is what is going on when you keep a cell phone in your bra


this is what is going on when you drop your kids off at school


This is what is going on when you drop your kids off at school.

images (11)

This is worse than a cell phone in the bra because the antenna is on his zipper. What is this doing to him? How about the young girls? Why did they put the WiFi antenna at the bottom in the middle?

This is the truth about emission levels


This is what they have to look forward to.



This is how it is all plays out right here in your own backyard.

Look gang, what is going on with this stuff isn’t going to take 5 generations to accomplish. An ipad in the lap of your child for years in a classroom will probably be 100 percent effective.

A quick look at Apple’s Important Product Information Guide for the iPad WiFi + 3G reveals that the highest SAR value for the WiFi 2.4 GHz is 1.19 W/kg and for the 1800/1900 MHz cell phone network is 1.18 W/kg, which is typical for SAR values of cell phones. What is the difference? To me, the amount of radiation possibly absorbed by the body looks pretty much the same. And when the iPad or any other tablet, for that matter, is conveniently placed in the lap or on the thighs, the distance between the Wi-Fi transmitter and the human body does not look that “much greater,” anymore. It is the same like holding a cell phone to your head. Or even worse! Since our lap lacks a skull-like shell, the whole-body exposure from an RF transmitter in the lap can be much higher, especially for adolescents and children.

RF exposure levels from the Wi-Fi transmitter(s) directly at a laptop or tablet when e.g. put in the lap or on the thighs can be as high as 120,000 µW/m2 (IMTS study on WLAN 2005) or even as high as50,000,000 µW/m2 (NRW Ministry of Environment brochure on wireless devices 2012). For comparison, the exposure limit for cell tower radiation in Canada is 10,000,000 µW/m2, in Switzerland 100,000 µW/m2, in Ukraine 24,000 µW/m2At 2 feet from the iPad, I still measure peak levels of 5000 µW/m2. The EMF Working Group of the Austrian Medical Association considers any RF levels above 1000 µW/m2 “very far above normal” and above 10 µW/m2 “far above normal.”


The science

THERE ARE  ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX  Reference Links to Peer-Reviewed Studies re RF Microwave Radiation,28,3376




The trigger for all of this begins with the corticle granules in your daughters’ eggs and their releasing of calcium ions from the cortical smooth endoplasmic reticulum in response to microwave bombardment. Hardened eggs equal no pregnancy unless you can get you kids in vitro procedures out of your Obamacare policy


download (1)



apple-3 (2)


The solution-You have two choices-


images (20)



  1. #1 by Joe Imbriano on October 10, 2014 - 8:22 am

    “…..totally safe for the children” FSD’s Robert Pletka on wireless classrooms.

    Does Robert Pletka, along with his establishment aficionados, want all of this electromagnetic love to spill over into the FJUHSD? There is only one candidate for the FJUHSD board that has even touched this third rail. Our children deserve better folks.

  2. #2 by legal action required on October 10, 2014 - 6:52 pm

    This is a ticking time bomb and the kids lives and health are on the line.

    What is wrong with LAUSD, FSD trustees where they are choosing wireless technology over the lives of the kids??????

    I guess the only remedy is for there to be legal action.

  3. #3 by Barry Levinson on October 10, 2014 - 7:19 pm

    I have met with MJ Noor on several occasions. She is very bright, well educated level headed person. Her goal on the board would be one thing and one thing only. It would be to represent our school children. I am so tired hearing Administrators say it is all about the kids. Common Core is all about government control and enough money dangled in front of the states and then the districts to take the money regardless of how good or bad Common Core is for our children.


    • #4 by "it's all about the kids" on October 11, 2014 - 11:53 am

      Actually, it is everything BUT about the kids. If one were to look objectively at the schools, it is evident that the kids are not first.

      The schools should exist for the kids, not to employ teachers and administrators.

  4. #5 by FSD Trustees on October 10, 2014 - 10:16 pm

    Bev Berryman, Hilda Sugarman, Chris Thompson, Janny Meyer, Lynn Thornley:

    How far are you going to carry things? How much is it worth to you to have wireless? Have you dug yourself so far in that it doesn’t matter the damage sustained by the kids, you are sticking to wireless?

    I hope you are each criminally charged, as you are deserving of nothing less. You need to be put behind bars.

    A human being would have listened to the experts and made sure the kids were safe with wired technology.

    You are all inhuman and I know one day soon, it will become publicly known how you have ignored EVERYTHING, and hurt the kids for the sake of ego preservation.

    As one of the scientists has stated, the school boards that are forcing the wireless should be locked up because they are not fit to walk the earth.

    • #6 by watching on October 12, 2014 - 12:11 pm

      And now Zina Gleason wants to force it into the high schools with the help of these FSD board members by backing Zina.

      Joe, how did it go last night?

  5. #7 by Joe Imbriano on October 11, 2014 - 1:18 pm

    Folks your children are on the line. Common core is cognitive destruction and forced wireless exposure is fertility destruction. Stand up for your kids. Get involved and get those involved in this common core battle to address the hidden in plain view counterpart of this dangerous agenda that everyone is afraid to face-forced wireless microwave radiation exposure and the destruction of your children’s fertility.

  6. #8 by david on October 11, 2014 - 2:27 pm

    WiFi in schools is about 3 things. Greed, surveillance and control. There is no evidence that any of this technology is helping students learn but there is a lot of evidence to the contrary.

  7. #9 by on the teat and on the take on October 11, 2014 - 3:45 pm

    I have to laugh at those who think there is an issue with mass emails. I was cc’d a handful of emails requesting some of you wishing to be removed from the “distribution” list.

    Joe is no dummy but some of you certainly are. Especially the public employee ones. You don’t care about the kids. It is obvious. I mean really, kids bleeding out of their ears and noses and you are worried about your email addresses-they are not private so get over it just like this article says.

    Something tells me that what he did was no accident. I am sure there is much mileage to be gained by allowing those in public service and the media to step forward and blatantly ignore the threats to the health of our children. Defending the indefensible is an indefensible position. The science is clearly out there as are some of you.

    • #10 by go home on October 11, 2014 - 6:29 pm

      Yes, those in public service, such as teachers that just don’t want to be bothered with kids bleeding from the ear and nose.

      It’s obvious that you are in a position where you are supposed to care about the kids. We don’t want you around our kids. It obvious that you just care about your paychecks.

      Why don’t you all just clean out your desks, pack up your stuff, and head on home????

      • #11 by Grace on October 12, 2014 - 11:14 am

        How can teachers ignore these common core and wifi is doing to children? What is wrong with them? Parents, I know is difficult to fight these but we have to stand up to people.These are the children. They do not belong to state.

  8. #12 by r.j.gartland on October 11, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    follow the money trail and you will see where this leads . $$$ over the cost of our childrens health is no surprise .

  9. #13 by mossaad on October 12, 2014 - 3:55 am

    I saw some of those responses to your mass email and was shocked at some of them, especially the ones about Devra Davis. She is definitely part of the problem with her Israeli operatives. Her rhetoric keeps the focus off of the schools and gives the WiFi a green light. That is where most of this originates from. Be warned. A fray with that group needs to be made public over their continued hijacking of this fight.

  10. #14 by Barry Levinson on October 12, 2014 - 1:44 pm

    We are talking about our concerns about EMF exposure of our kids in school and Mossaad tries to make it about “Israeli operatives”. Obviously, anti-semitism is alive and well.

    Guess what Mossaad, you can disagree with a person who is Jewish without condemning all Jews. That is the textbook definition of anti-semitism.

    For example, I disagree with certain people who claim to be Christians and never extrapolate that all or even most Christians are bad people.

    It really breaks my heart to know that there is that much hate out there in this world. The only thing that keeps me going is to also know how many good people are out there as well.

    • #15 by Joe Imbriano on October 12, 2014 - 1:53 pm

      I agree Barry. I too am in this because of the good people who have no idea what is going on. One of the things that keeps me going is knowing how many bad people there are out there and how many innocent children are in the cross hairs of this agenda. It is truly horrifying.

      • #16 by mossaad on October 12, 2014 - 2:06 pm

        You do not understand and are missing my point. My intent was not to spark a debate over ethnicity. Please excuse the term “Israeli operative” as it was not meant as a perjorative or racial term. There was no derogatory intent implied as similar phrases are commonly employed to specifically reference a group i.e “Soviet” operative or “Palestinian” operative. Let me be somewhat more specific for the record. Dr. Siegal Sadetzki and Devra Davis.

        These two front line researchers have done more to advance WiFi in the schools by their own stated positions than anyone else. I will say no more.

        • #17 by I get it on October 18, 2014 - 5:16 pm

          I understand, mossaad, and thank you for the clarification.

          You are correct, “A fray with that group needs to be made public over their continued hijacking of this fight “

  11. #18 by DOCTORS W.A.R.N. on October 12, 2014 - 2:05 pm

    Over 1 million members of teachers unions in Germany, the UK, the USA and Canada want Wifi out of their schools. See:

  12. #19 by Barry Levinson on October 12, 2014 - 3:44 pm

    If you did not mean to be pejorative, I suggest the next time you refer to a grand total of two people that their national origin should not be highlighted by you. Quite frankly, that bit of information was irrelevant.

    I accept your apology.

  13. #20 by Anonymous on October 12, 2014 - 5:32 pm

    Every school district is implementing the Common Core standards and going with iPads, even private Christian schools. I decided to home school this year. It was the best decision that I ever made.

  14. #21 by Latwonda on October 12, 2014 - 9:44 pm

    This was my son’s teacher at Cochran. Everything she has stated is true. There were children who testified at that particluar meeting. I am so grateful for this getting out. Now the board is considering moving the meetings to midday in hopes of making it more convenient for parents. Nobody shows up as it is. It seems more like an attempt to keep the teachers away. Ms. Lawson is no longer at Cochran. I hope she is ok.

  15. #22 by Roman's Holiday on October 13, 2014 - 2:08 am

    He gets his cues from a big Canadian telecom player’s site.
    LorneTrottier is the webmaster of shill cut and paste site promoted by ROMAN SCHULZE .

    Roman Schulze as a medical doctor has out himself out as an expert and is currently advising the Glendale Unified School District, and The Fullerton School District that classroom wireless radiation is safe for children.

    In her co-authored letter “Smart Meters Are Safe”, signed by 60 profs & published in @LeDevoir
    “Trottier is believed to be the largest donor to the Faculty of Science at McGill.”

    cgill univeMrsity –
    “Lorne Trottier has donated $10 million towards services in information and technology at McGill. The new engineering building is called Trottier, named after Lorne Trottier.”

    “In 2006 his second gift of $12 million created two Lorne Trottier Chairs at the school, one in Aerospace Engineering and the other in Astrophysics and Cosmology.”

    *new shill fund?
    “trottier, a mcgill alumnus and engineer who founded Canadian
    computer company matrox. “It’s probably the largest gift for science promotion in Canadian history,” Schwarcz says. The funding will ensure the long-term viability of what’s become a major public science communication hub in Canada, as well as allow OSS to expand its programs, possibly as far as challenging pseudoscience promoters in court, he adds.”

    “In November 2011 Trottier gave $5.5 million to make the Symposium permanent and to fund Dr. Joseph A. Schwarcz’s McGill’s Office for Science & Society to educate the public about quackery and to “battle against charlatans.” It is believed to be the largest single gift for science promotion in Canada”

    cfi- “It is suspected , because Lai, Levitt, and Havas have not had much success in promoting these ideas and have been denied legislative change in the United States, that any adoption of changes to the laws in Canada would strengthen their case in other, larger, jurisdictions. CASS is determined to not let this happen in Canada, and copies of the Havas and Levitt and Lai critiques have been sent to HESA in an effort to counter the fallacious claims being made by these purveyors of bad science.”

    Cst- “BC Human Rights Tribunal proceedings, ongoing in the BC Court of Appeal. First proceedings have been postponed until 2014”

    Mcgill university- “Doctor of Science, honoris causa. We are proud to confer upon Mr. Lorne Trottier the honorary degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa for his dedication as a…”

    *”To this end, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and the Trottier Family Foundation have joined in a formal partnership. The Trottier Energy Futures Project is named for entrepreneur, engineer, and philanthropist Lorne Trottier, whose Trottier Family Foundation provided funding for the five-year project.”

    *September 1, 2011
    StreamCell and Matrox Combine

    *Streamcell 2011
    “an ultra-simple, portable, wireless live video and audio streaming system that broadcasts your live content to TV, your web site and to mobile devices at the same time”
    “2011 StreamQuik is pleased to announce the availability of a live video streaming app for the Apple iPad and iPhone. To obtain these apps using an iPad or iPhone”

    *Matrox Feb. 16, 2012
    “Not only do Matrox I/O products provide broadcast-quality input and output, they also let users deliver H.264 files for the web, mobile devices, and Blu-ray up to five times faster than software alone, without sacrificing quality. ”

    “The Trottier Family Foundation

    The Trottier Family Foundation is a private foundation located in Montreal, QC. It supports selected organizations across Canada in the areas of science, technology, education, healthcare and Third World economic development.

    The foundation has been registered as a charity since 2000 and currently has assets of $39,159,775. Its current operating budget is $1,746,603.

    History of Donations
    Social Services
    Previous Grant Recipients (show all 30)
    Type Organization Name Prov. Coverage Year Amount
    F Fondation de Polytechnique QC provincial 2010 $100,000
    C Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning McGill University QC national 2010 $85,000
    C Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning McGill University QC national 2010 $30,000
    C Canadian Unicef Committee Comite Unicef Canada ON national 2010 $25,000
    C Oxfam-Quebec QC provincial 2010 $25,000
    Board Members (2010)
    Name Position Years in Office
    Lorne Trottier Director 6+
    Louise Trottier Director 6+
    Howard Trottier Director 6+
    Social Services: 80%
    Education: 11%
    Health: 9%
    Funds Disbursed in 2010: $1,720,700
    Coverage: National
    Type: Private Foundation
    Tags: Social Services (General), Universities & Colleges, Hospitals & Clinics, Research …
    Related Funders

    Selwyn House Association (8)
    Fondation Pathonic (6)
    The Nathan Steinberg Fam… (6)
    Merck Frosst Canada Em… (6)
    L’Armee de Marie Inc (6)
    The Mireille and Murray S… (5)
    McCarthy Tetrault Founda… (5)
    Hagen Family Foundation (5)
    Morris and Rosalind Good… (5)
    Gp & v Foundation Inc. (5)

    This profile is partially based on information from the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate.”
    Ajah Fundtracker
    © 2010–2012 Brasseurs Numériques Inc.

  16. #23 by bozo esq on October 13, 2014 - 8:11 am

    Another excellent stunt to follow up last Tuesday’s at the council meeting. Keep calling them out Joe. Way to blow this open and get these fools in public service and public health to go on record ignoring this all the while the scientific community and the mainstream media continues to ignore this.

    By the way, for all of you on your high horse, Mr. Imbriano’s emails are perfectly legal. I cannot believe who has stepped forward turning their backs on the children. It is like they are proud of this or something.

  17. #24 by Anonymous on October 13, 2014 - 10:59 am

    Brilliant move Joe. Smoke them all out of their cubby holes as they sit back on their duffs while these kids get slowly electrocuted.

  18. #25 by Anonymous on October 13, 2014 - 12:07 pm

    Did you know that the “legal” safety limits are about 1000 up to100 000 times too high?

    AT the level of 1/1000 of the official SAR-value 2W/kg (US 1.6W/kg) it has been shown that 2 hours of “phone use” has caused albumin leakage from the brain blood vessels? Albumin then kills nerve cells: (Bertil Persson, Leif Salford et al in Sweden have shown that on rats running freely in small boxes below and above avg cell phone that was on.

    • #26 by amateur night on October 14, 2014 - 9:33 am

      I don’t think Pletka can count that high and I think the board is still stuck in a wine bottle over at the Arboretum. Somebody get them a corkscrew.

  19. #27 by Anonymous on October 13, 2014 - 7:23 pm

    I couldn’t help but notice the comments about Devra Davis. This is really creepy.

    • #28 by Devra Davis, saboteur? on October 18, 2014 - 8:16 am

      Yes, the voices that are supposedly on the right side, for humanity, are actually saboteurs.

      If we made a list of these folks, it would be quite shocking.

      The traitors among us . . .

  20. #29 by Anonymous on October 14, 2014 - 5:23 am

    Take me off your list.

  21. #31 by Robin on October 14, 2014 - 8:12 am

    Now listen up all of you. How can you be so concerned with your petty email issue and totally block out this message? Now I understand why everyone is so upset. It makes too much sense. So rather than behaving like rational, thinking adults, you choose to ignore the dire predicament of the children and behave like children yourselves. I feel sorry for your children and your grandchildren.

    Stop calling these emails spam. They are not commercial messages. Secondly, grow up and be parents. Take responsibility for your children. Thirdly, you all need to thank Mr. Imbriano for the courage he has shown in advocating for everyone’s children. Finally, take the steps necessary to protect your children and everyone else’s.

    • #32 by Bozo Esq. on October 14, 2014 - 10:59 am

      Correct. Mr. Imbriano has and continues to engage in Constitutionally protected activities. He has the right to continue to legally disseminate non commercial emails. It is up to him whether or not he chooses to continue, not any of you. You have the option of deleting or blocking them. That is the extent of your recourse under the law.

      On the other hand, for those of you in the public sector, you may now have assumed some personal liability for potential injuries to these children as public servants for failing to take action to protect these children.

      • #33 by WS on October 14, 2014 - 3:09 pm

        Don’t forget about the Trustees.

  22. #34 by Brad on October 14, 2014 - 11:58 am

    The L.A.U.S.D deploys multiple wireless access points per classroom at Cochran. THIS IS NOT THE NORM IN OTHER DISTRICTS. Is this a billion dollarproving ground? WiFi and ipads on poor minorty students and their teachers? Is it about how much it takes to get the kids and teachers to have acute reactions?

  23. #35 by Anonymous on October 14, 2014 - 5:07 pm

    A heckler who Hillary Clinton said had “miss[ed] important developmental stages” is hitting back, telling Breitbart News: “I would rather be developmentally delayed than morally corrupt.” Kevin Mottus, an environmental activist and former Republican candidate for Congress in the 33rd congressional district, claims to be the heckler who disrupted Clinton in San Diego this weekend–and said he would do it again.

    As Clinton addressed a gathering of the American Academy of Pediatrics on Sunday, Mottus let off a siren and shouted through a bullhorn in an attempt to garner attention for his crusade against microwave transmissions.

    He told Breitbart News in a phone interview that his exact words were:

    Wireless Classrooms cause cancer, heart arrhythmias, electrohypersensitivity, neurological disorders, immune system disorders and damage to reproduction. This is corporate and government murder, corruption, racketeering and cover up. What about [Delaware Attorney General] Beau Biden and the tumor behind his ear where he holds his cell phone? These doctors and people need to wake up–wireless is harming and killing some of us. Wireless classrooms are harming our children and government is covering it up. We need to stop our government from what they are doing. We are the wireless experiment as we are microwaving radiating our children without real safety standards. Wired not wireless classrooms.

    As Mottus was removed from the room, Hillary denigrated him, joking, “Ya know, there are some people who miss important developmental stages.”

    When asked to respond to Hillary’s comment, Mottus said, “I would rather be developmentally delayed than morally corrupt spending billions to increasingly exposing people to wireless technology that causes cancer, reproductive harm, and other serious disease. This is corporate and government murder and corruption and the federal government has a long history of covering up wireless health effects.”

    He emphasized his belief that a number of celebrities, from Biden to Lebron James to Sheryl Crow, have had health issues, including tumors, as a result of carcinogenic microwaves.

    He then expressed great concern over use of Wi-Fi in school classrooms, saying that “the issue is about power and money and politics being in the way and our children’s health being jeopardized in the process.”

    According to Mottus, he gained access to the Clinton event as a paid conference attendee, and spoke to a number of other speakers during the course of the American Academy of Pediatrics event.

    • #36 by Anonymous on October 14, 2014 - 5:37 pm

      The man speaks the truth. Just ask any electrical engineer who has studied Radio Frequency (RF). We have known for a long time that RF causes cancer! WiFi is RF.

      BTW.. I am an electrical engineer and have been for 32 years. I was taught in college that RF causes cancer and tumors in the 1970s.

    • #37 by Joe Imbriano on October 14, 2014 - 6:20 pm

      Bill Clinton gave us the Telecom Act. Bill Clinton gave the newborns the Hepatitis Vaccine. Bill Clinton gave us the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. Bill Clinton gave us the Clinton Chronicles and gave the ER doctors headaches with his ER admissions from overstimulation.

      I say it is high time for his wife to take some flack for her developmentally challenged and spiritually bankrupt husband’s legacy that has spilled over into her morally and spiritually bankrupt vessel.

      Good for you Kevin. You got guts.

  24. #38 by Anonymous on October 14, 2014 - 8:32 pm

    Well done Joe! You really stirred the pot. What are you going to do with all of the people that publicly ignored the message and publicly asked to be “removed from the list”?

  25. #39 by is this leadership? on October 15, 2014 - 3:02 pm

    Hey Joe, isn’t this your next door neighbor? I know you have spoken with her. How can she make these statements with all the information that she has been presented with? How can she continue to ignore the warnings of medical doctors, scientists, public health experts and researchers? How much direct responsibility does she have in placing these iPads in the classrooms with all of the fundraising she did with the foundation while ignoring all of the materials? What an amazing dichotomy Joe.

    Michelle Knowles- Past President

    Hello! I’m Michelle Knowles and it is my personal privilege to serve the Acacia Elementary School Foundation. My husband and I have 3 children at Acacia: our oldest daughter in 6th grade, our younger daughter in 4th grade, and our son in 1st grade. I am In-House Counsel at a national healthcare supply company; my husband is a teacher at Troy High School. We love Fullerton, and Acacia. This year, I serve our Foundation Board as Past President; I was the President from 2011-2014. From helping to found the organization, to working with so many dedicated and talented Acacia parents and families, it is an honor to be part of the Acacia community. Acacia is a great place for a child to go to school. The teaching staff is amazing, and our administration truly advocates for our children. The work of the Foundation in supporting vital programs and activities at the school is critical in providing for our children the opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Acacia is one of the least funded schools in the district. We have an opportunity to support the school in great and numerous ways. I hope you’ll join us in that mission; please give of your time, your talent, your monies, all in support of our school and our children! No contribution is too small! Our children need all the help we can garner. Thank you!

  26. #40 by Grace on October 16, 2014 - 2:28 am

    He is resigning. Maybe he doesn’t want to be part of the agenda that you are calling him out on. I know I wouldn’t.

  27. #41 by Anonymous on October 16, 2014 - 4:07 am

    The schools are literally falling apart and they spend the bond money on ipads. They spent billions! This reeks of an agenda. Oh my God!

  28. #42 by Latoya on October 16, 2014 - 8:33 am

    Did you hear that John Deasy is resigning? Does this have anything to do with what is going on with what you are exposing?

  29. #43 by Eric on October 16, 2014 - 6:09 pm

    Joe this is for you bro-never give up-

  30. #45 by Dora on October 16, 2014 - 9:22 pm

    Cupertino, We Have a Problem. WiFi & Kids.

    by Louise Kuo Habakus

    An open letter to Apple Inc.

(will not be published)

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