Jesus Silva turning his back on the children

Married to Sex Ed Sharon Quirk Silva who for years in the State Assembly while she totally ignored the plight of the children when it came to forced classroom microwave exposures and common core, was known for her  perverted legislation the legendary vote that gave California the transgender bathroom bill, we introduce Jesus Silva. This is her husband. He wants to represent us on the City Council.


This guys wife, Sex Ed Silva  had me illegally thrown out of a public meeting a few years back while I was outside protesting the harms caused by the teachers and administrators to the students by the district technology programs.

Torlakson and Silva just couldn’t do the right thing so they just had the stool pigeon write the apology. -

Torlakson and Silva just couldn’t do the right thing so they just had the stool pigeon write the apology.

As a Park and Rec commissioner, Jesus Silva has voted to install dangerous cell towers right next to schools and homes and has continued to bury a multi million dollar scandal involving the the Park and Recreation’s department shortfall on the American Golf contract robbing Fullerton parks of millions of dollars. He is no friend of Fullerton folks and neither is his wife.


As a citizen, he has been silent on every major issue facing Fullerton. He is a total no show at the council meetings. This guy is a total empty suit. Don’t belive me? Watch the candidate forums.

This man is no leader folks. Listen to him talk. It is hard to believe this man is a teacher.  He is just another political operative married to arguably one of the worst Assembly members Fullertonians ever sent to the Capital. If he was such a hero for his students and his community, then why as a teacher, has he been ignoring what the wireless systems, the common core and the forced vaccinations are doing to everyone? Well here was another example of this liberal establishment hack in action. Watch closely as he does his good deed for the day.

So here is Jesus who wants to be on the council. Watch this guy. Just minutes before, Jesus Silva he can be seen giving a Marxist, animated, diatribe calling for more money for who he calls his brothers and sisters, the teachers in the FJUHSD.


Never mind the students who are being taught flat out lies, kinky sex ed his wife Sex Ed Sharon Quirk Silva pushes for and being forcibly irradiated by his employer all with his blessing and participation. Yes he is involved in this massive eugenics agenda every time he allows the wireless systems to be running in his classroom and he gives the orders to fire up the infertility pads while refusing to warn students and parents about how these will sterilize them. He is no stranger to any of this. He has sat through meeting after meeting in the audience and up on the dais when truth be told time meant it was time for him to look away.

Once again, mind you this man is a teacher in the FSD and is married to Sharon Quirk Silva.

While again on the subject of wireless, aside from his direct involvement as an FSD teacher and being a forced irradiator, Jesus Silva has repeatedly been directly involved in beaming microwaves through the walls of homes and schools as he also repeatedly, on multiple occasions, voted to place high powered cell towers next to schools and residential neighborhoods as a member of the Fullerton Parks and Rec commission. He has repeatedly ignored all of the scientific information and presentations at commission, council and school board meetings on the dangers that forced classroom microwave exposures present to all students, Latino, Asian and Caucasian alike.

More of the same from the same people that want more for themselves and who in my opinion don’t care about the students. Just more big government as we all watch…….

Watch as he turns his back on the students and walks right out of a board meeting right in the middle of Fullerton parent Diane Hickey’s presentation that enters even more damning information into the public record on the harms of forced microwave exposure in the classrooms at the merciless hands of these lackey board members that he is complicit in with his teaching position in the FSD.

Is this information over his head? It sure seems that way as on the Parks and Rec Commission, he has sat up on the dais himself and for years repeatedly ignored all the scientific information he was presented with warnings against all the cell towers he voted to install next to schools and homes including the one to irradiate all his Paisas at Richmond park. Yeah he’s a real friend de los compas alright. What south Fullerton Family shares the same kinky perverted family values of his bathroom bill wife I wonder?

The real irony is that as a result of an attempted frame up job by our police chief Dan  Hughes, it was Barry Levinson and Alfredo Gutierrez who almost went to jail for trying to stop the Richmond park cell tower while he sat back, and went along for the ride, voted for it and to this day remains silent on what happened to Barry and Alfredo and votes for even more cell tower deployment.

To this day, Jesus Silva continues to turn his back on the children while his wife pushes her radical perversion, radical sex ed transgenderism and abortion agendas as she attempts to slither herself back into a seat in Sacramento.

More of the same from those that appear to make a living off of turning their backs on the children. What a damn shame. South Fullerton already has enough problems.


  1. #1 by does Jesus Silva care? on February 24, 2016 - 11:32 am

    He can stand up and rant about how his brothers and sisters deserve more pay for teaching, but is TOTALLY absent on the wireless matter which is destroying not only the careers but the health of his fellow teachers.

    What a phoney!

  2. #2 by Anonymous on March 17, 2017 - 9:18 am

    Jesus is a dumbshit. The only reason he got elected is because he is a fucking Mexican and the illegals came out in droves to defeat the emperor.

  3. #3 by Anonymous on March 27, 2017 - 11:40 pm

    Jesus is married to Sharon Quirk Silva who gave us dream act, bathroom bill, carbon tax, and all kinds of bad laws. They are dirty politician sucmbags.

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