Is Ted Cruz a forced vaccinator? His California right hand man Ron Nhering sure is.

So here we go again with people wrapping themselves in the American Flag photo opping and running campaigns with ideologies wholly inconsistent with basic human rights and the party’s platform. You guessed it Nehring is a vocal SUPPORTER of Richard Pan’s and Jerry Brown ‪#‎SB277‬. This is the tyrranical forced vaccination law that passed this summer in California.


Nehring looking like the Cheshire cat with Cruz

You can’t make this stuff up ladies and gentlemen. Most of Nehrings tweets are gone but we have enough here to run this guy into the RINO camp where his ivory can be bartered for a great big douche bag.

We know that Ben Carson is a forced vaccinator.



Ben Carson mandating children to become pediatric pin cushions

But now we have the ex head of the Calfornia Republican Party, Ron Nehring


running Ted Cruz’s California campaign supporting the evisceration of parental rights, ignoring science and whoring for big pharma and now trying to install someone in The White house. Can we Trust Ted Cruz? Hell no! Not with this guy running his campaign stateside. Ted needs to fire this tool now.


On SB 277, we have been betrayed by our Assembly woman Young Kim, we have been betrayed by all the churches in Fullerton and Yorba Linda, the pastors, the school boards, and now possibly the next president?

If you don’t see a problem with this then turn your guns in, take your forced vaccinations, pop your purple pills, pour yourself a glass of diet joke and vote for Hellary Clinton and please, please, please, please never come back to this website because there is no hope for you.

As for the rest of us in this fight for our children’s health and reproductive future,  may God help us ladies and gentlemen, may God help us.


  1. #1 by Anonymous on December 17, 2015 - 7:04 pm

    Nice work on calling him out Joe. Unbelievable. You are so right that even the churches have sold us out.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on December 17, 2015 - 9:59 pm

    None of them fully support the US Constitution; none of them are fit to hold office. Look at their voting records, examine who is endorsing them. Although they may appear to be the solution, they are more of the same.

    We are in trouble.

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