Is Joe Imbriano actually introducing the next President of The United States?

As they dress Hilary Clinton’s double up to look more and more like Ellen Degeneres, the stage is already set.


This baby killing pushing, gun grabbing, forced vaccinating, Orwellian, Fabian socialist on steroids that will do anything for money and more demonic power. So why do they glorify this degenerate and ram her down everyone’s throat just because she is what, a woman? Is this the best woman for the job out of the 150 million  plus women in the US? Can we at least get one with a functioning pineal gland and a conscience?



She is washed out spritually, she is washed out morally, she is washed out mentally, and obviously she is washed out physically. This is the final act in her handlers’ Machiavellian performance. Hilary Clinton is almost done ladies and gentlemen, but not until they can use her one final time to wrap it all up and lock it all down. The legacy of the Clinton crime family spans decades and through their demonic influence on legislative enactment we have been bequeathed with the likes of the Telecom Act of 1996 that is directly responsible for the forced microwave irradiation of every man, woman and child in The United States. Bill Clinton’s Hepatitis vaccine mandate for newborns was just designed to protect the pedophiles. It is all relative to Bill, a sexual predator who could never keep his hands of the merchandise.


Her reward for Bill Clinton’s sorcery in destroying more of American’s wealth than the great depression did by repealing Glass-Steagall and his complicity in the eugenics agendas not limited to being involved with the radiation biology programs he furthered along with the stroke of the presidential pen with his signing of the 1996 Telecom Act is this one last flash in the pan for a family steeped in utter shame and moral bankruptcy. After this, it will be over for the Clinton’s except maybe for penicillin refills.

Once, Hilary is installed by the gatekeepers, coronated by the media and swallered by the dumb down masses, the veil will be lifted off of her decrepit state of being. She is unfit to even ride public transportation by herself, or even ride a bike much less run the United States. Yes once she is elected, she will be wheeled off and renditioned to a location uncertain and treated for all that incurably ails this degenerate, treasonous, vile, liar. That is the price to be paid when evil people allow themselves to be emptied so all that remains is relegation to an infamous political and spiritual vacuum.

This is the man that will be installed into the Masonically laid out District of Criminals’ Capital AKA the “Whitehouse”


Ladies and gentlemen, Tim Kaine is the caped crusader for the mental illness revolution. This is designed to get us all diagnosed with mental illness, rope and tie us all up in the Murphy Bills, clamp down on us with Parens Patriae, and ram through an unprecedented scientific form of gun control to disarm us all and to convert us all into the largest heap of chattel property in human history slated for a total eugenics gulag.

Yes Tim Kaine is actually the stealth President and will be installed in the White house to continue to carry on the orders of the British Crown: the protected perpetuity of the central banking systems, the continued Jesuit Inquistion comprised of bombing innocent people back to the stone age, domestic eugenics such as baby killing, and of course a charted course of ever expanding gun grabbing while the government amasses billions of rounds of ammunition,  and tens of thousands of armored bullet proof kiosks yielding an ever expanding domestic police state designed all for cramming us all into the Agenda 21 reservation of the surveillance forced vaccination scientific kill grid matrix of the compact city high rise housing model where the water is dosed, the cell towers beam through the walls and the scientifically crafted blue glue flicker rate manipulated idiot boxes that they call smart TV’s tell you all how to think as they tell you Hillary is the best woman for the job, what drugs to ingest, what pills to pop, what injections to pump into your children, what fake slop to eat, what to get drunk on, and who or what to mate with. Don’t worry, Kaine is a man for all walks, all lifestyles, all socio-economic strata, all seasons and all religions except for those that follow the Bible.

Tim Kaine is the embodiment of the ultimate hybridization of Bush’s CIA directed foreign policy, Rumsfeld’s uncanny fervor for war, William Kristol’s ability to lay out the chessboard,  Obama’s radical social ecology, Cheney’s love affair with the ever expanding military industrial complex’s grip on the subjugates of The British Crown in all of its dark splendor, with the flavor and effervescence of Harvey Milk will be back dropped by a complete lack of the intentional ineptness from the likes of Hilary during her stint shaming the office she clutched with her disgusting claws.

Jesuit Trained, this Vatican warlock will turn the tables on morality as he openly vows to end traditional marriage even in his own church.



Married into the Department of Education, this military industrial complex illuminati operative of the crown will further the forced irradiation and sterilization of every school child in America with the forced wireless programs in all the schools while bolstering the forced vaccination agendas that are a pre requisite for school entry. This military industrial complex operative will turn the tables on economics, foreign policy, domestic tranquility and basic human rights while they wheel the corrupt, treasonous Clinton witch back to the barn for safekeeping.


Stronger together just like the Fasci-bound together and held together by brute force

The line between fascism and Fabian socialism is very thin ladies and gentlemen.

If my suspicions are correct, what this man will bring out of the closet with him will make the current Manchurian Candidate, Barry Soetoro illuminati Barrak Hussein Obamination look like Mother Theresa serving communion.

Folks this is the one who they will install to oversee the death of the dollar as the Global reserve currency status while false flags abroad and domestically will end the second amendment, suspend the Constitution and turn life in America as we know it into an early 1980’s nightmare from the streets of Argentina combined with what is currently happening in Venequela.

The five year currency boost is almost over and a sack of beans will soon be required to obtain a sack of rice. Millions of Americans are crammed into compact cities where they have the ability to produce neither in addition to the fact that they are surrounded by meat eaters by the millions on all four sides.

You really think Mussolini with red hair is actually going to be allowed to reside at Pennsylvania Avenue? You know what? I could very well be wrong about this whole damn thing.


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