Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

I have reviewed what activities were accomplished at prior Love Fullerton Days and most of the efforts were to help the city government do its job, such as cleanups in our parks, washing Police vehicles, etc.  I commend those who join with city employees to make our city a little cleaner and little more beautiful, etc.

However, instead of doing things that at best have a very short useful life, I suggest we do something that could change the lives of many Fullerton residents forever.  What better thing to do than to help educate and motivate our children and adults?  That is what we could accomplish by reopening our Hunts Branch Library.   Instead of washing a police vehicle, we get a hundred or more volunteers to paint, clean up, repair as well as create a reserve to help meet some of the costs to have a grand reopening of our Hunts Branch Library.  It is always nice to do something that makes us feel good.  How about we help to make reopening the Hunts Branch Library a reality, which will do much good for so many members of our Fullerton community.


The library is off limits to the public as it is currently being rented by a church with a different mission than one would expect

I love the Hunt Branch Library.  But more importantly, I love the positive impact that library would have on the members of my community being inspired, educated and motivated by the books and the future programs in our newly reopened Hunt Branch Library.


All of Us Remember the Slogan, “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”.  So let us all agree that the Hunt Branch Library is a community resource that should never be wasted or discarded.


r stolen by a backroom deal

I ask that the Fullerton City Council join with me to make reopening the Hunt Branch Library a reality for our community.


The City of Fullerton’s official website (see below) states that the Hunt Branch Library is “temporarily closed”.  It has been approximately 3 years since this temporary closure has taken place with no date certain of when it will be reopened or if it will ever be reopened.  Please let the Fullerton City Council and Fullerton City Manager that you demand that the city reopen one of the communities treasures, The Hunt Branch Library.



Hunt Branch

201 S. Basque Ave.

Fullerton, CA 92833

The Hunt Branch is Temporarily Closed. Questions?  Concerns?  Please contact Library for additional information call 714-738-6388.


  1. #1 by Barry Levinson on May 5, 2016 - 11:10 am

    Yes fellow Fullertonians, our City Council with the support and leadership of our Mayor, Jennifer Fitzgerald and City Manager, Joe Felz has delivered big time to the city’s special interest groups. When was the last time you received a 6% raise without a promotion. When was the last time you received a 9% raise over two years without getting a promotion. The Fullerton police and fire unions got that for their employees this past year. It was none other than Council member Doug Chaffee who voted for and defended these raises saying at council that the city negotiated the very best deal for the Fullerton taxpayers. Council member Chaffee I think your defense of the indefensible speaks volumes about who you represent on the dais sir and it certainly is not the Fullerton residents. These raises will cost the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars each and every year going forward. How much was just voted to fix our decaying sidewalks for the entire city? The answer was approximately 200 thousand dollars. When it was stated that this amount will not even make a dent in solving that problem, Director Don Hoppe stated that we need a lot more money to adequately deal with this issue but the money is just not available. Hey Director Hoppe, the city found millions and millions of dollars in extra money for every year going forward for our police and fire employees. How come you could not get some of that money for the residents of Fullerton? I am just curious sir. It would be so nice if we had one person on the dais who would state the obvious and that is they do not represent us. You will not hear those words uttered by any of our current council members. Yes one or two council members will take exception narrowly to an agenda item before them but will never disclose the real and broader problem that the council majority does not work for us. Their agenda is not our agenda.

    Remember that our corrupt City Council “found” the money for police and fire employees but not for us. The same corrupt City Council has kept our Hunt Branch Library “temporarily” closed for approximately 3 years supposedly for lack of money. Now our City Manager has stated that he recommends selling this treasure as a sole source bid to the same people who have leased part of the building for a below marked lease rate.

    City hall has been trying to make Fullerton look like the Anaheim Triangle area around Anaheim Stadium or worse for the last few years with their Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plans. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake for another special interest group, the developers. Finally, how is the city going to come up with the tens of millions of dollars in extra pay and benefits for the police and fire in the coming years….you guessed it the $11,700 per residential unit fee/tax for every apartment, condo or house built in this city. Yes this money is designated for our parks. Have you seen the condition of our parks considering all the additional millions of dollars of past park dwelling fee money collected as well as the normal budgeted amounts are parks? Based on the above, our parks should be in pristine condition, but they are for from it. Remember folks money is fungible. More money from developer fees means the city is able to reduce the budgets for Parks and Recreation and really use that money elsewhere… like for police and fire raises for instance. The proposed mixed-use development discussed at the last Planning Commission study session would build 295 market priced apartments bringing in $3,451,500 ($11,700 per unit times 295 units), if passed as proposed. This proposed project represents over 98% of the total square footage to be developed at that proposed site. It is called paying Peter by robbing Paul where Peter represents all the special interest groups and Peter represents you and me. The developers, lobbyists and the Fullerton police and fire employees make up less than 1/10th of 1% of the entire voting population of Fullerton, yet control our city council. I hope the readers are starting to understand the huge conflict of interest voluntarily created by our Mayor Fitzgerald when after she was elected to council, she chose to accept an offer to become Vice President of Curt Pringle and Associates. Are you starting to see how these special interest groups are able to yield such tremendous influence over our city council?

    Finally, I hope the readers see how imperative it is to have honest, smart, knowledgeable council members representing the public. For our city council controls hundreds of millions of our tax dollars over the course of one four year term. They have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure every dime of that money is spent wisely and efficiently for the exclusive benefit of the people of Fullerton.

    If you can honestly state that you believe that all of our Fullerton tax dollars are being spent wisely and efficiently then you should vote to reelect all the incumbents running for city council this year. If you do not believe our tax money is being spent wisely and efficiently you would be wise to vote them out of office. If you can’t honestly answer the above question, I suggest you look at the condition of our streets, sidewalks, sewers, the increased traffic congestion and the fact that the city has a $2.8 million dollar current 2-year budget deficit and hold our elected officials accountable for the deplorable conditions within our city.

    I report, you decide.

  2. #5 by Fullerton Lover on May 5, 2016 - 7:41 pm

    You know Barry I can tell you that before Doug Chaffee was elected in 2012, I personally handed Doug a hard copy of this link that I’ve provided…


    …this link references an actual letter that the President of the Fullerton Police Officers Association/Union sent to his membership bragging about how their union dues have been proving successful at providing their union perpetual majority on the city council dais by vetting all of the candidates BEFORE the election to ensure that the candidate would play ball with them once they were in office.

    So at the very least Doug will NEVER be able to convince his maker that he never knew what he was doing was wrong.

  3. #6 by Fullerton Library Trustees? on May 5, 2016 - 8:32 pm

    It is unconscionable that a library board of trustees would vote to sell off a library. They should love and value libraries and any board that votes to get rid of a library is no friend of the library. They have no business being on the board.

    It is unbelievable that they would do that. Is everything and everybody that serves on boards, committees, commissions so unmoored from their purpose for serving the people of Fullerton? It’s really disgusting and the library board should just resign.

    • #7 by Reality Is... on May 5, 2016 - 10:23 pm

      Have you been to a city library lately? Go sometime. It might surprise you who goes to libraries anymore and how empty they are daily.

  4. #8 by Anonymous on May 6, 2016 - 7:04 am

    Why not both?

  5. #9 by Barry Levinson on May 6, 2016 - 10:20 am

    My family uses the Fullerton Library regularly and so does almost all of my friends. I am not surprised that certain critics of this website do not take advantage of our public library system.

  6. #10 by Reality Is... on May 6, 2016 - 9:03 pm

    Empty libraries need to go. Like most things you are stuck in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Are you aware of what cost of living is?

    Are you aware that all city retirees get a 2% increase in their retirement each year? Every single one.

    Cola is usually more than 2% for all of us. That’s why most respectable businesses give employees 2% raises at least each year if they are performing up to standards.

    So I ask again for the 100th time. Show me the last 10 years for Fullerton Police and Fire and all of their increases in pay and benefits. Since you feel the recent raise is u warranted and over compensated, show me the chart for the last 10 years to prove your point.

    Or is the reason you are ignoring me is because it doesn’t fit into the biased agenda you are preaching like you always do?

  7. #11 by Fullerton Lover on May 6, 2016 - 9:46 pm

    Residents that work in the private sector that are dependent on Social Security received absolutely zero increase in their benefits this year…


    What’s your point?

    • #12 by Reality Is..... on May 7, 2016 - 9:39 am

      Last two years were due to Obama. Wait. Didn’t Ovomit say the economy is thriving and doing better than ever? Exactly. He’s as bad a political as Barry and joe. Says whatever needs to be said without basing it on facts. Social Security should have also got 2%. Without 2% we don’t even overcome the COLA increase which is much higher these days.

    • #13 by Reality Is..... on May 7, 2016 - 9:44 am

      And anyone that works in the private sector that hasn’t taken advantage of retirement programs gets what they deserve. So many nice options for 401K’s and matching contributions. I started at age 21 in mine and I’m set for life now. Relying on social security shows the pure stupidness of some people. Although I do think that SS deserves a 2% increase each year as well. The $15 wage law will be the end of businesses like Polly’s Pies anyways. Computers will take over those jobs soon.

  8. #14 by Barry Levinson on May 6, 2016 - 10:22 pm

    Actually Fullerton Lover there has been no cost of living increase for social security recipients for two years in a row.

  9. #15 by FPOA - For Protecting Our Affluence on May 6, 2016 - 10:56 pm

    Show me anyone in the private sector who received a 6% raise this year RI?
    Show me anyone in the private sector let alone an entire class of workers who can retire as early as age 50 with 90% of their pay and free medical care for life RI?
    Show me why the cops and firemen deserve millions in yearly raises, while the city claims poverty for our roads, sewers, sidewalks and for our libraries?

    What all the above shows me that police and fire unions along with RI do not give a darn about the public they are supposed to serve and protect. In fact it proves that the only thing they care to serve and protect is themselves.

    • #16 by Reality Is..... on May 7, 2016 - 9:37 am

      I said show me the last 10 years. If it comes out to less than 1% a year, does that change your opinion? Probably why I can’t get that answer from Barry or Joe.

      Cops and firemen and other city employees, including teachers, deserve the pay and benefits they get. I’ll leave it at that. You hate it, I like it. More like it, that’s why all of California gets it.

      Sure the unions care. They also care about the pay and benefits for their members. Isn’t that what the union is there for? Isn’t that what POBAR is there for to protect their members from political scum that would fire them on the spot for looking at them wrong?

      So yes. You are partially right and partially wrong. You are jealous. By they way, most retirement programs have changed over the years so it’s not as easy as retiring at 50 with 90%, and it never really was. But go ahead and say it like that, because when you do it falls into that same question of facts of what is the pay and benefits increases over the last 10 years for Fullerton Police and Fire? I won’t ever get that because it will show that the recent raise was way overdue and deserving.



  10. #17 by Anonymous on May 7, 2016 - 1:19 pm

    No, no, no..POBAR is there to protect even the worst, most corrupt, most sadistic cops on the job! POBAR is a real danger to the general public.

    • #18 by Reality Is... on May 7, 2016 - 2:09 pm

      Yet you can’t even change it get it thrown in the trash?

      Nice try. The sole reason it can’t be touched is because anyone with a half a brain doesn’t want politicians touching our public servants that do such a great job daily. Without POBAR Joe would fire the whole department the day he got voted in. Thanks god for POBAR. POBAR has also made dirty politicians pay out millions over the years probably billions.

      How much do you think Fullerton paid to Ramos and Sissy because they were found not guilty?


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