Fullerton’s vector control no show Jan Flory and her work at the Fullerton Pravda

In spite of my publicly urging Vector Control Board appointee Jan Flory in a city council meeting to stand up for the rights of the residents who deserve warning if they are going to be sprayed with poisonous chemicals,

Jan Flory still went ahead and voted against supporting a Senate Bill that would have guaranteed Orange County residents advanced warning of impending aerial spraying of chemical pesticides over our homes, businesses, schools and parks.

Remember when they sprayed Orange County with toxic Malathion back in the 1980s and now it is banned because they determined it caused cancer? They told us Malathion was safe and now they are telling us Duet adulticide is safe?  Now Jan Flory misses the most important vote of her career on the vector control board. She is a no show on the vote to transfer power to the manager to spray us.

Where was she? She was briefed by me Tuesday night at the council meeting publicly to vote against this. What does she do? She doesn’t even bother to show up. She better have a good reason for Fullerton residents at the next council meeting. 30 SECONDS IN FLORY IS A NO SHOW.

We maybe we have figured out where she was. I believe she is moonlighting for Sharon Kennedy’s city hall cabal protecting establishment sycophant rag, the Fullerton Pravda.

Listen to what appears to be a first person narrative from the Observer -for sure a hit piece by the establishment against Community Activists who dare to challenge the status quo and the City Hall Cabal

2 (3)

Listen to who I believe is Jan Flory talking right here folks talking smack and reminiscing over the failed frame up job from 2 years ago-

“I totally agree with Anonymous (Early April Observer page 3) on the intimidating, bullying behavior of a group of men who make comments at city council meetings. I have also witnessed the same group doing the same thing at other meetings. Several of this group were involved in the intimidation of an AT&T representative over a year ago. And some of their targets seem to be the eye witnesses to that attack who contacted police. So maybe it is revenge they are after.

I really appreciated Mayor Protem Jan Flory’s brave comments at the council on this group but I am confused as to why Councilmember Whitaker, who actually appointed one of them to a commission, doesn’t do anything to rein them in. I kind of understand why everyone else is silent – these guys are scary. While I am all for free speech I think we need to do something to bring the constant toxic behavior under control especially when it is directed at certain targeted staff members who don’t have the luxury of remaining anonymous. Are we who witness this behavior just going to sit on the sidelines and let it happen? We will be very lucky if the whole staff doesn’t quit. This group seems to bash anyone who comments on their out of control behavior. I do not want to be added to their hate list. So for that reason please sign me anonymous too – though I am embarrassed to not be braver”.

Anonymous Fullerton

Yes folks, if it smells like Jan Flory, it probably is Jan Flory. This is not the first time the Fullerton Pravda printed her Dear Abby column but will hopefully be the last.




I stand up for the residents even when no one is looking folks.

Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council





  1. #1 by Joe Imbriano on April 24, 2016 - 3:44 pm

    Our children are under attack from the syringes, the microwave systems in the schools, and all of us from the aerial assault at 30,000 feet and this one that they want to run at 100 feet. All hands on deck gang. Very little time to split hairs. We need to focus on beating back these agendas, exposing the corrupt officials, replacing them with real leaders and taking things back. It is very late in the game. https://www.facebook.com/Joe-Imbriano-for-Fullerton-City-Council-1679608062274599/

  2. #2 by Reality Is..... on April 25, 2016 - 10:39 am

    The real question is do you find Jan sexy?

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