They will lie, cheat, kill, steal and then lie, cheat, steal and kill to cover it all up.

Sound familiar? It should. Open your eyes as I believe they spin a globe that is not round while they murder people with a treatment that is worse than the supposed disease:  one of the deadliest drugs known to man-AZT. 

As we live under ever increasing medical tyranny here in 2015, watch what has been known and successfully suppressed for over 3o years. Folks I can assure you that everything you are being spoon fed by the medical mafia that owns the media is designed to manage disease, not cure disease as well as to sterilize and soft kill you, your parents, your friends and everyone’s children. As the technology advances, as the technocracy tightens its grip and as totalitarianism becomes cliche, very few will have the wisdom and the courage to question and stand against the despotic RX that spells disaster for everyone except those at the top of this scientific kill grid pyramid.

The day has arrived and the technology is here ladies and gentlemen. The eugenicist’s arms of enforcement have successfully converged on the schools with forced vaccinations, forced medications, and forced wireless exposure. This HIV AZT cat has been out of the bag longer than some of you have been alive and yet we all still line up, roll up our sleeves and open wide for the colored pills doled out by the white coats with their allopathic pharmaceutical petrochemical poisoning and big brothers chemical castration. Well maybe not all of us.



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