I remember the campaign of 2012 very well. It seems in retrospect that many Fullertonians voted against their own interests that year.  


Sixty one percent of the people who cast a ballot, voted to make all of W. Coyote Hills a park and a nature preserve for the benefit of Fullerton residents and all our surrounding communities as well. I believe W. Coyote Hills was the biggest and most important issue for a majority of Fullertonians that year.

Yet, I will give you the results of the top four vote getters in that election and they are in order of finishing as follows:

Bruce Whitaker
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jan Flory and
Travis Kiger.

As you know the top three all won council seats.

What does the top four vote getters in 2012 have in common?
They all were very much in favor of the Chevron development plans!

61% were in favor of a park but the top four voter getters were against the park.

It seems to me that we kind of shot ourselves in the foot four years ago.

Well now we have another chance to make a difference. Now we have a chance to change the very misguided direction of our current council and tell all of them that we love our current city and not the concrete jungle that the current council is in favor of creating.

I will not ask any of you to vote for any particular candidates. I am not going to change many minds at this late date as to which challengers are the best in my opinion. We have all thought about each of the challengers and have basically made up our own minds. I respect that process and I respect your decisions. After all we all have our favorites.

However, I will ask each and every one of you to take notice of the facts I presented about the year 2012 and the continued overdevelopment approved over and over again by our current council.

Knowing all this information I ask that you consider not voting for the incumbents, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker. I also ask you do not vote for their very close allies, namely Larry Bennett and Susan Gapinski.

This leave you with seven candidates (Roberta Reid has dropped out of the race), from which to choose three new council members.

I respectfully ask that each and every one of you, considers making your selection from those seven candidates that are neither incumbents or their associates.

Please let us tell the established politicians in this city that we want our collective voices to be finally heard. Tell them when 61% vote to make W. Coyote Hills a park, that it is not acceptable for the current council to ignore a large majority of us and go forward with the plans we the people just resoundingly rejected.

There are so many things to love and appreciate about our city and its citizens. Please do not let the politicians destroy it!

Thank you and please go out to vote this Tuesday, if you have not voted by absentee ballot yet.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

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