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Is Fitzgerald’s usefulness to Curt Pringle gone despite her best efforts to turn Downtown Fullerton into Downtown LA?

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How Awful and Corrupt is the Fullerton Downtown Core and Corridor Special Project?

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Fullerton’s Downtown Core Corridor: A Toxic sinking ship, the condemnation of our groundwater and the massive power grab by Joe Felz

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A Recent Incident I Witnessed in Downtown Fullerton by Fullerton Resident Susan Levinson.

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Fullerton’s downtown skid row: Dan Hughes and Joe Felz failing Fullerton and thier Fascist solution asking for the beginning of the end of the first and fourth amendments.

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Who is Behind This Massive Grab of Money and Power Known as the Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan (DCCSP), City Manager Joe Felz?

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Fullerton Bar owners seek to double their occupancy and we need you to stop it

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Children in harms way, and why people need to pay attention to what Barry Levinson has been saying about the corrupt city officials who repealed the Fullerton sex offender ordinance

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Fullerton’s puppets and their masters Tony Bushala, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Bruce Whitaker, and Greg Sebourn: just another reason why trusting or believing them is a fools errand.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Friends For Fullerton’s Future Website Part II. By Barry Levinson

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Fullerton’s Kelly Thomas murder- her people, pillars, pillage, plunder and all of our peril.

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Why Are So Many Regular Unnamed Supporters/Defenders of the FFFF Website Running Scared? By Barry Levinson

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Gretchen Cox, the Fitzgerald sycophant doubles down on protecting corruption

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Please Read The Words Of Long Time Resident Lee About The Motives Of The Friends For Fullerton’s Future Website and Tony Bushala And All His Connections with Fullerton Council Members Past and Present (Bruce Whitaker, Greg Sebourn, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Chris Norby, Shawn Nelson and Travis Kiger) By Barry Levinson

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