Yes They Can And Are Taking That Freedom Away! By Barry Levinson

Yes They Can And Are Taking That Freedom Away! By

Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson


All fourth graders at my son’s elementary school presented a musical performance for family and friends about the history of California. It ended with the patriotic Lee Greenwood song, God Bless the U.S.A.

I cannot help it but I am sentimental and very proud and honored to be a citizen of this great, great country. Yet while I listened to the inspiring words, I had a bittersweet feeling come over me. Read carefully some of the key lyrics from this song as follows:

“If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life

And I had to start again with just my children and my wife

I’d thank my lucky stars to be livin’ here today

‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an American where as least I know I’m free

And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.

And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today

‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the USA


Well today ladies and gentlemen almost everywhere you turn you see our freedoms being taken away from us. From the NSA collecting all of our phone records and storing them at our expense and potential peril. From local police departments using Stingray devices to not only track phone messages of suspected criminals but also all other people within a mile radius of the so-called target.

Go to a city council meeting and speak before the council members during public comments. The normal response no matter how serious your issue is usually complete silence to your concerns. However, if a political ally speaks glowingly about the council members, you can expect much banter back and forth. Yet we the public allow those council members who are our representatives to get away with their apparent disdain for our opinions and us.

Now we have a proposed bill California SB 277 that wants to make all vaccines mandatory taking away the personal beliefs and religious exemptions.

Many of you know the City of Fullerton’s attempt to take my freedom away. Why did they attempt to do this? I believe it was because I had the audacity to speak out against a policy supported by a majority of our city leaders. This is not the time for meekness nor apathy or complacency. We are at a crossroads today. Without a ground swell of opposition to this concerted effort by the political elites to take more and more freedom away and place it in the hands of those who many times have hidden agendas that are not in our best interests.

I implore each and every one of you who reads this message to get involved in you local government. Learn what is going on and speak out when it is at cross-purposes of our freedom and our United States Constitution.

I report, you decide!

Barry Levinson

  1. #1 by Anonymous on March 25, 2015 - 10:24 pm

    “This (proposed bill) gives parents the power to protect their children even more” is FALSE. It gives the STATE the power to FORCE parents to vaccinate their children against their own better judgement. Folks, our kids are the most vaccinated children in the world. Twice more than the next country. Yet the mortality rate for U.S. kids under 5 years old is #34. If we’re so healthy we should be #1. Our kids get 69 shots for 16 vaccines. The first shot is Hepatitis B and it’s given within 24 hours of birth. There are 300 vaccines in the pipeline and the state can add any and all of them to your child vaccine schedule. Vaccines are drugs that injure and kill. If there’s a risk then parents, not the State, should decide what’s best for their children. Please do your homework.

  2. #2 by Connie on March 26, 2015 - 4:39 pm

    I agree Barry but what can we do if no one listens? What do you mean that they wanted to take your freedoms away Barry?

  3. #3 by Barry Levinson on March 28, 2015 - 11:35 am

    Another irony about singing at a public school about the freedom we have in this country is the forced introduction of Common Core throughout California and most states in the nation.

    The two things that parents had the most control over was the local school system and choosing your local doctor. Well those two rights have now been greatly restricted.

    I find it sadly amusing that the school district will praise the many academic awards it has won and at the same time institute a new set of standard (lowering standards) with Common Core.

    • #4 by Joe Imbriano on March 28, 2015 - 12:10 pm

      Barry they are just following orders while ignoring what is going on. They have engineered the civic mindedness right out of an entire generation. Thank a retired teacher eating bacon in Europe slugging down vino while posing for the Observer with 10 pounds of max factor on their mugs. Look where that has gotten us. Now, on the verge of the end of the dollar as a world reserve currency, we have a society that produces nothing but paper and button pushers, satanic movies and video games, booze, toxic medication, drugs, pills, weapons, wars and cigarettes while the kids play with their iPads on their ovaries and cajones all day.

      The controlled demolition, human sacrifice, Pearl Harbor style government run inside job of 9-11 was all about gaining control of the heroin trade, oil fields, establishing a launch pad in Northern Africa and mainly keeping the petro dollar under wraps so the US dollar stayed pegged to the oil trade by blasting away at the cabal that wanted to end the US dollar monopoly on oil trades. It was the only way to keep the economy from crashing from an inevitable currency collapse. They are going to start World War III with what they are doing to Russia with the rigging of oil prices right now. This is truly a last ditch attempt to keep the petrodollar alive, our currency from massive devaluation and hyperinflation the likes of which the world has never seen all because the US dollar must be pegged to the oil trade. The BRICS’ empires will strike back. Our kids cannot fathom what awaits much less figure out what to do when things go down. All they are being trained to do is use an iPad and get addicted to porn and video games. When a worthless dollar bill piece of paper no longer gets you a cheeseburger, you will see what the schools have really done. You see, they teach what allows the agendas to go forward. Ask kids where our money illegally comes from, ask kids where the GMO toxic food comes from, ask kids what the lines in the sky are, ask kids why it doesn’t rain, ask kids why the farmers are being demonized and bankrupted by these monsters on the hill in Sacramento. It is carefully being planned so while bankrupting all the farmers, your kids are being dumbed down and trained for imaginary jobs that dont exist so that when the dollar does die, it will cost a sack of beans for a a sack of rice or your son or daughter for a box of ding dongs.

      Barry there isn’t a damn thing to eat in any direction for 1000 miles. That is what the educational system has given us-brain dead slave consumers-NOT CITIZENS. This is why we have an electorate that pulls the lever for the most corrupt immoral criminals that have ever walked the halls of power because the secular humanist education system has given us a non civic minded mass of materialistic mental cases. That is why we have a bankrupt fascist police state for a country. Look at the local level with all the liars including the thugs like Dan Hughes that tried to lock you up by filing a false police report. He is a product of both the corrpt educational system and the phony churches.

      That is why they pay these moronic teachers and administrators so they will ride the train in first class right off the cliff. That, my friend is what defines a human being as despicable in my not so humble opinion.

      These oil prices at 40 bucks are gonna get Russia, Brazil,India and China to ditch the dollar fast and the petro dollar demise will unfold like nobody’s business. Our kids are being prepared for the road to nowhere while all these parents dump them off at these wireless classroom sterilization centers to get their brains turned to mush with iPads and common core just so they can go get their friggin’ nails done and watch Ellen. You find me one kid in the FSD that can answer any of these questions or grow enough food for his family and I will buy drinks for every member of your PTA over at the Summit house. Our kids have been turned into video game addicted junk food eating gel brains. You can’t eat iPads and you cannot eat money. They are closing in with the geo engineered drought, forced wireless, forced vaccinations, brain damaging common core, the kinky sex curriculum that sex ed silva wants to bring us with the death of the dollar waiting in the wings. It will be like Argentina in the 1980s combined with a horror movie with all of the satanized media slaves running out of Ronrico. At least there in Argentina, people had morals and land. Here we have tilt ups, concrete slabs, big screens and ding dongs, frosting, booze and and porn. Ah but they can use an iPad while they eat rock soup for lunch. May God help us Barry and may more Barry Levinsons rise up before we lose it all.

      • #5 by Anonymous on March 29, 2015 - 8:43 am

        Argentina’s circumstances mirror what we are facing. We are nowhere near prepared to deal with it when it happens.

      • #6 by Anonymous on March 29, 2015 - 9:37 am

        You are correct; we are so far gone.

      • #7 by Roger on March 29, 2015 - 1:22 pm

        Thank you speaking up at the council meetings Mr. Levinson. I do believe your voices are being heard. They just don’t want to act like they are listening but many of us are watching.

      • #8 by Anonymous on March 30, 2015 - 11:02 pm

        So much more to add yet time is of the essence. Joe you are scoring a direct hit on the agendas. The vaccines are really nothing more than a soft kill weapon.

        Joe, I have read your extensive research and followed this blog for the last year or so. I am really amazed at the conclusions that you have arrived at. I have never seen such an ensemble of information laying out the connections like the Apple666 article-it is truly remarkable.

        Your timing couldn’t be more appropriate for getting the word out. You are a modern day Paul Revere. My suggestion to those who read this blog-pay heed to the warnings. It may be too late for many but there is, and there always will be a remnant. If you listen, you and your children may be part of it. May God bless you Joe.

        • #9 by Joe Imbriano on March 31, 2015 - 11:27 pm

          Thank you. Technology is extremely advanced and they have actually reverse engineered every disease and cancer virus on the planet. It will be race specifically injected into every man woman and child on the face of the earth. That is the plan. I am curious as to why more people are not concerned with what the other part of this one two punch is, which is wireless microwave radio frequency radiation exposure which works to activate the nano technology compounds that are in the vaccines.

          Weaponized microwave technology has been perfected over several decades. We are on the verge of a total deployment. Yes even from space. It is a concern but pales in comparison to the threat the microwave cellular infrastructure, not limited to cellular antennae, the HPWREN, WIMAX, GWEN and LA-RICS towers, and the advanced metering infrastructure poses to society. Then add the wireless household gadgets that people surround themselves with.

  4. #10 by making a US a "Battle Zone" on March 30, 2015 - 9:14 am

    Ft Lauderdale Extraction Exercise and Jade Helm Psyop An Act Of War On American People

    Video shows troops training to intern citizens Martial law style in Ft. Lauderdale

  5. #11 by Barry Levinson on March 30, 2015 - 10:15 am

    Thank you Roger.

    We have heard over and over again that the U.S. Administration does not negotiate with terrorists vis a vis’ the release of hostages.

    Yet we are negotiating right now with the nation that exports the most terrorism in the world Iran. The military, security and financial stakes are enormous.

    Why does the actions of this administration seem far too often to go against our allies and for our enemies?

    I submit that the 2016 national elections will be one of the most important elections for the American people in our entire history. Our nation has never been in more peril with the exception of our Civil War and the war against Imperialist Japan and Nazi Germany.

    There certainly has never been a more dangerous and pivotal point in our history in my lifetime.

    Wake up America. Will the nation of Iran with its current leaders ever have the backs of the American people. Obviously not!

    • #12 by Joe Imbriano on March 31, 2015 - 11:32 pm

      I remember back in 1989 at UCI when I was taking a nuclear chemistry class, the class was full of Iranian students. I would spend time in the physical science library studying and doing homework. These Iranian students spent an inordinate amount of time combing through the materials and research. We trained them well Barry.

      • #13 by middle earth on April 2, 2015 - 9:03 am

        You went to UCI? So did I. Lived on campus for 2 years and got to know the place well. What about the Hitachi building? Do you remember that? I graduated in 1991. I was an engineering major. What do you think was going on with that building? Is it still there?

  6. #14 by Anonymous on April 1, 2015 - 11:48 am

    Add new note Popular notes
    First, all 315 million Americans are targeted individuals. They are in
    an electro-magnetic concentration camp, under unbreakable electronic
    mind control.
    – There is a secret military-police structure that silently controls
    much of America, especially in regards to current and future plans
    regarding population culling and management. On the lowest level are
    actual police and soldiers. As I was told, “everyone who carries a
    holster and a badge is directly under our control.” It is all under
    Northcom. Navy elements and private ‘black ops’ security firms are
    used for much of it, especially the dirty work. It is all done by
    neural frequency weapons/systems running on the now thoroughly
    complete atmospheric topologies of HAARP, ELF waves etc. with nanobots
    from chemtrails/aerosols in and around the subject(s). In the bigger
    picture, Americans (and the global population) are being buried alive
    in a frequency fence. Even the tiny handful of people who have had
    exposure to mind control, for example insiders themselves, or most
    targeted individuals, have no idea how fantastically advanced, subtle
    and powerful the current system really is. It is beyond words. Anybody
    can be taken over within seconds and be totally remote-controlled
    without knowing it. It is beyond the capacity of those who haven’t
    experienced this being done to themselves and others around them to
    even comprehend this.
    – All Americans are computers. It takes an average of approximately
    five minutes to access any American and remote control them. The same
    apparently applies to Europeans and likely (potentially) most of the
    world. It can all be seen like a computer network where the human
    (brain and every single cell of the body) is the computer, and the
    mind (and entire biological system) is the software. A general
    patch/update can be pushed down to everyone in a general or highly
    granular targeted demographic. This could be a ‘patch’ to put you in
    any emotional state, say, to suddenly ‘see the light’ and be a
    proponent of any ideology, religious belief, have a certain
    disposition towards certain other people or groups, anything. A patch
    could be sent to everyone that fixes and prevents cancer – this
    basically already exists. Likewise you could be given cancer or a
    heart attack, stroke or otherwise killed instantly. You could be
    knocked out while driving around a curve.
    An aside: I was told by a handler one time that it’s not a health care
    system we have but rather “wildlife management.”
    – Many targeted individuals experience street theatre / gang-stalking.
    They are ignorant of what is actually happening to them. They believe
    hundreds of random strangers, or regular supernumeraries like the
    mailman, around them every day, are secretly paid by the government or
    other entities to mess with them. How it actually works is that live
    operators monitor them remotely and simply control anyone around them.
    Reference the scene in the movie Control Factor with the waitress.
    Humans are taken over that easily.
    Page 2
    – Instantaneous communication with synthetic telepathy – how it works:
    This also can apply to gang stalking applications. It’s actually
    faster than instant. The operators, and possibly you mentally
    depending how things are configured, exist in a time-space bubble
    outside of our linear time. This gives the operators time to put
    together any kind of information to send you. Quantum Jumping
    (teleportation) used in ‘alien abductions’ works the same way. Via the
    electromagnetic-nanotech topologies the subject can be in essence
    ported to a lab, tested, fixed, brainwashed, raped, messed with, then
    sent back in-tact as they were or altered and never know anything at
    all happened unless the operators choose to leave them with a screen
    memory. Clones of course can be made and used in conjunction with
    – The weather is almost TOTALLY controlled. It can be microcontrolled.
    Lightning and thunder can be directed. Wind can be created
    and blown on anyone, strong or a soft breeze. A voice can be put in
    it. TI’s familiar with sensory type auditory communication can
    understand this. Even sunlight and darkness in your room, believe it
    or not. They can simulate shooting stars. They can generate sounds of
    – Animals of course can be easily totally controlled. Cats, dogs etc.
    can be used as spy devices but obviously any human can too without
    knowing it. Birds can be commandeered and flown right over and around
    you, peck on your window etc.
    – Worst of all are the extreme evil science projects that are being
    done by Navy and other military-industrial-medical-complex black ops
    elements to de-soul the population and try and control the heavens.
    Reference soul-catcher technology. Nobody would have believed the
    Nazis were doing the things they were doing. Same principle.
    – They’ve ripped off ineffable spiritual energies from various people
    who are or were highly spiritual and can pump these cloned frequencies
    into people in church services. Likewise they can totally kill
    spirituality in naturally spiritual people. They can also of course
    whisper messages into the minds (auditory channel) of anyone. They can
    and WILL stop all organic, natural dreams in the entire population and
    instead pump in synthetic dreams and nightmares.
    – Anyone reading this can have their opinion of it totally changed to
    think it’s all BS, whether they are currently under RNM or not.
    Remember within 5 minutes anyone can be an ‘open access target’. Any
    decision in business, government, finance etc. can be instantly or
    slowly totally controlled and changed. Massive debts can be forgiven
    and even forgotten about with the creditor walking away cheerful. Laws
    of supply and demand (how are gold and silver now?) are meaningless if
    and when need be. It’s all a matter of perspective, is it not? What an
    amazing economy to say nothing of other global theatre!
    – When we chat about participants in staged events like the Boston
    Marathon, shootings etc we say ‘they didn’t know… there was something,
    it was something… something happened but I can’t remember, they didn’t
    Page 3
    – We have a term for a human who’s been made into a hybrid, altered,
    robotoid like every single congressman/senator, the president etc etc…
    We say they’re ‘Moo Goo Gai Pan’. If they only knew that they’re
    immortal! Laboratory, human factory products now.
    How does the world work in 2013?
    I should clarify that it takes 5 minutes to first identify and lock in
    on a person’s location and then take them over. Everyone of course is
    already stored in government databases and can easily be located and
    tracked if they are of interest. Once an agency decides to check you
    out then you can be instantly accessed from then on – by them and
    affiliated groups. They can also use you as a spying/reporting
    mechanism to automatically feed info from your own mind and what you
    see around you and others back to them. They can then expand a
    peoplenetwork for others like you (who you associate with) that may of
    As I said, they can actually teleport you to a lab and do
    intensive interrogations and studies as well over the course extended
    time in another synthetic time-space dimension, take and use your DNA,
    spiritual properties, use you for breeding, do surgeries on you to
    enhance you or harm you etc. Obviously they can train you in anything,
    brainwash you deeply and powerfully and use you for staged state-
    sponsored terrorism, as an actor at the scene, as the perpetrator, and
    of course coordinate and choreograph the entire event. They’ll do this
    to cops and even other military-contractor personnel involved as well.
    Select units/people get ‘super soldier’ moo-goo-gai-pan cybernetic
    enhancements and are outfitted for remote medical treatments on the
    spot via remotely delivered nano-biotechnology.
    The entire country and pretty much world is now under this system.
    Virtually the entire population is oblivious. Magnus Olsen is one of
    the few outsiders who has a clue about this. Inside military/gov’t
    personnel who are ‘in the program’ are sworn to secrecy and are
    totally tracked. Most of the lower level personnel are probably under
    Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) for this reason so if they even have
    serious thoughts about talking etc they can be identified as a threat
    and prevented. That’s why you never hear about this from the inside.
    As a civilian resource I have unusual freedom in this regard as I’m
    not sworn to any oath, however nobody would ever believe me except for
    insiders and some TI’s.
    At some point, maybe now, one individual will be able to issue
    commands instantly via their thoughts over the system to do x, y or z
    to any other person at any time. You can use your imagination, they
    could take them over or have them commandeered by another resource at
    their base/office who takes them over and makes them do as they
    want… business decision, money, sex, whatever. I am pretty sure my
    main controllers either have this ability or close to it. They may
    require some kind of small, portable security device, but that’s all.
    Imagine the possibilities inside a casino, or controlling a football
    player in the Superbowl or a UFC fighters muscles or brain, or a
    Page 4
    business competitor’s decisions. I was always afraid to even think
    about it much. It’s a system of total subjugation and slavery over the
    masses by those with this technology. I also forgot to mention
    satellites are part of the overall networking hardware.
    Brought to you by Don and four other U.S. Navy Special Operations
    Page 5
    SECOND RELEASE (1-13-2014)
    This document is being published per the instructions of Commanders of a Navy Special Warfare
    Operations group. It expands further on the topics described in the title which were mentioned in
    summary in an earlier document released on Christmas day 2013. All of this information is
    published entirely at the direction of Don and Tim (real names), senior commanders of the Navy
    Special Ops / SEAL (black ops) group which is conducting operations in the United States at this
    time. Tim is in Marietta, GA and is a SEAL team lead commander.
    INTRODUCTION which may be a helpful guide for the American public to comprehend the
    platform of advanced technologies their government has and is using against them. Consider
    skipping this section and going straight to Synthetic Dimensions. The below italicized text is
    just a backdrop.
    The author is not a Christian, however, the best way to introduce the topics to the public in a big-
    picture way they can more easily comprehend is to provide Christian concepts regarding
    “Lucifer” AKA the “Anti-Christ” and “Revelations” as a backdrop. If the Anti-Christ were
    already here or on his way to power in the form of a human being; and if it were true there
    already exists an evil network of government/military/industry complexes… could it not be that
    Hell might be something that is completely built by and implemented by man himself? Could he
    not be in a prison already which he has myopically built around himself?
    The only theme I’ll suggest here is that the Devil is a lower-astral-plane deity who essentially
    overlords humans as a type of plantation farm animal/slave. He, at best, surreptitiously meets
    bare minimum compliance with cosmic law in letting – more like steering – humans into their own
    demise, which will be total extinction with total harvesting of their most valuable properties, their
    souls, with full rights of ownership going to him.
    I use my own specific definition of the word “Luciferianism” to refer to the entire project being
    carried out by the military-industrial-medical complex – the transhumanist project which can be
    inferred in this document. Put another way, this ad-hoc definition of Luciferianism is man trying
    to become “God” by killing off everything human and divine, and in the process, stealing the core
    properties of human soul, spirit and mind and scientifically, fraudulently, trying to use them as
    well as back-engineer them, unwittingly and ultimately for the benefit of the Devil, if you will.
    The point in this summary introduction is just to a) provide a backdrop to help understand the big
    picture on advanced subjects that at first glance will strike many readers as just science fiction –
    they are not. b) understand the concepts of a living real and literal hell that fits with a common
    Christian theme, and understand that the people running these black ops projects are
    “Luciferians” despite what they may identify themselves as outwardly. They know what they do.
    I will put the subject of Extraterrestrials to rest right now. There are real ET’s, interdimensional
    beings, celestial beings and demons. Very few humans know anything about this. However,
    Greys, Reptilians and Nordics as reported by 90 plus percent of “alien abductees” are totally fake.
    Page 6
    They exist only as holograms in-person (if even that) and most commonly, as screen memories, in
    the mind of the military/government mind-control lab-rat abductee, victim. Moreover, these types
    of fake “aliens” are more commonly appearing to regular targeted individuals. They’re simply
    holograms used in the torture process to make the subject appear insane. Advanced new world
    order technology does not come from aliens and it never has. The entire alien theme is a very well
    crafted enigmatic hoax used as a cover story for NSA-based abduction and “human effects”
    technology. Have higher intelligences played a hand in human sciences and events? Yes in my
    opinion. If you are atheist or agnostic that’s fine, makes no difference. The point is there are no
    real greys or reptilians working in government labs.
    For clarification, in this document the terms “controller, handler, operator and agent” are
    Page 7
    The secret military complex has created and uses what amounts to synthetic dimensions. They use
    these in quantum jumping and in other operations. Refer to Don’s first document on this if you
    need. What is a synthetic dimension? A man-made separate time-space bubble outside of our
    linear time. Through quantum jumping a person(s) can be teleported to a location such as a
    laboratory, held for x amount of time and then returned instantly back to where they were taken
    from with zero lag in our time. State of the art Remote Neural Monitoring and Synthetic Telepathy
    operations take place in a “synthetic dimension” too in that a separate time-space is used which is
    typically 2-5 minutes ahead of what the subject(s) experience as “normal” linear time.
    We are actually in a synthetic dimension right now in a sense (post 2012). That is another story
    though that will lose too many readers. I’ll just say that the entire Cosmos and all divine,
    benevolent (ascension) energies are being closed off via the geo-engineering programs.
    Bilocation: When a subject is shown simultaneous real time video of themselves in a synthetic
    dimension they are experiencing bilocation. They are typically shown this in their own mind or
    consciousness i.e. in their ‘mind’s eye’. All they have to do is close their eyes and they can see the
    version of themselves in the other dimension doing whatever they happen to be doing. This is
    only, of course, if the military/government operator decides to show it to them. I’ve experienced
    this a number of times before and it can be very creepy. They can show you being abused or in a
    situation where you are about to be, for instance, as well as showing you real-time video of others.
    When a subject is teleported to a synthetic dimension anything can be done to them there by the
    personnel working in it. Thus the operators get to play God. They can commit every type of
    personal crime you can think of against the subject. They can do any kind of study, interrogation,
    medical operation. Anything, any activity – good and/or bad. The subject can exist in the time-
    space bubble indefinitely. One scenario when the perpetrators do this is when they make a major
    “new” version of the subject for any number of reasons. The inside nickname for this is “moo-
    goo-gai-pan. ” I’d see a picture or video of Obama (or any of the synthetic puppets) giving a
    speech and a controller would say he’s “moo-goo-gai-pan.” Adepts who can see aura’s can usually
    spot something funny about a re-manufactured human. One reason for a major new version of a
    subject is to do massive trauma erasing or reprogramming to restore to the “real you” a very blank,
    placid mind and consciousness – a very pleasant, functional lobotomy. They can deeply,
    powerfully filter or hinder recall of traumatic memories through advance neuroscience. Another
    reason is if they want to archive a specific version of you for the future for any number of reasons.
    Exactly like backing up a hard drive. You want certain restore points. They may want the original
    version of you which they will always first make. You’d be lucky to get this restored back and get
    out of the program. But say you had some kind of accident or were used for a terrible Manchurian
    candidate murder. They could restore to you a version of your total
    mindset/consciousness/emotional memory structure of a ‘you’ from way before, or perhaps just a
    day or so before. So while you may have a memory of the act, there’d be no emotional pain and
    trauma etc… it would be as if it were hypothetical, like something someone else did. As far as just
    the memory itself, they can make that very faded and instill in you through deep hypnosis and
    other methods, very little desire to even delve into it. It was just “something” that happened.
    “Something” is a key word they use often to describe a subject’s understanding (or absolute lack
    of) an event or reason for why they are doing something. “It was something, something happened,
    I don’t know, there was something, it was something” then the subject just dismissed it. It was just
    Page 8
    The Luciferians want to be able to trap the souls of people in a synthetic dimension. Let’s forget
    about the concept of an over-soul, something truly cosmic and untouchable, for a minute. They
    can, at the least, seriously mess with your “soul extensions” or soul-related energies by keeping
    you trapped in another dimension. Of course, they can inflict hellish experiences on you when
    they trap you there. As far as I know there may be several ways they can keep you indefinitely.
    One can be in a coma – as a clone. Another can be in some kind of holographic form, at least in
    part. They can also just keep the actual living version of you there, keeping you alive and healthy
    and youthful. One caveat they have in their artificial empire is that it’s all run on electricity. So
    when they use the word “eternal” actually that only applies as long as the power is on.
    The “Spiritual Realms.” Think about it. This is the last frontier. You can only go so far in the 3D
    world. The human body is how much different than any other mammals? More intelligent
    ‘transhumanist’ elements in the government have probably realized some time ago that humans
    per-se were probably at the end of their collective life-cycle in a way. Technology is surpassing
    the third dimension. The physical body is a clunky 3-d vessel.
    Where did humans come from? Where do they go when they die? Just like the human genome
    project and the brain-mapping project (already done – the Obama initiative is just a front for
    slowly disclosing what’s already been done) the people who run the world and their break-away
    civilization have created a spiritual-realm project to research, harness and exploit everything
    possible with the ‘hereafter’ i.e. to conquer it and control it.
    The Navy is interested in using the soul energies of others to travel to Heaven and/or other
    spiritual realms. They study this intensely. They use Starseeds to communicate with the dead.
    They have indeed successfully stolen very graphic, real celestial visions associated with angelic
    realms from spiritual people. I do mean stolen. They can take these and store them and prevent the
    subject from ever accessing them again in a spiritual way. They can de-spiritualize an individual
    as hard as this may be to believe. In this respect alone they certainly can steal one’s soul.
    Think about stories related from Near Death Experiences (NDE), stories of angels, guardian
    angels In fact, this particular Navy group will use a highly spiritual subject to communicate
    with a guardian angel and ask them to intercede in certain affairs on their behalf, now and in the
    future, in a ridiculously structured fake-benevolent format.
    The thing is, the subject isn’t doing this by their own free will. They didn’t drive to a military
    laboratory/hospital, walk inside, sign papers and then proceed to be experimented on. They are
    abducted in a fashion that you’d see in the plethora of sci-fi movies that do this stuff, and are
    totally mind-controlled-directed to do it.
    Scientists and doctors working with this Navy Special Operations group, will perform actual
    NDE’s on a subject, crossing them over to the “other side” and monitor their “soul” bio-spiritual-
    feedback and interact with the subject, asking them who and what they see etc. They will have
    used quantum jumping, or maybe clones, to bring close family members or friends to the
    hospital/lab and have them standing around the bed of the subject. They will be directed to
    comfort the subject while they are in a real or simulated death. I was told that they really do kill
    Page 9
    you to pull this off but they bring you back. The subject’s family members will ask the subject to
    talk to “grandpa” for example or maybe a famous historical figure and try to impart information to
    them if some kind of time-travel or timeline alteration operation is being done. The subject’s
    actual movement across time-space is actually visible and tracked by the team. It is extremely
    eerie. It looks like an endless sea of white with the subject taking huge leaps. The subject will
    wake up (be brought back) extremely disoriented and agitated, flipped out. More than one subject
    can also be used in tandem with them. The subject may retain more than a screen memory; they
    can actually remember the event and seeing other subjects who were sent across “time” with them.
    The experience is almost like a race where you are competing with the other subject. It is
    extremely scary. It’s what you would think death would be like in the absence of any spiritual
    component, just a kind of dumb, helpless consciousness utterly lost in a sick void. They
    nicknamed this the “bunny hop.” I mentioned a sea of white. It’s not the bright white light
    associated with passing over. It’s a troubling static-like type of white for lack of a better
    The overall objective of NDE missions, aside from studies, is to alter timelines. This may also
    touch on use of the subject in future operations such as in world wars and other major catastrophes
    where extreme “hail-Mary” efforts to perform whatever tasks may be needed, including operations
    in post-apocalyptic settings. Example, in the aftermath of a nuclear war.
    Also, they said they are close in their synthetic timelines to being able to access people from
    organic timelines. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not but it’s a goal. I know they are
    confident and ambitious.
    What else can they use a psychic subject for? They can use their properties to try to provide a way
    to retroactively rescue someone in a car crash so they wake up in a room full of friends or
    something similar instead of ending up in a hospital or dead.
    => “Topsy Turvy”. This is an internal term used by this Navy Special Ops group for when they
    “take someone”, meaning quantum jump them to “their place.” “Their place” is the hospital/lab
    they are working out of. They can do this to anyone anytime. They remotely force the subject to
    take a deep breath and when they exhale they are transported.
    Let’s return to the use of Luciferian/Synthetic dimensions to archive human energies such as
    minds and souls. It’s theoretically possible for millions of people to be topsy-turvy’d in one fell
    swoop or at stages, having their souls (or spiritual essences), as well as ALL energies i.e.
    devic/auric body, mind/consciousness and, of course, their overall biological body down to every
    cell, taken. The main thing to consider here though is heisting of the soul and mind. When they do
    this they call you a “new one” or “nobody” – meaning the you sitting on your couch are newly
    made and no longer spiritual but rather a type of soul-less synthetic. They have the spiritual,
    sentient version of you at their facility. Remember the phrase “the devil wants your soul”? This
    may have already been done to many, many Americans and others around the world. Regardless
    of the current count, I can promise it will be done in total. And you will have no idea it’s
    happened. The elementary principles for how it’s done were covered in the first document.
    Basically you are all computers on a wireless network called Earth; and via satellites, HAARP and
    ELF waves anyone, a part of anyone (ex: soul and mind) can be snatched easily and stored in a
    government lab/facility. Humans are full of nanobots which collectively assemble and interoperate
    to make the human a potential robot.
    Page 10
    What happens next? Can they swap souls/spiritual energies, personalities, mental acuities and
    abilities? Can they render masses of people voided vessels and endow themselves with the unique
    riches they’ve stolen from the public? Can they dump negative, black energies back into the
    general public?
    Worse, what will they do with the archived “you,” your “soul” in their Luciferian dimensions?
    They can send you off (archive you) in a state of bliss or likewise in a state of suffering, extreme
    misery, if they wish. It’s so easy. I think we’ve just defined a synthetic version of Heaven and
    Hell. I can tell you the people doing this are EVIL. I wouldn’t count on Heaven.
    There are some researchers who are learning more about “satanic super-soldiers” as they call us;
    they talk about the “other place” as a kind of other Heaven/Hell. What they are talking about is a
    government/military synthetic dimension but don’t know it. By the way, this is where fake “alien
    abductees” are taken. “Alien abductees” in the majority of cases, especially involving “greys,
    reptilians and Nordics” are just mind control, lab rat victims who have a screen memory as a
    clever red herring cover story stuck in their minds.
    => Another point: They can create multiple instances of you in a shared space-time.
    This Navy Special Ops group rapes a lot of women abductees. They have full access and nothing
    is provable. They can pull almost anyone they want. Anyone who talks publicly about it, if they
    even know, is labeled as mentally ill.
    As mentioned in the first document, all 315 million Americans are effectively targeted individuals.
    They’re just clueless sheep. They live in an electro-magnetic concentration camp. Everyone on the
    planet is already configured and uniquely identified by their DNA as an antenna. You are
    => FYI: most NWO “special ops” military personnel who have access to “human effects” systems
    are re-manufactured with cybernetics and get state of the art medical upgrades etc. Note, these are
    Luciferians (whether they identifiy themselves as such or not); NOT regular Army, Navy,
    Marines, Air Force or any special ops units thereof. I’m talking specifically about deep NWO
    black black black black-ops who function more like para-military death-squad secret police.
    That’s the truth. Don’t just visualize some Darth-vader looking guy with an M-16. They usually
    dress in street clothes and business suits a lot. Most nasty combat work can/will be done from
    behind a computer now. Will bits and pieces of cybernetic and DNA enhancements be pushed
    down unknowingly to certain regular military who have a high enough value at some point (maybe
    now)? You bet. The Luciferian/transhumanist military-police who are re-manufactured (like me)
    can be seen exactly like Agent Smith of “The Matrix” movie series. That’s on the money.
    Well, Don emphasized talking about mind control. On to that.
    Page 11
    Refer to the first document for basics on this.
    I have to state again this information comes from my experience, things I’ve learned under Don,
    the director of the MK-Ultra program I’m trapped in, as well as the other top controllers. I did not
    want to publish any of this. It’s done effectively under his direction.
    How to tell when you are being taken over by remote control?
    1. Being made to yawn or have a sudden strong sneeze.
    2. The subject may find themselves rubbing their eyes.
    3. They may become suddenly very drowsy. They could also slowly subtly become drowsy. A
    good example is if they are on their way home. When they get to their neighborhood they may
    then start getting tired and almost feeling like you do when you awake from a nice deep sleep. The
    idea of sleep may be appealing and their body yearns for it.
    4. The subject will likely feel kind of silly, clownish. At first they may feel puzzled. They will
    suddenly “see things from a different perspective”, have a “change of mind” on a matter, come to
    see and sympathize with someone else’s point of view, even if it’s profoundly different and it’s
    someone they hate. The mind control operator can go on to “push” thoughts and feelings onto the
    subject or “steer” them in a particular direction on something.
    5. They may go on to do something really irrational, deciding they need to “show someone what
    they know.” They “need to show someone.” That’s all “they know.” These are just insider terms
    describing the dumbed down robotic state of the subject. It doesn’t matter if the subject has an IQ
    of 160. A controller directs his thoughts and emotions over theirs, replaces them totally and
    directs them absolutely, totally and silently in perfect stealth. To the controller they look like total
    idiots. It’s amazing and hysterical. Don told me to publish this. I’m not a fool. I did not want to
    do this. I did everything within my power to get out of this. I’m publishing this document
    against my will. I’m actually being tortured into it.
    If the controller(s) decide the subject should be sedated or heavily neurologically altered for the
    day, they may wake up from nightly sleep or a nap and be in the state describe above where their
    body still yearns for sleep. They may mistakenly believe that their mind is clear and refreshed
    because they had a good sleep, however in reality they are partially lobotomized but functional
    and in a good mood. Again, think of awaking from a good sleep. It’s that mood along with an
    uncluttered but non-thinking head, being empty-headed.
    A fake world war or natural disaster or meteorite storm, ET invasion etc could be perpetrated and
    the entire population could be put in this state and/or a mixture of any other state including ripped
    off spiritual, ineffable feelings from Starseeds. Undesirables (riff-raff) could be killed efficiently
    and everyone else simply follows the exact directions they are given, they are total robots. That’s
    the plan. FEMA camps and the threat of gun-grabs may be real but they serve more realistically as
    distractions. Guns are a joke.
    Ways to counter electronic mind control
    New nanobots are often forced into the subject when they are being taken over by a certain agent.
    If someone is being accessed for the first time this is always the case. This will be done when, as
    stated above, they are made to yawn or sigh or sneeze or just take a bigger breath than usual and
    hold it down a tiny bit longer, just a healthy inhale. As stated, often these nanobots are connected
    to individual agents. Agents can sometimes conflict and one may kick another one out by making
    Page 12
    the subject sneeze. This could happen between competing agencies on a resource, a politician
    during a speech for example.
    Depending on the mind control system you are on, you can create extreme pain in an agent if you
    crank up very loud discordant noise like squelching static with headphones on and keep your
    mouth tightly shut and limit your nose breathing to short regular breaths so he can’t get out. They
    can develop work-arounds to this glitch but it will still often work for a while.
    If you suspect you are being or have just been taken over:
    Try to make yourself sneeze. Grab nose with a Kleenex and try to blow as much mucus out as
    possible. Coughing up flem may help.
    Other ways: If you are already under neurological control, try to get into an intense primal state,
    especially one of anger. Scream, stomp, punch. Get vicious. Swear. Bring out your meanest side.
    Physical exercise, especially outdoors, will help. Long drives will help too – a lot. You have to
    shatter the frequencies in and around you. Getting intense will help. Being calm and meditative
    will only prove helpful if they are laying off you. Then you will reconnect to your sense of self.
    Synthetic Telepathy, Remote Neural Monitoring
    If you are being tortured with synthetic telepathy, talk out loud to yourself (not around others
    though). Also go ahead and talk to the handler(s) talking to you. Ask them what their name is over
    and over, where they are at etc. Keep doing it. Always return fire with fire, get extremely personal,
    gross and mean. Ask them the name of their oldest kid or the most recently deceased relative if
    they are trying to degrade and traumatize you by using your family. Try and divide and conquer,
    turn them against their superiors and fellow handlers. Play good cop/bad cop against them. Every
    TI who survives is mean and fights back, as far as I know. The nice ones don’t make it.
    Do NOT sit there in silence letting the electronic Luciferian rats run wild over your brain driving
    you insane. Call other TI’s. Do NOT talk about the torture to non-TI’s unless you want to end up
    losing friends, family, jobs and also end up in the psych ward.
    Keep white noise on, AM radio static is good and can cause a gateway Syntel operator real pain
    especially if you turn it up loud. Remember the above technique of not letting the nanobot(s) that
    the main gateway “listener” agent is connected to, get out.
    Odds are they are watching you every second. They also see exactly what you see depending on
    the system you are under (RNM). If so you can watch as much disturbing content of things that
    will sicken them (but not you). Whatever works. Just desensitize yourself to it and look at it in a
    casual, frequent, non-premeditative way.
    => BTW, For ALL Americans, you might as well not be wearing clothes and be inside a building.
    It’s hilarious, these cover stories about the NSA tapping phone lines. It’s like Charles Manson
    admitting to shoplifting. Anyone in the secret police/military structure can see, hear, experience
    emotions, everything about you in unreal detail. They can watch your heart beat, your lungs
    expand, see you in the bathroom, bedroom, any time. It’s called “total target access.”
    Page 13
    Communicating with Synthetic Telepathy
    First, I recommend you do NOT learn how to internally communicate with this EVIL, unnatural
    protocol. They may try to actually teach you to do it. If you do want to, what you do is direct your
    thoughts into words or images and push them downward, inwardly in your head and further
    downward as if being “stuffed” down the back of the throat. The exact opposite of how you talk to
    people verbally, physically. It takes a few months but you will find yourself learning how to do it.
    You are developing new neural pathways in doing this.
    Warning again: learning this may be a huge mistake. You will likely wish you weren’t able to
    communicate with your torturers.
    I am following orders in publishing this detailed operational information on communicating
    internally over synthetic telepathy.
    Dialog patterns
    The brain is split into left and right spheres in the particular Syntel protocol this Special Ops group
    – When you look down, your head is flooded with either real or fake-imposed subconscious
    thoughts. They are usually negative. One of the first things I was told was that looking down
    brings on negative thoughts. It does under this system.
    * I was also told that this RNM system uses body language like you wouldn’t believe. Boy does it.
    – Dialog occurs either in the left side or right side of your brain – or it feels this way. It’s very
    clear as it happens.
    – Left side verbiage is always false by default, unless an after-phrase of “sometimes left is correct”
    is whispered. Same thing for right side except right side equals truth.
    – When you get the ‘sometimes left/right side is right/wrong’ exception message it’s usually in
    regard to something important they are trying to convey to you, a nugget of truth, or tip, they are
    trying to slip you. You will get tons of disinfo from the handlers if you are a TI of some type, but
    you can almost always trust the ‘sometimes exception’ as truth.
    – Left side of head is the standard for superfluous text. If they talk to you a lot it would be
    impossible for every single word to alternate from right to left, so the left side is the common
    channel for regular dialog. Another type of exception is when every single word of an important
    sentence is all on the left side. When this is done it’s the equivalent of the words being in bold
    text, they are kind of emphasized in a way to indicate that it’s meant to all be consolidated on the
    left side. However, it can still be a false statement. It could also be true too. It’s just being packed
    into the left side entirely.
    – Masking. The agent can mask the words by overlaying them with other words and also by
    straddling the center line, trying to cross back and forth and creating confusion with synonyms and
    antonyms. Also they can mess with the timing. Almost immediately after saying a word like “Yes”
    on the left side which would mean “No” if it were emphasized as a left-side word, they can say
    “No” which would mean “Yes”. They can also add a touch of confusion as they do this so you
    Page 14
    can’t easily tell which it is. If you slowly replay the sentence and break it down though you can
    figure it out.
    – Communication can take place via vibrations from any source. They can take place from any
    consistent sound around you. Crickets chirping on a summer night can be used as a medium to
    communicate with you. The sound can repeat “you’re an idiot” or “dickhead” over and over etc…
    or something positive. The agent also can direct left-right side communication as well by making
    you chatter your teeth slightly, rubbing or scratching yourself or any object, tapping or rubbing
    with your foot; by virtually *any* tactile or auditory stimuli.
    – Interrogations. A subject will be interrogated with a soft, masked voice asking “tell me who you
    are?” or similar question. That’s how it starts. The word ‘who’ or ‘what’ is key. “Who told
    you….?”, for example. Again they will often mask this other voices and vibration-communication
    running on top of it. Involuntarily, things related to what they are asking will pop up in your mind.
    Ways to counter (hinder) it:
    Ask questions back. Apply the Syntel protocol techniques described above if you are game to
    actually learning this or already have. If not, talk verbally out loud. Do not try to talk back in your
    head if you don’t know how. Important, you want to ask the question back using a combination of
    the right-left pattern if using this specific synthetic telepathy protocol. Put a key antonym or
    negating word on the left side. Example:
    Right side: “who told you to”
    Left side: “shut up”
    Right: “about us?”
    Keep repeating this. You can also repeat confusing phrases in a Clinton-esque kind of fashion. In
    doing this, don’t worry about left-right side protocol. Just say it either out loud or internally
    straight out.
    Examples: “I’ve said that before and so has she.”
    “Oh, is that right?”
    You may feel the interrogator trying to pull your words to one side or another. Visualize a deep
    magnetic pole or star on one side of your brain; feel it saying “false, false but is it?… you never
    now, maybe there’s something on the other side? Wait… there might be something I missed,
    something going on over there…” so it’s a kind of ambiguous tug-of-war. *Revert to this if the
    interrogator nails you. “You never know, that may not be all there is to it…. There was something
    else.” Try not to actually think, just get both hemispheres of your brain in a kind of wrestling
    The interrogator component will always try to get you to look down and to your left – typical eye
    movement for recalling the past. So try to look to your right.
    If you feel your inner mental voice starting to answer a question or suddenly visualizing, thinking
    of a correct response, keep your hand over your mouth or nose. This is body language for lying.
    Also experiment with rubbing your finger across the cleft between your upper lip and nose
    (mustache area). You may want to keep your hand over and around your nose and mouth, and also
    dart your eyes around also to act like you are hiding something if they’ve pulled the truth out of
    you. I’m far from an expert on this subject but these are tips you can try.
    Page 15
    Still, it’s almost impossible to win. What they are seeking will always come out. Especially if you
    get paranoid after a while, or just tired etc. They’ll get everything they want out of you when you
    fall asleep anyway. The mind has no firewall. Sorry.
    One thing though. If the subject is sleep deprived and suffering from psychological
    damage/torture, then it’s a case of “garbage in / garbage out.” The system does not take into
    account that the subject’s mind may be a total wreck with multiple paranoid, coping-type double-
    jeopardy type complexes.
    – An aside. There is something called a “car bag.” What’s that? They can control all music in your
    car. They can also do it anywhere almost! In a grocery or drug store for example. They can play
    any song or commercial on your car or home radio, or in public. The car bag can also make things
    move around in your car, for example, an ornament hanging from your rear-view mirror can start
    moving to get your attention.
    Soul reflection – Soul querying
    One of the sickest and biggest violations of God and divinity, of true Cosmic Law, is the theft
    and/or rape of the soul which can be done in real-time to any individual via soul-catcher
    technology. The Luciferian controllers can invoke a deep powerful déjà-vu like experience in you,
    tapping deep into your soul. When they do this it usually recalls a deep childhood memory,
    something precious and sacred. It’s not private anymore though. A government or black ops
    military agent can get their filthy “hands” on it anytime. This may be deep powerful loving
    memories of family from when you were a child, or of a loved one, including one of your own
    children. It could be of a dead relative or close friend, perhaps who is now a guardian angel. They
    did/do this with me in their operations, having me communicate with a guardian angel, and also
    trying to map any kind of spiritual communications with deceased relatives and more. They can
    have the subject in a “suit” of nanobots, entirely surrounded in a force field. You can see how they
    can cut you off spiritually if they want, or likewise allow you to have spiritual experiences but
    capture everything about it, auras, inner voices and images, ineffable feelings etc… Then they
    study it and back-engineer it, try to replicate it. They copy the frequencies involved to generate
    fake spiritual experiences in other people as a kind of “high” and false spiritual awakening.
    The Luciferian Navy Special Ops controllers can invoke these spiritual soul-reflections at very
    inappropriate times; they can invoke it in you any time they want. Further, they can play your own
    soul reflections and spiritual experiences that they’ve stolen from you, back to you. The
    experience is a very good duplicate but fake. The most precious private, spiritual gifts of life are
    being stolen, totally stolen.
    => They can invoke deep powerful, hurtful memories that touch your soul, at times when you
    should be joyous.
    They also weaponize your spiritual experiences that they steal. As I said, they are obviously
    cataloguing humanity’s soul essences, spiritual frequencies. They can take combinations of soul
    frequencies and mentations and emotions, and mix them just like a music producer might do
    “sampling” in ripping off riffs from classic hits to put into the next top 40 hit. They plan on using
    these specially blended frequencies to counter other competing frequencies of enemies. It’s
    unlikely there will be another major war but if there is it will be between frequencies and will use
    neurological directed energy weapons. Ironically these are banned by international courts and the
    Geneva Convention but the United States and other countries use them on their own citizens with
    Page 16
    impunity. Right now a silent Holocaust is being waged against many of America’s best people.
    Many people are being tortured to suicide or into mental hospitals.
    Modern “revolutions” (Arab Spring) and financial restructuring (remember the terrible imminent
    collapse of the PIG countries that never happened), the imminent financial depression in America
    that never happened and the Occupy Nothing, as well as the monthly mass shooting or bombing
    theatres – all mind control events. I did not want to publish this. Don has a connection at the NSA
    that keeps him from getting canned no matter what. Entire SEAL and Craft-type teams take the
    Page 17
    Used for mind control primarily. Applied en-masse and locally in operations on super-soliders or
    other “program” assets; and on the general public in eugenics campaigns and general
    configuration and maintenance of humans. They can be applied locally to control or modify any
    number of subjects as well. Really, chemtrails can be seen as firmware that is flash-written into
    humans (bio-computers). These are used with nanotech heavily. Same with HAARP.
    Chemcover/trails provide the basic media through which myriad operations can be performed on
    human subjects for bad or good.
    Franken-clouds: fake clouds that just suddenly appear, created out of almost thin air. They have a
    metallic-silver kind of sheen to them. They can rapidly disappear too. The engineers are getting
    much better at creating natural looking chemcover and blanketing the whole skyscape. For some
    reason, perhaps just for fun, they like to still do old-school style swatch-pattern chemtrails.
    Usually, as anyone who isn’t blind can see, the sky is just electromagnetic soup, it’s gross. This
    whole topic at this point is so blatantly obvious there’s little to really disclose. I was told early on
    that the diabetes epidemic is caused by people eating-drinking out of tin/aluminum cans. The
    metals in the atmosphere have an effect on the aluminum-metal cans that causes diabetes. This is
    not by design, I was told, and they are working on a fix for it.
    Page 18
    One of the five Navy Special Ops controllers told me how they create horrific lucid nightmares.
    They put you in a sleepy state or just wait for you to get into one yourself. When you are asleep or
    just waking up they will do deep sleep-state hypnosis. They will start by using the key words “take
    me back…” They will ask you to go back to a certain time in childhood or maybe to another time.
    Usually I think they start with childhood, probably to re-establish some kind of trust between them
    (a special friend or parental-replacement character they are acting as) and an alter personality
    they’ve programmed into you. During this process they can “take you deeper” … this is standard
    hypnosis but with electronic mind control it’s much easier and more powerful. It’s like going
    lower in an elevator, deeper, deeper. Then they’ll have you start off in a pleasant environment.
    They will then show you that there are two sides to it. There’s a dividing demarcation boundary
    line. On the other side there are negative things. Then they will turn it into a nightmare where
    horrible things, situations and people from the bad side are introduced. You get lured over there
    and end up in an extremely disturbing situation. Loved ones can be turned into evil, perverted
    They really like car wrecks. They can create real-time real-to-life lucid situations in your mind that
    are horrifying. You can be in a car as a child with a parent driving on the highway. The parent
    starts to fall asleep and you try desperately to wake your mom or dad as they doze off behind the
    wheel but can’t. The car is in the process of crashing into other cars and going off the road, and in
    your mind you are maybe six years old and utterly terrified and helpless.
    Horrific sex crimes can be done in your mind.
    They may create a fun sexual dream at first. Then it changes into a nightmare. For TI’s who are
    limited assets in the “program” i.e. MILABS/Super Soldiers, they may create a stick and carrot
    lesson. They will give you a positive sex dream. Like the strong, lasting impressions in your mind
    that their artificially induced nightmares have, the positive sex dream can burn into your mind as a
    good memory (even though it was artificial). But then comes the “stick.” They follow it up with a
    nightmare to show you there are consequences for undesired behavior, including merely having
    thoughts, they don’t like.
    Why are these nightmares so horrific? They pull the characters, settings, the entire emotional and
    mental landscape from the deepest recesses of your own mind and soul.
    They keep inventing new forms of terror with these psychotronic, lucid nightmares. They can keep
    you semi-awake and have the nightmare keep going. It can go on for a seemingly long time like
    this, maybe 5 to 15 minutes… you keep living it in your mind and it’s so real. They can have a
    force field around you to add vibration effects to it. You could relive a disturbing memory of
    someone deep in a dark corner of your mind. In the nightmare you might be trying to open a door
    to escape or be trapped in a maze or trying to hang on to a metal bar on a ski-lift car or Ferris
    wheel chair that you’ve slipped out of. You could be in this life-or-death struggling situation for,
    as I said, maybe 15 minutes or more, semi-awake, and you don’t know it’s a nightmare; you are
    living it in your mind as if it’s real.
    The nightmares can get so bad for the TI after a while that in order to keep them from cracking a
    handler will administer some neurological magic – they will reprogram the TI’s brain to phase out
    the memory of what just happened and be in an artificial good mood, just a little while after they
    wake up and ‘learn their lesson’. They might make a moo-goo-gai-pan semi-lobotomized-happy
    Page 19
    airhead you, and to boot give you a chiseled physique and shave five pounds off you. This is only
    done if the agency who is using the TI (typically a MILAB) has a vested interest in keeping them
    alive and functioning for a bit longer, otherwise they’ll let the mental damage just fester and
    compound. Usually after the subject awakes from the nightmare the handler who is on duty is
    talking to them to really rub it in.
    As stated, a trick they can do is use a force field around you to add vibrations and other effects.
    This would be great to simulate an act of violence against the TI. They can create holographic
    images around the subject as well. They might put a thirteen foot “Reptilian” by your bed,
    standing over you while they pipe a raspy voice into your head. The perpetrators can wake you up
    in a state of total terror. For example, if you are trying to escape using shielding such as sleeping
    in a small faraday cage or your car, you could be awakened with a real 3-d sensation of the walls
    around you actually shaking violently and closing in on you. You could be awoken to a lucid
    nightmare where you are working in a barn alone, around a large silo of grain and it avalanches on
    you and buries you alive. Variations of these kinds of freak-accident and homicidal nightmares are
    only limited by the imaginations of the torturers’ sadistic minds.
    These are Luciferians. Many of them are pedophiles. Nearly all of them are rapists. Some may call
    themselves things like ‘reborn Christians’. They’re Luciferians and they are the most sadistic, evil
    psychopaths who have ever existed on this planet. Some may be forced to act as torture agents as a
    form of blackmail but there are core groups that make a long-term profession of it.
    FYI – the concept that the hypnosis subject will not be ok with a command or suggestion they are
    immorally against subconsciously is not valid under electronically induced hypnosis. They will
    blindly believe and do whatever they are told.
    Page 20
    – An aside: THE “NEW EARTH”
    No, this isn’t a new ager’s vision of a spiritual renaissance but you hear them using this phrase like
    a new trend term. It’s the new synthetic earth where all matter is part of the global, remotely-
    controlled computerized API (application programming interface). Man’s electromagnetic prison
    with mirages and cloned and fake-synthetic frequencies/energies are all that post-humans
    experience. This will lose a lot of readers, but cosmic Ascension into higher dimensions was real.
    A small number of people in the power structure know this. It’s been blocked out now. The sun’s
    energy is being greatly blocked out under the guise of global warming remediation.
    I have to reiterate that this document was brought to you entirely by Don, four other Navy Warfare
    Special Operations Officers and Tim, a core SEAL team lead beneath them, who run their version
    of a Luciferian soul-catcher project. It was truly co-written with them. It appears to me that they
    blame entire SEAL and private contractor teams for various mismanagement and leaks. They go to
    fantastic lengths to frame everyone else and apparently have friends in the NSA and intelligence
    community in high places. This document will have virtually no impact on the public. While it
    presents a serious leak in some ways, nobody of any importance/power will read it or believe it.
    Northcom and overall globalist plans will not be the slightest bit impacted. I was instructed to,
    actually tortured into, publishing this to create my own death warrant. Anyone who does
    appreciate this document may thank parties named above.










    Remember: The chemtrails-ionospheric heater tech ionizing our atmosphere on a daily level REQUIRES that we examine our lifestyles and adjust our diet. In your blood this very moment are heavy metals, polymers, nano-sensors, microprocessors, and genetically engineered biologicals.

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  7. #15 by Anonymous on April 1, 2015 - 6:16 pm

    “I implore each and everyone of you who reads this message”

    All three of you!

    • #16 by 3s a crowd on April 3, 2015 - 8:37 pm

      The Fullerton Informer #1,615,208 (+43%) has a global rank of #1,615,208 which puts itself among the top 10 million most popular websites worldwide. There are one billion websites in the world. rank has increased 43% over the last 3 months. was launched at March 4, 2013 and is 2 years and 30 days. It reaches roughly 8,850 users and delivers about 19,500 pageviews each month. The domain uses a Commercial suffix and its server(s) are located in United States with the IP number is not listed on Dmoz.

  8. #17 by George Orwell Reborn on April 2, 2015 - 10:05 am

    Once again Anonymous shows his/her true colors. He infers that no one is reading this blog yet he reads every word of it and feels compelled to respond to just about every blog post.

    Honesty and integrity is the backbone of any good individual and Anonymous once again proves he has neither quality.

    • #18 by Anonymous on April 2, 2015 - 2:50 pm

      Nobody cares what you think. Nobody is listening to you guys.

    • #19 by Anonymous on April 2, 2015 - 3:01 pm

      After scrolling down about 900 inches of text in a blog post more convoluted than Rubik’s Cube , you can be guaranteed that Anonymous does not read every post. Anonymous checks in on this nonsensical blog every so often for a bit of comic relief.

      • #20 by George Orwell Reborn on April 2, 2015 - 11:34 pm

        You care very much Anonymous.

      • #21 by Joe Imbriano on April 2, 2015 - 11:58 pm

        You get off on the demise of the kids? You get off on the millions of people in this state that are about to be forcibly injected with more cancer viruses, have their kids sterilized at school and their property confiscated from the staged drought’s real estate fire sale? Is that comic relief? Dude get yourself some help. Like maybe have Dan Hughes, a few FPD thugs and his pastor give you the Kelly Thomas treatment, film it and you too can watch it 400 times while you eat your cheetos and relearn your ABC’s with Sex Ed Silva acting out the bathroom bill in your living room. You know you love it.

        • #22 by Anonymous on April 3, 2015 - 12:57 pm

          damn Joe, you go man

      • #23 by hitler on April 3, 2015 - 10:26 pm

        “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think” Adolf Hitler

  9. #24 by NSA Mind Control & Psyops on April 2, 2015 - 7:12 pm

  10. #25 by hitler on April 3, 2015 - 6:41 am

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think” Adolf Hitler

    • #26 by Anonymous on April 5, 2015 - 7:18 pm

      People are in some sort of stupor all of the time. Most people are too far gone. Everyone is on some sort of medication. It is a tragedy what they have done to everyone.

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