The insubordination of establishment operative Kevin Pendergraft

We all know that Bruce Whitaker’s planning commissioner appointee Kevin Pendergraft endorsed Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2012.

Nothing like playing both sides of the fence. Come to think of it Ed Royce and Shawn Nelson endorsed Bruce and Fitzpringle in 2012 too. Wait a minute now! In 2016 Nelson is supporting Bruce and Fitzpringle, and Royce is supporting Bennett and Fitzpringle and the candidate Bruce is supporting and personally recruited to run, Pat Shuffs daughter who is endorsed by Royce and Bruce. Fullerton city hall is a real tripped out political swingers club these days gang.

We all know that Bruce Whitaker


appointed Kevin Pendergraft to Fullerton’s planning commission right away after Bruce was elected.


Appointing Authority:
Council Member Whitaker
2nd Term:
Dec 18, 2012 to Dec 31, 2016

Bruce’s repeated no show appointee Pendergraft who missed the vote on the DCCSP and missed the vote on the Melia homes spot zone change-two huge decisions for the commission and he decides to stay home for both- Hey Brucey boy-fire this guy and appoint Barry will ya. How about we fire Bruce, elect me and I appoint Barry?

So when the most important vote before the planning commission in Fullerton’s entire history came before Bruce Whitaker’s appointee to the planning commission THE DCCSP, Kevin Pendergraft purposely missed the vote. It was no accident folks.

The DCCSP is a horrific plan that passed the planning commission that can still affect almost one-quarter of the entire city of Fullerton by rezoning it into high-rise, high-density, housing up to 10 stories tall and removing all the checks and balances currently in place to prevent massive overdevelopment.

The 7-23-14 vote was set at the 7-9-14 planning commission meeting where Pendergraft asked but one stupid question about this massive attempted hijacking of our city by SCAG and Big Developers. Pendergraft knew about this vote because he voted to postpone the vote to 7-23-14.

So what happened to Kevin Pendergraft on 7-23-14? Well, he went on vacation according to Bruce Whitaker. How about that for dereliction of duty?


Yes this Bruce Whitaker appointee that missed the whole point of the reason that the DCCSP Plan should be exposed, stopped, defeated, trashed and never again to be brought before any government body went on VACATION!

So this establishment operative that endorsed Fitzgerald in the last election missed the most important planning commission vote in Fullerton’s history. What’s even more egregious is that, given the scope and seriousness of this massive power grab, he has remained TOTALLY SILENT ON THE ISSUE for all of the last two years as did Bruce Whitaker.
On 7-9-2014, the planning commission unanimously voted to postpone the vote to a date certain as this plan was so massive in scope and size that the commission obviously was in way over their heads. They voted to move the item to the next meeting in a unanimous vote scheduling it to be continued to 7-23-2014.


Pendergraft, the credit union head, knew full well that this was the largest change to Fullerton zoning and development processes in Fullerton’s entire history and knew the item would be heard at the next meeting. You know Bruce did too. So why were they silent for years about this plan that is still on the books and could come to the council any time for a vote?

So when the most important vote before the planning commission in Fullerton’s entire history- THE DCCSP-a plan that would have rezoned thousands of acres of Fullerton for high rise high density housing and removing all the checks and balances currently in place to prevent massive overdevelopment, Pendergraft missed the vote. Did Bruce call him off?


So for the last two years, this Fitzgerald supporting Whitaker establishment operative finally rears his head at the city council meeting once to discuss an issue that ranks about one ten thousandth in relevance, and proportion. Yes, it was the issue of, not massive development but historical landmarks. On top of that, he gets it all wrong defending a position that would make it easier for a property owner to turn their land into highrise housing.

Yes silent for years and years on the MASSIVE NIGHTMARE FOR FULLERTON, THE DCCSP, repeatedly missing key votes on the planning commission; Introducing Fitzgerald supporting, Whitaker appointed, establishment operative, Kevin Pendergraft at your service ladies and gentlemen. For the first time in years at the city council meeting rearing his head over a Bruce Whitaker pet project. No, it is not a $300 hotel bill for the police, but it might as well be.

Yes as Fullerton is in the process of being handed over to the developers at gunpoint by the sellouts at City Hall, the sellouts on the planning commission and the sellouts on the city council, Pendergraft is towing the Modus Operandi of Bruce Whitaker party line majoring in the minors while he ignores the Tyrannosaurs Rex in the living room while straining a gnat out of his soup.

Listen to the horrifying statements from the SCAG operative Ma’ Ayn Johnson who was Bruce Whitaker’s favorite candidate for the planning commission appointment that Bruce chose to appoint out of 17 qualified applicants. Bruce even admitted she was his favorite. She is none other than the SCAG senior planner Ma’ Ayn Johnson.

Listen to Ma’ Ayn’s choice of words salivating over passing The DCCSP for her bosses at SCAG, Fitzpringle and the developers.

Where is Pendergraft, the appointee of so-called Mr. Limited government fiscal responsibility Bruce Whitaker?  He is MIA folks and allows this Agenda 21 SCAG operative on our planning commission to run the show back on that hot summer night in the library room when Pendergraft was probably off away on some tropical island with his partner.

Listen as Johnson slivers around, and takes control in attempts to nail the coffin shut on the future of Fullerton.





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  1. #1 by Fullerton Lover on September 11, 2016 - 5:44 pm

    Kevin Pendergraft was a past (2005) President of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.

    The Chamber of Commerce seems to be the birthing place of many political aspirants, such as F. Richard Jones and Jennifer Fitzgerald.

    The politicians who are from the Chamber of Commerce, ALWAYS seem to be hell bent on jamming as many customers, er I mean residents, as they can muster in order to support and grow their businesses.

    You think that they care about the quality, or lack of, of life that long time Fullerton residents would like to enjoy?

    Hell on!

    Do you think the city of Fullerton has any economic interest in stopping them?

    Long time Fullerton residents should understand that the city of Fullerton has the highest percentage of residents who pay low tax rates due to Proposition 13.

    If they tear down those businesses and residents, all of those properties are now eligible to be reassessed at a much higher rate, which staves of bankruptcy for the city, and preserves fat retirement benefits for the public employees, including almost $200,000.00 a year for disgraced ex-Chief of Police, Michael Sellers…

    • #2 by Danny Boy on September 12, 2016 - 9:48 am

      I miss ol’ Sellers. He was a smart man. He ran out the door right away. Brilliant.

      • #3 by Fullerton Lover on September 12, 2016 - 10:55 am

        Only in a dysfunctional town like Fullerton do we award cowardice.

  2. #4 by "Dammit Boy" on September 12, 2016 - 9:34 am

    Bruce Whitaker looks like Bruised Fruitcake in this picture.

  3. #5 by Barry Levinson on September 12, 2016 - 12:10 pm

    When I became aware that Kevin Pendergraft, Bruce Whitaker’s appointee to the Planning Commission missed the vote for the DCCSP, I asked Council member Whitaker about it. After all Pendergraft voted to postpone the vote to a date certain and then does not attend that meeting. I asked if that was a problem for Mr. Whitaker and he said that he was on vacation and he was fine with his missing that meeting. Kevin Pendergraft by voting to postpone a vote to a date certain that either he knew he could not attend or made plans after the fact not to attend is simply not acceptable. Not when this vote was so very important to the future well-being of our city.

    Question to Commissioner Pendergraft: If you knew you had vacation plans that would preclude your attendance at that meeting, why did you not ask it be scheduled when you could attend the meeting? After all Planning Committee normally meets twice a month.

    Question No. 2: If you scheduled your vacation after you voted to move the vote for the DCCSP to that date, my question to you is this: Why you felt you had no fiduciary responsibility to attend a meeting on the topic of the DCCSP, which if passed would have changed the landscape and the quality of life for Fullerton residents forever?

    The fact that Council member Whitaker was not bothered at all about his Planning Committee’s appointee being a no-show for the DCCSP vote back in 2014 is both very troubling and very telling. This was one of the first of many future revelations that I would eventually learn about Council member Whitaker.

    P.S. Probably most important vote ever in the history of the Planning Commission and not one but two committee members failed to attend. By the way the vote was 5 to 0 in favor of recommending the passage of the original DCCSP to the Fullerton City Council. Not one person had a problem changing the process of reviewing each development project separately to a process where if a project fell into the very broad guidelines project after high-rise project would be approved with the approval of a non-elected bureaucrat, City Manager Joe Felz. Definitely a case of Democracy not in action.

  4. #6 by Danny Boy on September 17, 2016 - 8:57 am

    How’s the polls looking Joe? You have a chance?

  5. #7 by RINO on March 10, 2017 - 4:02 pm

    Who is the new gay guy on the planning commission? Shit man, now we got two of them. What the fuck? So more apartment prjects for these fucking developers. Did any of you here his sorry ass whining for more housing buildings?

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