One of the best Nextdoor neighbor political witch hunt exchanges ever


Warning about Joe Imbriano (council member candidate)

K.S. Private from Rolling Hills · 2d ago

If you live in Fullerton, perhaps you’ve been seeing those “Joe Imbriano” yard signs posted around town.

I was disturbed to learn that this is the same Joe Imbriano whose rambling blogs I stumbled across several years ago. He runs two of these blogs, called “The Fullerton Informer” and “Wifi Dangers.” They are both filled with conspiracy theories and pseudo science.

Here are just a few highlights, out of many:

1. Rants about how Disney and Apple have hidden “666” messages and are attempting to control our minds
2. Rants about how wifi causes cancer (scientists agree that is does NOT)
3. Rants about the “dangers” of vaccinations that are proven to be safe
4. Joe believes that the earth is flat:…
5. Joe believes that NASA “was founded by and run by Satanic devil worshiping occultists and black magicians.”…

Take a look for yourself:……

One of my family members, who I showed this blog to, remarked:

“This person is likely very mentally ill. Ideas of reference, systematic paranoia, persecution complex, etc. It’s all there.”

By the way, I have no connections to any other city council member candidates. It’s just that, as a Fullerton resident, I am very disturbed that this guy is a candidate! Of course, I have much sympathy for Joe if he is indeed mentally ill, but I just do not think he should be representing or running our city.

*** Do NOT vote for Joe Imbriano on November 8th! ***

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Kl Penton from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

Ya know what?
I don’t care what Joe’s eccentricities are, he has made us aware of what’s going on in this city, that we wouldn’t know otherwise.
He’s passionate about Fullerton and is the ultimate
I appreciate his willingness to do the homework and spread the news.
I believe HE is the reason we on this site are aware of what’s going on.

I think it’s grossly inappropriate that you post this comment, diagnosing mental illness.

K.S. Private from Rolling Hills · 2d ago

KI – That’s exactly the problem, though. If Joe believes ridiculous things such as Apple trying to mind control our children, how can we value any of his opinions and beliefs regarding our city?

I’m just “doing my homework” and being a “whistle-blower” regarding Joe!

Kl Penton from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

Keith, no one is All right or All wrong. He may have some differnent ideas than yours, but that doesn’t make him ALL wrong.

Again, I appreciate his passion for this city and his loathing for the high density development. I don’t care about his personal views on Disneyland, Apple or vaccines. That won’t affect any of us.

He’s a champion for Fullerton and doesn’t want over development.

If he wanted to paint the streets purple and the buildings pink, I’d have a problem with that.

If we take principles above personalitie, stay focused on the good of the city, and IF we wanted an outspoken champion who won’t backn down, won’t be bulldozed or bullied, or intimated & will fight for what we want.. if we want all those things, why wouldn’t we vote for Joe?

But wait, if you like the status quo, with all the high density already going in, and want more to follow, then yeah, youre right, vote for someone else

Debbie Tetley from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

I think most of us will make our own very well informed decisions. I also think most of us already know Joe’s beliefs whether we agree with them or not. I really don’t think making a post about this is very kind. Especially, since Joe is a member of this online community and our neighborhood and he believes he is trying to help. This was just unnecessarily hurtful.

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Matthew Leslie from Golden Hill · 2d ago

He thinks the earth is flat I’m not making this up. It’s on his blog:…

He doesn’t seem to believe in evolution, based on the headline in the link above.

He also thinks that NASA is a satanic agency that faked the moon landings:…

He regularly refers to the drought as “geo-emgineered” while speaking during council meetings.

Critical thinking skills, anyone?

Picture of Joe Imbriano
Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

I call for a moratorium on all new major development in Fullerton. When Fullerton’s water supply problem is solved, roads are repaired and then only then at that time new major development projects can be considered, but until then, any new major development project that adds dozens or hundreds of more people to Fullerton’s current population will only extend and make worse our water rationing system.

I am proposing that the Fullerton Voters retain the right to give final approval to any new major development project that results in the building of 10 units or more per acre or the construction of a building 3 stories high or higher. This moratorium would still allow a person to renovate his or her house or build a granny unit in their backyard, but the “new major development” projects my moratorium would not allow would be similar to the type of projects Yorba Linda has its residents give final approval to. The DCCSP and College Town, for example, would definitely not be allowed. This should be informative to many of you who probably are unaware that Yorba Linda already has a smart growth ordinance in place–one that was approved in an initiative–Measure B.

The main reason for Polly’s pies is not turning into section 8 housing is the article I wrote that blew the lid off of the whole back door deal .

Then there was the DCCSP which didn’t pass 2 years ago because of the light of day shed on the scam.That would have taken hundreds of acres and put up to ten story buildings on them adding upwards of 100,000 more people to this city.…

As far as Keith doing his homework, well there are over 12,000 words in the Apple 666 article I wrote and not once do I mention “mind control” so you get an F for your homework.

What did Keith intend to accomplish by attempting to labeling me as mentally ill? Why would you go through the trouble of posting an article about me and at the same time, claim to not be affiliated with any of the candidates?

At any rate, there are literally thousands of studies warning against the very things our school districts, and yes, even our city council members are doing as they vote to deploy microwave systems in classrooms and install cell towers near homes and schools.Public health is well within the purview of the city council. Sadly, not one of them has publicly taken a stand on this issue and a massive citywide deployment of 5G is approaching at light speed.

Microwave exposures are an issue well within the purview of the city council. Council members approve wireless infrastructure sitings. With the passage of AB 57, wireless antennae system sitings will become more and more difficult to restrict on a local level. With plans for the new 5G networks to put thousands of antenna on literally every light pole and utility pole in the city, the time is now for this discussion. This is a matter of public health and the science is settled. They have known for decades that Microwaves cause cancer and infertility.

Kieth’s homework also seems to overlook the fact that approximately 70 percent of my website is dedicated to exposing Agenda 21, corruption, cronyism and malfeasance and at the same time, documenting our success in stopping the destruction of Fullerton. I am grateful for the opportunity to have such a broad reach on areas of such grave concern. Like my candidate statement says – Google me, I am on open book. You may disagree with some of my positions on my website but at the end of the day, we don’t have to agree on everything. I am running for city council to preserve public health and quality of life here in Fullerton. We almost completely lost it to the developers two years ago. One incumbent, namely Jennifer Fitzgerald, is hoping for a win along with her running mate Larry Bennett so that after the election, they can get all of this development rammed through. They are way behind schedule because of our efforts and they are becoming very impatient. She didn’t get the Vice President position of Curt Pringle and Associates’ lobbying firm after her election in 2012 for nothing, folks. She was hired by Curt Pringle to bring MASSIVE DEVELOPMENT to Fullerton. I reiterate, I will not allow this to take place. My position is clear.

Here are links to my you tube channel as well as well as my campaign page. It is only fair since an anonymous person posted here to discredit me so I will use this opportunity for constructive purposes in spite of the fact that my wife and four children would strongly disagree with “family member’s diagnosis” of mental illness. Honestly, if we re elect the people that ruined this place along with their running mates, the mental illness diagnosis would really apply to all of us.…


Joe Imbriano

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Dennis Corby from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

This discussion could be considered libelous as it is a personal not political attack with tacit malice. This should not be a forum for such activity.

Matthew Leslie from Golden Hill · 2d ago

Polly’s Pies was NEVER slated to be Section 8 Housing. How that lie for started, I don’t know, but a few misinformed people confused a lot of area residents by telling them that it was. It could become a high density project, though. Section 8 Housing doesn’t even work that way.

The DCCSP was stopped at the August 5, 2014 meeting because it was pointed out that Fitzgerald and Chaffee had conflicts of interest because they each owned nearby property, and the council decided to continue the item instead of voting on it. They promised a study session that never happened.……

jim mack from Rolling Hills · 2d ago

I am glad to be warned of candidates who believe the world is flat. It would never occur to me to ask. Once we find someone that naive and willfully uninformed, it sure is generous of people to listen to anything else they say!

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Picture of Mark Shapiro
Mark Shapiro from Rolling Hills · 2d ago

I was attacked personally and viciously on one of Mr. Imbriano’s blogs for daring to write a factual article for the Fullerton Observer that challenged much of the misinformation about the dangers of WiFi that he has been promoting.

While I sometimes agree with his points about the problems that Fullerton faces, I would never vote for him. (Full disclosure – I am supporting Ms. Rands, Mr. Silva, and Mr. Mansoori for the open council seats.)

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Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

If this news makes you uncomfortable, please refrain from spreading disinformation or reacting with juvenile, hostile behavior. Let our Next-door neighbors read and explore for themselves.

Previously, I have posted on Next-door the science and warnings from experts, only to have the information attacked. Apparently, there is no tolerance for ideas contrary to what people believe, personally, and they will not have this information on what experts are terming a “public health crisis” put before the Next-door audience.

In regard to wireless radiation, these exposures are a biohazard. This has been established via decades of science, studies numbering in the thousands.

We are not getting the message due to suppression in corporate owned media, compromised academic institutions, governmental institutions, overall denial and the general acceptance of devices’ ‘implied safety’. After all, it is all around us and, now, our children are sitting in wireless radiation in their classrooms every day.

Please consider:

EMF Scientist Appeal — Over 220 international scientist appeal to the U.N. and World Health Organization stating our exposures to wireless radiation is a “public health crisis”, damages DNA, leads to premature

The fact is that teachers and students are getting sick from the exposures at schools. I know this as I have spoken with many of them, LAUSD in particular, but Fullerton children, too, are experiencing this.

If you care to know more about this, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share it with you.

With kind regards,

Diane H., Co-founder
National Association For Children and Safe Technology

P.S. In my opinion, with all of the overdevelopment of Fullerton, you will not find a more dedicated person to stand up and protect the residents’ rights than Mr. Imbriano.

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Maria Hamblin from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

Wow! Joe continue the fight! When certain people are scared or threatened that you may be winning, the mud slinging and name calling begins. Very unprofessional and immature on their part. You keep on trying to remove that veil from their eyes!!!!

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James Crum from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

I wonder if he wears tinfoil undergarments when in an Wifi area…

This nutburger lost me when he propagandised open house at school by putting his unibomber style rants in a multi page screed under my (and everyone else’s) windshield wiper.
Whatever his positions are, that kind of fringe thinking automatically disqualifies him for anything serious… like public office.

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Dana Pape from Raymond Hills · 2d ago

I hope everyone is doing their homework on this election. I would like to not vote in any incumbents, these life-long politicians gotta go!!. When people say its time for a change… lets get some new blood into these offices.
I believe in the next election, I will be running!!!

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Picture of Joe Imbriano
Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Mr. Crum, here is a link to what you are so petrified of. This was one of many of the walking pieces legally distributed to parents attending back to school nights all over the district. Considering what is at stake, the children’s health, the fact that you are so disturbed and intimidated by this is deeply troubling.…

K.S. Private from Rolling Hills · 1d ago

James Crum – Amen! Vote for anyone but Joe!

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Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Mr. Crum,

Here are more examples of what has been provided to inform Fullerton parents and it is nothing to be “petrified” of:

Doctors For Safer Schools…

Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director Center for Family and Community Health, University of California, Berkeley
“Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation”…

The BabySafe Project
“More than one hundred forty physicians, scientists and public health professionals from around the world have joined together to express their concern about the risk that wireless radiation poses to pregnancy and to urge pregnant women to limit their exposures. Read their statement.”

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
2013 Letter to LAUSD urging them to hard wire the technology…

The common thread through all of this is the message to hardwire the school technology. Nothing to be afraid of.

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Christi Gartner from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Just based on the way Joe has interacted on this Next Door app in the last few weeks with people makes me steer clear of voting for someone like this. It’s really sad this nice app is being used in this way

Gretchen Cox from Fullerton Hills · 1d ago

Joe is an insurance salesman with Mercury Insurance. So his entire life is based on selling fear. Makes sense, right? ( Apologies to Mercury Ins.)

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Christi Gartner from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Gretchen that’s funny — my dad owns an insurance agency in orange and sells Mercury insurance and is NOTHING like that! Ha ha

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Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

I would have to say that it is really sad that Keith Private has decided to use this “nice app” to make what one poster has described as potentially libelous statements against Joe Imbriano, including name calling, etc. to go after a candidate. Some of the posters appear to be using this “nice app” for personal attacks, all initiated by Keith Private.

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Brian Bartholomew from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Although I do not support joe, I certainly do not support turning the Next Door site into a political platform. Especially not a platform to attack each other.

Thanks to everyone who has made us aware of crime events, neighborhood events, for sale items, and things of personal interest in our community. I am looking forward to the election being over and for this site to return to what it was intended.

Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

There is no doubt that wireless radiation is all around us, inescapable
for some. Your assertions would lead one to believe that non-ionizing exposures are benign. This is not the case:

220+ international scientists would beg to differ with you. They have termed our exposure a “public health crisis.”

The California Medical Association would beg to differ with you. They passed a resolution on the wireless radiation.…

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) which conducted a $25 M, gold-standard study on EMF and cancer, and has released partial findings that tested positive on cancer and positive on DNA damage would beg to differ with you.

These arguments have been laid to rest for those that are interested.

A good day to you, as well.

Mark Shapiro from Rolling Hills · 1d ago

Although I cannot support Joe for City Council because of some of his fringe views on scientific issues, I agree with him on certain other issues such as over-development, the need to deal with our crumbling city infrastructure, and the need to better control the downtown drinking establishments. There are other non-incumbent candidates such as the three I support (Rands, Silva, and Mansoori) who have pledged to address these issues.

I encourage you to do your homework before you vote. The latest issue of the Fullerton observer lists the contribution sources and amounts for each of the candidates. Take a close look at how many campaign dollars are coming from special interests, and visit the candidates’ websites to see what positions they are taking.

Virginia (“Ginny”) Hart from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Joe Imbriano is a good man. As soon as anyone else puts the research, time, thought, and effort toward making Fullerton a better, more ethical, stronger place, I’ll listen to what he or she may say. It is not hard to find Mr. Imbriano standing in front of Fullerton City Counsel and channel 3 on your cable where city counsel meetings are aired will demonstrate that. I agree this is a very poor forum for politics but when used to denigrate well meaning people I feel the need to say something. Wifi radiation is a problem that the Ethical Nurses have taken up as have many more reputable health and children advocacy groups. Much of what this person has said beyond the criticism of Joe Imbriano is refutable. Thanks for listening.

Gretchen Cox from Fullerton Hills · 1d ago

I just realize my earlier comment may have been taken as an insult by the 99.8% of nice normal people who sell insurance for a living. My apologies as that was not my intent. I do not consider Imbriano to be part of that majority.
And yes, say anything to dispute him or disagree with him and you ( and your picture if he can find you) will be featured unflatteringly in his crazy talk blogs.

Rick Briggs from Golden Hill · 1d ago

Does anyone have a list of candidates that want to reel in over development, yet have a conservative slant? I can’t separate the static from the reality on these candidates.

Virginia (“Ginny”) Hart from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Joe imbriano. Bruce whitaker is an excellent choice also.

Marla Behm from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Not to worry, I did not vote for him…..ballot sent in a week ago

Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

Joe Imbriano. What sets him apart is a strong, definitive stand that lays out a solution: moratorium on these developments until a Smart Growth Initiative, similar to Yorba Linda & Newport Beach, can be passed by the voters. As far as I know, the only other candidate that comes out against overdevelopment is Jane Rands. I believe she proposes working within the existing 5-year planning process.

One sure way to understand this overdevelopment matter and where the candidates stand on the matter is to see what priority they give it on their campaign materials, websites.

Pat Kennelly from Raymond Hills · 1d ago

I don’t agree with a lot of what Joe might advocate but snarking on someone’s job is lousy.

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K.S. Private from Rolling Hills · 1d ago

There are also a lot of gems on Joe’s YouTube account.

Apparently, he’s figured out why it never rains in California anymore!…

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Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 23h ago

Thank your for posting-here is another link to one of many instances where on video, I discuss geoengineering at city hall.

Geoengineering as it relates to the drought is well within the purview of the city council. Water rationing, water delivery, water rates and yes even our airspace are all issues that we have a vested interest in as well as the council having control over.

Here are the articles I have written on the topic.……

Edited 23h ago

Virginia (“Ginny”) Hart from Raymond Hills · 23h ago

Excellent, mature, well researched response, Joe Imbrianno, as usual. We r fortunate you choose to fight these uphill battles for us.

Ryan Cantor from Las Palmas Hermosa · 23h ago

Just gonna throw this out there.

Don’t feed the trolls.

That is all.

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Natasha Renee from Central & Brea · 23h ago

Gretchen, do you have links to “And yes, say anything to dispute him or disagree with him and you ( and your picture if he can find you) will be featured unflatteringly in his crazy talk blogs.”?

Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 23h ago

Mr, Shapiro. Microwave exposures are a matter within the jurisdiction of the city council as they repeatedly vote to site and approve cellular infrastructure. How do you refute the hundreds of scientists that have gone on record on the dangers of microwave radiation? What about the thousands of research papers? The links to their findings and positions have been posted here. Why do you instead refer to their findings and positions as “my fringe scientific views”? I have never stated that I am the scientist or the researcher? The common mechanism by which people abdicate their personal responsibilities for the welfare of others is abject denial of the facts bellied by relegating the messenger to the peanut gallery.The scientific findings are in. I am not the scientist. I am a messenger. You seem to think that my opinions somehow negate the facts as long as you can tar and feather me but that changes nothing when it comes to what is being done to the 30,000 children in Fullerton schools and the 140,000 residents in this community that will soon have 5G transmitters beaming through their walls coming from every light and utility pole in the city. That is just one of many issues facing the residents of Fullerton.

I am curious how or why you think that any of your denial of the facts is in the best interests of the community. The article I did years back blew wide open holes in your misapplication of the facts about the dangers of cell towers and microwave radiation. Look where we are now. Our children are being destroyed by all of this technology and microwave exposure and instead of using your God given intellect for good, you have chosen to use it to protect those that refuse to protect us.

Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 21h ago

Mr. Kevin Private,

What is your real name? And, if you won’t tell us, what are you hiding?

jim mack from Rolling Hills · 21h ago

After reading “the fullerton informer” for a few minutes, I can imagine it would have harmful effects on mental health, whether delivered by wifi or cable.

Mark Shapiro from Rolling Hills · 19h ago

Mr. Imbriano I would be happy to debate you at a mutually agreeable time and place and under mutually agreeable conditions about the differences between the real and the imagined dangers of electromagnetic radiation.

Much of what appears on your various websites is nothing more than unsubstantiated speculation in my professional opinion.

Dr. Mark H. Shapiro
Professor of Physics, Emeritus CSU Fullerton
A.B. (honors in physics) University of California, Berkeley
M.S., Ph.D. (physics) University of Pennsylvania

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Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 19h ago

imagined dangers of electromagnetic radiation? Unsubstantiated speculation?…

Gretchen Cox from Fullerton Hills · 19h ago

Natasha – just go to his blogs and see his photos and comments about numerous people ( myself included) who have disagreed with him or had a different opinion than him. You will see what I am talking about.

jim mack from Rolling Hills · 19h ago

Out of curiosity, how many readers here believe BOTH that wifi radiation is harmful, but that humans do not contribute to global warming?

Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 18h ago

As the article documents, Ms.Cox along with Mr. Jesus Silva and the others have direct involvement, in their capacities as members of the park and recreation commission, in actively suppressing a five million dollar ongoing revenue shortfall disclosed to the park and rec commission by a fellow commissioner and is the subject of scrutiny for that reason. Public officials and their appointees have a duty to the citizens.

Edited 18h ago

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Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 18h ago

Dr. Shapiro,

Your debate is not with Mr. Imbriano, it is with the scientists that have done the research and studied the biological effect of wireless radiation on the human body. A debate with Mr. Imbriano, the messenger, will be unproductive and will not resolve anything.

Please contact one or all of the scientists, below, and debate with them. After all, they are the ones who have studied the matter and determined that these exposures are a “public health crisis”, damages DNA, leads to premature death, should be regarded as carcinogenic . . . .

These scientists are very nice and I, myself, have corresponded with all but one. Dr. Martin Pall, I understand, welcomes debate on the matter. He has given many lectures on the biological mechanism: Voltage Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC).

You might want to take a look at their science before you contact them. Go ahead, send them an email and start the conversation:

Dr. Martin Pall
Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD
Dr. Martin Blank

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Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 18h ago

Mr Shapiro. I will be happy to arrange a debate between you and the scientists that have come out against the very things you are defending.I know some of them personally. My email is Ideally, we could have an open forum and I would hope we could get you to have Cal State Fullerton provide the venue. I think this would be wonderful for the community.

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jim mack from Rolling Hills · 18h ago

I agree there’s a lot of unexplained negative things happening to people now, like increases in autism, depression, and certain cancers. And distrust in authority is often healthy; look at the lies about tobacco not being harmful and then realize that those same techniques are used for shielding many industries from the harmful effects of their products. I personally believe things due to my religion, that aren’t provable in a lab.

That being said, here’s why I and many others discount the possibility of wifi radiation being dangerous:
1. We can actually measure the energy present in all the wave forms of radiation
2. The energy from cell phones is WAAAY (orders of magnitude) greater than that from wifi, which is in turn WAAAY less than any radiation we have demonstrated to cause changes in cells.
3. If there were harms from cell phones, we would be able to measure and prove it by now. But there is not. And cell phones are held close to the head, while wifi routers are several feet away.

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Erik Wehn from Golden Hill · 17h ago

Come on, Joe. You are so sure and knowledgeable on WiFi danger that you tell people it’s killing their children, you put flyers on people’s cars, and devote great lengths of time to educating people on it….and then you won’t debate a Physics professor on it?

A messenger gives his message and then leaves. That’s not you, you’re a salesman, and a salesman has to know the meaning of what he’s saying and be able to explain and defend what he’s selling. You seemed like you we’re doing that as long as you weren’t challenged, but now Mark Shapiro has challenged you to debate…and you suddenly don’t want to?

How can you be so passionate about something but not willing to fight a fair fight to defend it?

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Gretchen Cox from Fullerton Hills · 16h ago

Found dog… anyone know who this little guy might belong too?

Photo from Gretchen Cox
Diane Hickey has no photo
Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 16h ago

Jim Mack,
You have brought up the “lies about tobacco not being harmful” and that is true and for decades it was denied. The same with asbestos. It wasn’t until it became undeniable, until the
bodies stacked up too high for the lies to continue that they were “Group 1” carcinogen classified. Wireless radiation is much the same but the industry controlling this represents the largest market in the world, telecom.

If you are interested, here is a paper written by Harvard fellow, Norm Alster, called “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates”…


Links to some of the science has already been posted on replies and I am sure that they address your understanding of why you “discount the possibility of wifi radiation being dangerous.”

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Laura Riffel from Brea Reservior · 16h ago

FWIW – I think this is the perfect forum to discuss a local political race. While I would rather the discussion be constructive and a little less ‘Peasants & Pitchforks’, the issue of the Fullerton City Council affects all of us in Fullerton. All that said, I follow InfoWars, sometimes for the information, sometimes for the entertainment, but even Alex Jones knows the earth is round.

While Mr. Imbriano may not have left Americans to die in Benghazi, or accepted funds from countries hostile to our way of life in exchange for favors, I find that the basic assumption that the earth is round is a basic predicate for my vote. The position is indefensible, which logically creates the question, what else is indefensible in the long list of articles and blogs published and posted by Mr. Imbriano?

I appreciate the folks who posted articles for reference. I only needed the one to make a decision. The logic is foundation-ally flawed. If he believes that, what else could he be convinced of? I am sure this will upset Mr. Imbriano, but words have consequences, and mine is that my vote will go elsewhere.

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Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 16h ago

Mr. Wehn,

Dr. Shapiro appears to disagree with the scientists. Please see the above postings encouraging Mark Shapiro to have the debate w/those that have spent years researching the matter. He shouldn’t have a problem, should actually be excited by such an exchange with the scientists.

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jim mack from Rolling Hills · 15h ago

Laura Riffel, you bring up Alex Jones. Do you agree with him on this: “Yeah, so, Sandy Hook is a synthetic completely fake with actors, in my view, manufactured.”

Debbie Tetley from Raymond Hills · 15h ago

This whole thread is so unnecessary. Everyone already received the memos. Maybe a little more empathy and a little less of what we are hopefully teaching our children not to do.

Ingrid Pullen from Rolling Hills · 14h ago

Probably a lot of people have already voted, like I have. I do not want to hear anymore politics.

jim mack from Rolling Hills · 14h ago

Please consider muting conversations from the drop down at the top of each thread, rather than coming here and telling others to stop talking.

Scot Sacks from Raymond Hills · 13h ago

Thanks for exposing this nut job.
The funny thing about REAL science is that it is true whether you want to believe in it or not . Go home Joe you’re drunk.

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Scot Sacks from Raymond Hills · 13h ago

By the way I’ve seen this guy trying to sell his pseudoscience at my kids open house. I always referred to him as the village idiot but now I know who he is

Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 13h ago

EMFs and Health Hazards: A Matter of Value Selection

“The only possibility for resolution of the safety-of-X problem exists at the level of the individual. That resolution depends on personal choices regarding the relative priority of specific values, and only secondarily on scientific information. Of course the industry research is rigged. We all know that. That simply means that each individual has the responsibility to exercise due diligence in seeking reliable information that promotes safeguarding health. The honest scientific information is not fundamentally controversial, and its meaning is relatively clear. Only individual awareness, knowledge, and choice can lead to an honest resolution, one person at a time.”

Andrew A. Marino, PhD, JD
Professor (retired)
Department of Neurology
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology
LSU Medical School, Shreveport, Louisiana

Mark Shapiro from Rolling Hills · 13h ago

I’m willing to have a civil debate about these issues, which I have studied carefully, with Joe or anyone who supports his point of view. If anyone wishes to they can view my scientific background and credentials on Wikipedia.

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Gretchen Cox has no photo
Gretchen Cox from Fullerton Hills · 13h ago

Bruce Whitaker may not be the best choice for re-election- my main concerns are:
1) His biggest campaign donor, as in his last election, is the owner of the Grand Inn. One of Fullerton’s most crime
-ridden and notorious properties, this motel on Euclid is known to cater to underage prostitutes, drug dealer and users, and other notable ” guests”, like the one who attempted to murder a local policeman, and another who left his room at the Grand Inn to cross over to Nicholas Jr. High and take several students hostage. These are only a few recent stories. The surrounding neighborhoods live in fear because the owner, Henry Xie, has refused for years to take charge of the property and follow any of the many recommendations from the FPD on ways to minimize the criminal element. Yet Mr. Xie is Whitakers largest campaign donor, and Whitaker shows up at the ongoing abatement hearings to support Mr. Xie.

2) Currently, Mr. Whitaker is pushing the council to accommodate the people who run OCCYSL. They are asking for increased use of Fullerton fields for the team to play in and reduced fees. Seems innocent enough, until you understand that this team does not qualify for those privileges because they refuse to comply with the rules and standards for equipment and play of local soccer governing associations as well as city rules and standards. Especially notable, they adamantly refuse to have their coaches and other officials submit to LifeScans and background checks. This is even more shocking because in 2013 one of their coaches was sentenced to 300 years in prison for the horrible sexual molestations of almost a dozen young boys. So how can Bruce be supportive of these guys, when he is very familiar with this background. Shouldn’t his energy be towards ensuring they comply with league and city rules and standards to keep these kids safe?
3) A career politician ( he lists his occupation as “incumbent”), Bruce has accumulated multiple pensions at he same time he fights tooth and nail against pensions for others.

Picture of Erik Wehn
Erik Wehn from Golden Hill · 12h ago


Mr Shapiro, and most others, disagree with 3 scientists you found. Guess what, my job title is Technical Scientist, so I’m officially a scientist that disagrees with your 3 scientists.

Now I know what your response is going to be as we had this discussion months ago. You will cite studies with correlations and doctors with no understanding of EMF. But you will not have an explanation as to how non-ionized radiation can cause cellular damage. There was another theory several years back about calcium homeostasis being impacted by non-ionizing microwaves, which could cause lots of human health damage, except experimentation by Rodney P. O’Connor, Steve D. Madison, Philippe Leveque, H. Llewelyn Roderick, Martin D. Bootman (that’s 5 scientists in case you’re counting) found zero connection. As in not even a little connection.

So all you have are studies with correlations but no casuality. You’re telling people to get out of the water because instances of shark attacks go up when ice cream sales are up. But it’s just summer, and they’re in a pool.

Edited 12h ago

Debbie Tetley from Raymond Hills · 12h ago

Just have a little empathy people. Please. Have more faith in our overall intelligence. We already got this memo. Jeezuz. Completely unnecessary.

Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · 9h ago

Erik I appreciate your candor but are you really telling everyone along with Mr.. Shapiro that what is being done to the children in all of Fullerton Schools with upwards of 40 wireless devices per classroom in operation all day is 100 percent safe for the children?

Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 1h ago


Since you assert yourself a “Technical Scientist”, please email some of the experts that wholly disagree with you. Your disagreement is not with messengers, but with the experts.

From Dr. Shapiro’s response, above, it appears that is amenable to such an exchange.

This is about the children in schools and their health and well being. As Joe just stated: “are you really telling everyone along with Mr.. Shapiro that what is being done to the children in all of Fullerton Schools with upwards of 40 wireless devices per classroom in operation all day is 100 percent safe for the children?

The kids and teachers are getting sick. I know this, as I have spoken with teachers that can no longer teach. Their careers have been destroyed from classrooms filled with microwave emitting wireless devices and WAPs.

Diane Hickey has no photo
Diane Hickey from Raymond Hills · 1h ago


What would happen if what the experts are telling us is all TRUE?

Is this you?

“Kinds of Mistaken EMF Experts”
“There are industry experts who make their living by providing negativejudgments, irrespective of what environmental science requires. These experts love money, which they seek above everything else. They see themselves as completely free to say anything in pursuit of money and prestige. Their minds are formless in the sense that they have no idea what truth is. Erdreich, Miller, and Phillips are examples of toadies.”

Kinds of Mistaken EMF Experts – Electromagnetic Bioeffects Blog
EMF experts sound erudite, but when they make mistakes they do so in characteristic ways, so they always betray themselves. The environmental science…

Edited 1h ago

Virginia (“Ginny”) Hart from Raymond Hills · 1h ago

I would attend that debate

Joe Imbriano from Raymond Hills · Just now

If this is the same Erik Wehn then Erik’s employer according to this link… if correct is Edison. The link states he is a :”pumping specialist” for Edison.

Erik Wehn has repeatedly defended the school districts wireless technology programs which are directly responsible for forcibly irradiating all the school children and works for a company that is irradiating the rest of us.

This is the utility company that has forced smart meters on each and every residential and commercial unit in Fullerton.

  1. #1 by Questions for Erik Wehn on January 26, 2017 - 9:31 am

    Since you assert yourself a “Technical Scientist”, please email some of the experts that wholly disagree with you. Your disagreement is not with messengers, but with the experts.”


    Erik Wehn Vs. 200+ EMF Scientists

    Erik, Did you ever contact the scientists? Did you discuss with them how they are incorrect, how their science is all wrong ?

    Much is at stake, a population of 30,000+ Fullerton school children and teachers are being exposed to RF-radiation, a proven bio hazard, on a daily basis.

    If you did not, why didn’t you? If you, Erik, are not correct and the scientists are, these kids and teachers are being harmed. What is your objective in fighting the truth? Must children suffer due to the determined ignorance of a community, including yourself, that fight this knowledge and turn away from the truth.

    We are all accountable for our actions.


    • #2 by Anonymous on January 27, 2017 - 7:34 pm

      Since when is Erik Wehn a scientist? That’s hilarious. The guy went to a JC. I know him. He NEVER went to a four year college. The guy is so full of himself. How gross.

  2. #3 by Anonymous on January 26, 2017 - 9:22 pm

    You just can’t let that dead horse be, you have to keep beating it.

    It’s not making you look any less petty or idiotic.

    • #4 by Joe Imbriano on January 26, 2017 - 10:06 pm

      It only makes the residents really shine like the sun as they deny reality and inherit the infrastructure deployments of ubiquitous cancer causing and sterilizing wireless, led lighting, high rise housing, decaying infrastructure, crime and of course forced vaccinations because it is all coming. And you thought you just had to worry about a coyote eating your cat?

    • #5 by Anon on January 27, 2017 - 2:17 pm

      Try harder you desperate denier.

  3. #6 by Anonymous on January 27, 2017 - 10:08 am

    Damn Joe. You have some shitty ass neighbors. You should sue this KS Pirvate piece of shit. Seaborn was the lead that left it up. Sue her too. Fuck these people.

    • #7 by anonymous on January 28, 2017 - 5:01 am

      Joe probably does have a libel lawsuit.

      People stoop to really low behavior when they are confronted with the truth.

  4. #8 by Anonymous on January 28, 2017 - 9:12 am

    He is a pumping specialist for Edison but holds himself out as an expert on microwaves and biology? Oh yeah this so called scientist went to a JC, ran a moving company, tinkered around with leaf springs for a while and now he is an expert on children’s health? Check this out. This is from his Linkedin page-

    Pumping System Specialist
    Southern California Edison (SCE)
    March 2014 – Present (2 years 11 months)
    Project Coordinator
    Zaretsky Engineering Solutions
    November 2013 – March 2014 (5 months)
    Project Engineer
    November 2007 – November 2013 (6 years 1 month)
    Estimate, design and manage installation of HVAC / Energy Management Control Systems
    Deaver Spring
    January 2000 – October 2007 (7 years 10 months)
    Design, build, test and install performance automotive leaf springs
    EW Moving
    June 1999 – December 1999 (7 months)
    Residential mover

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