Medical sense by a medical doctor on SB 277

Letter to Senator to Preserve Parents Rights on Vaccine Choice (informed consent, philosophical exemption, religious exemption)

OregonFlagDear  Senator,


As a fellow physician, I know your heart must be for the children.

Vaccines are wonderful and they are horrible. I saw personally the virtual elimination of childhood meningitis from H. flu when that vaccine was introduced in 1987. Epiglottitis went away too. But I am also seeing the emergence of great devastation to our children’s health. The epidemic of brain disorders (Autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, learning issues) and autoimmune disorders is reaching immense proportions.

If an infectious disease were damaging 1 in 50, as with autism, [1] or 1 in 5 as with ADHD for boys, [2], we would have an all-out national war declared to find out what that agent was and how to stop it. That cause is toxins. [3, 4].   And we are actually injecting toxins into our children.

I think you can acknowledge that a baby whose mother does not have Hepatitis B does not need to be injected with the toxic dose of 250 micrograms of aluminum present in the Hepatitis B vaccine. That baby who gets all the rest of the vaccines does not put anyone at risk. He or she does not put “people living with cancer, auto-immune disorders, and those who are simply too young to receive vaccines” at any risk.

The studies are mounting on the toxic effects of aluminum to the immune system.  Given the presence of toxins, we physicians cannot claim to have “the health and well-being of America’s children” as our primary concern if we mandate the entire CDC vaccine schedule.

The conditions that put one at risk for toxins or immune challenges from adjuvants etc. are too many and complex to be addressed by state law.  Medicine is changing too fast, and the state cannot know about people’s personal genetics, single nucleotide polymorphisms, etc. Physicians must have the ability to care for their patients to the best of their ability without state intervention from arbitrary laws that remove the informed consent process.

Furthermore, for a recent review of adjuvants and immune system and health challenges I encourage you to read my recent blog on ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants) [5].

There is a much safer way to vaccinate—a way that doesn’t put the health and well-being of America’s children at risk?  A recent study, [6] showed a selectively vaccinated population had no new autism.  I’ve got a much larger population with a similar experience.


Let’s make this state healthier. Let’s start working on getting a better adjuvant so we can have safer vaccines. Given the revolving door between ACIP and Merck, conflicts of interest cloud good judgment. In that context we cannot have states mandating misguided CDC vaccine recommendations and punishing intelligent and educated families. You and I are in the business of doing what is right for the children, and I would be willing to visit with you to discuss this in person, if you are interested.  We must stand up for the less informed and the less fortunate.



Dr. Paul

Pediatrician, Integrative Medicine, Addiction Medicine

  2.  Recent mercury article:
  3.  For numerous articles on aluminum toxicity:


  1. #1 by Anonymous on April 7, 2015 - 2:23 pm

    There are unanswered questions about vaccine safety… No one should be threatened by the pursuit of this knowledge.” “I think public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis as irrational without sufficient studies of causation.” – Dr Bernadine Healy, MD (Former Director, National Institute of Health and Former President, American Red Cross)

    “There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good.” “The manufacturers of these vaccines know they are worthless but they go on selling them anyway.” – Dr J Anthony Morris, PhD (Former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and Research Virologist, US FDA)

    “Crib death was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination.” – Dr Harris L Coulter, PhD

    “Vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths.”- Dr Viera Scheibner, PhD

    “The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.” – Dr James A Shannon, MD (Former Director, National Institutes of Health)

    “We are setting up the younger generation for a potential calamity. Vaccines build up only one line of your immune system (the antibody system) but put the main immune system (cellular immunity) to sleep. You need both for fully developed immunity.” – Dr Robert Rowen, MD

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