Let’s take a closer look at the Friends For Fullerton’s Future Website by Barry Levinson

FFFF Founder Tony Bushala


FFFF Site Administrator Travis Kiger

If the FFFF website was run by objective straight-forward people they would know that they only had to look into a mirror to find some of the people responsible for the construction disaster, known as the City of Fullerton Hillcrest Park to Lion’s Field Stairs.   For you blame Ms. Cox for her phony, contrived and orchestrated statements.

Yet who put Ms. Cox in the position of Park and Recreation Committee member?  That person was none other than Council member Jennifer Fitzgerald.   And what Council member among others has this website given a pass over the last 5 years?   I believe that would be the same aforementioned Ms. Fitzgerald.  So FFFF, look no further than into a mirror to place some blame for those hideously constructed stairs.

I believe that would be the same aforementioned Ms. Fitzgerald.  So FFFF, look no further than into a mirror to place some blame for those hideously constructed stairs.

It is so obvious to see that this website is exactly the carbon copy of the political careers of Bruce Whitaker and Greg Sebourn who they so often tout.

They acknowledge problems, wring their hands over the issues and then do absolutely nothing to solve the problems.  Giving Greg Sebourn credit for stating the obvious after the many problems with the stairs were exposed by the public is so, so ridiculous.

Sebourn failed to bring forth a motion to agendize an internal investigation over whom within the city approved the shoddy and very substandard construction and then Sebourn did not bring a motion to sue the contractor responsible for all the derelict construction.  This demonstrates clearly that he is only good at grandstanding.  The same could easily and correctly be said about Appointed Mayor Bruce Whitaker who touts limited fiscally conservative government.  But did he make either of the above motions as Mayor…of course not.   For it is so obvious that neither have the integrity or the courage to do the right thing for the people of Fullerton.  However, they are all too often ready to take credit for statements they make that never do the good people of Fullerton any darn good.  What a pair they make on that dais!

Questions for those responsible for the Friends for Fullerton’s Future as follows:


  1. Please explain as libertarians your censorship and your lack of candor about your moderation and canceling comments that you obviously do not want to be posted to your website?


  1. Please also explain why this web page waited until literally the day after the 2016 election to go back on the Internet. I guess the outcome of the 2016 election for a so-called political reform website was not important enough to restart it prior to rather than immediately after the 2016 elections.


I believe you owe it to your readership to answer the above two questions.


One last comment concerning the name of the website.   Friends for Fullerton’s Future can’t be a more vague and nebulous title.  Unless you believe that the end of days is quickly approaching, or a meteorite will destroy the entire planet very soon, or if the entire world will cease to exist due to a nuclear annihilation, the future is a given. But it is a very appropriate title for your website because it says nothing, means nothing and your website accomplishes nothing; no solutions, no improvements just grandstanding and allowing undisclosed bloggers to defame good people like myself.

What I am concerned about is the quality of the future we will leave to our children and grandchildren and the honesty and integrity of those we call our leaders including those that work at Fullerton City Hall.


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  1. #1 by Barry Levinson on May 27, 2017 - 11:58 pm

    Joshua Ferguson is giving Council member Greg Sebourn a pass on the already falling apart Hillcrest Park to Lion’s Field 1.7 million dollar stairs and I ask why sir? Here is his comments from the FFFF website as follows: Joshua Ferguson
    May 19, 2017 at 11:30 AM
    “To be fair Sebourn did say we should get a refund and the council needs to look at the issue.” Yes and then Mr. Ferguson he did absolutely nothing to get it done. No motion to put a refund on the next meeting agenda. No motion to put an investigation of our city employees responsible for inspecting and approving the construction of the stairs. (The same is true for the other four council members as well.) All he did was after the fact grandstand for the audience. The fact that he acknowledged the problem and then still did nothing tells you all you need to know about Council member Greg Sebourn and none of it is any good! You see Greg Sebourn and Joshua Ferguson are part of the FFFF website crowd as is our esteemed Appointed Mayor Bruce Whitaker. Therefore, whenever they do not do their jobs, people like Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Paden, etc find it necessary to ignore their misdeeds altogether or give them a pass when it is mentioned by someone else. Not the best way or even a good way to proceed if your real goal is to get a better, more honest, more transparent city government. Remember when Mr. Paden got up to speak at council to respond to my concern why Bruce Whitaker to this day has not and will not speak to me about an extremely well documented 4 to 5 million dollar finding about the Fullerton City Golf Course to defend the indefensible by stating that Whitaker talked privately with David Curlee instead. Did you shine his shoes also Mr. Paden after the meeting as well? It is hard sometimes to really understand what people like Paden and Ferguson really want. Is it a seat on the council with the support of the Republican establishment and/or attention? So my question to Mr. Fergusen what was your goal for writing the story about the stairs? Was it to bring attention to the waste of city money and then do nothing to fix the problem nor to hold those responsible fully accountable. For to defend Sebourn lack of any action in the face of this overwhelming evidence makes Greg Sebourn look like a total empty suit wasting time and space on our city council. We have had that type of so-called leadership for over 6 years now from Appointed Mayor Bruce Whitaker who only brings up problems after he knows the issue will be passed by the city council anyway. I for one will not give any council member a pass on this or any other boondoggle until they actually start acting like our elected representatives and get answers to my questions and hold everyone in the city and outside the city (contractors) fully accountable. P.S. I fully expect more anonymous libelous statements with absolutely not a thread of proof to pop up on the FFFF site or even the Fullerton Informer site. In fact it has already happened on the FFFF site.

    • #2 by downtown insider on May 28, 2017 - 3:25 am

      I am impressed with your finally publicly questioning Bushala’s motives.

      Tony Bushala is a developer. He is an ardent advocate of sustainable development. He worked for decades bringing the SOCO walk to Fullerton which was the prototype of the rail centered high-density development. He also remained notably silent on the DCCSP while salivating over the prospects of its passage. Barry, you have just scratched the surface with Bushala. I get the impression that you know a lot more about his political gamesmanship and are holding back. It would be wise for you to expose him to the fullest. His activism is dangerous to Fullerton’s future. If you will notice, it is extremely biased, and always lacks a clear purpose, never proposing any solutions, just stirring the proverbial pot if you will. When there is smoke there is fire. but Bushala’s activism produces pure smoke and a cover for the real backdoor deals that are driving Fullerton to a complete sustainable development model for the future.

      He tends to draw people into his fray that he can easily manipulate and control, usually those with political aspirations and little to no finances to speak of.

      Bruce Whitaker is probably the purest form and the best example of what a true Bushala development operative looks like. Tony would have mortgaged half of his properties to clone him if he could have.

      You briefly touched on the phenomenon of Jennifer Fitzgerald and you duly noted his involvement in getting her elected. We all know that this was a favor to Shawn Nelson as well as a guaranteed vote for future projects. You also rightly inferred that he enabled her to get re-elected, citing the silence of the FFFF blog during the last election cycle.

      Tony’s plan, admittedly all along was for the DCCSP to pass and thus allow SOCO walk rail centered properties to litter the skyline making Tony, not a kingmaker but a mini version of Donald Trump. From what I can reconnoiter, you stopped him without even realizing he was a player. I could be mistaken. You and Joe really don’t miss much and perhaps you have been holding back. Now is the time to expose the real agenda Bushala has always had for Fullerton. Tony likes people to think he is a limited government, historic preservationist. Instead, he has given us Jennifer Fitzgerald and Greg Seabourn to do his bidding. Yes he has managed merely for PR purposes, to save a few buildings that were not identified in The DCCSP.

      Tony’s goal is to block all outside involvement in Fullerton politics, thus his “no carpetbagger” campaigns. He is narrowly focussed on controlling the local political process through influencing elections, buying off candidates, installing his kingpins, and while hiding behind his facade of being a historic preservationist, meticulously plans to raze his slums and tenement buildings while behind the scenes planning to urbanize the family holdings. The FFFF blog is really just pure astroturfing and a constant exercising of the local activists keeping them off target.

      • #3 by code enforcement on May 30, 2017 - 4:42 am

        not to mention the slums he and his brother run

      • #4 by dime bag on June 4, 2017 - 5:42 am

        All of Tony’s little wind up toys are a bunch of financially challenged political wanna bees with delusions of grandeur. get this through your thick heads. Tony wants highrise on his lots. He doesn’t give a fuck about Fullerton. Its all a political video game to him.

  2. #5 by Bushala's bullshit on May 28, 2017 - 10:44 am

    My name is Tony Bushala, and I hate carpetbaggers…the political lowlifes who move into a district just to run for office. These are parasites who are addicted to holding elective office; the farthest thing from their minds is honest public service.

    • #6 by Anonymous on June 1, 2017 - 10:47 am

      Tony hates people that he cannot influence or control, especially out of towners, that is all.

  3. #7 by Barry Levinson on May 28, 2017 - 2:15 pm

    Downtown Insider I appreciate your comments. I did not know that Bushala was heavily involved in the SOCO development but I am not surprised at all with that revelation.

    I have had reservations about Tony’s motives and real agenda for many years now. It started with his half-hearted way he supposedly was supporting my run for office in 2012. Chris Thompson who he paid to run the recall effort and who was campaign manager for Travis Kiger actively worked against my run for office. I always suspected that Bushala was behind that effort. But when anyone takes the time and effort to look back at the total lack of success and half-hearted effort if that by Whitaker and Sebourn to stop the overdevelopment of Fullerton, you have to acknowledge that Whitaker and Sebourn have been anything but transparent about their true motives and goals for our great city. It truly is Machiavellian what the power structure in Fullerton has tried to accomplish. I include Bushala, the Chamber of Commerce and of course we must never forget Jennifer Fitzgerald, who became VP of Curt Pringle and Associates after her election to the Fullerton City Council. The Dems on the dais don’t seem to mind selling the public down the river either with votes for overdevelopment as well. So I call the power structure Machiavellian because they want you to believe that we have council members with different opinions and goals for Fullerton when the truth is it is all fictional theatre for no one on that dais gives a r*** a** about the Fullerton public and upholding the quality of life here.

  4. #8 by Barry Levinson on May 28, 2017 - 3:11 pm

    One more point I would like to make in addressing Downtown Insider’s remarks.

    Please know that my intention is never to hold back any important information from the public. Although my enemies try to make me out as someone who speaks off the cuff with little or no concrete evidence to support my claims, the truth has always been just the opposite. I believe it is important to gather a lot of information and evidence before formulating any opinion about a public official whether it is a positive or negative opinion. I must say that for several years Appointed Mayor Bruce Whitaker had me fooled. In looking back Bruce worked very hard to fool me. It took literally a dozen or more separate instances over a few years for me to see the true Bruce Whitaker. At first, I did not want to believe what I was seeing about Bruce. I considered him a friend and someone that Fullerton could count on to do right by them. But when I noted time and time again especially over the last 2 years that his actions were no where near the political speak and rhetoric he routinely handed out to the public that I slowly had to accept the facts and the truth about Bruce Whitaker.

  5. #9 by Barry Levinson on May 28, 2017 - 8:43 pm

    The real tragedy about the political career of one Bruce Whitaker is that he could have made a real difference if he only followed through on his campaign speeches and on the many soliloquies he frequently gave on the dais after he knew what he was promoting was going down for a certain defeat. I now think that was a big part of his Machiavellian political deception that in my opinion truly defines Bruce Whitaker.

  6. #10 by What A Guy on May 28, 2017 - 11:18 pm

    Joe and Barry you have proven to me that Bruce Whitaker is a total fraud and a dirty, self-centered politician. He along with Jennifer (I Love Myself Not Fullerton) Fitzgerald are by far the biggest deceivers and the most dangerous two council members on that dais.

    • #11 by Anonymous on May 30, 2017 - 11:25 am

      Bushala is full of shit and just uses people. He wasted so much money playing games. I really think he is stupid from all that dope he smoked over the years. He hasn’t gotten shit done for himself even though he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. He even blew the measure J lawsuit dealing with the lincoln club attorney.

  7. #12 by Brick rat on May 29, 2017 - 8:19 am

    Tony has always appreciated the merits of recruiting the low hanging fruit. It is cheap and when you don’t like it or don’t need it anymore, you can throw it away and pick some more when you do. His real motives are far from altruistic, just ask his ex. His vision for Fullerton primarily is transit oriented big box, big money development, bars and pot clinics, and of course on their property.

  8. #13 by Fullerton - The Most Corrupt City in California on May 29, 2017 - 2:13 pm

    downtown insider great insights about the man behind FFFF. I especially thought the 2 paragraphs below were especially right on target.

    “He tends (Tony Bushala) to draw people into his fray that he can easily manipulate and control, usually those with political aspirations and little to no finances to speak of.

    Bruce Whitaker is probably the purest form and the best example of what a true Bushala development operative looks like. Tony would have mortgaged half of his properties to clone him if he could have.”

    Mayor Whitaker gets a substantial amount of his campaign contributions from builders, developers and real estate groups. He never speaks about this fact. Another reason not to trust him.

  9. #14 by Barry Levinson on May 30, 2017 - 9:19 am

    Based on the total silence by Bushala concerning the DCCSP and the millions of dollars of properties he owns in and around downtown Fullerton, I have to suspect that Bushala was indeed in favor of the DCCSP. It would have very likely resulted in tens of millions of additional dollars in his pocket. Is having friends on the council to approve his future development projects the real reason Bushala restarted the FFFF website right after the reelection of his buddies, Whitaker and Fitzgerald? My educated guess is YES!

  10. #15 by Fred Alcazar on May 31, 2017 - 9:41 am

    Just anonymous mud slinging by Bushala, Cantor, Castaneda, Curlee, Ferguson, Gapinski, Kiger, Lloyd, Paden, Thompson, Wehn, Whitaker, and a few others who do his bidding for hopes of political favors in not so distant future.

  11. #16 by Mayor For A Year - Bruce Whitaker - What a Guy! on May 31, 2017 - 10:54 am

    I suspect Bushala’s desire to continue to have a very large influence on a majority of the current city council was one of the major reasons why Bruce Whitaker abruptly changed course on the 2018 Fullerton District Election Schedule. For it is a fact that Greg Sebourn and Mayor Bruce Whitaker have received significant financial and political support from Bushala in past election cycles. For to vote one way as Whitaker did and then for Whitaker to do the very unusual and very infrequent thing to bring a decided agenda item back to change his vote and the outcome of that vote shows in my opinion how much influence Bushala and other major landowners and developers have on our Mayor. One more reason that Bruce Whitaker needs to be retired from Fullerton and any other political office as soon as possible. And what about Council member Greg Sebourn? He was his usual quiet self in the face of city council corruption to benefit only the developers and himself. We have a huge problem and it starts with our Fullerton City Council. We need to completely clean house of all current council members.

    • #17 by Jenna on May 31, 2017 - 7:26 pm

      You guys have really pulled back the curtain on Bruce. To his credit, he is very clever with words but his method of operation has become very obvious after reading the articles here. Where do you find the time to have researched and documented so much information? I am thankful for your steadfast commitment to our community. I can no longer accept being ignored and lied to. I will never vote for him again.

    • #18 by Anonymous on June 6, 2017 - 3:36 pm

      Bushala wants friends in places so he can get sweetheart deals on developing HIS properties into bars, pot shops and gigantic high rise. You think he gives a shit about police reform? Don’t be fooled by his political manipulations

  12. #19 by Anonymous on May 31, 2017 - 1:41 pm

    I believe a majority of Fullertonians wished that Bushala and the FFFF would have stayed retired permanently.

    • #20 by Anonymous on June 6, 2017 - 10:49 am

      His influence waned years ago.

  13. #21 by Barry Levinson on June 1, 2017 - 1:41 pm

    Jenna thank you for your very kind words. How do we have the time to do this? The answer is that Joe and I believe that it is important enough to make the time.

    Our country is at a very serious crossroads. Way to many citizens have learned to accept (grudgingly) the very worst from our elected and appointed government officials. Therefore, too many have thrown up their hands and said there is nothing we can do about this and then allow these corrupt acts by our government to fade from their collective memories.

    I for one know the only way to make our government better, more transparent, more honest more responsive to those that elected them is to not allow you the public to forget all they have done and not done as our elected representative.

    I know that both Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald have political ambitions higher than being a city council member.

    I want to make it clear to as many of the public that I can reach that giving them more political power would be a huge mistake by the electorate. Their careers need to end at city hall.

  14. #22 by Anonymous on June 8, 2017 - 11:43 am

    These are the reasons Bushala gave for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the recall-listen to this –

    “Bushala was disturbed that Jones, McKinley and Bankhead were silent on the issue of Kelly Thomas. He said, “basically, it is about a lack of transparency. It starts with what happened with Kelly Thomas and goes back to redevelopment issues and raising the water rates.”

    Do we have a lack of transparency today being continued by Greg Sebourn, Jennifer Fitzgerald, and Bruce Whitaker? We have no citizen oversight on a damn thing. Bushala wanted the DCCSP to go through so he could make tens of millions of dollars developing his properties. Barry you rock dude.

  15. #23 by Lee on June 14, 2017 - 9:39 am

    I have been involved in Fullerton politics for over 2 decades as a lifelong Republican. There is nothing new under the sun and there is nothing going on now that wasn’t going on when downtown was just a bunch of thrift stores. The opportunists back then always used the political process to achieve their goals. The pay to play system was dominated by the redevelopment machine and the rewards it churned out for the players who knew the game were handsome.

    The council was always effective at one thing, maintaining a crooked republican majority. This gave rise to the corrupt police department, the disastrous fiscal health of the city and the malfeasance that has left our infrastructure the laughing stock of the State.

    This monopoly of power held in place by the centrist right working with the limousine liberals in Fullerton took care of its own and its own exclusively. This became problematic for those who wished to enter the ring and cash in on the looming development bonanza because no one was leaving their seats at the card table. This is where the left leaning libertarian political element on the outside looking in decided to run interference and come up the political sideline. These attempts were unsuccessful for almost a decade.

    The tragic death of Kelly Thomas in 2011 presented an unprecedented opportunity to harness the momentum of the masses and redirect all the rage against elected officials whose hands were tied by the judicial process and the police officers bill of rights. The people of Fullerton were livid as they lined the streets demanding justice while looking for leadership. Tony Bushala, who for years, without success, tried to chip away at the power structure at city hall, had finally found a fan for the flames with his FFFF blog. He immediately bought the picture of the bloody face of Kelly Thomas, posted it and then ponied up $250,000 for a recall election. He hired signature gatherers and orchestrated a successful recall campaign that launched the political careers of our current city council majority, Fitzgerald, Whitaker and Sebourn as well as Kiger’s 6 month failure.

    The prior years of taking cheap shots, mud slinging, and chipping away at the establishment paled in comparison to this political firestorm.

    Bushala’s connections to people like Chris Norby and Shawn Nelson were crucial in carefully charting the course he would take to orchestrate the payday he had spent decades preparing for. The city’s redevelopment agency was disbanded as a result of his crony Chris Norby’s legislative action in Sacramento.

    Meanwhile, he and his brother continued to amass a small fortune in real estate holdings in Fullerton, namely in the downtown area. It was always their intention as developers to develop their properties. The recall of 2012 was the moment they had been waiting for. No longer would their plans remain obscure and dependent upon the help of a handful of connections like Chris Norby or Shawn Nelson. Bushala finally had the control of the council after years of failing to influence the political process through his obscure web site. He now had the power to control the entire city with his hired hands. He personally bankrolled the entire campaigns of Travis Kiger, Bruce Whitaker, and Greg Sebourn and got them elected. They in turn would stack the various commissions to pave the way for the fulfillment of the Bushala brothers’ dream, high rise transit oriented development all over Fullerton and for once, they would dictate how and where these projects would be built instead of the “republigans” that controlled the council and the redevelopment contracts for decades prior. If hatched, this plan would have proven to make the Bushala Brothers upwards of 100 million dollars if the plans were to proceed over the next decade.

    In a bizarre turn of events, one of Bushala’s hired hands, Travis Kiger was voted out of office 6 months later in the general election. The strategy of running Kiger for the short term seat may have been the safest short term bet but turned out to be a costly mistake creating long term uncertainty for the brothers.

    The wild card in all of this was really somewhat of an enigma. Jennifer Fitzgerald was allowed by Bushala to walk on virtually unchallenged in 2012 as a result of Tony Bushala’s agreeing to let Mr. Nelson’s wishes to do so be honored. Fitzgerald was actually the insurance money in the entire transaction that took place in the recall. An ardent political opportunist, she could be relied upon for a yes vote on every development project imaginable. As it originally stood, Bushala really had four out of the five votes locked up, or so he thought.

    While all this political theater was playing out, the ducks were being lined up for the huge payday jackpot. The City of Fullerton, in the vacuum of the redevelopment agency’s dismantling, was in the midst of a massive undertaking in hopes of revamping the entire city turning it into a burgeoning metropolis. The DCCSP was the city’s ambitious forward thinking plan that would transform this once quite bedroom community into a bustling high rise transit oriented oasis in the heart of Orange County with ten story lining the streets.

    After the 2012 elections, Bushala pulled the plug on his FFFF website and as expected, would never mention the DCCSP. The DCCSP went before the planning commission that his hired hands appointed and it was passed. Bushala sat quietly waiting in the wings for the most important vote in Fullerton City Council History. 3 years after he had spent upwards of $500,000 and 2 years after the flames of the Kelly Thomas event were doused by the waters of time, the DCCSP vote would finally be before the council. The problem was the council at that time did not have the four votes owned by Bushala as Kiger was defeated 2 years earlier. Jan Flory took Travis out in a major upset narrowly defeating him by a handful of votes. That night, in August of 2014, at a council meeting in the library room with no live video coverage, the 100 million dollar vote would be before 5 council members only to be tabled. The Bushala brothers plans were immediately thwarted and their properties remain in their original condition and subject to the same zoning restriction that were placed on them before the half a million dollar expenditure to liberate them had begun.

    Bushala’s so called limited government, libertarian, fiscal conservative types who have run for office like Chris Norby, Chris Thompson, Greg Sebourn, Travis Kiger, and Bruce Whitaker have all been on Tony’s payroll for the most part. They understand the power structure, what they need to say and not say and they will perform when the time comes for them to perform. This is not limited to slandering and threatening anyone who gets in the way.

    The only person that I know that would never play ball with this crowd was Barry Levinson. When Barry realized that Tony was playing him, Barry must have realized that there was never any room on that team for Barry. Barry may not have realize Tony’s agenda at that time, but because Barry is financially independent and not beholden to anyone’s ideology, he freely speaks his mind and has done a tremendous service to the residents of Fullerton by staying unbiased, objective and most importantly, involved. As a result, this has thwarted some of the most dastardly of development plans namely the DCCSP. Barry was the ONLY person to fully expose this undemocratic power grab and call it what it was. He also exposed how this would be ripe for graft and bribery if passed. He also continued to fight the cities attempts to bring this item back in different shapes and forms defeating it every time.

    Fast forward to four years later and the newbies who recently ran for office either do not understand the power structure that is in place and the games that are being played or simply choose to look the other way. They are just weak-minded people with very limited financial resources and are willing to cozy up to the power structure as they hope to latch on to Tony’s pocketbook and maintain their connections. Their behavior speaks for itself. Listen to their rhetoric, watch their willful ignorance of the issues and of course their refusal to propose, or demand solutions. They do not even realize they don’t have a full grasp on the problems that we face so how in the world could they ever propose solutions? Fortunately those people will never get elected so we don’t have to worry about them. Tony Bushala has effectively co-opted, compromised and controlled the loyal opposition in town.

    He has done well in figuring out how to throw them a bone so he can control them to work for his agenda. These people people don’t want to believe what his agenda is because to accept what his agenda is and to understand what his agenda is means that they may not get a couple thousand dollars in campaign contributions if they decide to run for office. The whole agenda is for Tony Bushala to build high-rise apartments all over his slums. That’s what he’s all about because he’s a developer. He plays all these political games and engages in political gamesmanship. It is and always has been Tony’s political chess game, and most of you have been and still are his pawns.

    I am grateful for the platform that Mr. Imbriano has provided to put this information out for the people to read and to Mr. Levinson for his steadfast and uncompromising commitment to the good people of Fullerton.

    • #24 by Anonymous on June 14, 2017 - 7:41 pm

      Who the fuck are you, Tony’s unofficial autobiographer? You are full of shit.

      • #25 by Anonymous on June 15, 2017 - 12:19 am

        I think the fullertoninformer.com hit a nerve.

      • #26 by Fullerton's Conscience on June 15, 2017 - 12:45 pm

        This is what you get from the FFFF website, the majority of writers not willing to stand behind their articles by giving out their real names.

        Then you have those supporting Tony Bushala like Anonymous above who use a lot of disgusting four letter words and nothing else.

        Not very impressive.

        • #27 by Anonymous on June 17, 2017 - 9:21 am

          Its a hate blog populated and frequented by sarcastic children hiding behind Bushala’s bead curtain.

    • #28 by West of Spadra on June 14, 2017 - 10:02 pm

      This is absolutely golden. If I may, I would like to expand on what Lee has put out there. You forgot one key piece of information in this whole expose. You failed to mention how Curt Pringle factors into all of this.

      For those of you who remember, Jennifer Fitzgerald was conveniently passed over by The Friends for Fullerton’s Future website which devoted its attacks to Doug Chaffee and Jan Flory during the months preceding the 2012 election. This enabled an extremely well-connected stealth candidate, Ms. Fitzgerald, who was the darling of Ed Royce and Shawn Nelson to win by a very handsome margin.

      The Vice President of Curt Pringle and Associates position was handed to Jennifer Fitzgerald withing a mere month of her taking office, and clearly all part of the carefully laid out plan and strategy. Going back several years, you will recall with the SOCO walk project, the Bushala Brothers sold the lots and the development deal to the Olson company without pouring one slab. When you just sit on dirt and push paper to turn a massive profit, everyone wants to replicate that over and over again and people were lining up. That was the plan here on a massive scale. The DCCSP would have rezoned a majority of The Bushala Brothers properties creating immense wealth overnight.

      With Tony Bushala’s people on the council, S.C.A.G was allowed to gain a foothold in the planning decisions with the appointment of Ma’Ayn Johnson to the planning commission. Ms. Johnson took the initiative whenever possible to move the transit-oriented development plans and projects forward in the most expeditious manner possible clearly taking the reins whenever possible.

      Jennifer Fitzgerald’s joining with CPA had everything to do with positioning Curt Pringle to come in and bring his crew with the big box developer boys to Fullerton. All the Bushala Brothers had to do was simply wait for the DCCSP to pass, and then sign away all the deeds at ten to twenty times what they paid for the parcels, move a few historic buildings to keep the preservationists happy and wait for the money to start pouring in. Well as you can see, it never happened.

  16. #29 by Barry Levinson on June 14, 2017 - 1:52 pm

    Lee thank you for your comments above. All I can say is that you my friend have been paying very close attention to the political games being played in Fullerton for decades.

    With regard to the District voting that will start in 2018, I would like to clarify what transpired at Fullerton City Council earlier this year. The city was dealing with an agenda item to determine the sequence of district voting starting in 2018. The idea of the district elections supported by the public commenters was to have a council member from each of the five districts and this is what was passed by the council and with Whitaker’s approval.

    The problem for Bruce Whitaker was that Greg Sebourn’s term would run out in 2018 and his Third District would not vote until 2020. So ignoring all democratic principles, the will of the majority of the people and just plain old common sense, so-called limited government Bruce Whitaker decided to totally limit, i.e. disenfranchise the Second District from 2018 to 2020 ( the one both Joe and I live in) in order to help keep his buddy Greg Sebourn on the council.

    The problem with this move again was that it was totally undemocratic for it disenfranchised the Second District for 2 years while giving the Third District 2 representative.

    Bruce Whitaker after the first vote on the 2018 District voting schedule was completed had a choice. He could let the vote stand as the fairest and most popular choice to handle the district elections or he could please his campaign benefactor Tony Bushala and allow Greg Sebourn (also supported by Tony Bushala) to run for office at the end of his current term in 2018. What did self-proclaimed statesman Bruce Whitaker do facing this not so tough choice? He threw the people of the Second District under the bus to take care of his fellow council member Bruce Whitaker and his campaign benefactor Tony Bushala.

    The sad thing is that a few long time supporters of Bruce Whitaker will still support him even though in their minds, he once again has proven that he does not deserve their support.

  17. #30 by Barry Levinson on June 17, 2017 - 4:16 pm

    West of Spadra, you make some excellent points.

    I have talked about how very rare are true coincidences. With that in mind, the fact that shortly after being elected to the City Council for the very first time, Jennifer Fitzgerald is hired not as just an employee of Curt Pringle and Associates but one of only three Vice Presidents of Curt Pringle and Associates is not a coincidence at all.

    She has been a consistent ally of all high-rise high-density development in Fullerton. I would say thanks to activists like myself, she has been thwarted in the biggest and most lucrative projects so far Those projects would be the DCCSP and College Town. I will predict that if Fitzgerald does not deliver at least one of those two projects later this year, she will loose her VP position with Curt Pringle and Associates.

  18. #31 by Anonymous on June 26, 2017 - 10:27 am

    It is troubling that the FFF site posts the shoddy workmanship of the stairs and yet Joshua Ferguson has not said boo since he brought it up months ago. Not a word uttered at council from him since he brought the issue forward. Why is that? Did he get taken to Tony’s van?

    Nothing short of holding both the contractors and the Fullerton insiders within within the building department accountable for these obvious construction defects is acceptable and you know it. I have a really hard time understanding why Mr. Ferguson has been totally quiet after first bringing this this this problem forward. Is Joshua not his own man?

    The FFF site is starting to seem like it is all about complaining about something and then not following through. Is FFFF protecting Tony’s bankrolled council members Whittaker and Sebourn? Yes complain, whine and do nothing. Come to think of it, for Whitaker, that has been the case with him ever since he was elected years ago. That is what he’s been about his whole career.

    Obviously it’s only the very first step but when you don’t take another step and never walk you certainly will never run so why is it that the stairs are still there without any remedy In sight and no council member has agreed to make an official public statement against this in terms of looking into and solving this problem? All we have are Greg’s superfluous comments responding to Barry with no commitment and no action? Here were go yet again here making fun of people again with anonymous names with no solutions. What kind of nonsense is this?

    Who cares what people do on their personal Facebook pages because Greg made it evidently clear that it’s just a personal Facebook page when he was confronted at the meeting? Remember? Why is it that FFF is so preoccupied with making fun of people but yet when it comes to holding their own people accountable, they’re absolutely silent? They use anonymous names and won’t stand up publicly for the actual things that they are supposedly advocating for. The guys here at the informer have repeatedly called for action on the stairs and Ferguson allows Bruce and Greg to do nothing. Ferguson never brought it up again. How do you explain that? I am really starting to believe what I am hearing how the FFF site is really all about diversions and no action.

    I am also still waiting to find out why this site came back the day after Fitzgerald and Whitaker got reelected. That’s the question that I still haven’t had an answer to. It looks more and more like people are right about FFF and that is why FFF resorts to name calling,

    I have another question. Aside from why Tony Bushala kept this site shut down during the 2016 election, why did he or his group not spend one dime trying to keep Fitzgerald from being elected both in 2012 and 2016? How come his group didn’t put puking signs all over town with Fitzgerald’s name on them in 2012 and 2016?

  19. #32 by Anonymous on November 7, 2017 - 11:09 am

    The earth is flat and Nasa is run by the devil. ok Joe

  20. #33 by Barry Levinson on February 10, 2018 - 12:08 pm

    Downtown Insider, Lee, Brick Rat, Jenna, What A Guy, West of Spadra, Mayor For A Year – Bruce Whitaker – What A Guy, Fullerton – The Most Corrupt City in California and others…thank you so much for your insightful comments. Your comments gives me great hope that our future will be brighter for the citizens of Fullerton. I do believe thanks in part to my postings, the real phony Bruce Whitaker has become known to many more Fullertonians. I believe with your help we can end Whitaker’s career at the Fullerton City Council level. He has set back by a decade the honest cause for limited conservative government here in Fullerton. Go to his website for State Senator and you will see not one accomplishment over his almost 8 years as our council member. He is a phony, he is weak and most importantly he is a coward. True leaders must be honest, knowledgable and most importantly brave. It is not easy to stand up to bullies with the power to ruin lives. I stood up and Bruce Whitaker stood down.

  21. #34 by Been Around The Block on February 12, 2018 - 5:46 pm

    When you have city council candidates financially backed overwhelmingly by one man, Tony Bushala to do his bidding when the time comes, the people of Fullerton are the ultimate losers.

    His allies on the dais in my humble opinion go through the motions of caring about this or that but they accomplish nothing or next to nothing and wait for the large development agenda items that will line the pockets of developers such as Tony Bushala and other FOFCCM (Friends of Fullerton City Council Members) to come before them to pass.

    This site, Joe Imbriano and Barry Levinson and all the many very important contributors via their wise comments have pealed the onion of the deceit, deception, corruption and true selfish financial motivation of all the players pulling the strings of the weak minded council members.

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