Jennifer Fitzgerald’s Coronation of Compromise

Pringle Puppet Jennifer Fitzgerald voted in as Mayor of Fullerton by a unanimous vote of the City Council in spite of the fact that there is no municipal ordinance that requires a rotation.


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Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald was elected to the Fullerton City Council in November 2012 thanks to Ed Royce, Sean Nelson, Tony’s pass, and all of Fullerton’s republicans that knew not what they had done until it was too late but now do. As a result, she was hired by Curt Pringle and Associates as their Vice President. This is the type of company that salivates over having its employees in key positions of government. Fullerton is for sale. It is going gangbusters to the developers and the unions big time gang. Mark my words unless we throw these people out, Fullerton is screwed.

She has served as Mayor Pro Tem in 2014/2015 and during that time she has voted against conservative leaders and with the liberal majority time after time after time.

In her first three years in office, Mayor Fitzgerald played a key role in several significant accomplishments, including expanding the city’s budget deficit, generously handing public employees bloated union contracts and benefits based on what I believe to be fraudulent accounting. She has repeatedly voted for municpal ordinances that violate the first ammendment while she refuses herself, to disclose her client list at Pringle and Associates.  She also has taken credit for a $3.5 million retroactive refund of water rate overcharges that she never fought for or spoke about prior to her election.

She has played a key role in keeping public safety reform from becoming a reality by repeatedly blocking a police oversight commission, voting in favor of police being able to turn on and off their body cameras at will, going along with the framing of two community activists and attempting to have one removed from his position on the Park and Rec Commission, voting to award Dan Hughes who spent decades in the FPD’s culture of corruption an evergreen contract as Police Chief and by ignoring the continued allegations of perjury of Fullerton police officers during the criminal murder trial of Kelly Thomas and giving away the proverbial farm during labor negotiations.

She tries to take credit for a substantive increase in funding to repair the city’s aging roads when in fact the paltry plans for repairs were planned long before she was installed by the Royce/Nelson machine. The roads in Fullerton are the worst of any Orange County city 100 years behind Brea as she votes for boondoggles and more giveaways for city employees, and police and fire expenditures while infrastructure crumbles and residents work mulitple jobs just to survive.

She claims to have improved our water infrastructure, when in fact it lies in ruin with right along with our roads needing upwards of $300,000,000 in repairs that can never be funded because of Fullerton’s hundreds of millions of unfunded pension and health care liabilities for its overpaid and over pensioned employees that she repeatedly praises, ignoring the taxpayers and residents while she gives away the proverbial farm during labor negotiations as people work multiple jobs to survive.

Jennifer Fitzgerald stands in the way of adoption of new transparency measures for public employee labor negotiations by directly promoting, voting for and passing Fullerton’s very own phony toothless counterfeit watered down C.O.I.N. ordinance instead of the real reform that was on the table that she had a hand in altering.

Mayor Fitzgerald represents the City of Fullerton on the Board of Directors for the Association of California Cities-which means more of the same-big government tax and spend projects for the Orange County Chapter’ She is a Member of the Board of Directors for the Orange County Taxpayers Association which is the only Taxpayers association in existence that I know of that pushes for bigger government and higher taxes.

She is a former Metropolitan Water District Director and yet she continues to ignore the Geoengineering activities in the skies over Orange County that are continuing to cause our drought, ignores the dangers of water flouridation, then votes to pass draconian water use restrictions killing our once lush city and shafted our last appointee to the MWD board.

She is past President of the North Orange County Chamber (formerly Fullerton Chamber of Commerce) which like Jennifer Fitzgerald, pushes for monstrous and massive development in Fullerton and the destruction of Coyote Hills.

She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Fullerton Historic Theater Foundation which has given her great experience in running her version of Kabuky theatre up on the dais voting as a left leaning liberal democrat in spite of her phony republican conservative veneer on the ballot.

She previously served the City of Fullerton on its Planning Commission and General Plan Advisory Committee. Her current appointee to the planning commission voted in favor of the biggest most corrupt development scheme in Fullerton’s History-The DCCSP. Jennifer Fitzgerald cannot wait to ram this through for her fat cat builderman connections and ruin Fullerton forever. Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, she with her Royce machine, also helped install phony conservative Young Kim in the assembly who voted to bring back The Redevelopment Agency monster to finish Fullerton off for good.

She has also repeatedly ignored dire health harm warnings of siting cell towers right next to schools and residential neighborhoods by being the first on every cell tower siting vote to move the motions while her appointee to the Park and Rec Commission is the first to move the motions in those meetings.

Mayor Fitzgerald’s volunteer service includes work in education and community development while she continues to ignore the repeated warnings of the dangers that wireless microwave radiation emitting technology deployment in our children’s schools present to the students.

She is the founder of Give Back (Packs) Fullerton and Co-Chair of the Annual Fullerton Women’s Leadership Forum and yet she voted to put a homeless shelter right next to a Title I elementary school and a low income apartment complex.

She is a member of the Fullerton Arboretum and yet votes to pass water restrictions that are killing all of Fullertons trees and gardens while ignoring the geoengineered manufactured drought.

She is a member of Fullerton Elks Lodge but yet everything she votes for will involve higher taxes reducing people’s ability to remain charitable.

She is a member of the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, American Legion Auxiliary, Needlework Guild of America-Fullerton Chapter and Fullerton Woman’s Club while tacitly supporting a police department badly in need of reform that commits violence against women, minorities and the underprivileged and falsly accuses and imprisons citizen activists.

Additionally, she serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Coast to Coast Foundation.  She is on the Board of Directors for OC United, a faith-based Fullerton non-profit dedicated to serving the homeless, neighborhood development and foster care. This is a group that is run by EV Free Fullerton that courts the city hall and school district crowd while they spent 50 million on a parking structure, 15 million on remodels and hands out blankets while they use church congregants, their time and their money to wash police cars, clean up city owned parks, buildings and mismanaged public school facilities that our tax money is already supposed to pay for. EV Free is spending $26,000 while it is closed 6 days a week and to this day silent on the murder of the homeless in Fullerton and every other moral and civic issue imaginable in our community.

Mayor Fitzgerald has worked in public relations and public affairs in Orange County for 20 years. She ran a polictical consulting firm for years and knows the ropes and how to play the game. We need represntatives that work for us not for Curt Pringle.

She and her husband, Sean, have called Fullerton home for 15 years and are the proud parents of two sons. I can only wonder how she can ignore the dangers of wireless radiation in those classrooms and she looks sideways as I speak on this issue at council and school board meetings.


Jennifer graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Biola University and yet she for her entire time on the council has never directly responded to one single question we have asked her or email she has been sent on issues as they relate to the general welfare of this community. What a waste of an education when you can’t even publicly communicate with your consituents or have the decency to respond to written communication.

I have to admit that for someone that portarys herself to be that bright to graduate from a Christian college, I am deeply concerned by her actions and her voting record. Fullerton is in trouble with the what I believe the most slickly packaged Trojan Horse in its history with the gavel in her hand and Curt Pringle, the unions and big development pulling all her strings.

Show her and her pal Jan the door in November and stop kidding yourself. She is no conservative ladies and gentlemen. Fullerton needs real leaders and not some cheap imitations that are selling us out.

I look forward to your vote next November and representing you. Let’s protect Fullerton and elect Joe.

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  1. #1 by Anonymous on December 3, 2015 - 7:33 pm

    Hey truthseeker, you were right all along.

  2. #2 by Anonymous on December 3, 2015 - 8:33 pm

    You do realize that you do not have a chance in hell against this woman.

    • #3 by Anonymous on December 3, 2015 - 10:50 pm

      Then why did they sick the wildebeest on poor Joe?

    • #4 by Fullerton Lover on December 4, 2015 - 9:07 am

      If you are a supporter of Jennifer Fitzgerald, I wonder if you could provide me with evidence showing how she advocated in defense of the Fullerton taxpayers for so many years to end the excessive overhead charges that thy were passing on to us, and even create the rebate?

      So far I haven’t found any evidence of her advocacy on this issue myself, and I’m starting to lose my faith in Jennifer’s integrity and ability t be forthright and tell the whole truths, instead of convenient half truths.

  3. #5 by Anonymous on December 3, 2015 - 10:36 pm

    Question? If City Attorney Dick Jones does not tell Mayor Fitzgerald that she must recuse herself from the DCCSP and the College Town votes due to a conflict of interest, can we sue our attorney for failure to do his fiduciary duty as our City Attorney?

  4. #6 by Anonymous on December 3, 2015 - 10:46 pm

    Mayor Fitzgerald is as genuine as a three dollar bill.

  5. #7 by Fullerton's Conscience on December 4, 2015 - 10:43 am

    Mayor Fitzgerald takes credit for voting for a water refund for the citizens of Fullerton. What the Mayor fails to tell you is that first she voted to rescind a much more generous water refund already passed just prior to her election to the council. Therefore her actions as soon as she was elected was to actually transfer money from the ratepayer’s pockets and give it back to the City of Fullerton government.
    This incomplete and misleading information by the Mayor is not the way to gain the people’s trust or support.
    It is misleading statements like this that will make it difficult for many to accept anything that the Mayor might say in the future.

    Accuracy and complete information by our politicians matter. One might come to the conclusion that the Mayor is more comfortable in her role as political consultant as Vice President of Pringle and Associates where public relations is the name of the game.
    However, the whole truth should never take a back seat especially when uttered by someone who has a fiduciary responsibility to represent the people.

  6. #8 by Fullerton Lover on December 4, 2015 - 11:22 am

    Well that certainly explains what happened to the size of the refund that I was anticipating after unwittingly being charged and additional 7% of my water bill for the last 25 years by the city who was using it as their own personal slush fund.

    I was hoping for something over $500, and was VERY disappointed in the lousy $100 credit that I got in my water bill instead.

    I think that most people n Fullerton do not realize that they had been deceived by City Hall for well over 20 years, as they charged the residents of Fullerton a bogus extra 10 percent ” pass through fee”, which in essence passed an additional 10 percent on my water bill so that my money passes from my hands to theirs without a scent or trace of accountability.

  7. #9 by Fullerton's Conscience on December 4, 2015 - 12:32 pm

    It is relatively easy to come to the conclusion that Mayor Fitzgerald is taking credit for something she did not do, which is increase the amount of the refund due to the rate paying people of Fullerton.

    What a terrible and very unfortunate way Ms. Fitzgerald chose to start her one-year tenure as Mayor of Fullerton. If she were both honest and wise she would have been much better off not even bringing up the water fee refund, which she directly by her vote greatly reduced to all the ratepayers.
    Anyway the people deserve much better from anyone with the title of Mayor of Fullerton.

  8. #10 by Fullerton - The Cesspool City Government on December 6, 2015 - 2:04 pm

    People should know that with a 20 year career in consulting and public relations, she was only hired as Vice President of Pringle and Associates after she won her seat on the Fullerton City Council. Coincidence…definitely not.

  9. #12 by Danny Boy on October 28, 2016 - 9:41 pm

    Old Joe couldn’t dream of doing anything close to what Fitzy has done in her career. Fitzy rules.

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