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Empty suit Bruce Whitaker and his 5 million dollar empty seat on the Parks and Rec Commission.

You will know a tree by its fruit ladies and gentlemen. The charade continues for four more years as Bruce Whitaker has successfully conned the residents of Fullerton in the last election. The political games he played recruiting vote splitting plants insured Fitzgerald’s re election and the continued demise of Fullerton. The facts speak for themselves about Bruce Whitaker and they are undeniable.


Well for now, let us deal with a very pressing issue that trumps the $300 hotel bills that Bruce’s sycophants keep bringing up. Lets not look at the elephant in the room but rather the ocean liner in the parking lot. Lets look at the Brea Dam issue and the contract with American Golf.


Barry Levinson was Bruce Whitaker’s appointee to the Fullerton Park and Recreation Commission for almost 5 years. Barry never missed a meeting, always asked good questions and took his volunteer position very seriously.

If you will remember Barry had hand delivered his detailed analysis of a 5 million dollar shortfall to the taxpayers with the Brea Dam -American Golf contract to the Park and Recreation Commissioners.

He also emailed and delivered these findings to the City Council, including the Council member who appointed him, Bruce Whitaker.

Bruce Whitaker (left)

So what does Bruce Whitaker do? He ignores the information and then subsequently removes Barry Levinson from the Park and Recreation Commission back in May of 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, the seat on the commission was not filled until 2 weeks ago. Since then, Fullerton taxpayers have lost almost $250,000 and Bruce Whitaker has left the position on the Park and Recreation Commission vacant. Can someone provide a reason for this?

I can. It is my opinion that Bruce Whitaker fired Barry Levinson to cover this up and has kept the seat on the commission empty to keep the issue from being raised. Bruce Whitaker has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this ongoing fleecing of the taxpayers. Bruce has refused to respond to what Barry presented in writing and to this day REFUSES TO GIVE AN ANSWER AS TO WHY HE REMOVED BARRY FROM HIS POSITION. Bruce has not once agendized this issue, brought it up at council meetings or discussed this matter in any social media outlet. He has been and remains silent on the issue the was raised by HIS OWN APPOINTEE TO THE VERY COMMISSION whose purview it falls under. What does Bruce do? He fires his appointee and leaves the position unfilled for almost a year! I believe that Bruce is actively engaged in a cover up of a taxpayer ripoff  ladies and gentlemen and his behavior fully affirms this. 

What kind of fiscal conservative is Bruce Whitaker? Ladies and gentlemen, draw your own conclusions. My opinion is Bruce is a fraud.

What kind of fiscal conservative would ignore such a massive finding?

What kind of fiscal conservative would fire his own appointee to the commission who did his job better than all the rest of them combined?

What kind of taxpayers choice is Bruce Whitaker letting the multi million dollar taxpayer ripoff continue?


What kind of limited government advocate behaves like Bruce Whitaker? Just  like the lobbyist he voted to make mayor for the ballot.


What kind of advocate for open and transparent government is Bruce Whitaker?  He is just like one that these two phonies support.


What kind of reformer is Bruce Whitaker? The same kind as his supporter Shawn Nelson. This phony tried to put a hundred grand in real estate commissions into his pals pocket while trying to ram a homeless shelter in next to an elementary school. He and Bruce are well connected.


What kind of fiscal conservative Bruce Whitaker Ignoring a 5 million dollar taxpayer ripoff?

What kind of conservative?

The same kind that put an Agenda 21 SCAG senior planner on our planning commission while our traffic and roads rival that of Los Angeles.

What kind of conservative? One that spent over 30 minutes at the last council meeting splitting hairs over a $32,000 grant and spent less than a minute repealing the law that protected Fullerton children from sex offenders.






Barry Levinson

The members of our Fullerton City Council all play their fake roles.

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The sterilization agenda continues with LED lighting, fertility under attack and humanity under seige

The only thing more dangerous than a corrupt and stupid leader is several more of them lumped all together up on the same dais with their juvenile sycophants deniers in the audience nodding their heads. Fullerton defined.

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Why is this so?  The simple answer is because our Fullerton City Government is corrupt.



  • That Is Why They All Voted For Redistricting Map 8a
  • The originator of that map, Jeremy Popoff, the owner of the Slidebar, has been a large contributor to both Mayor Fitzgerald’s and Council member Whitaker’s political campaigns.  I believe $1,500 to Bruce Whitaker and $1,250 to Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • popov

    “Our own worst enemies? ” He wrote it not me

  • bruce-1

    The largest Trojan Horse in Fullerton history

  • popov-2
  • That Is Why They All Voted to appoint Ma’Ayn Johnson, who is a  S.C.A.G. senior planner and employee To The Fullerton Planning Commission.

  • S.C.A.G. is the Largest Un elected, Taxpayer Funded Government Agency In The Country, and Has Been Pushing United Nations Agenda 21 Goals For High-Rise, High-Density Housing Along With The Eventual Elimination Of The Automobile For Decades.
  • hqdefault-1

    Agenda 21, SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet Fitzgerald

    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler Sebourn


  • chaffee

    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler Chaffee


  • bruce

    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler bag of hot air Whitaker



    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler Flory

  • That Is Why No One Ever Contacted Me To or responded to my 4 To 5 Million Dollar Finding on the shortfall the American golf contract Which I Presented In Writing In Great Detail To All Of Them.

  • This Finding Is an Ongoing Problem encompassing The Period From 2010 To 2030.

  • This Means That They Intentionally Are Ignoring Taking Steps To Save You The Taxpayer A Significant Portion Of The 4 To 5 Million Dollars.  They Obviously Do Not Take Their Fiduciary Responsibilities Very Seriously Because They Continue To Allow Our Tax Dollars To Bleed Down the Drain.
  • download-31-300x141
  • That Is Why No One Heeded The Calls For An Independent Gennaco Investigation Of What I Believed To Be The Criminal Conspiracy That Tried Falsely To Put Me In Jail 2 Years Ago.
  • download-31-300x141
  • That Is Why When The Council Is Presented An Agenda Item That Is Severely Lacking In Basic Information In Which To Make A Decision, Nothing Gets Resolved For The Future.
  • download-31-300x141
  • That Is Why 2 Years Ago The Fullerton Planning Committee Voted 5 To 0 To Recommend The Original And Very Broad, Downtown Core And Corridor Special Plan To Our Fullerton City Council.

  • That Is Why When Others And I Vehemently Argued Against This Undemocratic Boondoggle They Did Not Vote It Down Causing It To Be Dead And Buried, As One Larry Bennett Keeps On Repeating Fallaciously.  No They Postponed It To A Date Uncertain, Where At Any Time It Can Be Resurrected And Brought Right Back To The Council For Its Approval!


You see the council is playing a game.  In one of the examples above, the game player was Bruce Whitaker bemoaning that he will not vote for a Grant application without the Grant application available to review.  We found out that it not only was not provided for review but that it did not even exist yet.  That however, is not the cause of the problem Fullertonians that is a symptom.  Does Bruce Whitaker ask for or provide a solution for the problem he so noted, so that agenda items will never again be presented without the necessary basic information to make a decision?



games people play when they dress up for work

 Surely that is exactly what an honest council member would certainly do.  Bruce Whitaker did not have to come up with a solution because Zonya Townsend, his current appointee to the Library Board of Trustees and myself his former Parks and Recreation Committee member, for almost 6 years gave him the solution on a silver platter at the very next Fullerton Council meeting.



Normally one would expect an honest council member, who wants to make a positive difference to not only point out the symptom but also offer solutions.  Like I said above, we handed him an easy and very effective solution and what did we get from Whitaker but more silence.  He huffs and he puffs and he lets the problems persist, he actually allows them to continue to flourish.  Yet he thought he got exactly what he wanted from all of this and that was to make political points with the electorate.  That is exactly what he got until I uncovered his less than honorable game.


More than a year ago, I mentioned that I believed that if anyone chose 5 people at random from the street or from the telephone directory, those five people would be an improvement, probably a huge improvement over the current people on our Fullerton City Council


At the time I was saying that partially in jest.  Now I truly believe that the odds of improving our governance by using such a haphazard and random method would in fact be very great indeed.

Why do I believe this?  Simply because I do not think it is possible to do worse than our current group of selfish, special interest devoted council members.

Why do I continue to point out these incredible inconsistencies with our Council members?  I believe that if enough people knew the truth that we could start to have good government again here in the very corrupt city of Fullerton.

The phony elite politicians and their media supporters mocked the idea that any Republican let alone Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton.  In newspaper and mainstream TV “News” Shows they laughed at the idea of Trump becoming our 45th President.

Well one day real soon our current disingenuous council members will be handed the same stunning defeat, maybe as soon as 2018.

I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

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I remember the campaign of 2012 very well. It seems in retrospect that many Fullertonians voted against their own interests that year.  


Sixty one percent of the people who cast a ballot, voted to make all of W. Coyote Hills a park and a nature preserve for the benefit of Fullerton residents and all our surrounding communities as well. I believe W. Coyote Hills was the biggest and most important issue for a majority of Fullertonians that year.

Yet, I will give you the results of the top four vote getters in that election and they are in order of finishing as follows:

Bruce Whitaker
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jan Flory and
Travis Kiger.

As you know the top three all won council seats.

What does the top four vote getters in 2012 have in common?
They all were very much in favor of the Chevron development plans!

61% were in favor of a park but the top four voter getters were against the park.

It seems to me that we kind of shot ourselves in the foot four years ago.

Well now we have another chance to make a difference. Now we have a chance to change the very misguided direction of our current council and tell all of them that we love our current city and not the concrete jungle that the current council is in favor of creating.

I will not ask any of you to vote for any particular candidates. I am not going to change many minds at this late date as to which challengers are the best in my opinion. We have all thought about each of the challengers and have basically made up our own minds. I respect that process and I respect your decisions. After all we all have our favorites.

However, I will ask each and every one of you to take notice of the facts I presented about the year 2012 and the continued overdevelopment approved over and over again by our current council.

Knowing all this information I ask that you consider not voting for the incumbents, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker. I also ask you do not vote for their very close allies, namely Larry Bennett and Susan Gapinski.

This leave you with seven candidates (Roberta Reid has dropped out of the race), from which to choose three new council members.

I respectfully ask that each and every one of you, considers making your selection from those seven candidates that are neither incumbents or their associates.

Please let us tell the established politicians in this city that we want our collective voices to be finally heard. Tell them when 61% vote to make W. Coyote Hills a park, that it is not acceptable for the current council to ignore a large majority of us and go forward with the plans we the people just resoundingly rejected.

There are so many things to love and appreciate about our city and its citizens. Please do not let the politicians destroy it!

Thank you and please go out to vote this Tuesday, if you have not voted by absentee ballot yet.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

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Fitzgerald appointee Gretchen Cox’s 5 million dollar smile of malevolent pleasure

Watch what goes on here when the  long-time Fullerton Parks and Recreation commissioner  Mr. Barry Levinson tries to expose a $5,000,000 shortfall to the taxpayers on a bad contract with American Golf. Well they all, including council candidate Jesus Silva, ignored it all. In my opinion, he has no business on the council based on his past and present conduct as a park and rec commissioner.


Jesus Silva is just another brick in the Fullerton establishment’s wall.

It is disgusting how Mr. Levinson is treated by Karen Lang McNabb. Ladies and gentlemen, these people are covering up a massive amount of lost revenue to the city that could be so properly utilized in our city.

Just minutes into this video reveal some real insight into the Fitzgerald apparatus at work. It comes at around the 3 minute and 10 second mark where Gretchen Cox, the Fitzgerald appointee and sycophant appears to engage in a little santoria while chomping on her time release aspartame chew up on the dais taking pleasure in shutting down the only one on the commission doing their job fighting for the taxpayers. This smug attitude towards those exposing corruption is typical with Fitzgerald and her operatives. That is why we need to throw Fitzgerald out.

Jesus Silva, who had repeatedly been exposed to this information at subsequent meetings and in written notice, abstained from a vote to shut Barry down. That amounts to aiding and abetting those hiding this massive 5 million dollar cover up. Shame on Jesus Silva who is nothing more than a coward and another political operative in my opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, this  issue is still being buried by the entire City Council as well-ALL OF THEM. Even Bruce Whitaker, who appointed Barry Levinson refused to even respond to his own appointee in writing on this issue. Bruce Whitaker eventually fired Barry Levinson from his position on the Park and Rec commission. That is what Barry gets for doing his job, Shame on Bruce Whitaker who is nothing more than a coward and another political operative in my opinion.


Bruce fired Barry Levinson for doing his job and then went on to defame Mr Levinson in the Fullerton Observer.

What does that tell you about our city government? It tells me that change is in the air.November is right around the corner, just like my campaign signs ladies and gentlemen, Help me throw these people out on election day. Vote for Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council





Beloved Polly’s Pies could still close to make way for massive highrise Section 8 housing project

The battle is far from over regarding this property. The 8-9-16 Register article only shows that this article I wrote below that blew the lid off of this dirty deal has swayed the owners into perhaps doing what is right for the community instead of ruining Raymond Hills. We must keep the pressure on. The Fullerton Observer to this day tries so desperately to discredit myself, disparage Mr. Levinson, hide the truth from Fullerton residents and protect the establishment. Shame on Sharon Kennedy. Looks like Sharon has chicken little’s pie all over her face on this one. The Register confirmed what Mayor Fitzgerald lied to all of Fullerton about on camera while Sharon Kennedy tried to turn my expose on this dirty city hall backroom deal into a smear job- Barry and I were right and Joe Imbriano is running for City Council. Fitzgerald needs to pack her bags.

o (1)


Build it and they will come ladies and gentlemen and believe they will come. Low income housing is headed to Raymond Hills. Mayor Fitzgerald says development plans don’t exist for this location but yet a public hearing regarding rezoning this location to do just that made the paper.

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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

As I explained in detail in part one, there is a pattern at City Hall to hide vital information concerning agenda items that come before the Fullerton City Council.   Many, if not most

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Sean Paden’s Faraday cage

Can you imagine if chainlink fences and wrapping the warning message of hundreds of scientists in tin foil would actually protect your children at school from the harms of the classroom microwave exposure from the school district’s technology programs? Can you imagine if chain link fences and wrapping the message of Joe Imbriano in tin foil who unequivocally states that the forced wireless radiation exposure at school is irreparably harming children’s health and their reproductive systems would actually protect them ? Ladies and gentlemen, the only way to protect children from the harms of microwave radiation at school is to remove the wireless systems, remove your children, or send them to school in a faraday cage.

I would like to introduce you to what Sean Paden has created to protect your children.  Well, now we know that there is at least one political operative in town who thinks this contraption solves the problems facing our children.

Burying his head in the sand and encouraging others to join him only enables the agendas to proceed with even more relative ease. It is tragic while at the same time yet amazing to see who has turned their backs on the children in this town. You know the entire school boards, the entire city council and of course, now, Sean Paden who has done that for years is now acting as a sort of pied piper to encourage others to do the same as he now ventures into his latest gig as a wanna be nouveau artist. Without any further ado, an analysis of his work is below.











This custom sign was designed for the Imbriano4Fullerton campaign courtesy of one of many of Fullerton’s obscure political operatives. The symbolism is rich, brimming with a plethora of melodic tones carrying a broad frequency range of light, sound, and microwaves which continue emanating from its reflective metallic surface to the empty resonant cavities of those who work diligently to maintain the status quo.

The esoteric nature of such rare art, reminiscent of the materials  seen in the faked moon landing footage, conjures up images of rapture and Agenda 21  as it is surrounded by a motif of prison yard fencing,

This masterpiece carefully positioned and back dropped by a dead vine brings forth the rich aromas found in a state of perpetual conformity with the school district’s wireless technology programs.

Emblematic of the sculptor’s obvious deeply rooted cognitive dissonance is the symbol of the fruit of the artist’s labor. The severely languished, dead and twisted, crooked vine that is interwoven with the prison yard fencing epitomizes the creator of this masterpiece’s love affair with servitude and bondage to authority itself without regard to the fact that the very act of doing just that always results in the demise of the servile. Clear cut at the roots, losing all connection to its origins and purpose, the life after leaves little more than an example of how the harvest of those given over to becoming intertwined with the matrix always leads to a unique form of petrified pagan immortality.

An inscription embossed into the rear of this work reads “a classroom wireless exposure induced clear end to one’s own lineage and genealogy in exchange for undying allegiance to Fullerton’s educational and municipal status quo establishment”.

Yes, this is truly a testament to those who appreciate such a dark satirical motif deeply driven right into the depths of water rationing violations taking place on a public easement.

The dark irony of all of this is that the sculptor of this piece of Orwellian architecture runs his make shift art gallery right next to the local High School where the children are daily falling victim to the very agenda that the object of this artist’s misguided derision is aimed at.

And all of this while Rome continues to burn ladies and gentlemen, all of this while chuckling in the company of infantile fools as some of the most serious issues of our time are staring humanity in the face.

For those of you who wish to submit your work for next week’s contest, the deadline is this Friday. Special thanks to the following  judges who unanimously approved this week’s submission.

The health of the children is no joke folks. Like I have said all along, it is never too late to do the right thing.



Was this just another failed attempt to set up Barry Levinson?

Bruce Whitaker shamefully and cowardly removed Barry Levinson from his long term position on the Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commission without any formal written notice and without any reason given.  Bruce has shown his hand and I believe Dan Hughes once again has too. Was Bruce in on this possible set up of Levinson gone bad with the FPD? Who knows but one thing is for sure, the way Bruce Whitaker handled this issue certainly provided an opportunity for a game of FPD “gotcha” that almost played out when no one was looking on a Monday night while everyone was home watching the ball game.


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The insubordination of establishment operative Kevin Pendergraft

We all know that Bruce Whitaker’s planning commissioner appointee Kevin Pendergraft endorsed Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2012.

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Official Bad Acts By Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald Should No Longer Be Ignored By The Fullerton Public

Official Bad Acts By Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald Should No Longer Be Ignored By The Fullerton Public. (Why are so many of the main issues and solutions ignored by all council members; Bruce Whitaker, Greg Sebourn, Doug Chaffee, Jan Flory and of course our Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald?)  By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


September 20th, 2016, there was another eventful meeting of the Fullerton City Council. Once again Mayor Fitzgerald exhibited behavior that proves she is unfit to represent us. She lost her cool simply because another council member rightly asked that the questions and concerns about a grant application for funds to buy open land in West Coyote Hills be answered by city staff.


Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Mayor Fitzgerald obviously would be much more comfortable in a non-democratic venue where she was never held to account at official government meetings. The public mentioned twice that the language on the Fullerton City Council Agenda states that it wants the public to participate in the decision making of city business and welcomes questions from that same public. Yet Mayor Fitzgerald when asked if any of those public questions would be responded to got upset and angry.

Jennifer-Fitzgerald (1)

Let us review the behavior of Mayor Fitzgerald in the last few months as follows:


First she states that she along with unelected City Manager Joe Felz felt the need to fix the rules of behavior by the public at city council meeting with her new rules of civility to include giving the city the right to remove anyone from the council chambers for the “heinous crime” of “polite clapping”.


Then she states more than once that there was no truth that the city was in favor of putting up apartments in the shopping center currently inhabited by Polly’s Pies. Yet at a recent previous Planning Committee meeting the city proposed and recommended a Revised DCCSP plan that including expanding the zoning for 6 retail/commercial properties including the one where Polly’s Pies is located to allow for mixed-use development.  Mixed-use development means putting small retail shops on a ground floor of a multi-story apartment or condo development. This would have given the current landowner the right without any future city zoning approval to add hundreds of apartments and remove most if not all of the current retail shops.

Beloved Polly’s Pies could still close to make way for massive highrise Section 8 housing project

Finally, she gets angry because she is asked to actually respond herself or have a city staff member respond to legitimate questions by the public.



It is clear from the statements above, that Mayor Fitzgerald has problems with the following:


The public’s right to know,

The public’s right to participate,

The public’s right to politely clap and

The public’s right to know when the city is trying to make it easier for large-scale high-rise development by way of a zoning change for six major retail/commercial properties.


In conclusion, Mayor Fitzgerald showed a lack of interest in participatory democracy.


P.S.  It is so sad that once again the disagreements between Whitaker and Fitzgerald missed the most important points.  Namely,that the 4 to 5 million dollars of on-gong net revenue loss over a 20 year period (starting in 2010) related to agreements covering the Fullerton Golf Course, which I disclosed in writing in detail to the entire council in the beginning of the year has been buried by them.  It was buried without the Mayor or the person who appointed me, Council member Whitaker asking me one single solitary question on this extremely important issue.   I am a trained auditor with over 25 years auditing experience with


It was buried without the Mayor or the person who appointed me, Council member Whitaker asking me one single solitary question on this extremely important issue.   I am a trained auditor with over 25 years auditing experience with a MBA with Honors from Boston University.  But Bruce is very good at bringing up relatively smaller points with the help of certain of his supporters and then losing 4 to 1.


Bruce playing ball with uncle Joe

He spoke out because the grant application was not part of the package of information. But the real problem, which would make a difference going forward, he ignored. That was the fact that both grant application items needed to be approved last night or so the city said, or the grant deadline would be missed. What needed to be said by Whitaker or anyone else is the following: Why do you bring us agenda items at the very last minute?


Happy days are here again… for some

They should always be brought to the city council at least three weeks before any deadlines. This would allow for the ability to get more information and then bring it back for a vote at the next council meeting.

seaborne-royce-plant chaffee

But the  city I believe does this purposely, to not allow for such additional scrutiny. Just another example that proves how very corrupt is the Fullerton City Government.  I have to assume that all members of the city council are fine with these items being on the agenda at the 11th hour because they all knew the facts as disclosed at the council meeting but refused to address this very real problem.

unnamed (2)images


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Reading The Below Comments By Sean Paden And Fullerton Council Member Bruce Whitaker Provides Insight As To Their True Identities. By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


Well I decided to provide some facts for Sean Paden on the Stop SCAG Facebook Page, where he posts frequently.  After some back and forth between us, those comments were miraculously removed from that Facebook page.  I decided to repost them on that Facebook page and here below as follows:

Barry Levinson 

“Bruce Whitaker ignored my 4 to 5 million well documented proof that over a 20-year period starting in 2010 the city with the approval of the city council started wasting this much in net revenue because of the contract and bond issue both dealing with the Fullerton Golf Course. Yet you still support him when instead he chooses to be outraged over one or two 400-dollar city hotel bills. As I write this the loss of net revenue continues and Bruce Whitaker along with all the other council members have done their best to bury my findings.

You know I am a trained auditor by profession. Bruce Whitaker is either a coward or fraud or both. I have absolutely no respect for him. I tried for well over a year to get Bruce to do the right thing privately but he continued to refuse and make the lamest of excuses why people like myself had to bear the brunt of sticking our necks out against the establishment while our so-called leader hid in the shadows.  I am so, so tired of getting messages from Linda Whitaker accusing me of stealing David Curlee’s work. I have always readily admitted that I used much of David’s research, (i.e. posting the original city documents) to arrive at my analysis but this issue was totally missed and/or ignored by the both of you.

I was the only one with both the courage and the skill to report on it and every single council member including the person who appointed me, Bruce Whitaker ignored what I handed to them in great detail. A complete failure to live up to their fiduciary responsibilities. What a huge scandal?‬‬‬”

Sean Paden 

“Barry he didn’t ignore you. He had at least one very lengthy meeting with Mr Curlee about the issue. If you have more requests send them to me and I’ll forward It to him.‬‬‬”
Barry Levinson

“Sean you are such a total phony. Council member Bruce Whitaker had a meeting with David Curlee but not with the person, namely me, his appointee to the Parks and Recreation Committee, who did the total analysis. Bruce Whitaker did not mention the results of that analysis at any city council meetings. He did not return my calls nor my emails? Bruce Whitaker never had the decency to contact me to discuss these very serious findings of either incompetence, malfeasance or much worse. I cannot believe you think that fellow Fullertonians are that gullible to accept such a lame response.”



I guess Sean Paden decided that the facts did not make our 6 year council member look particularly good. Now why again did Bruce Whitaker ignore an ongoing 4 to 5 million dollar issue from his own appointee?

Is it because he represents the people of Fullerton so very well? No.  Is it because he takes his fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Fullerton so very seriously?  No.

Could it be that Bruce Whitaker is a fraud or maybe a coward or both?  Yes, for it is hard to look at all the evidence and come to any other conclusion. Please say no to four more years of Bruce Whitaker’s pontificating on our Council stage when he knows the cause is lost and the only purpose for his comments is for show for his supporters.  That Fullertonians is why after 6 years as our Council member, the only thing Bruce Whitaker has delivered is a phony 8A redistricting map, coronating Fitzgerald as our Mayor and the game changer FIREWORKS!  Do you really think that the people of Fullerton will miss him when he is not re-elected? NO!


I forgot, Whitaker also voted for Ma’Ayn Johnson, a S.C.A.G planning employee to sit on our Planning Committee. Yet on the Facebook page, “Stop S.C.A.G.” Sean conveniently fails to disclose that fact about Council member Bruce Whitaker.  He had 16 other candidates for the position and he picks a S.C.A.G. planner. How does Bruce Whitaker explain this? He can’t explain it. How does Sean Paden have the disingenuousness to fully support the Stop SCAG Facebook page but fail to condemn this appointment voted for by Council member Bruce Whitaker? Why are you Sean hiding such an important fact from the Facebook page visitors?


Sean, I guess, does not like to deal with certain critical facts. I guess supporting his guy, Bruce Whitaker right or wrong is more important then making it known who on our city council is for S.C.A.G. Those for S.C.A.G. would be our entire council who unaninously appointed a S.C.A.G. planning employee to our Planning Commission.  Another fact, is that it was no one other than Mayor Fitzgerald who put forth the name of Ma’Ayn Johnson for Planning Commissioner.  Why is Sean Paden supporting Council Member Bruce Whitaker who helped put her on our Planning Committee?  Why is Sean Paden giving Bruce Whitaker a complete pass on this issue?  When will Bruce Whitaker explain to the Fullerton public his support for S.C.A.G. and therefore for Agenda 21?  We need people loyal to both their convictions and the people who elected them based on those expressed convictions.  Bruce Whitaker by voting for Ma’Ayn Johnson clearly violated those convictions and at the same time turned his back on the vast majority of his constituents.


Yes Sean and other Bruce Whitaker surrogates will trash me all over the social media and beyond for my above comments. But for what….for stating the facts and telling the truth. I am pointing out the very apparent hypocrisy of Bruce Whitaker and his surrogates, in this case Sean Paden.


Please now read what Bruce Whitaker told the Fullerton Observer for its July 2016 issue, which was published approximately 5 weeks after Whitaker removed me from my post without any advance warning that he had any problem with my service to the community and without any reason for my dismissal.

In removing me, he did not even thank me for 5 and one half years of honest and hard working service as his appointee to the Park and Recreation Committee.  Is this the way a statesman handles the removal of an appointee?  Well here is what he said in the Fullerton Observer to this question.

“The Observer asked Councilmember Whitaker for his reason for removing his appointed commissioner.  He, (meaning Bruce Whitaker) sent the following response.”   “”Faced with an imminent employee action which would have likely generated substantial cost to the City, to avoid that action, I opted to remove the commission member.””

What employee is he referring to and what action might that employee take that would cost the city substantial money?  Why is he making these statements to the Fullerton Observer, while not saying anything to me.  Bruce Whitaker’s statement to the Fullerton Observer is not the action of a honorable human being let alone a statesman, to purposely attempt to ruin the reputation of an honest activist citizen, like myself.




In other words in my humble opinion, this was just pure character assassination by our so-called esteemed Council member Bruce Whitaker.  To this day, the only feedback from Bruce Whitaker was only praise about my work on the Park and Recreation Committee as well as my many public comments at Fullerton City Council meetings.  His call to inform me he was removing me only included the remark that he had been considering removing me for the last 3 or 4 months.   Funny how that statement by him is not in sync with his comments to the Fullerton Observer above.  I believe the truth is that as far as Mr. Whitaker was concerned, I served the community much too well. So not only does he remove me without giving me any explanation, he then is compelled to strongly insinuate that I did something wrong.


If you have anything of substance Council member Whitaker, you put all your cards on the table. You gave absolutely no facts while trashing my reputation, which members of this city government now have done multiple times. Bruce Whitaker not only crossed a political line, but he crossed a line of simple human decency.  Simply stated, these are not the actions of a man of integrity and honesty.  For that alone, he does not deserve another four years as our council member. This is the same man who has called for transparency in city government.  Bruce Whitaker, a real leader leads by example.  All the above, clearly demonstrates that you are something much less.

Here are some quotes about the subject of telling the truth as follows:

Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.
Thomas Jefferson

The truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.
Winston Churchill

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.
Elvis Presley

I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson



In My Continuing Series Concerning Our Upcoming November Fullerton City Election, I Lay Out Some Of The Parameters Fullertonians Should Consider Before Voting For The Next 3 Council Members.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

In This Context, I Also Discuss The Major Issues That Faced Fullertonians In My Last Run For City Council And How Those That Were Elected Did Not Meet The Needs Of Our Citizens.  By Barry Levinson

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