The sterilization agenda continues with LED lighting, fertility under attack and humanity under seige

The only thing more dangerous than a corrupt and stupid leader is several more of them lumped all together up on the same dais with their juvenile sycophants deniers in the audience nodding their heads. Fullerton defined.

The human race is under attack. We are willingly being destroyed by consuming GMO food products, toxic sweeteners, while our health is being mined by allopathic medicine. We are forcibly being destroyed by decisions our leaders make on our behalf and in spite of the dire warnings given, they ignore them all.

Ladies and gentlemen, the tools of the trade in the eugenics movement come in four primary shapes and forms.

The first I have discussed at length and is wireless microwave radiation. It is an integral part of the sterilization of humanity. The cell towers, the WiFi systems and the WiFi enabled devices bath you and your children in these emissions. They destroy the human eggs and destroy your circadian rhythm and health in general. All this while you turn your backs on your own children.



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The Church in bed with the State crossing the line: The Hunt Library and Grace Ministries

Well tonight the Library Board  voted to set the stage to begin the end of the blessing of the 1962 endowment that Norton Simon and the Hunt Food & Industries Foundation donated to Fullerton. It was to be a building and park located in Southwest Fullerton, to the City on the condition that it is “used solely for a public library and public library park.” The donation became known as the Hunt Branch and is located at 201 S. Basque Avenue. Of course it has been City property since then and that means it is public property-our property. Looks like it is church property now,


Fullerton’s for sale ladies and gentlemen and it looks like Joe Felz, with our own property, is trying to buy off one of the political powerhouses in town with a sweetheart real estate deal right after Valentines day with Grace Ministries. An ambiguously worded agenda item, little to no details, a possible sole source bid down the line if coucil approves to not fund it and to sell it off, no appraisal-Has a backdoor deal already been penned waiting to go down?

Sean Paden’s campaign manager and Library board of trustees president Ryan Cantor along with trustee and former City Manager Chris Meyer, actually were working together to get the board to vote on taking what was given to the Fullerton residents to be a park and a library and set the stage for the possible sell off. You can’t do this with things that were given to the city for a specific purpose. This is completely unethical in a park poor, under served community.


Residents beware, you are now unauthorized personnell

Get this- They tried to do all of this without a complete description of the property, an appraisal, sufficient advanced notice to the public or other board members, details, or any written explanation confirming if this is even legal. The Library Board Agenda, put together by Felz, read ambiguously “Hunt Branch” with no description. What the heck was that supposed to mean? Yes they tried and succeeded to bamboozle the library board into voting to pass the buck to the rubber stamp hacks on the city council to cash this baby in for a song and a dance to one of the wealthiest non profits west of the Mississippi  to take away a park and a library from an under-served area that so desperately needs it.

The agenda item and packet contained just one paragraph and the motion passed to send the decision to the council to find a whopping supposedly needed 1.3 million dollars to reopen the library  or to sell it. It was cooked up with a ridiculously inflated 1.3 million dollars a year operating cost estimate with no documentation as to where this number came from to run and reopen a room full of inanimate books while almost all of the employees are still employed by the city leaving just lights and gas as books don’t eat, drink water or go to the bathroom. What a scam.

Yes and it appeared to be a carefully orchestrated attempt by Ryan Cantor and Chris Meyer to hoodwink the library board into setting the stage for disposing of public property in a most certainly immoral, unethical and possibly an illegal manner and  set it up for Felz to get the council to sell it to Grace Ministries for a song and a dance. It is on hold for now until the council comes up with the 1.3 million, or denies the funding for reopening it and then they will try to rip us off one more time and short sale it to Grace Ministries where the grass is green and money flows in like the water  flows out of Laguna Lake. Not if I can help it folks.

It appears that wireless danger denier Ryan Cantor library trustee and board president


Sean Paden’s campaign manager Ryan Cantor pictured here

Trustee and retired city manager Chris Meyer,


Chris Meyer -Your tax dollars at work $184,000 a year pension as he tries to ram through this deal for his pal Joe Felz. This …..even tried to sway council into not developing a bike path. Was it so it could possibly be gobbled up by his in law -the forced irradiatior in THE FSD JANNY MEYERS dad?-Is a bike path the very thing he needs more than the other 139,999 people in town?

and City Manager Joe Felz


Our City manager in the shadows of Mr. Meyer -If looks could ….

and Grace Ministries have no regard for the conditions of that original endowment much less the public in general and once again the Parks and recreation commission was bypassed on this one. Which council members voted to give Joe Felz an evergreen contract? Which council members voted to appoint Ryan Cantor and Chris Meyer to the library board? Why is Joe Felz so desperate to sell off Fullerton? Money and political favors or worse?



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Meet Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action

The article contains videos of Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action moonlighting as a  Fullerton Junior College security guard committing what I believe to be a felony assault on and engaging in a false arrest of an unarmed young man who is an American Citizen on public property.



I believe the victim in all of this, a young man who was smoking a cigarette, as well as the onlookers exercised tremendous restraint as this event transpired . The people who took the videos are to be commended for capturing the event as well as narrating it, irrespective of their vocabulary. This man is costing the taxpayers over $73,000 plus $43,000 per year to assault and hog tie cigarette smokers.


California has no specific statute that obligates a detainee to identify himself. Furthermore, that obligation cannot be read into Penal Code section 148.  Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action thinks otherwise. Listen and watch as Dino J Skokos on a disability pension in action claims that ” I can just hook you up” as if the young man were some form of farm animal or livestock. What the hell is wrong with law enforcement in Fullerton? How much satanic influence has the likes of Pat McKinley had on this wretched town of ours

While it is true that a law enforcement officer may take whatever steps are necessary under the circumstances to determine the identity of a person that is being lawfully detained, The Hiibel case ruling does not provide a means of arresting someone for failing or refusing to identify himself. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that a suspect’s failure to identify himself cannot, on its own, justify an arrest: “the use of Section 148 to arrest a person for refusing to identify herself during a lawful stop violates the Fourth Amendment’s proscription against unreasonable searches and seizures. CPOLS, section 2.14a. Smoking on campus is an infraction. It is not an arrestable offense.

You cannot be arrested for simply failing to provide identification when detained by a police officer in the State of California.  Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action is not even a police officer. That gig ended for him in 2001 when he was classified as physically or mentally  incapacitated to the point of being unable to perform his duties as an LA County Sheriff.  Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action is only a member of the campus security team now. He is not a police officer and hopefully, after this, will end up being arrested by one himself.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of filming any interaction with any type of government agent, all of them. You never know which ones are pathological, sociopathic, sadistic, perverted, psychotic, deranged, bloodthirsty or all of the above. Fortunately, with the internet, they can run but they cannot hide. Their whereabouts can always be ascertained with a variety of websites and their actions, once recorded on camera, are forever available for all to see.

It seems like they almost always break the law and they will always try to cover it up and sometimes will do so even at times with cold blooded murder. We are expected to be law abiding yet the legal bluffs thrown around to the uninformed and the stretches of the law dealt as blows go unchallenged. Not this time.

New videos show potential excessive force by Fullerton College Campus Safety

Listen to the words of this man who runs the College. His name is Greg Schulz.


In the pathetic law and order spin machine aka the Ragister, Schulz was reported to have reiterated in his note that it is his goal that students and faculty feel safe on campus.

“If that safety is ever challenged, we will take swift measures to restore security and investigate allegations.”

Ok, it has been over and month so when is  Mr. Schulz going to proceed to terminate and prosecute Mr. Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action? Does Mr. Schulze give a damn about how this young man now has an arrest record for what should have merely been a warning or at worst an infraction that  Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action tried to escalate into a felony or worse?



How was this young man threatening anyone’s safety. It was Dino J Skokos on a disability pension in action that escalated the encounter to a potential felony situation for himself. The only danger posed to anyone on campus was the imminent harm to the young man who had already put out his cigarette being slammed against the wall by Dino J Skokos on a disability pension in action.

Dino J Skokos on a disability pension in action throws to the young man to the ground the first time

Then Dino J Skokos on a disability pension in action throws the young man to the ground the second time

At no point was anything this young man did deserving of how he was treated by  Dino J Skokos on a disability pension in action. Does Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action look like he is disabled to you throughout any of this assault on this young man to you?



Mr Schulze effeminately shows absolutely no regard for the welfare of the students when campus security guards act like thugs and he makes these ridiculous statements. When was this young man asked to leave the campus peacefully? When did the 4th amendment become null and void on this campus? The campus rules are pre empted by State Law. When will we know the findings of the DA and what can be done to get justice for this young man?

It begs the question, What are our children being taught by these worthless education systems run by a bunch of overpaid, emasculated ninnies?

It begs the question . What are our children being taught by these worthless education systems run by a bunch of overpaid, emasculated ninnies, staffed by complicit lackeys?

It begs the question . What are our children being taught by these worthless education systems run by a bunch of overpaid, emasculated ninnies, staffed by complicit lackeys patrolled by sadistic freaks?

It begs the question . What are our children being taught by these worthless education systems run by a bunch of overpaid, emasculated ninnies, staffed by complicit lackeys patrolled by sadistic freaks that compel our children NOT TO THROW OFF THIS TYRANNICAL behavior and accept this treatment?

It begs the question . What are our children being taught by these worthless education systems run by a bunch of overpaid, emasculated ninnies, staffed by complicit lackeys patrolled by sadistic freaks that compel our children NOT TO THROW OFF THIS TYRANNICAL behavior and accept this treatment while the NOCCD steals our tax money to teach these kids how to be slaves?

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I believe that Dino James Skokos on a disability pension in action needs to go to jail for what he did, he needs to lose his job for what he did,  and he needs to apologize for what he did. The young man that was abused, humiliated and assaulted, needs to be paid off, cleared of wrongdoing,  and then made into a campus lecturer. His field of expertise needs to become how to rescue his generation from the oppression caused by the destruction of their rights and opportunities by those steeped in the blatant out of control greed, corruption, immorality, sadistic, and selfish behaviors that are all too often exemplified by the people in power from my very own generation. I am ashamed of you how you all have turned your backs on these children all for what?  Listen to the young people speak ladies and gentlemen. Someday, if you don’t, with the right leadership, they will mean business. There will come a tipping point where they will take matters into their own hands. People have limits. Young people have limits too. Over a month has passed and nothing has been done about this. Who will be next folks? You, your son or daughter?

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Just Like Organized Crime Syndicates, They Protect Their Own.

Yes Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to give Joe Felz an evergreen contract



Yes Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to give Dan Hughes an evergreen contract



Yes Bruce Whitaker voted to make a Curt Pringle lobbyist, Jennifer Fitzgerald, mayor just in time for the ballot designation.



Yes Bruce Whitaker and Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to appoint a SCAG senior planner Ma’ Ayn Johnson to the planning commission



Now Bruce Whitaker admits he was out drinking with Joe Felz on election night, and in my opinion, no doubt celebrating the re election of those keeping the lid nice and tight on the corruption you know like the 5 million dollar Fullerton golf scandal.

“Whitaker said he and Felz each had a beer around 1 a.m. Wednesday during the councilman’s re-election party at JP23 BBQ & Smokehouse in the 100 block of South Harbor Boulevard” 




………“He (Felz) seemed to be in control of his faculties,” Whitaker said Wednesday night.

Hughes said in the memo that he received a telephone call at his residence from a watch commander who reported that Felz was involved in a minor crash and that a field sergeant believed the city manager was “emitting an odor of alcohol.”

So Joe Felz, after drinking with Bruce, gets in his car, and in a residential area,  jumps the curb at 1:30 am, hits a tree, gets his car stuck, frees the car, attempts to drive off for 175 feet or so and, gets stopped by the police, smells of booze, allegedly demands that the officers call the police chief, is given a private set of sobriety tests and was allowed to delay the breathalizer, and then gets a ride home from the police, no charges, nothing to see move along now even though his car was damaged enough not to be driven to work today.

Dan Hughes apparently had at least four officers present at the scene who did not immediately conduct the field sobriety tests or administer the breathalyzer. The officers on the scene according to an unnamed source were officers Boline, Haid, G. Eibert, and Wilkerson. These officers have the experience, the expertise and  the arrest rates that get them the MADD awards at the council meetings yet they were called off of immediately testing Felz for DUI. Why is that?  That is because Joe Felz allegedly demanded that they call Dan Hughes.

Why did these officers listen to the person who allegedly demanded that they call the police chief when he smelled like alcohol after he just lost control of their car, hit a curb, and took out a tree and not make the judgement themselves to administer tests and evaluate and if necessary arrest Felz?  Why didn’t they put the cuffs on him right away? If this was you or I, they would have.

No, instead these officers listened to the City manager that smelled like alcohol, who just lost control of his car, hit a curb, and took out a tree that allegedly demanded they call  The police chief Dan Hughes instead of immediatley doing what any good police officer would do. That is to immediately administer the tests. Apparently Hughes ordered them to deviate from policy and wait for Jeff Corbett to arrive some time later to evaluate Felz without another witnessing officer present and conduct the tests. Corbett is not one of the FPD’s  field sobriety experts as he has not conducted a DUI test in years. So why delay and bring in someone who is not the most properly suited for the task? Well it is of course to control the outcome. Corbett is Hughes’s special guy.

According to an unnamed source, Corbett led Felz away from the other officers and conducted the tests out of sight of the officers present and he did it alone which is a clear violation of  FPD policy. Perhaps that is why Felz passed the test with flying colors.

Was Felz given a PAS test? Why not?



Felz and John Murray pictured here having drinks in better days

To refresh your memories, this is a bizarre dichotomy of the sickest kind. Let me explain. Joe Felz was obviously driving impaired with evidence of a crash and alcohol on his breath and yet procedures are violated in order for him to go home instead of going to jail.


Remember this man? He was arrested in Fullerton for DUI and was also given a ride home, but his was, unfortunately, to his final resting place


Dean Gochenour obviously was driving impaired with evidence of  alcohol on his breath and yet procedures were violated in order for him to go to the morgue instead of going home.

Supervising Mr. Gochenour while in the jail was FPD Officer Vince Mater who ended up serving probation after pleading guilty to destroying an audio recording of conversations he had with Dean who later committed suicide in jail.

So why was Banana Republic Emperor Joe Felz not arrested for DUI and other misdemeanor charges at the scene?


So why in the world was Bruce Whitaker  drinking with Joe Felz at 1 am on election night?


Why would Bruce appear to come to his defense and state that he had “one beer” with him and just minutes later according to the officers on the scene reek of alcohol and yet Bruce Whitaker stated that “He (Felz) seemed to be in control of his faculties,”?  What kind of BS is this? 

What’s in it for Bruce Whitaker to step out and make a statement?  He covers his own ass.  If Felz was drunk, Bruce knowing this and letting the man drive home would look bad for not only Bruce Whitaker, but could implicate him in liabilities down the road.

Dan Hughes said City Manager Joe Felz was suspected of consuming alcohol – but wasn’t impaired – prior to being involved in single-vehicle crash early Wednesday, according to a memo from Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes.

“On November 9, 2016 at approximately 0130 hours FPD officers were dispatched to 255 W. Glenwood regarding a possible collision where the vehicle had struck a curb and was stuck on the sidewalk. The driver was later determined to be city manager Joe Felz. I received a telephone call at my residence from the Watch Commander who informed me that the city manager was involved in a minor single vehicle collision and that the sergeant believed the city manager was emitting an odor of alcohol. I informed the Watch Commander that I would call the sergeant to obtain additional information and that I would have the field sergeant conduct a preliminary assessment by performing Field Sobriety Tests and if the sergeant believed there was a level of intoxication that met the criteria to be a violation of the law, we would contact the CHP to investigate. I provided the above directions to the field sergeant and also briefly spoke to the city manager on the phone to explain what protocol would be followed. The sergeant conducted the assessment and made the determination that the city manager had consumed alcohol, but did not meet the criteria of 23152(a) CVC. The city manager was driven home and his vehicle was towed. During this time period, I also contacted Mayor Fitzgerald and informed her I was following the protocol of notifying the mayor about the contact with the city manager. I informed the mayor of the directions I had provided to the field sergeant and that I would re-contact her when the investigation was complete. Her only instructions were to follow normal procedures. A collision report was documented under case 2016-74804 and a supplemental report will be completed by the sergeant documenting the assessment of the city manager.”

We know he was consuming alcohol. Bruce admitted it, the officer on the scene smelled it, he crashed his car and gets a free ride home with no charges filed?

I know of people who were given a DUI when their car was already in their driveway, they were on their grass with the keys in their pocket and FPD arrested them. Joe Felz jumps a curb, takes out a tree, smells like booze and gets the royal treatment. That just goes to show how corrupt this city and its leadership is.

Our very own Bruce Whitaker even makes a subjective determination as to his condition at the time they were drinking together and stated  that he was in control of his faculties. What a guy.

Bruce Whitaker needs to stand up now and demand a full investigation of what policies were violated as well as the release of the body cameras and get the department to explain why the breathalyzer tests were not taken not immediately upon arrival at the scene but long after. Nothing short of that is acceptable.

Dan Hughes entered the scene 5 years ago letting the FPD officers that murdered Kelly Thomas watch the video over and over and write their reports,


Dan Hughes is leaving the scene on Friday with what appears to be obstruction of justice involving what should have been the arrest and prosecution of a city official on DUI charges.  mdiex4-b781026172z.120121114192416000g9n1b723p.3

Dan Hughes is now going to work to run security at Disney? What kind of bizarre demented behavior will Dan Hughes be protecting in the Tragic Kingdom? I could go on and on about Disney and what goes on there behind closed doors and under the park.

Folks, just consider where we are and what they have done to the city. It is little wonder these two were throwing back a few that night. The show must go on folks until we replace these kinds of officials and public servants with people possessing integrity and wisdom.

Just look at how corrupt this whole think appears on the surface. This is lawlessness ladies and gentlemen. Heck they murdered Kelly Thomas on camera and got away with it. This thing compared to the Kelly Thomas murder to them is like choir practice.

Back to #1, why was not a breathalyzer required immediately upon arrival at the scene by the attending officers? Why the deviation from the protocol????   Did Hughes wave it off?  Why did the FPD not follow protocol is the question.

This man who is our City Manager, was, according to Bruce Whitaker, seemingly in control of his faculties. What is scary is that this man is in control of our city while we have our esteemed Bruce Whitaker drinking with and defending this man.



All I can say is thank God it was just a tree that got mowed down. Will Fullerton ever learn from its past as justice is dispensed so arbitrarily in this community of roads in ruin overrun by  its city officials and our youth awash in liquor? Based on the outcome of the last election, I highly doubt it.




Joe Imbriano for Fullerton City Council


Joe Imbriano

The Fullerton Infomer website documents a long train of

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Beloved Polly’s Pies could still close to make way for massive highrise Section 8 housing project

The battle is far from over regarding this property. The 8-9-16 Register article only shows that this article I wrote below that blew the lid off of this dirty deal has swayed the owners into perhaps doing what is right for the community instead of ruining Raymond Hills. We must keep the pressure on. The Fullerton Observer to this day tries so desperately to discredit myself, disparage Mr. Levinson, hide the truth from Fullerton residents and protect the establishment. Shame on Sharon Kennedy. Looks like Sharon has chicken little’s pie all over her face on this one. The Register confirmed what Mayor Fitzgerald lied to all of Fullerton about on camera while Sharon Kennedy tried to turn my expose on this dirty city hall backroom deal into a smear job- Barry and I were right and Joe Imbriano is running for City Council. Fitzgerald needs to pack her bags.

o (1)


Build it and they will come ladies and gentlemen and believe they will come. Low income housing is headed to Raymond Hills. Mayor Fitzgerald says development plans don’t exist for this location but yet a public hearing regarding rezoning this location to do just that made the paper.

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Joe Imbriano: The uncut Fullerton Observer interview with Jesse Letour




The displeasure of the phony conservative establishment towards Joe Imbriano

Ladies and gentlemen, for years Sharon Kennedy has mischaracterized my statements and continues to refuse to print any of my public comments at the hundreds of city council and school board meetings over the years.

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Was this just another failed attempt to set up Barry Levinson?

Bruce Whitaker shamefully and cowardly removed Barry Levinson from his long term position on the Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commission without any formal written notice and without any reason given.  Bruce has shown his hand and I believe Dan Hughes once again has too. Was Bruce in on this possible set up of Levinson gone bad with the FPD? Who knows but one thing is for sure, the way Bruce Whitaker handled this issue certainly provided an opportunity for a game of FPD “gotcha” that almost played out when no one was looking on a Monday night while everyone was home watching the ball game.


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Another high density project passed by the sellouts on the planning commission

Yes another 1000 people are going to be crammed right on top of the old chevy dealer.

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The insubordination of establishment operative Kevin Pendergraft

We all know that Bruce Whitaker’s planning commissioner appointee Kevin Pendergraft endorsed Jennifer Fitzgerald in 2012.

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S.C.A.G. IS A GIANT UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 MASSIVE HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT WRECKING BALL. SCAG uses false population growth estimates to ram massive high density housing into places it has no business going and get out us out of cars and onto their various forms of conveyer belts. YES THIS WRECKING BALL IS BEING ROLLED AROUND AND SWUNG BACK AND FORTH IN FULLERTON. You just may be surprised who is letting it. It sure ain’t Joe Imbriano!

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All in the family

There is no doubt that the biggest problem in Fullerton City government is Jennifer Fitzgerald.

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council.

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Fullerton’s establishment sinking in its own mire


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In My Continuing Series Concerning Our Upcoming November Fullerton City Election, I Lay Out Some Of The Parameters Fullertonians Should Consider Before Voting For The Next 3 Council Members.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

In This Context, I Also Discuss The Major Issues That Faced Fullertonians In My Last Run For City Council And How Those That Were Elected Did Not Meet The Needs Of Our Citizens.  By Barry Levinson

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Joe Imbriano on the College Town development scam and calling out the sellouts on the planning commission


Fullerton’s corrupt city government tried to pass  COLLEGE TOWN-a plan to close a freeway offramp, put in ten story buildings, 4000 apartments, bulldoze Big Lots, Smart and Final, the 99 cent store, leave East Fullerton with no grocery stores and they expect us to take this laying down? The planning commission tried to pass the DCCSP a few years ago that would have lined thousands of acres with high rise housing. We stopped that too. Joe Imbriano 4 City Council in November.

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The rats in the walls at Fullerton City Hall.



Years back the 911 system needed some good fiber optic cable at the haunted house of horrors on Commonwealth installed. Well some good people put some good cable in those walls. Apart from the city workers warning the installers of the constant noises in the walls, no one in upper management ever took it seriously until the rats chewed through the cable and took down the 911 system.
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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson




1. At just before 11AM I went to the City of Fullerton website to open the video of the meeting. IT WAS NOT THERE. NOT ONLY WAS THE VIDEO NOT THERE, BUT THE AGENDA WAS NOT ON THE WEBSITE EITHER.

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Apple 666, Artemis, iPads (infertility pads), Project Inkwell, Connect ED, E-rate, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast –

2015 had lowest U.S. fertility rate ever, down 600,000 births

Artemis is known as the goddess of Fertility when you Google it… This is nothing more than a mass sterilization,depopulation project. Follow this article to the end and you will agree. These things are fanless and have heat sinks that look like they can dissipate heat from a thousand watts of power. The question is what are they going to do with a thousand watts of power. Here is the law where these things are going to go in everywhere and you better wake the hell up- AB 2788 allows for placement of small cells in all public right of ways with no more local control. Here they are folks.


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A night to remember: Establishment operative, Fitzgerald and Nelson tool, Royce hack Larry Bennett faces Barry Levinson

larry bennett 1 (1)

Joe Imbriano’s comments- This one will be sure to get Bruce Whitaker talked to by his bosses. We will see who Bruce Whitaker is really working for in a matter of days.

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Formal demand to the Troy PTSA on wireless


joe acaciaimage001-22-300x174

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The First Amendment under attack in Fullerton

So the taxpayers appear to be getting the proverbial 5 million dollar shaft by some aspartame gum chewing rubber stamp hack that calls public comments “Tirades” and interferes with the people’s business by moving to receive and file the Brea Dam issue without any discussion whatsoever.


I second that

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Real Activists come to town

They say you can’t fight city hall? The hell you can’t. LAST NIGHT REAL ACTIVISTS CAME TO TOWN AND BOY DID THEY RIP FLORY AND FITZGERALD TO SHREDS with their lap dog Chaffee.

2 (3) chaffee fu

It can be said that best laid plans of mice and men, combined with some good old fashioned corruption yields a terrible mess. Well folks, here we are.

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The war on fertility via the Forced Vaccination agenda: Enter the Zika Virus.

Health ministers in Latin American countries are advising “women not to get pregnant for the next two years” due to an “outbreak of the Zika virus”.Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease that was previously thought to be relatively harmless. In 1947 scientists researching yellow fever placed a rhesus macaque in a cage in the Zika Forest (zika meaning “overgrown” in the Luganda language), near the East African Virus Research Institute in Entebbe, Uganda. The monkey developed a fever, and researchers isolated from its serum a transmissible agent that was first described as Zika virus. Zika virus (ATCC® VR-84™) patented in 1947 by the Rockefeller Foundation There you have the origin of this virus.


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The defining moment in Fullerton Politics

Ladies and gentlemen, March 15, 2016 was arguably the most defining moment in Fullerton’s political history. I believe the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back was placed on the Fullerton residents’ back right out in the open. It has been one week and silence.

images (3)

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Below is a copy of what I handed out during Agenda Item No. 7 – Brea Dam Recreation Area at tonight’s park and rec commission meeting.  It provides proof that the Management Agreement deal we entered into with American Golf in December 2010 will cost the taxpayers between………………

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Fast and Furious, fast tracking SB 277, forced sterilization and the death of Paul Walker

Governor Brown signed SB 277 eliminating parents’ religious rights to refuse vaccines for their children. There now exists the the absolute requirement that all California public and private school children be immunized but yet there is no such state law mandating vaccination for public or private school teachers, school food service workers, janitors or other school staff. From a public policy standpoint, this makes absolutely no sense unless this is part of an agenda aimed only at children. Ladies and gentlemen it is-

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Rotten to the core-Fullerton’s core corridor proposed fast track back door road to an urban nightmare.


Cameron Irons “Core and Corridor is a good thing. Read about it beyond Facebook posts. Current system benefits insiders who lobby each project on its own.” NOW IF THAT ISN’T THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!


FULLERTON’S QUEEN OF CONFLICT OF INTEREST-HER MAJESTY JENCURT FITZPRINGLE-I like homeless shelters right next to elementary schools too.


image001 (7)

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College Town delayed and Ma’Ayn Johnson,The Fitzgerald appointed Agenda 21 SCAG senior regional planner operative on the Fullerton Planning commission.

The residents beat this horrific College Town plan back for now. College town calls for closing the 57 Freeway exits and onramps to Nutwood, closing Nutwood to through traffic, wiping out thriving business that serve southeast Fullerton, adding 12000 more cars a day,

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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson


It is here where you will get the unvarnished truth, a unique and fresh perspective on the current status of College Town.

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The Upcoming College Town Proposal for Fullerton and Why It Deserves to be Voted Down

The Upcoming College Town Proposal for Fullerton and Why It Deserves to be Voted Down

By Barry Levinson


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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork

The Bible is either wrong or NASA is wrong. Either The Bible is a lie or NASA is a lie. The Bible clearly states the earth is flat covered by a dome. NASA claims the earth is round and revolves around the sun.  From ancient civilizations to modern times we are told that the earth is flat with a dome Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian, Babylonians, Chinese, Indians, Greeks, Poets, Philosophers, Historians and modern evidences tell us that the earth is flat. So why does everyone believe what NASA tells us? Which one is it? You decide whether or not The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handywork..


The government has had a monopoly over the media,

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Troy High School teachers abruptly close door to students

Submitted By a Concerned Troy Parent

Troy High School teachers abruptly close doors to students and make the parents sign off on it.

Are the students caught in the middle of a contract dispute between the teachers’ union and FJUHSD?

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California’s geo-engineered drought

Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing, according to SOME TOTALLY FULL OF CRAP NASA scientist. ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS? LOOK AT THIS INFORMATION BELOW


drought_2 (2)

Jay Famiglietti, NASA/JPL-Caltech and University of California, Irvine

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Breaking news SB 277 alert: OC Board of education unanimously votes to petition the State Legislature to align the PBE filing date with the SB 277 effective date.


In a landmark decision, in the interest of sane policy our friends at the Orange County Board of Education, in a unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees,

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Setting The Record Straight Concerning the Articles About Me in the Fullerton Observer’s Early November 2014 Edition by Barry Levinson

The following article was printed on page 2 in the Mid-December 2015 Fullerton Observer, which is edited by Sharon Kennedy.

Setting The Record Straight Concerning the Articles About Me in the Fullerton Observer’s Early November 2014 Edition by Barry Levinson


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New York Court issued a decision today that overtured a mandate that had required all children age 6-months through 59 months to be forcibly vaccinated

It is no secret that forced vaccinations are part of a much larger agenda to cull populations.

The Fullerton Informer has been well aware for decades of these sinister plans to reduce the population through subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous forced injections that contain sterilants, fertility regulating vaccines, cancer viruses and wireless activated nano technology.

images (1)

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In Fullerton Our Public Servants Too Often Do Not Act Like Their Name Implies…To Provide Public Service.

In Fullerton Our Public Servants Too Often Do Not Act Like Their Name Implies…To Provide Public Service. BY BARRY LEVINSON



I was looking forward to our next regularly scheduled Park and Recreation meeting to be held on Monday December 14, 2015.

At our last meeting I asked when would the Summit House lease extension issue come before us for a vote as so directed by Mayor Sebourn when he was informed by me that this Park and Recreation related item had bypassed our committee for still unknown and maybe even suspicious reasons.

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NUFF OF THIS ALREADY this Neighbors United For Fullerton

Here is an article that came in from our friend FULLERTON LOVER. Looks like its time for some more of Fullerton’s  famous…

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Just another example of what the Fullerton Observer doesn’t want you to know.

Sharon Kennedy and her off kilter establishment rag, The Fullerton Observer are so on the wrong side of so many issues in Fullerton that I could talk for days on it. So here is a group of parents, including myself at the end of the video, that took the time away from their families to come on down and address the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees on the forced vaccination law SB 277. You can clearly see Jan Youngman, the reporter for the Fullerton Observer,

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The red crabs are back from the 1983 El Nino: Geoengineering 2015, the drought, Poseidon, and phony conservative leaders that are hanging us out to dry.

You like all those lines in the sky everyday, the dead grass, dying trees, dead yards water rationing and no rain? There is a reason for it. Open your eyes. Those are not clouds. Those are metallic nanoparticles being sprayed at high altitudes to modify the weather and not for the better.

The El Nino winter of 1982 -1983 brought much precipitation to Southern California and with it it also brought red crabs washing ashore by the thousands on our beaches. I remember as we froze bucketfuls for bait and ended up filling my two freezers full of yellow tail in the fall from fishing off of the end of the wedge with the best bait money could buy back in the day.

The 1982-83 El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event brought huge numbers of pelagic red crabs (Pleuroncodes planipes) northward


Red crabs (tuna crabs) in 1983 as far north as the shore of Monterrey California

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What The Kelly Thomas Ordeal Teaches Us About Our City Leaders, Especially Jan Flory, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Doug Chaffee, Joe Felz and Dan Hughes

by Barry Levinson


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Out-Heroding Herod-Are these blood sisters and brothers in the baby parts business?


Nucatola explains, “We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because
we know that, so I’m not gonna crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”


“And with the calvarium, in general, some people will actually try to change the presentation so that it’s not vertex,” she continues. “So if you do it starting from the breech presentation, there’s dilation that happens as the case goes on, and often, the last step, you can evacuate an intact calvarium at the end.”

Using ultrasound guidance to manipulate the fetus from vertex to breech orientation before intact extraction is the hallmark of the illegal partial-birth abortion procedure (18 U.S.C. 1531).

The love of money is the root of all evil

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Ron Thomas settling over the death of Kelly Thomas with the City of Fullerton

RED blood stains on

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Experts warn of radiation risks to children as ALL FULLERTON SCHOOL OFFICIALS IGNORE THEM



Lock upwards of 35 children in a room full of them in use all day and see what happens especially when the antenna is on their reproductive organs.

33984_479084712158056_1011868072_n-1-300x2251unnamed-1-297x300 (2)

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The Coyote Hills real estate ripoff and Fullerton’s billion dollar debt pile.

Going once, going twice, she is almost gone ladies and gentlemen and when she is gone, she is gone for good

download (6)

You know one of the oldest professions in the world goes on behind closed doors all over Fullerton. It involves city leaders, city officials, corporate executives, appointed representatives and even residents. It involves alot of money changing hands, a lot of late night secret rendezvous, a lot of phony promises, and worst of all, without the happy endings, it is all perfectly legal.

Folks I am talking about the real estate business, and specifically, the long drawn out and highly contested Coyote Hills/Chevron deal.

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Folks where there is smoke, there is fire and you can bet several are burning at City Hall.


Well, the Brea dam story has finally been broken by David Curlee. He is an extremely brave, intelligent and conscientous Fullerton resident who has really done his homework and he has just scratched the proverbial surface.

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Another Eventful Night at the Fullerton City Council Meeting. By Barry Levinson

Another Eventful Night at the Fullerton City Council Meeting.   By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

It seems that the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights (POBOR) is precluding an honest discussion about the OIR report leaked last summer. For the fourth council meeting in a row, I tried to get some elected or appointed city official to speak on the leaked OIR report entitled the “Internal Affairs Investigative Report Into the In-custody Death of Kelly Thomas” by Michael Gennaco and Stephen Walsh dated April 2012.

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Ask Brad Dacus what he plans to do about SB 277

So at his latest coffee clutch he says that there is nothing he can do about SB 277? What a bunch of crap. The law has no teeth and the government doesn’t own our bodies. If Brad Dacus and his organization was legitimate, then he and his comrades would at the very least, be seeking an extension of the PBE filing date to July 2016. If he was a real champion of religious liberty and parental rights, he would be spearheading a MASSIVE RESISTANCE AGAINST THIS EVIL, TOOTHLESS AND UNENFORCEABLE LAW but instead he pretends to not remember important facts and details on the crucial issues and focuses on fundraising (DONATE DONATE DONATE). Yes instead focusing on the right to have a bumper sticker and useless common core testing opt outs. You like people like this that tell you all you can do is polish the handcuffs that have been placed upon you and your children while they tug on your heartstrings and pick your pockets? Go ahead, ask this man BRAD DACUS for yourself, what he plans to do about SB 277.  If this isn’t a direct attack on religious freedom, parental rights and civil liberties rolled into one assault then I don’t know what is.

So while all children get forcibly injected with cancer viruses, nanotechnology, sterilants and toxins, I have to deal with this crap that keeps popping up in the Facebook feeds under SPONSORED ADS.

Pacific Justice Institute
Click Here to Support Religious Freedom!


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Barry Levinson on the confidential Gennaco report on the Kelly Thomas murder

It has been said that integrity can be defined by how one behaves when no one is looking. images


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Ferritin and iron levels in children with autistic disorder

Carbonyl Iron Powder (CIP) Radar and microwave absorbing materials





autism-emf (1)



I had originally posted this on 3-27-13 but decided to pull it. However, I feel now is the time for this side of the story to be told.  I have added some revisions to bring it up to date with respect to recent developments in our quest to end what I believe to be the largest forced irradiation of children  by a trillion dollar industry that the world has ever seen, AND HOW AND WHY IT NEEDS TO COME TO AN END.

What originally began as a quest to get the WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYMENT AND WIRELESS SYSTEMS out of my children’s Fullerton School District classrooms has led to a miraculous hope Read the rest of this entry »



Andrew_Classroom_De_La_Salle_University-300x200 (1)

FJUHSD and FSD School Boards Ignore Warnings Re Classroom Microwave Radiation

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“For no reason other than  freedom, without prejudice on the pros and cons of various vaccinations both individually and on a broader statistical basis, no citizen should be made to get an injection of anything at the point of a gun. I absolutely oppose this legislation.”

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Why is NIMBY establishment shill Bob Jensen pushing for a stadium in our neighborhood?

Who does this guy think he is?


Bob Jensen  NIMBYing out at council over a residential development in his backyard


What is good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander. Yes this establishment shill doesn’t want a small development in his neighborhood and neither did I. That is why I repeatedly spoke against it. When it came to the proposed FJC stadium, well I signed off as a candidate against that too.


Hush hush keep it down now voices carry

Ah but yes, when it comes to buttering his bread, Jensen’s switch flips quick. That is because his bread butterer and former employer, the NOCCD, you know the goons that rammed their bond scam down our throats,  now wants to build a 5,000 seat stadium blocks away from another stadium just west of Berkeley which will ruin your neighborhood forever. Let me explain.


Blue and White light at night-the enemy of your biological clock




The LED stadium lighting’s color spectrum is heavier on the blue wavelength and is disastrous for sleep


Yes establishment operative Jensen is all about quality of life-IN HIS NEIGHBORHOOD-

Why has he inserted himself in this issue going against the wishes of the residents who have been fighting this for years? This is real stretch for a NIMBY like brother Bob.

So what’s the difference between the LED color spectrum and the spectrum found in other artificial light sources? The main difference is that the LED spectrum is closer to natural daylight. So what’s the big deal? Blue and white light exposure after dark results in Melatonin suppression. Like a good night sleep? Forget it. Lights out at ten o’clock or perhaps eleven? Maybe when all the cars parked in front of your house start their engines with the punched out exhaust systems after they finish their conversations and leave their In and Out trash in the gutter around midnight, you can try to go to sleep.

You think the pensioned out fine arts professor knows or cares about any of that?


So why is he shilling for his employer? Why not? He is a NIMBY. Has Jensen and his crew been back to council for any issue other than Melia Homes? Of course not.jensena

He did rear his head when it came time for the ram job the NOCCD is pulling with the planned Sherbeck Field stadium that is a few blocks away from the other stadium on Berkeley. He is defending it-AGAINST THE WISHES OF HUNDREDS OF RESIDENTS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.


Delphi technique operative Bob Jensen taking the Melia homes group for a ride through Fullerton.

Jensen is the delphi technique operative who heads a Facebook group that endorsed a candidate  for city council who voted to put a SCAG senior planner on our planning commission. Thanks Bob.

Stadium Noise pollution is now being cooked to order by your friends with your tax money. Don’t forget the concerts.



Why is this self appointed NIMBY development expert defending his employer’s attempts to destroy our neighborhood? Good question. Ask your favorite fine arts professor about light frequencies and their affect on circadian rhythm and melatonin levels. Forget the fact that he sat back and let his employer proceed full speed ahead with the wireless systems deployments going in all over the entire Junior College campus which also affect melatonin levels and a wide array of other health related issues. Ask the theatre guy that knows all about responsible development about, insomnia, property values,  and quality of life. Ask Bob Jensen.

So what will this stadium bring the residents of the beloved neighborhood too far to the south east of Jensen’s  hideaway to give a crap about?

Noise pollution

Light pollution



Parking problems

Vehicle accidents

Air pollution

More wear and tear on the already crumbling streets in the area of the Princeton circle neighborhood.

What’s in it for the Jensen operative?  Pagan immortality? Who knows.





Why is this so?  The simple answer is because our Fullerton City Government is corrupt.



  • That Is Why They All Voted For Redistricting Map 8a
  • The originator of that map, Jeremy Popoff, the owner of the Slidebar, has been a large contributor to both Mayor Fitzgerald’s and Council member Whitaker’s political campaigns.  I believe $1,500 to Bruce Whitaker and $1,250 to Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • popov

    “Our own worst enemies? ” He wrote it not me

  • bruce-1

    The largest Trojan Horse in Fullerton history

  • popov-2
  • That Is Why They All Voted to appoint Ma’Ayn Johnson, who is a  S.C.A.G. senior planner and employee To The Fullerton Planning Commission.

  • S.C.A.G. is the Largest Un elected, Taxpayer Funded Government Agency In The Country, and Has Been Pushing United Nations Agenda 21 Goals For High-Rise, High-Density Housing Along With The Eventual Elimination Of The Automobile For Decades.
  • hqdefault-1

    Agenda 21, SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet Fitzgerald

    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler Sebourn


  • chaffee

    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler Chaffee


  • bruce

    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler bag of hot air Whitaker



    Agenda 21 SCAG friendly operative and Pringle puppet enabler Flory

  • That Is Why No One Ever Contacted Me To or responded to my 4 To 5 Million Dollar Finding on the shortfall the American golf contract Which I Presented In Writing In Great Detail To All Of Them.

  • This Finding Is an Ongoing Problem encompassing The Period From 2010 To 2030.

  • This Means That They Intentionally Are Ignoring Taking Steps To Save You The Taxpayer A Significant Portion Of The 4 To 5 Million Dollars.  They Obviously Do Not Take Their Fiduciary Responsibilities Very Seriously Because They Continue To Allow Our Tax Dollars To Bleed Down the Drain.
  • download-31-300x141
  • That Is Why No One Heeded The Calls For An Independent Gennaco Investigation Of What I Believed To Be The Criminal Conspiracy That Tried Falsely To Put Me In Jail 2 Years Ago.
  • download-31-300x141
  • That Is Why When The Council Is Presented An Agenda Item That Is Severely Lacking In Basic Information In Which To Make A Decision, Nothing Gets Resolved For The Future.
  • download-31-300x141
  • That Is Why 2 Years Ago The Fullerton Planning Committee Voted 5 To 0 To Recommend The Original And Very Broad, Downtown Core And Corridor Special Plan To Our Fullerton City Council.

  • That Is Why When Others And I Vehemently Argued Against This Undemocratic Boondoggle They Did Not Vote It Down Causing It To Be Dead And Buried, As One Larry Bennett Keeps On Repeating Fallaciously.  No They Postponed It To A Date Uncertain, Where At Any Time It Can Be Resurrected And Brought Right Back To The Council For Its Approval!


You see the council is playing a game.  In one of the examples above, the game player was Bruce Whitaker bemoaning that he will not vote for a Grant application without the Grant application available to review.  We found out that it not only was not provided for review but that it did not even exist yet.  That however, is not the cause of the problem Fullertonians that is a symptom.  Does Bruce Whitaker ask for or provide a solution for the problem he so noted, so that agenda items will never again be presented without the necessary basic information to make a decision?



games people play when they dress up for work

 Surely that is exactly what an honest council member would certainly do.  Bruce Whitaker did not have to come up with a solution because Zonya Townsend, his current appointee to the Library Board of Trustees and myself his former Parks and Recreation Committee member, for almost 6 years gave him the solution on a silver platter at the very next Fullerton Council meeting.



Normally one would expect an honest council member, who wants to make a positive difference to not only point out the symptom but also offer solutions.  Like I said above, we handed him an easy and very effective solution and what did we get from Whitaker but more silence.  He huffs and he puffs and he lets the problems persist, he actually allows them to continue to flourish.  Yet he thought he got exactly what he wanted from all of this and that was to make political points with the electorate.  That is exactly what he got until I uncovered his less than honorable game.


More than a year ago, I mentioned that I believed that if anyone chose 5 people at random from the street or from the telephone directory, those five people would be an improvement, probably a huge improvement over the current people on our Fullerton City Council


At the time I was saying that partially in jest.  Now I truly believe that the odds of improving our governance by using such a haphazard and random method would in fact be very great indeed.

Why do I believe this?  Simply because I do not think it is possible to do worse than our current group of selfish, special interest devoted council members.

Why do I continue to point out these incredible inconsistencies with our Council members?  I believe that if enough people knew the truth that we could start to have good government again here in the very corrupt city of Fullerton.

The phony elite politicians and their media supporters mocked the idea that any Republican let alone Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton.  In newspaper and mainstream TV “News” Shows they laughed at the idea of Trump becoming our 45th President.

Well one day real soon our current disingenuous council members will be handed the same stunning defeat, maybe as soon as 2018.

I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

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Bruce Whitaker Is Not The Leader We Need to Stop This On-Going Overdevelopment of Our City. by Barry Levinson

It is interesting to note that a day and a half before the election, FullertonWatch posts at rather weak comments made by Bruce Whitaker against the Downtown Core and Corridor Special Plan (DCCSP).  Where have you been Council member Whitaker?  Joe Imbriano and myself have been fighting the good fight against this totally undemocratic boondoggle for the sole benefit of the special interests for 2.5 years.  Here is what our leader had to say about the DCCSP on the referenced video as follows:

  1. He says it will create too much traffic.  Fullertonians would like to ask Council member Whitaker, where he has been on the traffic issue for the last six years he has been on the council.  Fullertonians sure know that the traffic has become a major problem here.
  1. He says we need a good balance of growth in Fullerton.  Of course, Council member Whitaker leaves the public guessing as to what he means by having a good balance of growth.   I must say Whitaker’s words were spoken like a true politician.  His words sound good at first, but once you think about what he said you realize you still have no idea what his position on development will be going forward!   Where are his solutions for improving our terrible and growing traffic congestion before he votes to approve even one more high-density development in our city?

Also knowing that his main campaign contributors over the years have been developers, and real estate interests to the tune of over $40,000, has to give any reasonable person pause as to where his allegiance will lie going forward…the people or the developers.



Here is what Joe Imbriano and myself have been saying for 2.5 years on social media, on the and also at many Fullerton Council meetings as follows:


  1. Over two years ago, we spoke out against the DCCSP as an undemocratic boondoggle, giving all the power to an unelected bureaucrat, City Manager Joe Felz.  If it would have passed in 2014, development throughout almost all the major corridors in the city, covering hundreds of acres would have been under the sole control of City Manager Joe Felz.   There would be no oversight or review from the Planning Commission.  There would be no Agenda Item brought before the City Council, where the council and most importantly the public would have a say as to impact of the development on our city and its residents.  The only person standing in the way of dozens of multi-million dollar projects getting approved was our City Manager.  Absolutely no checks and balance in that system.  As someone who is a trained auditor with 30 plus years of experience, this process should never be approved by any institution that is concerning for open and transparent government. As fiduciary responsibility is a regular theme of Council member Whitaker’s, his failure to point this out to the public should be very concerning to all of us.  I know I mentioned this very issue during public comments over two years ago in the presence of Bruce Whitaker.  As his then appointee to the Parks and Recreation Committee, he had every opportunity to discuss the matter with me at any time.  He has never discussed this with me and has to my knowledge never done so at any City Council meeting.



Did not Bruce Whitaker vote to make Ma’Ayn Johnson, a S.C.A.G employee one of our Fullerton Planning Commissioners?  Yes he certainly did do this, saying she was one of the top candidates out of a good field of 16 or 17 applicants.  S.C.A.G has been in line with the United Nations Agenda 21 goals for more high-density and high-rise development as well as the elimination of the automobile.


If he was really concerned about overdevelopment, it seems very clear that Ma’Ayn Jonson would be the last person he would want on our Fullerton Planning Commission.


Once you examine Bruce Whitaker’s rhetoric vs. his actions concerning the DCCSP and the issue of continued high-rise, high-density development, one would really not know where he stands on these vital issues facing Fullertonians.  Should we believe his words or should we believe his actions?


I report, you decide.



I remember the campaign of 2012 very well. It seems in retrospect that many Fullertonians voted against their own interests that year.  


Sixty one percent of the people who cast a ballot, voted to make all of W. Coyote Hills a park and a nature preserve for the benefit of Fullerton residents and all our surrounding communities as well. I believe W. Coyote Hills was the biggest and most important issue for a majority of Fullertonians that year.

Yet, I will give you the results of the top four vote getters in that election and they are in order of finishing as follows:

Bruce Whitaker
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jan Flory and
Travis Kiger.

As you know the top three all won council seats.

What does the top four vote getters in 2012 have in common?
They all were very much in favor of the Chevron development plans!

61% were in favor of a park but the top four voter getters were against the park.

It seems to me that we kind of shot ourselves in the foot four years ago.

Well now we have another chance to make a difference. Now we have a chance to change the very misguided direction of our current council and tell all of them that we love our current city and not the concrete jungle that the current council is in favor of creating.

I will not ask any of you to vote for any particular candidates. I am not going to change many minds at this late date as to which challengers are the best in my opinion. We have all thought about each of the challengers and have basically made up our own minds. I respect that process and I respect your decisions. After all we all have our favorites.

However, I will ask each and every one of you to take notice of the facts I presented about the year 2012 and the continued overdevelopment approved over and over again by our current council.

Knowing all this information I ask that you consider not voting for the incumbents, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Bruce Whitaker. I also ask you do not vote for their very close allies, namely Larry Bennett and Susan Gapinski.

This leave you with seven candidates (Roberta Reid has dropped out of the race), from which to choose three new council members.

I respectfully ask that each and every one of you, considers making your selection from those seven candidates that are neither incumbents or their associates.

Please let us tell the established politicians in this city that we want our collective voices to be finally heard. Tell them when 61% vote to make W. Coyote Hills a park, that it is not acceptable for the current council to ignore a large majority of us and go forward with the plans we the people just resoundingly rejected.

There are so many things to love and appreciate about our city and its citizens. Please do not let the politicians destroy it!

Thank you and please go out to vote this Tuesday, if you have not voted by absentee ballot yet.

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Yesterday, the Orange County Register endorsed Bruce Whitaker for Fullerton City Council.

Here in part are the comments about Bruce Whitaker from the editorial: “While there are several good options among the 12 candidates seeking three City Council seats in Fullerton, Councilman Bruce Whitaker is undoubtedly our favorite choice due to his steadfast defense of free markets and property rights and his important role as fiscal watchdog for the city.”

After getting up from falling off my chair, I read the last part of the OC Register’s quote about Bruce Whitaker again as follows: …”and his important role as fiscal watchdog for the city.”



I guess the OC Register editorial board has been asleep at the wheel for the last year. Their crack investigative team must be ignorant of many of Whitaker’s recent votes. Because just like Council member Whitaker, the OC Register is ignoring a 4 to 5 million dollar finding related to our Fullerton City Golf Course, they are ignoring his vote to appoint an Agenda 21 supporting S.C.A.G. employee to our Planning Committee (S.C.A.G. is the largest unelected, taxpayer funded, bureaucratic governmental agency in the entire country), and lastly they are ignoring Whitaker’s keeping silent on a agenda item brought by the city to our city council to extend a lease with the Summit House Restaurant on Fullerton parkland with the exact same terms through October 2061. Wow and after all this the OC Register states that Bruce Whitaker is fulfilling his “important role as fiscal watchdog for the city”. But I guess the Register is counting on Bruce Whitaker to allow the developers to have pretty much free rein from our Fullerton City Council, lead by Bruce Whitaker, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Sue Gapinski.

The same OC Register endorsed Whitaker’s newly anointed protégé, Sue Gapinski, who in answering an important interview question concerning Fullerton said to Fullerton Observer’s Jesse La Tour that she has no idea how to solve the problem but will listen to the people of Fullerton.

I feel so much better that a candidate that came out of nowhere, has no real platform and states she has no idea how to solve a Fullerton problem, and gets the nod of the OC Register.

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Jennifer Fitzgerald became Vice President of Curt Pringle & Associates only after her election to the council

Finally endorsing big government and FPOA (Fullerton Police Officers Association) union backed Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald is indeed the biggest joke of all. She too, ignored my 4 to 5 million dollar finding. She too voted to appoint the SCAG senior planner to the planning commission as well. In my opinion she has a built in conflict of interest, as she is Vice President of Curt Pringle and Associates, a lobbyist and public relations firm that has many, many developer clients and deals directly with local cities all the time.  She makes her employment situation that much worse by refusing to provide the good people of Fullerton a complete list of all Curt Pringle and Associates’ clients.

unnamed (2)

The only thing I can say is that the OC Register should have stayed in bankruptcy and closed its doors forever. They in large part have voluntarily given up any claim to accurately report the local news here in Fullerton and elsewhere throughout Orange County. These endorsements are more proof of the irrelevance of the current OC Register paper.

Barry Levinson


A day late and a dollar short: How Chevron got the goldmine and Fullerton got the shaft

Can’t say I didn’t tell you so.


You know this whole Coyote Hills things really stinks to high heaven. Come to think of it, something is really rotten in the state of Denmark. So let me ask all of you some questions. For those of you on the Coyote Hills mailing list, have you received one iota of information on the platforms of the candidates like they always send out?  Have you been invited to the altar call for the trip to San Francisco to get the EPA involved? How about a liitle rendevous with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the riparian access  sign off issues? Is the answer a resounding NO? So what the heck is going on?

The election is 8 days away, and with last Friday night’s blues, the judge just told you all to stick it and the police and fire unions are running the mail carriers till midnight jamming your mailboxes full of hit pieces designed to put the developers all into striking position. If you haven’t figured it out yet, old time favorites like Royce, The Register, Nelson, Nordell and the NIMBY types like Robert Jensen are all running cover for all of these people. It is how the corrupt game is played in dirty Fullerton politics.

Yes sure, as a matter of fact, you Coyote Hills people probably thought all along that you could trust the city right? You thought that through this process that they would keep their word and help you fill out the forms the correct way right?  Are you kidding me? Well there is nothing like putting all your political capital into a commodity with an expiration date that has already past and that is exactly what the Friends of Coyote Hills has done.


Don’t get me wrong folks. Police union hack Benedict Arnold Chaffee turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us


and sold you all out while you thought the union hack Flory would turn out to be another Socks Silva and boy did you get conned as she turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us

jan-florry-by-Samahan-Mohagen-10336840_597500127032663_7859966640831628486_n (1)

Then there was the Nelson Royce plant Whitaker who believes property rights mean the owner should be able to do whatever their hearts desire with their property and if he had it his way, there would be no zoning at all who turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us.


Ah yes you can always count on a land surveyor like Greg who emerged from Tony B’s backyard a changed man as he turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us.


You can always trust the Curt Pringle VP, developer lobbyist, Jennifer Fitzgerald to show up to a ground breaking to a church parking structure and  get the entire church to wash police cars as she gets you all sit out the biggest heist in Fullerton’s history as she turned on all of you and voted to stick it to all of us.


The Fullerton City council turned a rattle snake infested, rat farm, full of owls, mice, lice, fire ants, un remediated polluted soil, and uncapped oil and gas wells on a fault line into a casino ladies and gentlemen and they are playing with your money. They did it when they rezoned the property from oil and gas to residential and with the help of the judicial system, now they want you to buy it back with money we don’t have, at a price we cannot afford and all after they practically gave it away.

Yes Chevron got the gold mine and Fullerton gets the shaft ladies and gentlemen. Of course putting your life savings into a commodity with an expiration date isn’t bad enough, and then you take it one step further and put what has been salvaged into the hands of an elected judge who campaign was probably bankrolled by the same players the players on the council play with.

Man alive folks, you sit back and let the pied piper walk this whole thing right off the cliff while you all wait for the sun to come out at 3 am and elect the same leaders or their con men that put us here.

Fullerton, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me three times and you deserve all the shame you can handle. You elect Whitaker or Fitzgerald or anyone they are paired up with or  endorse and I will tell you that you will get the leaders you deserve.

Someone better get this bull by the horns before Curt Pringle sicks Jennifer Fitzgerald on them there hills and puts in high rise housing all the way to the County Line or before Shawn Neslon sicks Whitaker on them there hills to build the largest homeless shelter west of the Mississippi.

I don’t know what else to say since the shaft just  got deeper and it will get much deeper for all of us because of  those of you who keep sending the same corrupt leaders and their caddies back to dais every four years.  Ladies and gentlemen don’t blame me because I tried to warn you. You still have a choice.

Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council



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  1. Bruce Whitaker voted to place Ma’Ayn Johnson, a S.C.A.G senior planner to our Fullerton Planning Committee. S.C.A.G, the Southern California Association of Governments, has been pushing for high-rise, high-density development and the elimination of the automobile as agents of the United Nations Agenda 21 for decades.   S.C.A.G is the largest unelected, taxpayer funded, governmental agency in the country and so-called limited government, Bruce Whitaker voted for her to be on our Fullerton Planning Commission


Question: Why did Bruce Whitaker support a S.C.A.G. employee and Agenda 21 advocate, which goes against everything he has been pontificating to his loyal supporters for years and years?  May I remind Bruce Whitaker that the American colonies went to war with Britain because of Taxation Without Representation?  Yet Bruce Whitaker votes for Ma’Ayn Johnson, when there were 16 other qualified candidates for that very same position.

  1. Bruce Whitaker voted to make Jennifer Fitzgerald our Mayor almost guaranteeing her to be reelected with the help of the title Mayor on the ballot.

Jennifer Fitzgerald’s Coronation of Compromise


  1. Bruce Whitaker voted for the absolute worst redistricting map, which I call the high-density, high-rise developers and downtown nightclub owners’ map.   It is the only map presented to the council that basically disenfranchises the good people who live in and around the downtown area of Fullerton.  Rather than being in primarily one district, Popoff’s map divides our downtown residents into five small pieces attached to other neighborhoods throughout Fullerton. This is taxation without adequate representation.  Jeremy Popoff, the owner of the Downtown Fullerton Slidebar and a $1,500 contributor to Bruce Whitaker’s past campaigns, wrote this map.  Is this a coincidence or not?


  1.  Bruce Whitaker refused to respond verbally or in writing to my extremely well documented analysis of a 4 to 5 million-dollar finding concerning the Fullerton Golf Course.  I am a trained auditor with an MBA and work experience with Ernst and Young, a worldwide CPA firm as well as 12 years as an Internal auditor at the Corporate Headquarters of Northrop Grumman Corporation.  A total of over 30 years of accounting and auditing experience ignored by the Council member who appointed me to the Parks and Recreation Committee not once but twice.

Yet to my astonishment, a short time after he chose not to deal with my very large, extremely well documenting and supported finding, he asks for the establishment of an Audit Committee for our City.  Of course his motion got no support and it died immediately.  Was this by design?  Was Bruce Whitaker being a hypocrite?  I will let the readers make up their own minds.

I do know this for sure.  Bruce Whitaker has a lot of explaining to do but unfortunately for him he is way more than a day late and a dollar short!

Bruce Whitaker:  Image vs. Reality



The carefully cultivated image of a man who cares about the people he represents, who believes in transparency in government, who believes in his fiduciary responsibility to the people.


We have now come to learn that the image is so, so different than reality.  Anyone objective enough to absorb the facts presented here and elsewhere, now knows that the reality falls far short from the carefully cultivated image.



The very unprofessional and very discourteous way he handled the termination of me from the P and R committee and the fact that he ignored a 4 to 5 million-dollar problem brought to his attention by the same appointee, myself among many other things, shows him lacking in the basics, necessary to continue to represent the people of Fullerton.  What happened to his pledge to carry out his fiduciary responsibility to the people of Fullerton?



We the people of Fullerton want to know why you voted for the most corrupt redistricting map available, Map 8A not once but twice and voted to make Jennifer Fitzgerald Mayor?


Bruce voted to make this woman mayor as he never goes after Nelson’s sacred cow and Pringle lobbyist up on the dais Fitzgerald

There is absolutely no good reason why Council member Whitaker ignored the Fullerton Golf Course issue. But the reason he removed me is simple. I was apparently getting in the way of the city doing its corrupt, phony deals.   I am referring to deals such as the DCCSP, College Town, the Summit House lease extension, and the Revised DCCSP (which would have also removed Polly’s Pies from its current long-time address and basically removed one of the few shopping centers in the eastern part of Fullerton).  The Agenda item to extend an existing Summit House Restaurant lease deal, which already could extend to the year 2041 was another back room deal by our city council.  The Summit House not the city already controlled options with the exact same terms to the year 2041.   In other words the Summit House was in the driver seat until the year 2041 or 26 years from the date of this agenda item.  But the Summit House wanted more and our totally inept or corrupt city council and city manager (you take your pick for it has to be one or the other), wanted to give them two additional 10-year lease extensions with the exact same terms all the way to October 2061.


This meant that the city intentionally bypassed the Park and Recreation Committee for this important agenda issue.  I was the only speaker to point out how the city manager and the city council wrongly bypassed the Park and Recreation Committee.   Based on my bringing this failure by the city to the attention of all that night, it resulted in it supposedly going back to our committee.  Guess what, a little over a month later I learned that the agenda item was withdrawn by the Summit House Restaurant owner.


Hugo Curiel -I bet the Summit House item was deferred to prevent disclosure of the cushy lease arrangement Parkinson has with the City.


Mr. Parkinson this land is your land this land is my land

Question:  Would any reasonable businessman accept extending a lease with the same current terms for the next 46 years?  Why didn’t Bruce Whitaker inform me as his appointee to the Park and Recreation Committee that this agenda item had been wrongly bypassed by the city?

Free dinners for life for the complicit lackeys, well almost.

Free dinners for life for the complicit lackeys, well almost.

Was Bruce Whitaker part of this plan to bypass the P and R Committee?  If not, why did he not contact me when he received his council member agenda package.   The agenda package clearly stated that the lease extension was recommended by the Park and Recreation Department and not the Park and Recreation Committee, which is the normal procedure.

A few will claim that this is just a personal vendetta against the good council member because he removed me from my volunteer position at the Parks and Recreation Committee.

This is not personal but it is very painful to me and more importantly to many others who believed and trusted Bruce Whitaker to represent us honestly based on his many years of his pontificating fiscally conservative values and limited government solutions.  He let all of us down.  He had such a golden opportunity to make a real difference in our City and instead over the past year he decided to place politics and his own ambition in front of the needs of the people he swore to represent.



He told me about a year ago that he was planning to run for Shawn Nelson’s OC Supervisory seat when it became available, which will be no later than when term limits apply for Nelson in 2018.  It would seem all his poor and unexplainable decisions might have been based on his selfish political ambitions instead of standing up for the good people of Fullerton.  This turning his back on his most loyal supporters can’t and should not be rewarded with his reelection.  He chose his future political career outside of Fullerton over us.  You have let us down big time Council member Bruce Whitaker and hopefully now you will have to pay a political price for your bad, very selfish and self-serving choices.



It’s about time….the Danny Hughes leadership era is at last coming to an end

Special exclusive to The Fullerton Informer by one of our readers, anonymous of course.


It’s about time….with all the newly hired officers leaving in mass and the more seasoned officers running for employment at neighboring police departments…the wreckage caused by the Danny Hughes leadership era is at last coming to an end. Apparently Disney does not conduct pre-employment background checks or Dan Hughes is just the perfect size for the duck suit. But don’t worry, Dan Hughes is not going away that quickly. His 2-week notice letter states he will be retained by the City Manager as a Fullerton reserve police officer.


Why would a new Chief allow the old dysfunctional leader to hang around and continue to spread his poison? Why would his new employer allow him to continue working at the Fullerton police department…Now drawing 3 pay checks.. one pension from PERS one from the City of Fullerton and one from Disney?


Hi all-

It is with mixed emotions that I share with you that after 33 years of service at the police department, I will be retiring effective November 11th. I have informed the city manager and he will be choosing an external interim chief until a wider search and testing process can be completed. I will become a reserve officer in order to complete a few projects I have committed to. I have accepted a position as the Vice President of Security and Emergency Services at the Disneyland Resort and am excited about this new journey in my life.


There are no words I could use to adequately express how grateful and honored I am of serving as your police chief for the past five years. We have endured many challenges during this time but I believe those challenges made us better and I truly believe the best days for our department are still to come. The future of our department is exciting because there are such strong managers and supervisors prepared to lead our department. I could not be more impressed with our sworn and professional personnel that are committed to excellence and are loyal to serving our community with the highest level of integrity, character, and compassion.


You should be very proud of what we have been able to accomplish these past five years. We developed a strategic plan of embracing community policing methods and improving and developing strong trusting relationships within our community. We began utilizing a more academic approach to analyzing crime trends and partnering with our community to decrease crime and increase community relations. We created the Directed Enforcement Team to address quality of life issues and to provide more opportunities for investigative development for our personnel. We created the county’s first full time Homeless Liaison Officer Program and partnered with Coast to Coast, O.C. Mental Health, CSP, and other non-profit organizations to deal with this tragic social problem that local law enforcement has been asked to resolve. We have enhanced our presence and relationship with the schools as we partnered with Team Kids and GRIP to demonstrate a sense of caring for the future generation of our community. We have enhanced our relationship with the community we serve by improving how we communicate with one another. We increased department tours, held open houses, increased citizen academies, created a Chief’s community advisory committee, increased our presence at community events, partnered with O.C. United with the Love Fullerton events, initiated Annual Reports and Employee Recognition Ceremonies, created a social media team, initiated the departments first Legacy Album project which is projected to be completed in the next few months, and helped launch Behind the Badge OC so we could profile the many wonderful programs and people we have at our department and share information with our community that most news organizations are not interested in covering.



There were also many visible changes made within our department. The Traffic Bureau, Records Bureau, and the CSI offices all received significant renovations. We created the Wall of Honor and Wall of Service to memorialize those that have served honorably before us and to challenge each of us to emulate their actions. We transitioned our patrol cars to Ford Explorers and changed the police logo and added a blue lives matter flag on each vehicle. We memorialized five of our police vehicles by placing the names of the five officers whose deaths are attributed to them being a police officer. We provided every officer a Taser and soon each officer will be equipped with a tourniquet kit and Naloxone (Narcan). We were the first department in Orange County to deploy every officer with a Body Camera. We redesigned our web page, approved a new policy manual, created the Peer Support Program, and purchased a new Prism system to improve training. We also created challenge coins and worked with the Legislature to permanently honor two of our fallen officers by dedicating freeway signs in their name. A strategic staffing study was completed and later approved by city council to increase the number of sworn officers from 143 tom 160 in the coming years.



I will retire with many fond memories but what I will miss the most is the incredible people I have had the opportunity to work with. Each day I have come to work I have prayed for the protection of our personnel and the transformation of our city. I will continue to do so and will make myself available if I can ever be assistance to you.

joe acacia


I am excited for the future of our department and thank you for the amazing privilege of serving as your police chief.


With much appreciation, gratitude and respect-



Agenda 21 supporting Fullerton City Council Candidates

Fullerton City Council Candidates & Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a three-decade old, grand plan for global ’Sustainable Development,’ brought to you from the United Nations.

At risk from Agenda 21:

•Private Property ownership

•Single-Family homes

•Private car ownership and individual travel choices

•Privately owned farms

The Agenda 21/regionalism plan openly targets private property.  For over thirty-five years the UN has made their stance very clear on the issue of individuals owning land:

Land… cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interest of society as a whole.

Source: United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat I),Vancouver, BC, May 31 – June 11, 1976. Preamble to Agenda Item 10 of the Conference Report.

Two Means of Agenda 21 Implementation in Fullerton

SCAG (So. California Assoc. of Governments) — This organization contains the writings of known socialist,

Brundtland, all throughout their reports and philosophies.

APA  (American Planning Association)  —  This organizations’ entire curriculum, programs, and procedures

are taken straight from the U.N.


Fullerton City Council Candidates 2016

Jennifer Fitzgerald  – incumbent, has consistently voted for the out-of-control development that has created more traffic congestion on deteriorating streets making Fullerton unlivable, voted to appoint AGENDA 21 OPERATIVE,  SCAG employee Ma’Ayn Johnson to Fullerton Planning Commission.  Ms.  Fitzgerald is an employee of Curt Pringle & Associates, SCAG is their client.


Larry Bennett  —  endorsed and appointed to Fullerton Planning Commission  by Jennifer Fitzgerald. Larry ignores the problem with the AGENDA 21 OPERATIVE Ma’ Ayan Johnson on the planning commission as he sits there and ignores my requests for her to resign.


Bruce Whitaker —  incumbent, voted to appoint AGENDA 21 OPERATIVE SCAG employee Ma’Ayn Johnson as one of his “top choices” to Fullerton Planning Commission, voted to appoint Jennifer Fitzgerald as Fullerton Mayor, has consistently stood by while out-of-control development continues as he called off his appointee to the planning commission during the vote on the DCCSP and ignores my repeated requests to have Ma’Ayn Johnson removed from the planning commission.


Are you tired of appealing to appointed and elected officials that will not listen? I am. 

Vote  These Agenda 21 operatives  Out.

Here are the rest of the candidates who have done nothing but dodge the issue and circle the wagons around the guilty.

Jesus Silva-  

Supports high density housing and is totally clueless and COMPLETELY SILENT ON AGENDA 21 for his entire life


Jonathan Mansoori 

Throws progressive buzzwords around like corn seeds on an Iowa farm in the springtime, says a lot that means almost nothing, is for sustainable development and is for Agenda 21. He is the Agenda 21 plant in this race.




Are you tired of appealing to candidates that are either clueless, cowards or even worse? 

Do note Vote for candidates who are silent, clueless or worse when it comes to Agenda 21.

Joe Imbriano

A proven fighter against Agenda 21 on all fronts


Google Joe Imbriano Agenda 21 and you will see thousands of entries.

I have repeatedly fought Agenda 21 for years at the council meetings and school board meetings as all of these council members and candidates have and continue to ignore it all-THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

I need your vote. The only way to get me elected is to vote for one candidate and not three. It makes the vote count as three votes.


Joe Imbriano is the only No on Agenda 21 candidate!

It takes money and votes to kick and keep these people out.





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Fitzgerald appointee Gretchen Cox’s 5 million dollar smile of malevolent pleasure

Watch what goes on here when the  long-time Fullerton Parks and Recreation commissioner  Mr. Barry Levinson tries to expose a $5,000,000 shortfall to the taxpayers on a bad contract with American Golf. Well they all, including council candidate Jesus Silva, ignored it all. In my opinion, he has no business on the council based on his past and present conduct as a park and rec commissioner.


Jesus Silva is just another brick in the Fullerton establishment’s wall.

It is disgusting how Mr. Levinson is treated by Karen Lang McNabb. Ladies and gentlemen, these people are covering up a massive amount of lost revenue to the city that could be so properly utilized in our city.

Just minutes into this video reveal some real insight into the Fitzgerald apparatus at work. It comes at around the 3 minute and 10 second mark where Gretchen Cox, the Fitzgerald appointee and sycophant appears to engage in a little santoria while chomping on her time release aspartame chew up on the dais taking pleasure in shutting down the only one on the commission doing their job fighting for the taxpayers. This smug attitude towards those exposing corruption is typical with Fitzgerald and her operatives. That is why we need to throw Fitzgerald out.

Jesus Silva, who had repeatedly been exposed to this information at subsequent meetings and in written notice, abstained from a vote to shut Barry down. That amounts to aiding and abetting those hiding this massive 5 million dollar cover up. Shame on Jesus Silva who is nothing more than a coward and another political operative in my opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, this  issue is still being buried by the entire City Council as well-ALL OF THEM. Even Bruce Whitaker, who appointed Barry Levinson refused to even respond to his own appointee in writing on this issue. Bruce Whitaker eventually fired Barry Levinson from his position on the Park and Rec commission. That is what Barry gets for doing his job, Shame on Bruce Whitaker who is nothing more than a coward and another political operative in my opinion.


Bruce fired Barry Levinson for doing his job and then went on to defame Mr Levinson in the Fullerton Observer.

What does that tell you about our city government? It tells me that change is in the air.November is right around the corner, just like my campaign signs ladies and gentlemen, Help me throw these people out on election day. Vote for Joe Imbriano 4 Fullerton City Council





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