California’s geo-engineered drought


Normal skies over Disneyland in 1972

For the better part of my childhood, young adult, adult, and now middle aged life, I have always paid careful attention to the weather. Almost all of my available free time was, and is to this day, spent outdoors. I have always been connected to the sky above and the land and sea beneath as my hobbies, interests and pursuits have been inexorably linked up to life giving seasons and climactic cycles.


Normal skies over Fullerton in 2014 when the intent is to keep the ridge of high pressure over the great basin in place.

I know what the sky is supposed to look like because I used to be able to read it like a book in terms of the weather.


Skies over 1950’s Orange County

To this day, I still can, but the predictions I now make are based on the predictability of the weather being manipulated and the tell tale sign of such: aerosol operations involving metallic nano particles interacting with electromagnetic forces being emitted from various key infrastructure systems all around us.


Aerosol operations in advance of an approaching cold front 2013.

Clouds are not straight lines with tire tracks in them. Clouds are not a tic tac toe game in the sky. People you need to take your eyes off of your screens for a while and pay attention to what is being done to all of us from above by those who serve and get their orders from those down below.

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Normal skies over Fullerton circa 1959

Since 1977, I have personally taken and categorically logged barometric pressure readings, relative humidity, visibility, wind direction and speed, cloud cover and precipitation.


Normal skies over Disneyland around 1975

My collection of photos of the sunrises and sunsets spanning decades over the bow of a boat, the ball field backstops, the isthmus at Catalina, or over the Newport pier span decades along with my collection of newspaper clippings of the weather satellite images.

images (3)

Skies over Disneyland in 1959

The 16 year newpaper collection came to an end when the local papers stopped printing satellite images in the mid 1990’s. The weather section in these papers is now in cartoon format.

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The Ragisters Lou Ponsi-We can always count on objective reporting

Fortunately the collection has gotten much more sophisticated with the GOES West, NOAA  imagery and the Unisys satellite loops which give us far more information than ever before available. Thank God for the internet.

wv (1)

The GOES WEST water vapor satellite image from this morning.


Skies over Disneyland in 1970

Today, there is no hiding what is being done to the weather. You would never know it is happening however, unless you had the frame of reference of what the sky used to look like and how the weather patterns used to play themselves out.


Skies over Disneyland in 1972

Without the knowledge of how fronts, ridges and systems are supposed to appear in person or on the visible, infrared, or water vapor satellite imagery, you cannot begin to understand just how far from normal they have taken us.


Without an understanding of how these weather systems have historically behaved, you cannot to discern the fact that almost everything that we call weather patterns today are actually complete weather anomalies.


Skies over Orange County in 2014

There are no longer normal weather patterns.  It should come as no surprise, that none of this is due to global warming. There is climate change for sure folks.


Skies over Disneyland in 1959

It just ain’t caused by your car, your cow or your kid. Yes the fact of the matter is that sun and its electromagnetic emissions’ interactions with our atmosphere and magnetic field is largely responsible for long term climactic cycles.


Baldwin Hills in the 1950s


It is important to note that the current extreme weather anomalies that we are currently experiencing are merely man made, in your face technologically, electromagnetically induced climate change that is being blamed on excess levels of CO2 from human respiration otherwise known as the CO2 we exhale or that our gas stoves emit which is really  plant food  that they call carbon emissions. Now you are being taxed, controlled and culled  as a part of a massive re- engineering of society into a new dark age where you will eat, drink, think, date and mate with whoever, and whatever, and be irradiated at whatever frequency and power level they deem necessary as the screens tell you. Resistance is futile, the church and state will tell you. All this is ALREADY HAPPENING.

By the way, this is THE pretext that will be used to depopulate the planet. This is Agenda 21.

Blanketing the planet with metallic nano particles that get into our bloodstreams via the vaccinations, and the food and water supplies along with their biologically damaging electromagnetic interactions once inside our bodies from wireless radiation as well as food control genocide via climate control is THE GOAL. This is called radiation biology ladies and gentlemen. It is an extension of the Manhattan Project and it is alive and well in the year 2014.

The identities and intentions of those and the mechanisms by which this will be accomplished have been dealt with at length on this website.

So back to my own back yard. Things began to drastically change around early 1993 in Southern California with the sky becoming enveloped in the strange haze that followed the tic tac toe in the sky.  The chemtrails have now become part of the landscape all over the world, including the movies, commercials and cartoons. What began gradually back then is now commonplace three days before a high, a cutoff low or a low pressure system approaches.  These lines all over the sky are not water vapor folks.

So as the stone fruit trees, the marine food chain and the bees die en masse from this radiation biology program involving electromagnetic interactions with these metallic nano particles, we don’t care because, we got WiFi, iPads,  big screens and there are 500 channels now? When will people ever realize that they cannot eat money?

Ladies and gentlemen, those are not commercial aircraft and those grid patterns are not commercial flight paths. If they were, the F.A.A. would fire every last air traffic controller in the country.

But like I said, who cares, you got your WiFi, your iPad, a big screen and there are 500 channels now with a hot pocket in the microwave and Ralphs looks like a  liquor store now. Oh so many choices.

California’s drought is a geo engineered drought. Please consider this perspective on the Geoengineering and Chemtrail Manufactured Drought that all of our elected leaders continue to ignore. Will all of you?

Climatologists report that the 2013-2014 rainfall season is well on its way to becoming California’s driest period in more than 400 years. In 2013, California received an average of just over 4 inches of rain. Downtown Los Angeles, which receives nearly 15 inches of rain during a normal year, only got 3.6 inches in 2013. It’s currently California’s driest period since it was granted statehood in 1850.

It is no coincidence that the extreme drought coincides with unprecedented geoengineering and chemtrail activity. In Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California, Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch says, “intentionally caused drought is weather warfare.” California’ drought works like this:

“With the combination of constant aerosol spraying and ionosphere heater utilization (HAARP) the climate engineers have effectively cut off the flow of moisture to the state of California. Why? First, California is possibly a climate “sacrifice zone”. This means that California is collateral damage for the constant parade of engineered snow storms being whipped up further east in the US. The rain blocking high pressure ridge that the climate engineers have locked in place over the western US and the eastern Pacific pushes the jet stream straight north, carrying the moisture with it before rain can come anywhere near California. This moisture then travels as far as Alaska and the Arctic. The jet is then turned back south as it wraps clockwise around the HAARP/ionosphere heater created dome of high pressure. Then, it is pumped all the way down to the southern US carrying heavily sprayed and chemically ice nucleated moisture with it which enhances the artificial cool down of the eastern US.”

Our loss is another’s unwanted excess gain in terms of flooding and extreme weather. Look folks, the weather is being controlled in order to justify the draconian regulations and measures that Agenda 21 requires. Look into it.  Weather modification has been around for a very long time. There are Tesla antenna farms all over the world. The fact that they have gotten you to believe that water vapor is supposed to look like powder is indicative of how much time people spend in front of their flicker rate manipulated screens.

There is nothing good about what they have planned for you and yours. The technology exists to solve  all of our problems. We can put probes on pluto, yet we allow a private bank to print money out of thin air and loan it at interest to the government who loans it at interest to banks who loan it interest to us which enslave the future generations with debt. Yes we  have rectangular chemtrail formation dumping of aluminum and barium salts at 40,000 feet pawned off on us as clouds and still we cannot fix a pothole. Maybe we deserve the potholes.

The technology and its control are simply in the wrong hands. The ability to solve our problems is well within our reach. However, as long as they train us to act like animals, the closer we will all come to the inevitability of being treated like animals. Break your conditioning before it is too late. As they herd the world’s populations into the compact cities which are actually scientific kill grids, as they erect masts, antenna arrays, and WiFi networks everywhere to finish the job, ask yourself how did I get here? Really-what will happen after a few weeks without power, electricity, or water? What will happen when the switch doesn’t work because they turned it off? You think the love your neighbor routine is gonna work in this demoralized, debased, depraved dystopia that they have planned?  Look if they can spray this stuff all over the world in plain view of all of humanity for decades without recourse, what recourse do you think we deserve for our willful ignorance and cowardice?

Get your kids off of the screens tonight and open their eyes before they close like all of yours. Please before it is too late and above all, let’s be Truthful. You are not going to collect on your pensions. The reset is coming. Going along with all of this crap and thinking you are safe by being silent is akin to trying to shave a few bucks off the bar tab on the Titanic. Hard times are ahead. Money will not solve them. The handwriting has gone from the wall all the way to the sky gang.

Call me what you want and I will call it as I see it. Houston, we have a problem ladies and gentlemen.




I REPORT YOU DECIDE BY BARRY LEVINSON. Michelle Malkin has the facts about Common Core every parent in America needs to know.




There has been a lot of discussion about Common Core lately and a growing swell of concerned parents across the country as public schools nationwide begin to apply the Federal standards to curriculums. But what are the facts?

Michelle Malkin has been doing tireless research and reporting on Common Core, and currently has an ongoing series of articles in which she breaks down Common Core into its essential parts. The truth is that there’s more to Common Core than what you might think, and much of it is very alarming.

download (22)

Syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin

Here are excerpts from her articles and links to each one. I would highly encourage readers to click read these in their entirety. It’s important information, especially if you have kids in public schools.

Part 1 – Common Core’s war on math standards

Stanford University professor James Milgram, the only mathematician on the validation panel, concluded that the Common Core math scheme would place American students two years behind their peers in other high-achieving countries. In protest, Milgram refused to sign off on the standards. He’s not alone.
Professor Jonathan Goodman of New York University found that the Common Core math standards imposed “significantly lower expectations with respect to algebra and geometry than the published standards of other countries.”
Under Common Core, as the American Principles Project and Pioneer Institute point out, algebra I instruction is pushed to 9th grade, instead of 8th grade, as commonly taught. Division is postponed from 5th to 6th grade. Prime factorization, common denominators, conversions of fractions and decimals, and algebraic manipulation are de-emphasized or eschewed. Traditional Euclidean geometry is replaced with an experimental approach that had not been previously pilot-tested in the U.S.

Part 2 – Common Core’s deconstruction of English and literature

Take the Common Core literacy “standards.” Please. As literature professors, writers, humanities scholars, secondary educators and parents have warned over the past three years, the new achievement goals actually set American students back by de-emphasizing great literary works for “informational texts.” Challenging students to digest and dissect difficult poems and novels is becoming passe. Utilitarianism uber alles.
The Common Core English/language arts criteria call for students to spend only half of their class time studying literature, and only 30 percent of their class time by their junior and senior years in high school.

Under Common Core, classics such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” are of no more academic value than the pages of the Federal Register or the Federal Reserve archives — or a pro-Obamacare opinion essay in The New Yorker. Audio and video transcripts, along with “alternative literacies” that are more “relevant” to today’s students (pop song lyrics, for example), are on par with Shakespeare.

English professor Mary Grabar describes Common Core training exercises that tell teachers “to read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address without emotion and without providing any historical context. Common Core reduces all ‘texts’ to one level: the Gettysburg Address to the EPA’s Recommended Levels of Insulation.” Indeed, in my own research, I found one Common Core “exemplar” on teaching the Gettysburg Address that instructs educators to “refrain from giving background context or substantial instructional guidance at the outset.”
Another exercise devised by Common Core promoters features the Gettysburg Address as a word cloud. Yes, a word cloud. Teachers use the jumble of letters, devoid of historical context and truths, to help students chart, decode and “deconstruct” Lincoln’s speech.

Part 3 – Common Core’s mindless political correctness

Texas is a right-minded red state, where patriotism is still a virtue and political correctness is out of vogue. So how on earth have left-wing educators in public classrooms been allowed to instruct Lone Star students to dress in Islamic garb, call the 9/11 jihadists “freedom fighters” and treat the Boston Tea Party participants as “terrorists”?
Here’s the dirty little secret: Despite the best efforts of vigilant parents, teachers and administrators committed to academic excellence, progressive activists reign supreme in government schools.

That’s because curriculum is king. The liberal monopoly on the modern textbook/curricular market remains unchallenged after a half-century. He who controls the textbooks, teaching guides and tests controls the academic agenda.
That is how the propagandistic outfitting of students in Islamic garb came to pass in the unlikely setting of the conservative Lumberton, Texas, school district. As Fox News reporter Todd Starnes noted this week, a 32-year veteran of the high school led a world geography lesson on Islam in which hijab-wrapped students were banned from using the words “suicide bomber” and “terrorist” to describe Muslim mass murderers in favor of the term “freedom fighter.”

Part 4 – Common Core’s invasive student tracking database

These systems will aggregate massive amounts of personal data — health-care histories, income information, religious affiliations, voting status and even blood types and homework completion. The data will be available to a wide variety of public agencies. And despite federal student-privacy protections guaranteed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Obama administration is paving the way for private entities to buy their way into the data boondoggle. Even more alarming, the U.S. Department of Education is encouraging a radical push from aggregate-level data-gathering to invasive individual student-level data collection.

Part 5 – How to fight Common Core (and how not to)

In my home state of Colorado, dissent from both conservative and liberal parents forced Jefferson County to allow individual “opt-outs” from the inBloom data-mining machine. The Gates Foundation responded by pouring $5 million into the district for “innovative professional development systems to create personalized learning systems for teachers.” How do you spell special interest payoff?
Not only do these education emperors have no clothes. They have tissue-paper thin skin. Their arrogant, contemptuous and vengeful treatment of dissenting parents and teachers gets a world-class “F.”

Listen up:
We parents of school-age children are all Robert Smalls and Natalie Adamses and Leonie Haimsons. We, not the Obamas or the Bushes or the Gateses or educrats in Washington, are our children’s primary educational providers. Control over our children begins and ends with us.
It is imperative that parents in America be familiar with Common Core’s different functions and how it affects your children’s education. I would highly encourage our readers to pass these articles along to your friends who have kids in public school.
- See more at:…/michelle-malkin-has-the-facts…





unnamed (2)

Establishment protecting, status quo aficionado, Fullerton Observer publisher Sharon Kennedy.

The Observer is a local leftist paper that is about as bent on this towns leftist phony RHINO and limousine liberal status quo as you can get. I believe that as of late however, it appears to be treading into some very dangerous territory with its printing of what I believe to be libelous and slanderous statements penned by Pam Keller and published by Sharon Kennedy herself that were intended to support the framing and incarceration of two totally innocent community activists, Mr. Barry Levinson and Mr. Alfredo Gutierrez. The slant and spin has finally tilted this yellowing rag off of its axis quite possibly for good. When a spinning object starts to wobble, the inevitablity is that it will soon fall.

unnamed (3)

Don’t look now, your on candid camera

Is it possible that being born into the left to the point of everything being right is so far out in left field that all that is right that is left cant be right but left. It that right?  What could possibly be left? Is the Observer and the coyote ugly posse what is really wrong with Fullerton?  The other outlets like the Ragister and Fullerton Stories all fold like a bad hand when it comes to the real issues. They share the sheets with the city hall crowd so much so that any faint glistening of objectivity is completely surpassed by fluff pieces and politically correct montages.

download (34)

Designed for but apparently no longer being used by Dan Hughes in his reports for determining which corridor is north and which corridor is south outside the council chambers.

Just one example was Dan Hughes handwritten report full of factual errors hand delivered to the DA over the non event that he and his henchmen tried to elevate to possible felony charges to get a family man and a local business owner thrown in jail, disqualified from holding office and to get the media content for the hit piece mailers when we run for office in 2016. Just for good measure, Felz and company fired up the comfort women crowd  to set the mood as theme of violence against women would be playimg for the lynching of Barry Levinson at the council meeting. The stage was set as the entire diseased heart of Fullerton pulled up a seat and waited for the noose to cinch while they all licked their lips. Pam Keller and her attack dog posse were called out for good measure and were given carte blanche access to libel and defame Mr. Levinson, Mr. Gutierrez and myself in Sharon’s landfill clogging rag.

Sharon fails to mention in this issue how Bruce Whitaker clearly stated that the video didnt match the events described in the report, nor did Sharon print Dianne Hickeys eyewitness account and statement how none of what was alleged actually occurred. Nor did she mention how our esteemed police chief Dan Hughes out of one side of his mouth says he “hates Barry Levinson” and out of the other side says “I can be objective” while out of the middle of his mouth he says “The more Barry Levinson speaks the more crazy and deranged he appears…” Yeah Dan, I read your report and watched the videos and I believe you need a pair of these.

download (35)

You know Sharon and her crew has been notorious for misquoting people at public meetings for some time now, misconstruing and even fabricating statements that were never uttered by the quoted individuals. This takes place all the while she refuses to address the major issues that affect us all such as the wireless disaster in our schools, the city hall union hack fleecing of the taxpayers, the despicable common core curriculum ram job on the kids, the still out of control police department and the recent potential criminal conspiracy to frame Mr. Barry Levinson and Mr. Alfredo Gutierrez. They were two men that wanted to stop the Richman Park cell tower vote as they were just trying to protect school children. The tower is going into to a park right next to the school that birthed so many of those in this town that have risen through the ranks. Today the kids in that neighborhood need support from the adults, not another harmful source of microwave emissions. I have to hand it to Sharon as she plays the game pretty well spinning the issues for as long as I have dealt with her. Just look at the latest Observer issue and you will see the trend continue with even more libelous statements repeated.

Now lets draw the curtain back, turn on the lights and get objective with the contents of the rag shall we? For starters she opens with the Bermuda triangle on page one with Jennifer Fitzpringle, Janus Flory and Sex Ed Silva to get you in the mood for some good old liberal fun.

images (49) images (50) 1bf41553daa09468dd63addf90daac37528f6e7a564d6d36e943e8454b4e9b70

Then we move right along and we are asked to entertain the suggestion that “canvassing neighborhoods” should be looked into and possibly restricted or controlled? There is a blatant attack on the First Amendment if I have ever seen one.

Then there is the article about how evil guns are and how wonderful Japan is. For over a year I have been calling out how the satanic media, the satanic video games, the secular humanist educational system, and all the petrochemical poisoning at the hands of the government have played into this Hegelian Dialectic like a catfish does to a chicken liver on a hook. Yeah, the limousine liberals and the phony conservatives have turned us into a bankrupted broken family utopia where the government runs the terrorist attacks, feeds our youth into the military meet grinder as they bomb innocent millions back to the stone age, murders its own citizens on camera, forcibly vaccinates children to get them into school, sterilizes children in school with forced wireless exposure, poisons our water,builds massive detention facilities for all of us while they pass laws lifted right out of Nazi Germany, militarize police and create the conditions which will lead to an inevitable collapse of the economy and Sharon prints crap telling us to turn our guns in. Yes folks this is a blatant attack on the Second Amendment. Yeah Sharon, maybe you should mover to Japan with pornographic magazine vending machines all over the place and beer dispensing machines everywhere while the birth rate approaches zero and their technology is turning on them.


Yeah Sharon, maybe you should move to Germany where they disarmed the nation and stuck half of it in the oven. The government did a great job of keeping the peace.

images (47)

How about Italy where Italian Idol consisted of men women and children getting ripped to pieces by lions in front of a sold out crowd while the emperor married his horse and utilize human candles in his garden to illuminate his nightly chariot rides in his garden while he was naked.

download (36)

No Observer issue would be complete with a little tidbit on the fabulous accomplishments and infamous legacy of Sex Ed Sharon Quirk Silva even though she was sent packing by the voters. Yes she is leaving a legacy of ignoring dying veterans and catering to the dead ones, assisting Californias job killing machine, doling out free tuition and social security cards for illegals, granting sexual deviants unisex bathroom access and the famous planned parenthood sponsored comprehensive sex education for our schools.



I gotta tell ya folks that the icing on the cake is her solution to California’s drought. SHE TELLS US TO PISS IN OUR GARDEN!!!!! 

download (33)

For the better part of the last year, I have been asking the city council to take action against the geo engineering activities in the airspace over Fullerton which involve aircraft dispersing metallic nano particles high up in the atmosphere which alter weather patterns and prevent precipitation over California and allow the moisture to end up where it doesnt belong..

images (48)

Sharon Kennedy has ignored all of the information she has been sent on this issue from me. Instead she tells her readers to piss in their gardens. The Shasta County board of supervisors is taking this geo engineering issue seriously and by the way, the drought is a manufactured total fraud. Sharon wont tell you that the amount of water that must reach the oceans from rivers was raised from 82 percent to 90 percent by Pelosi this year,  that recently the allotment of water for So Cal vastly exceeded the infrastructures capacity to deliver it, that the aquifer under Orange County is a mile deep and that there are lakes that feed reservoirs up north that are above flood stage. Thats right folks because she just told you all to vote yes on prop 1a which is nothing more than a wind up toy that they have played you on to finance more of Agenda 21 advancing towards total control of our water as they cram you into 10 story tilt ups with wifi routers behind every wall drinking diet joke eating microwaved hot pockets staring at screens all day and night while the borders are opened wide and your kids are exchanging their reproductive rights for an iPad at school




12 years and only 40 millimeters off the top of the states bathtub that in many places is a mile deep.


The limousine liberal clan in this town is finally gonna have their day in the sun folks and its gonna be clear, bright and hot from here on out, you have my word on that.


Presidential Pletka and his turning Americans into microwaved “citizens of the world”

download (13)

Heck tours are almost free these days

Is this Fullerton’s chief irradiator?


F.S.D. Superintendent, Robert Pletka

Word on the street is that our very own Robert Pletka is being sent to The White House folks. Yes he is one of the 100 school superintendents who was selected to be invited to meet the commander in chief irradiator, Mr. Barrak Obama.

images (20)

So lets get down the reason for this so called honor. I believe that it is right here folks with the wireless WiFi antenna on his zipper:


Trust me folks, it is all about wireless.

images (23)

The antenna in the lap on the ovaries with the frequency at set at 2.4 GHz is no accident.

Common Core is a part of the program along for the ride on the race to the bottom for your children.

And by the way, don’t kid yourself gang, the local election for the FJUHSD board of Trustees is all about wireless. There are the two newcomer establishment plants that want to bring wireless to the High Schools which the board has decided not to do at this time based on SAFETY CONCERNS! 

It appears to be all about saving face for Pletka, and the five blind mice-Thompson, Berryman, Sugarman, Thornley and Meyer who just can’t live with this evil, despicable, archaic, and downright primitive hardwired classroom model Giokaris is providing with its so called GAP in technology. Actually, in my opinion, this is the only thing that may guarantee you having grandchildren if yours have so far managed to avoid the microwaving of their reproductive organs in the FSD.

Wireless is a big deal folks. Behind the scenes it is the talk of the town, it is a huge deal.  As a matter of fact it is the biggest deal going on the planet right now for reasons that will undoubtedly blow your mind.

You see I believe that Robert Pletka is like no other School Superintendent in the Country because he, like no other, has had the stern warnings, the science, and the agenda served up on a silver platter, laid out in bright neon lights, in hundreds of thousands of pages of fliers literally littering the city, the Tuesday night specials, televised or not, the drop off, drive in banner welcome wagon crew and just the flat out zeal of Joe Imbriano-The Fullerton Informer.

unnamed (1)

But you see for Mr. Pletka, I believe he is either stuck on stupid or it is all about his ego. Wht else would he BLINDLY and WILLINGLY go along with programs like ConnectEd, Project Inkwell’s wireless manifesto found in the Aorta, Common Core, and ERate, which ultimately results in turning of your kids, not mine, into microwaved “citizens of the world”. This is all against the advice of Medical Doctors, Scientists, Public Health Researchers and against the wishes of parents. Yet he continues his forcibly exposing students to constant wireless microwave radiation emissions trillions of times normal background levels as a CONDITION OF RECEIVING A MIND BENDING,  DOSSIER DEVELOPING, ALGORITHM ACTUALIZING, AND CRITICAL THINKING ATTACKING  COMMON CORE INDOCTRINATION EXPERIENCE CALLED A 21ST CENTURY EDUCATION.

I guess he could care less about the California Ed Code and the fact that the last time I checked, the children were still pledging allegiance to the flag of The United States of America and TO THE REPUBLIC for which it stands NOT TO SOME WORLD CITIZENSHIP FORUM.

It is a good thing my children are not under his Marxist, Saul Alinsky type thumb, but are yours? The Common Core homework meltdowns are the least of your problems gang, believe me.

It is all about Robert Pletka folks. You know he has just handed over thousands of pages of scrubbed emails where he has ignored thousands of scientific studies that warn against the deployment of wireless systems and devices in the laps of children. Yes, he considers what is being presented a “PR” problem, not one of safety. I guess he knows better than all of the scientific community that sternly recommends hard wiring classrooms while he hands Apple MILLIONS OF WIRELESS TECH TAX DOLLARS THAT COULD HAVE BEEN USED TO HIRE MORE TEACHERS!


Robert Pletka, Fullerton’s high priest in the cult of Mac handing out communion (iPads) flanked by Tom Torlakson

Whats more, according to Pletka himself, “With the iPad, student learning will become self-paced through online Web 2.0 programs and networking tools,” said Robert Pletka, the Fullerton School District superintendent, in a letter issued to parents and families regarding the program.

Did you catch that facilitators, ehhm I mean teachers, ehhm , I mean soon to be out of work teachers? Yes, the model will not involve all of you pensioned lackeys that think you are untouchable. Your complicit silence on this whole issue is not just mind boggling, it is flat out just plain stupid. The pension funds are largely unfunded. Who taught you all your math? Most of you are all going to lose your jobs to all of this automation crap anyways so you might as well fight for what is right for the kids, not what packs your shoe closets or pays for the wine tasting and bacon strips in Europe.

It gets worse folks:

“Additionally, students will participate as “citizens of the world” with the ability to communicate, innovate, create and collaborate within and beyond the borders of their community to build broad-based knowledge and understandings of world cultures.”

Did you get that? Citizens of the world all while Robert Pletka is high on Common Core, loaded on technology and drunk on wireless.

There is an agenda to all of this folks, yes an AGENDA. Yeah, that dirty word that shuts everyone down when it is uttered yet everyone has one, no one wants to admit they do, and everyone’s lives are being ordered to, orchestrated around, controlled by while you are programmed by an idiot box that they have conned you  into calling a smart TV. Agendas control all of us all of the time whether willfully, knowlingly or not.

As far as what is going on the schools and what Pletka and his five blind mice board members are blindly taking credit for that is yielding him up first class accommodations to Pennsylvania Avenue  it is right here folks. It is very long, really disturbing, and pretty downright outrageous but go ahead, read it and weep.

images (21)

Look, while this educrat lackey is still riding high on his accolades up in the ozone layer, I believe that he has demonstrated by his behavior, that this is all way above his pay grade and his ability to grasp. What is sad is that this is the kind of person that we find in these positions all over the country. To think he made the top 100 is pretty scary, but to the unsuspecting, it would appear to be an honor.

Your children are citizens of The United States which is a nation of laws. They are not citizens of the world ladies and gentlemen.  Our nation is a Republic, a Constitutional Republic. The United States is not under a World Government. No wonder why we have the leaders we have.

Folks wisdom is what I believe this man lacks and courage is what I believe he is devoid of.  I believe that what is best for your children equates to not being enrolled in one of his classrooms. Tell him what you think, that is if you dare to open your eyes and open your mouth.

Trust me, you will never be the same and may your children have the protections they deserve. Hey Bob, when you get there, tell ol’ Barry Boy that he can’t have access to my children’s brains, bloodstreams or have point blank microwave access to my children’s reproductive organs. And please let the Manchurian candidate know that I will keep my hope and he can keep his dirty change.

images (22)


Exciting adventure visiting the White House for the Department of Ed’s first National Connected Superintendent’s Summit.
Fullerton School District Superintendent's photo.

Is Pletka’s trip to the White House at the expense of the children’s health? I believe that it is. He is being rewarded for ramming wireless and common core down your throats folks.

Fullerton School District Superintendent's photo.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.



images (40)

Kelly Thomas before the FPD made contact with him

images (30)

Kelly Thomas after the FPD made contact with him

images (33)

Dan Hughes -current FPD chief who let the killer cops watch the video so they could write their reports-I . It appears that he doesn’t review videos before he submits reports to the DA anymore.

images (39)

Former Gates protege and bedroom community commando Chief Pat McKinley-“I hired them all”

60 reviews by citizens after THE FPD MADE CONTACT WITH THEM

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James Mills

4 months ago
I’ve had a couple dealings with the Fullerton PD that we very good; but most of the situations between me and the Fullerton PD have been very un-satisfactory. They prowl our street looking for easy-to-get parking tickets. The parking department has an address in Tustin–you simple can not fight against false parking tickets. They are frauds. Weasels really. I hate to say that—but they bring it on themselves–must be the chief of police–trickle down effect. It’s got to be the leadership—it always is.
I hope they wake up…it would be better for our city

John Smith

8 months ago
The city of Fullerton is the worst city to live in first of all, there’s no mall, the streets are patched up horribly, except by the city building and police dept. And that’s the third horrible thing, fullerton police are the worst bunch of s.o.bitches any where, arrogant, lazy. they’re to busy trying to pick up girls in coffee shops and on the streets, I’ve seen them. They should be out there patrolling the streets, Its what we pay them for.Tourist, welcome to Fullerton where the police kill the handicap and its legal.

Tommy Trinh

5 months ago
i go to csuf for school and ive only gotten pulled over 3 times for very minor things, either coming to campus or leaving campus, i never get pulled over anywhere else, this is just harassment

Toby Henderson

9 months ago
Rules For Dealing With Tyrants in 5 Easy Steps:Step #1 Video Tape them and Submit Them in places like this… always submit them where ever and when ever you can… strength is in numbers…
Step #2 File Formal Complaints don’t let them intimidate you like Micheal S. Corona did to me once (Former Head Police Chief Tyrant Orange County, Ca)… a formal complaint is a good complaint… you are making a paper trail…
Step #3 Make Lots of money and then sue the crap out of them with your organization and attorneys… sue them so frigging hard that they are afraid to eat a donuts in public… In a litigious fascist society you must destroy a Tyrant where he feels it… In his wallet not with force
Step #4 Never under any circumstances divulge any information what so ever to a Tyrant you know nothing however your attorney knows everything and would be glad to help… Nothing you ever say to an officer can help you in a court of law
Step#5 A Tyrant is big and powerful and gets away with things for only so long… Use Vigilance Never give up… All tyrants have one thing in common… they fall, every last one. They fall because the G-D of our Universe despises tyrants and will empower people just when a Tyrant feels the most pride and power. (see world history)
Study the Fullerton Police Department to learn more about Tyranny a really great example in modern American society…

Kazi Ahmed

11 months ago
I can see that not all police personnel are violent, egoistic maniacs with an extremely inflated sense of authority over us. I also can see that some cops remember that they are our servants, and tend to carry themselves accordingly while in uniform. However, all of them are disgusting and only deserve shame for the gruesome atrocities they let their colleagues commit. They have become thugs, the biggest and most violent terrorist gang in the country. Only once the policemen stand up for who they are, and kick out the forces of evil working within them – only then will I regain my respect for law enforcement officers. However, as long as the murderers of unarmed people continue to walk the streets in uniform, I will see them as terrorists and will avoid them as I would avoid a gang member.


10 months ago
This must be the worst Police Department in Orange county California. They are not very helpful when you need them. They have their own goddamned ego and pride then comes serving the society. This is one of the worst police departments in the whole state of California. I have lived in several cities in California. Fullerton Police Department is the worst. DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO HELP YOU. just phone some other police department, maybe Brea, La Habra would be better than them. They must transfer out their staff and replace new staff with well mannered and well trained officers. The officers at Fullerton Police Department are childish ,fussy, clueless , talentless and WORTHLESS .

mi x

10 months ago
I lived in Fullerton for 4 years. Instead of beating to death homeless people, why don’t you go after the real criminals in your city? You dont care about the people… you make the least amount of effort.. OH except when it comes to beating defenseless mentally challenged people. How many REAL crimes were committed in your city while 6, count em, 6 officers spent in excess of 30 minutes beating a homeless man to death. People of Fullerton WAKE UP.

Paul Suhn

11 months ago
fullerton cops, lazy, rude, careless, bad attitude, but they do have great benefits.not even sure why we need that many cops in fullerton. should got force to half or outsource to OCSD.I always see them hanging out at McDonalds near amerige heights parking lot area. I guess they are just killing time just like they killed Mr. Kelly Thomas. (RIP)

Justin Brock

8 months ago
They killed a homeless man named Kelly Thomas for no reason whatsoever. Using bully tactics and unnecessary force. I know there are good cops and bad cops…but I’m really not so sure about this department. Plenty more cops arrived on the scene and did nothing to stop the other cops from beating this man who was begging for his life. Shame on this entire department. God will have the final say and I hope you all live in fear for the rest of your sorry lives. You don’t treat people like that. Shame, shame, shame.

Judith Estrella

10 months ago
first of all I just want to thank the Fullerton Police Department .They were quick and awesome in my families time of need. I know that many people have other things to say. But I know first hand that working in a place like they due is very hard .They have the hardest job having to protect others and themselves while trying not to take sides . I’m very grateful. thank you for your service.

Ray Ferrero

10 months ago
They’re great. Have a homeless man that is bothersome to look at? Call them, they will promptly come down and beat him to a bloody pulp and claim it was self defense. Hard earned tax dollars at work right there. Be honest, don’t you want your policemen to be murderous thugs who beat on the defenseless?


a year ago
It’s important that we distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. Even in law enforcement we have bad guys but remember the good ones who are truly dedicated to their work and work to protect and serve. Many members of this Dept reflect the bravery and courage we expect from law enforcement. Don’t stereotype all law enforcement because of the acts of a select few who will get their day in court.

Chad Nystrom

9 months ago
this is not a police department- its a group of terrorists who deserve the death penalty for their crimes against innocent Americans! justice will be served pigs!!!

Jeremy Ficarola

10 months ago
This police department murders innocent people. The Kelly Thomas case is a black mark on all law enforcement agencies and there really should be a public citizen committee to oversee this out of control law enforcement agency.

Robby Motz

10 months ago
terrible police department killingpeople for no reason

Gary Busey

2 years ago
After 28 years of never having the displeasure of meeting a police officer professionally I was recently forced into a situation requiring me to do so. I was amazed by the courtesy, professionalism, efficiency and all around quality police work.However I don’t appreciate the time I have spent separated from my firearm while she sits cold and lonely in the Fullerton evidence locker, but I guess that does have to do with the department of justice we will be reunited again soon. keep up the good work.

Mike Squier

2 years ago
Cops USED to be the “good guys”, but this is no longer the case. Are there a few good cops? Statistics say there must be and if they exist, they are not in the majority. (In my opinion) More

John Bradberry

10 months ago
Worst Police Department in NA, Officer Ramos is Murderer that you hired, Kelly Thomas blood is on there hands

Christopher Seow

11 months ago
The gang that killed Kelly Thomas and still became rich by the corrupt government.

Doug Mccoll

2 years ago
If you need help, do not call the Fullerton Police Dept. They will show up and beat you to death. They are just a bunch of brain dead murderers with badges.

Lauren Williams

10 months ago
Gross monsters. The biggest criminals carry a badge.

Zelm Hotzliger

2 years ago
Kelly Thomas RIP, google it. Why would anyone dare to report anything to this PD in person? Look what they did to Kelly Thomas. Big Government Tyranny, Police State!

Kevin Johnson

2 years ago
It’s us against them. These cops are thugs that act like little gangsters. Boycott all donations!

Best Big Mix Radio

2 years ago
Worse than Mexican Police. Bunch of cowboys with badges.

Don Juan Diaz

10 months ago
I hope Karma works on these thugs…

Sean Stagner

10 months ago
They get away with Murder

Steve O'ptional

10 months ago

Austin Holmes

10 months ago


10 months ago
nono thanksno :)no :(no :P


10 months ago

Ethan Cornejo

2 years ago
1 star for 1 fatality

Heidi Liu

5 months ago

A Google User

A Google User
a year ago
On thutsday May 18th I witnessed corporal Flores and the security guard for Sunny Hills High School Freddy following a student off campus after school at which time Freddy pointed out to corporal floras a 17 year old student and said that’s the one police officer Flores approach the 17 year old student and ask do you have a problem with Freddy at which time the student replied no the police officer stated I’m your problem now officer Flores grab the student around the neck and by the arm and threw him to the ground the student kept questioning why and what was going on not understanding the situation the police officer choked him out twice the student losing consciousness at which time he hogtied him with his knee in his the middle of his back the student was no longer resisting I have video footage from beginning to end and I’m contemplating sending it to the media excessive use of force on a 17 year old child is completely unacceptable Fullerton police department is up to it again

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
who do these guys hire in their police department?? a bunch of freaks, sheesh, glad I don’t live there, I’d be afraid to walk out my door. Why would the police in fullerton be so ready for violence? It’s Orange County for goodness sake! Sheesh….I read an article about the corruption in this department a couple of months ago

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Dirty cops. They steal iPads from the airport. (Google officer Kelly Mejia.) The steal from Boy Scouts and buy illegal drugs with the city credit card. (Google officer Todd Majors.) They sexually assault women in their police cars. (Google officer Albert Rincon.) They brutally beat to death mentally ill 135 pound homeless. (Google Kelly Thomas.) the Chief of Police Michael Sellers instead of talking to the people hides behind indefinite medical leave so he can’t get fired. What is there to like about the Fullerton Police Department?

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
A bunch of bullies. If you like to beat, haze, and murder citizens and yet still have the balls to plead “not guilty,” you should join the Fullerton police department as I’m sure they’ll have an opening for you. The plus side? The city will offer to pay off anyone who wants to put you on trial! It’s a win/win, really.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
I have lived in about 10 cities in my life and I have never encountered such arrogant, power-loving, and downright mean law enforcement. I would give them one star even before they beat an innocent man to death in their gang-like solution to the perceived problem. They make me want to move out of this city.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Criminal behavior from those who are supposed to protect their citizens. The worst part is their cover-up. They won’t even release the police tapes because they know they should be in jail for it. Absolutely sickening.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
These officers are the closest thing to criminals in this country. Each one of them needs to be locked away for a long time. Still in shock about Kelly Thomas.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
City is plagued with police brutality. Police killed Kerry Thomas and ey didn’t even have days off during the investigation. YouTube Fullerton police brutality

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
A new generation of homeless is about to overtake the landscape–returning vets, mentally ill, autistic adults. These are all groups who need to be understood, and not beaten. It requires more wisdom than brawn.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Unbelievable that this police department is allowed to operate. Instead of enforcing the law and being an active part of the community, they MURDER people for sitting on park benches. Several of their officers deserves no less than to be executed. There will never be justice in this town until they turn over 100% of their workforce. Makes you wonder why people don’t just start taking the law into their own hands…

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Fullerton population is 135K+, and they have 153 thugs with blue badges. That’s approx 1,000 people against one thug in blue. Time for Justice in the hands of Citizens!

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
These cops are corrupt, they can kill innocent people smashing there heads in with flash lights and not get in trouble? Your town sucks btw

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Disgusting assholes. Why would it take several men to apprehend a homeless man. You are trash. Your judgement will come, the sooner the better.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
I’ll remember not to shed a tear when i hear of one of yours dying in the line of duty.. you scum sucking cowards are a plague on our society.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
To Serve and Protect their Own. This police department is a joke. Just as corrupt as the police in St. Louis. This isn’t the first instance of incompetent police. A while back an off-duty female cop was caught stealing an i-pad at an airport.

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
What is the deal? How could you let your officers be so far from the oath you take to protect the people and help teach our kids whats wrong and right. We trust you as police with so much, and as a department you have so let our country down. You must get back to what is RIGHT and train better, filter you officers. You have a lot to make up to us!!! So sad it has come to this!!

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Stop ALL DONATIONS to Fullerton Police!! You are hated by most! Scumbags!

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Murderers. Street thugs with a license to kill

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
Where power-tripping jackboots beat petty thieves to death.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
…bunch of uneducated thugs with guns and badges have been around for TOO LONG!!!

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
They Murdered Kelly Thomas. Never forget!!!

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
If you want to die on holidays this is the place to go, the cops will beat you to death….

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago
Shame on Fullerton police.

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago
They kill citizens <– enough said

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago

A Google User

A Google User
3 years ago

A Google User

A Google User
2 years ago


Public Health is Not a Sport Doc. Don’t Play Games With Our Children’s Health.

images (8)


When learning of the issue of WiFi and wireless device health impacts, one of the first thoughts that often cross our minds is: “This can’t be possible that WiFi and these devices are harmful. Surely some governmental or health agency would have prevented this from happening.”

For many of us it just doesn’t make sense, because we assume that they couldn’t be that bad, otherwise “they” would have stopped it. One of the hardest things to realize is that many individuals, groups, and entities are actively blocking the public from learning about very serious health impacts affecting their communities from wireless technology.

 Why would people do this? Don’t they realize that they are hurting their own children? Parents are busy, and they can’t spend hours upon hours doing scientific research. They therefore tend to base their decision on information that they consider trustworthy. Perhaps they will go on the web and read an article or two, or they will visit the World Health Organization’s website and read up. Not surprisingly, the most common approach is to ask someone who has a medical background, namely a nurse or doctor. In seems that in every school in which parents bring forth the issue of WiFi and wireless device health risks, certain figures manage to appear who will do everything in their power to block the process, and will fight tooth and nail to insist that wireless technology stays, even if it means presenting distorted and or false information to their communities. Usually this is a tech-savvy school board member, a technological integration specialist, or someone whose motivation is borne of his infatuation with gadgets. Sometimes it’s a school board member who doesn’t want the children to be left behind.

In Fullerton California, it’s a medical doctor named Dr. Roman Schulze. Schulze, rather than actively engage in the scientific evidence, has been actively “war gaming” the issue of WiFi health effects. We know now why – he is defending his PTA wife and friends, so that they may then in turn defend their fundraising and other efforts to bring iPads into Acacia Elementary School.

Fullerton's Dr. Roman Schulze taking his show on the road to The Glendale School District pushing wireless into the classrooms.

Fullerton’s Dr. Roman Schulze taking his show on the road

Here he is seated on the far right advising The Glendale Unified School District on how WiFi and WiFi enabled devices are safe for the children.

image001 (13)

Roman Schulze pictured here seated at the far right.

Dr. Schulze has two primary weapons that he uses in his war games.

The first is a list of “systematic reviews” that he found at “EMF and Health” , a pro-industry website financed and put together by Canadian electronics mogul Lorne Trottier, who went so far as to hire professors and scientists to further his agenda.

Dr. Schulze’s second, and most widely employed weapon is to use diversions to take the focus away from the substantial, compelling, if not irrefutable scientific evidence that shows RF radiation to be unsafe for children. Just look back through the threads at Fullerton Informer, and you will see his almost endless efforts to distract and divert. Again, this is a “sport” for him, according to his very own wife, Michelle Garden.

Distractions are one thing, but another thing completely is his use of the EMF and Health list of expert reviews. At first, this looks impressive enough (and that’s exactly why wireless industry executives devised it). Little do parents or other community members know how deeply manipulated and misleading it is. Unfortunately it probably fools most parents into thinking that WiFi is safe. Most aren’t experienced enough in the science to see the gaping flaws, and if they are being handed this information from a medical doctor, it would be natural for them to consider it trustworthy.

It’s not. There are so many holes in it so large that you could drive a truck through it.

I’ve been asked several times, what is the “smoking gun” of scientific research that proves wireless radiation to be unsafe. Often is this by moms who would like a way to explain the issue it to their pro-technology husbands.

The short answer is: There are several very large and well designed research projects that have found RF microwave radiation causes damage to DNA and other genetic material.

This is, by itself, very serious and compelling evidence, and enough to say no to placing wireless devices in the laps of children. There are some risks worth taking in life, but genetic mutation is not one of them. Not for a technological novelty. Never.

The first of these research programs was WTR, or the “Wireless Technology Research” project. A 7-year, $28 million dollar program of research conducted in the1990’s, and funded by the cell phone industry, this large scale project was a response to a high profile lawsuit, aired on Larry King Live, alleged cell phones caused the formation of a deadly brain tumor for a businessman.

As part of the WTR project, 200 scientists and medical doctors, under the direction of Dr. George Carlo, found that cell phone radiation caused DNA damage, leakage in the blood brain barrier, and a near tripling in the risk of brain tumors.

The second is ECOLOG, a multi-million dollar review of the state of the scientific research funded by T-Mobile in 2000. This review of over 220 peer-reviewed and published papers yielded strong indications that RF wireless radiation was genotoxic, and was able to cause single and double stranded DNA breaks and damage to chromosomes.

It also found substantial and compelling evidence that RF radiation disrupted other cellular processes, caused teratogenic effects (birth deformities), and caused loss of fertility in animal studies. Wireless radiation was also found to have cancer initiating and cancer promoting effects. Remember, this was from a study commissioned by T-Mobile, a mobile phone company.

The third of these large scale projects was “REFLEX” a $3 million, EU-funded research project conducted from 2000-2004 which studied the effects of wireless radiation on animal and human cells in the laboratory. Summarizing the work of 12 research groups in seven European countries, the end result was that high frequency microwave radiation causes genetic damage.

In summary, three large scale research projects from 1993-2004 that all found RF radiofrequency microwave radiation causes genetic damage. Subsequent research was released and continues to be published that confirms and expands these earlier findings.

The Bioinitiative Report 2012 now lists hundreds of studies that show EMR electromagnetic radiation to cause genetic effects. For those of you unfamiliar with the Bioinitiative Report, there is a reason it is so unpopular with the wireless industry. A group of experts from around the world, many of whom were at the top of their fields, worked together in order to lay out the evidence for the public to see.

Bioinitiative Report: Evidence for effects on Gene and Protein Expression

Bioinitiative Report: Evidence for Genotoxic Effects

So now back to Dr. Schulze’s document from EMF and Health, which collectively states that there is no credible evidence of harm from WiFi. Taking a closer look, let’s shine the light of the evidence from the above research on this document and see how it stands up.

One of the extractions is of The Swedish Radiation Authority 2008. It states:

“…two studies on genotoxicity report no increase in micronuclei or DNA strand breaks after RF exposure.”

Two studies. Does this sound like a comprehensive assessment of the science of genetic effects? What about the $28 million research project WTR, ECOLOG, or the $3 million REFLEX project, that reported genetic damage? No mention of these of course. This is industrial cherry picking at its finest.

This Swedish Radiation Authority excerpt suggests that two new studies (from pre 2008), somehow negate all the other studies before and after that report RF exposure causes DNA damage. That’s not how science works. Two studies do not “poof” make all the other evidence somehow disappear. EMF and Health, however, would like you to think that it does, and yet the unsuspecting parent would never know this.

Another example is: Radiofrequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practioners, BC Center for Disease Control. Here’s what the folks at EMF and Health chose to highlight from this report:

“The report notes that “several recent international reports” such as “the UK Health Protection Agency (2012) and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (2012), among others, have published major reviews of RF and its potential effect on health; both agencies concluded that there is little evidence of adverse impacts on the health of the general population by RF”.”

It would appear from this excerpt that wireless technology was found to be safe, but this is far from the case, as the actual BC CDC document mentions numerous biological and health impacts.

Not mentioned in the Expert Review is that the BC CDC document states that “the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility were consistent in demonstrating decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones” and “biological effects on sperm motility related to RF Exposure”.

Also left out is that the review panel noted that “oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.”

Here are several other excerpts from the BC CDC expert review that the folks at EMF and Health failed to share:

Page 75, Section 6B

“For the same emitted power, children and fetuses experience higher SAR.”

Page 62, Section 5

 “Whole body exposure at frequencies in the range of 80 to 180 MHZ and 1-4 GHZ to ICNIRP exposure levels may expose children and small persons (shorter than 1.3m) to above acceptable ICNIRP SAR levels.”

Page 138, Section 6B

“Mortality higher in RF-exposed groups than in control groups at SAR 0.5W/kg.”

Page 144-145, Section 6B

“Ferreira and colleagues exposed pregnant Wistar rats to 834 MHz RF signal for 8.5 hours from gestation to birth at SAR values of 0.55 – 1.23 W/kg or sham. At birth, the animals were sacrificed and an increased level of micronucleus formation was seen in the bone marrow of RF exposed versus sham—exposed animals.”

Page 260, Section 10

“The investigators found a dose-dependent response for all tested parameters including sperm motility and vitality. Decreased motility and increased levels of ROS were found in exposed specimens … a dose-response effect was found, it would seem there is biological and clinical relevance to their findings.”

Page 144, Section 6B

“On examination of brain tissue immediately after exposure, an increase in both single-  and double-strand DNA breaks were seen in the animals exposed to pulsed or continuous wave RF compared to sham-exposed rats.”

Page 157, Section 6B

“Research on effects on behaviour and cognition are mixed, with several studies showing that RF exposure has an adverse effect.”

Page 150, Section 6B

“Examination revealed increased permeation of albumin from capillaries into both white and grey brain matter in RF –exposed rats by comparison with sham-exposed animals, suggesting that exposure to pulsed RF fields at around 900 MHz increases permeability of the blood-brain barrier. They also observed an increase in “dark neurons,” indicators of neuronal damage in rat brains in animals exposed to RF fields.”

Page 165, Section 6B

 “The results of the two studies, while quite “soft,” suggest that more attention needs to be paid to very long-term effects of RF-EMF. Although it is impossible to suggest a biologic mechanism which might explain the findings, results of both studies described above suggest that lifelong exposure to RF fields may shorten lifespan, perhaps in conjunction with other factors, at least in animals.”

Page 257, Section 10

 “Mean sperm motility, viability and normal morphology showed significant adverse effects in the mobile phone user groups, both in men with normal and abnormal sperm counts. A dose-response relationship was found as the assessed semen parameters declined with increasing mobile phone use, independent of the quality of the original sample.”

Page 153 -154, Section 6B

“Analysis of tissue from the several parts of the brain, namely the prefrontal cortex, cerebellar cortex and dendate gyrus at three and 10 days post-exposure indicated elevated levels of GFAP, suggesting that the RF exposure was having a physiological effect, at least on astrocytic cells in the central nervous system.”

Page 152, Section 6B

“Sirav and Seyhan (2011) completed a similar study to their earlier investigation, again in Wistar albino rats, and once again found that the exposure to 900 or 1800 MHZ RF fields for 20 minutes promoted a  significant increase in albumin in the brains of male rats by comparison with sham-exposed animals.”

Page 154, Section 6B

 “Bas et al (2009) exposed Wistar rats to continuously modulated 900 MHz GSM signal (SAR 2.0 W/kg) or sham for one hour per day for 28 days and found a significant decrease in pyramidal cells in the brain of the exposed rats by comparison with sham-exposed animals. Pyramidal cells are thought to play an important role in cognitive functioning.”

Page 250, Section 10

“Unlike the mixed findings found in occupation health studies of radar EMF exposures, the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility ere consistent in demonstrating  decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones. “

Page 259, Section 10

“Sperm motility and viability were negatively affected by exposure to RF.”

 Page 275, Summary, Section 10

“The balance of all evidence, animal and human, is consistent with the assertion that exposure of the testes to mobile phone RF may be associated with decreased sperm count, motility, concentration and altered morphology.”

Adverse Effects identified, Mechanisms of Harm suggested

Page 272, Section 10

“Overall, oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. It has been found fairly consistently in human and animal studies on sperm specifically and on other cells in general. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.”

Page 269-270, Section 10

“Non-enzyme antioxidants, like melatonin, have also been observed to decline after RF exposure 62-65 An additive effect may occur, with alternation not only of sperm cell enzymes but of whole body system antioxidants. Melatonin in particular is known to support antioxidant activity in sperm. 66 A number of recent studies have provided experimental evidence suggestive of an oxidative stress mechanism for the effect of RF on sperm.”

Page 270, Section 10

“It was determined that the ROS were sourced from the sperms’ mitochondria. At a SAR of 2.8 W/kg, the results became statistically significant for mitochondrially produced ROS. They noted specifically that rapid change occurred at low SAR exposures which reached a plateau when about 30% of sperm affected.”

Page 263, Section 10

“Most, although not all studies attempting to control temperature, convincingly ruled out a thermal effect.”

Page 273, Section 10

 “It is known that RF can induce currents in a cell membrane, and that this may alter the cation (positive ion) distribution (and so charge) in the normally negative membrane. Some evidence shows pulsed RF can dislodge calcium ions (Ca++) from a membrane, resulting in a weaker barrier and leakage, although there is no direct evidence on sperm membranes. However, studies do seem to point to efflux of Ca++ as a factor in altered sperm motility.”

Page 340, Section 13

“The most effective way to reduce total exposure to RF is to avoid the use of RF-emitting devices, especially devices that result in the highest personal exposures such as mobile phones used at the head.”

These biological and health effects are not what I would call safe. As a parent, of course I would want to know if wireless technology was shown to cause DNA damage, infertility, neurological and behavior changes, leakage of the blood brain barrier, and other radiation damage.

I believe that to omit these details is highly misleading if not fraudulent, and although Schulze has been warned of serious errors in this document since September of 2013, he continues to present it to the public, falsely stating that it provides evidence as to the safety of microwave radiation exposure onto their children.

Young children cannot look after themselves. They look to parents, teachers, principals, and other school administrators to make sure they are safe. They expect that medical experts will do their due diligence and protect them from environmental hazards. The last thing they expect is that a local medical doctor could be playing games with their children’s physical, mental and reproductive health.

This is what I believe is on the line folks. Look very carefully at this photo:


So what are the parents of the 15,000 children in The Fullerton School District to do with this information? I believe that you can all answer that question yourselves. They are your children ladies and gentlemen.

So what is Dr. Roman A. Schulze to do with all of this information? Good question. Let’s hear what  this IPad, WiFi, wireless radiation defending extraordinaire woman known as his wife, Michele Garden has to say:

“My husband, Roman Shulze, and I, Michele Garden, just plain ol’ don’t agree with your assertions. We, along with a majority of the parents, the Physics Dept. at CSUF, and a WHOLE LOTTA other scientists and citizens think that you are wrong. We are tired of the minority forcing their views on the majority”

This statement along with her latest email to the Fullerton Informer aside from being absolutely stunning, is a field day in the making for the advocates of free speech and our children’s health and well being. So once again, she tries to make it all about Joe Imbriano and my assertions?  Sorry Charlie or should I say Charlette, no cigar.

So what are all these people that she mentions to do with this information? Boy now that’s a tough one. She has certainly put the physics dept over at Cal State Fullerton in the basket now too. I guess they are in good company with the likes of of Robert Pletka, Robert Craven, Karen Whisnant, Greg Dhuyvetter from the Diocese of Orange, the entire FSD  school board, and the host of all of the other teachers, principals, and administrators who flat out continue to IGNORE these health concerns we continue to present on this issue who are just rolling this ball right along and REFUSE TO TURN THESE EMISSIONS SYSTEMS OFF and continue to forcibly irradiate the children.

This issue is a big deal ladies and gentlemen, a big big deal. In my humble opinion, there is no larger threat to humanity than this issue.  You can choose to ignore it or you can choose to face it head on.

Remember these things? 

images (5)

Like wireless today, advertisements for this so called “necessity” once blanketed the  television and radio airwaves, billboards, movies,  magazines, and sporting events for decades. They used to be in almost every home, car, plane, train, bus, restaurant, school, hospital, park, mall, airport, backyard, porch, movie theater and everywhere else humans went? Sound familiar? 

  Remember who told us it was safe? 

images (6)

Acacia PTA, Fullerton parents and the rest of  you parents around the world that read this, will we ever learn?  Will you still listen when they say “trust me, I’m a doctah”  Remember these are our children, that they depend on us for protection and the future depends on them being protected. There will be no future if their reproductive future has been stolen from them. It is foolish to trust people you don’t know, in places so high and far away that you will never meet, about a danger that most people do not understand, that most people would never suspect, with what you and I and the rest of humanity has taken for granted for the last 6,000 years: our and our children’s reproductive capabilities.  So many today pharmaceutically and prophylactically attempt control or thwart it. No one that I know, however, is ready to willingly relinquish it, much less surrender that of their children. Do not kid yourself folks. There are those in the highest positions of power that are hell bent on doing just that.  It is flat out dangerous to think that the technology has not yet arrived to carry out the most insidious of agendas.

I think it is flat out shameful, to be a parent and to willingly ignore all of this because I believe if you do just that, it spells the beginning of the end of the line for what you and I once were:

images (9)

 Could this spell the end of what our kids will someday assume they were entitled to as a God given right?  Will they ask us why we didn’t fight for it and for them? What then will you tell them my friends, what will you look them in the eyes and tell them?  

In closing, I would like to state that I believe that of all the sins in the world, that cowardice is by far the worst of them all. It is because of this one that all the rest are allowed to flourish, spread and run their destructive course driving humanity right off the cliff into an abyss. Look at what is happening to our children’s minds with the music, TV, movies, video games and yes even some of the curriculum in the schools. The war for their souls being patently obvious, is already well underway. Right now ladies and gentlemen, this whole kit and kaboodle is on the line and hidden in plain view for all to see. Now is not the time to treat the debate over your children’s physical and reproductive health as some sort of a sport, much less trust anyone who I believe has been publicly identified as one who I believe appears to enjoy doing just that. Thank you.



A Veterans Day Tribute-by Barry Levinson



November 11, 2014 is another glorious day to pay tribute to all our Veterans whether they served in the battlefield or served in peacetime. We thank you for your tireless sacrifices that both you and your families accepted for our country. For the last few decades, we have had a totally voluntary military. Those who serve voluntarily commit willingly to serve our country and risk life and limb for us at home.  There is no braver sacrifice that a citizen can provide for his/her country.


I also want to thank those in my family who served proudly.


First and foremost, I would like to thank my biggest hero, my dad, Murray Levinson. He served in the front lines in North Africa and Italy during WWII. His task was as part of a platoon that went ahead of most of the troops searching for and dismantling mines planted by the retreating enemy. He was seriously wounded but survived intact. His two best buddies were not as lucky. One day under heavy mortar shelling by the enemy, my dad’s platoon suffered some catastrophic losses. My dad suffered wounds that he recovered from and when healed went back into the battlefield. His best friend suffered a direct hit and was literally blown to bits. His other buddy suffered massive injuries loosing all four limbs. These were true heroes. Young men some still teenagers facing life and death situations every single day for 2, 3 or 4 years.

I would also like to thank my dad’s older brother who also proudly served during WWII and my cousin who served in the early 1960’s stationed in Germany.

Finally, to all those men and women who served proudly and their families, I want to thank them for their patriotism, bravery and sacrifice.

Those who fought in WWII were part of what is now known as the Greatest Generation. They fought and many died and even more were seriously wounded so that we can remain free of tyranny.

Today we as Americans have a solemn obligation to see to it that we do not let that freedom slip away by foreign or domestic enemies of freedom.



I report, you decide.

Barry Levinson



I REPORT YOU DECIDE-by Barry Levinson

images-11 (1)


California Policy Center working with Civic Partner, a firm that collects and analyzes municipal finance data, has ranked over 490 California cities and counties with respect to their bankruptcy risk.

images (28) That report contains the complete list. To compile the ranking, they collected and analyzed audited financial statements published by most cities and counties in California. Local governments typically produce audited financial statements if they issue municipal bonds or if they receive more than $500,000 in federal grants annually.

Felz_Joe_2011_sml  Chaffee Jan M. Flory  Pat-McKinley-2011_300 Hughes images (6) JenniferFitzgerald2012sm_1 download (20) download (22)download (21) Pam-Keller4 images-35  download (23) download (24) download (25) 



Cities and counties with default probability scores much higher than 0.1% have substantially elevated risk. Where does the City of Fullerton rank among the 492 cities and counties listed in this comprehensive study?


Winner winner chicken dinner.

It ranks first (i.e. highest probability of Default/Bankruptcy) among all cities in Orange County with a risk factor of .27%.

So the next time a city official tells you that Fullerton is in good financial shape, please remember this study.

download-111 Welcome-to-Downtown-Fullerton-300x200 images-15 PD_Bldg_IMG_7110-300x112…/


Pack it tight Mr Internal affairs

Pack it tight Mr Internal affairs and just maybe the south Fullerton soccer leagues can be soaked.

Barry Levinson


William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations

I remember those late night broadcasts that I would pick up with my Grundig Yacht Boy  500 PE shortwave radio.

download (18)

This was the information superhighway 20 plus years ago and they could never track or trace who was paying attention.

The early 1990’s were amazing times on the airwaves. There was absolutely no censorship unlike today where The Tavistock Institute trained plants control every lie that you are fed 24/7 on the idiot box and the phony left right paradigm talk radio feed trough. The hour is late folks.

This article was sent to me today by a trusted colleague. It really brought back some memories. Cooper stands the test of time and he was a real patriot unlike today’s CIA creations. For those of you who don’t know of him or have never heard of him before, please educate yourself. I remember listening to him on an overcast June evening in 2001 while in my garage as he predicted 9-11. He laid it all out.

His few years of broadcasts are still available on the internet. Today’s project mockingbird CIA assets like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck are really designed to keep your eyes off of the ball. The government put a bullet in his head as is customary whenever anyone gets too close to the agendas. This particular recording is worth the investment of your time unlike all of the mindless trash on TV tonight.


William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations

October 21, 2014

William Cooper’s 1998 MajestyTwelve broadcast: One of the most frightening
things you’ll ever hear. We are victims of an elaborate deception. Almost everything
the US government and mass media tells Americans is a lie.
The US is already a de facto fascist dictatorship run by masonic Satanists
lurking behind a facade of freedom. The foundations for a totalitarian
communist world government are already in place. Those who cannot accept this
“paradigm shift” will be exterminated.

Our political and military leaders are members of this cult — traitors.
The UFO/ET phenomenon, including Roswell, is a long term government psy op designed to trick humanity into accepting a “Messiah”- like ruler. The Apollo moon missions were faked.

When Cooper was employed by US Naval intelligence, (he was mistaken for a Freemason) and had access to the Illuminati’s top secret plans, dubbed “MajestyTwelve.” I don’t want to believe what Cooper is saying, but I find it credible.

by William Cooper
(Excerpt by

Many years ago I had access to a set of documents that I eventually realized was the plan for the destruction of the United States of America and the formation of a socialist totalitarian world government. The plan was contained within a set of Top Secret documents with the title “MAJESTYTWELVE”. The term honored the planned placement of ultimate power in a body of wise men who are destined to rule the world as the disciples of a Messiah front man. This Messiah will serve as a buffer between the wise men and the sheeple. I discovered these documents between 1970 and 1973 while I was a member of the Intelligence Briefing Team of the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet. The plan outlined the formation of a world totalitarian socialist government. It is to be ruled by a behind-the-scenes council of wise men. A so-called benevolent dictator, will be presented as the Messiah.

The Constitution for the United States of America and its Bill of Rights will be scrapped. A parliamentary form of government will take its place. All military forces and individuals are to be disarmed except for an internal police force which will carry only the minimum weapons needed to maintain internal order. The only military force will be a world police force under the United Nations in sufficient numbers with state-of-the-art technology so that it can field overwhelming force against any perceived threat to the world supra government – see State Department Publication 7277. The military of the united States of America is currently filling the requirement. The senior officer corps of all of our military forces have betrayed their oaths of allegiance to the Constitution and have joined the conspiracy. They are turncoats who are actively engaged in High Treason.

images (26)

The source of this conspiracy will be found in the body known as the Illuminati. It is made up of the highest adepts of the combined total of the so-called fraternal orders and secret societies. They are bound together by blood oaths, a secret religion, and the promise of an elite status within regional government, or the world supra government. Their religion is based upon the Kabbalah, the Luciferian Philosophy, and the worship of the Sun. They are not bound by any oath or allegiance save their own. They are loyal to no government or People save their own. And they are Citizens of no country save their already in place secret world government. In their own words, “If you are not one of us you are nothing.” To garner some sense of “feel” for the concept see the movie They Live.
“It is a largely ‘open’ conspiracy, in that much of its membership, structure, methods, and operations, are matters of public record, however scattered and obscure. Its manner of coordination is atypical. Two nuclei – the elite core of the Wall Street clique (orbiting the House of Rockefeller) and the elite core of the European financial clique (orbiting the House of Rothschild) – coordinate this global conspiracy by waging psychological warfare on the rest of the conspirators, telling each no more than is necessary for him to fulfill his designated role, often with explicit recognition neither of his role, nor of the unarticulated rules that govern him. Thus, the overwhelming bulk of the conspirators do not know, but only suspect, that they are part of and in service to ‘a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it” (quoting Woodrow Wilson).
You cannot hope to understand the philosophy (Illuminism) of any branch of the “Mystery School” (Illuminati) without many years of study and a complete knowledge of their “symbolic” language. You must understand that like many other organizations they attract those who completely miss the boat… or are just too stupid to “get it”. When an individual joins a branch of the “Brotherhood,” by any name, Freemasonry, Theosophical Society, Anthroposophic Society, Fraternitis Rosae Crucae, Knights Templar, Sovereign and Military Order of the Knights of Malta, or any other fraternal order or secret society, no one ever sits down with them and explains the meaning of anything. An actual literal esoteric education would be too dangerous. It could result in a public expose’… something which the Illuminati must avoid at all cost. But to give those who might understand a shortcut… Illuminism is COMMUNISM.
Thanks Robert!
MajestyTwelve Excerpt
William Cooper Website
The Late Great William Milton Cooper

First Comment by Dan:

THANK YOU. After all these years and all my research and everything we’ve learned since those naive nineties, more sure than ever that Bill Cooper was the read thing, and he was killed for it – and he knew he would be killed for it. He said in his first “Hour of the Time” shortwave radio broadcast in1993 that he was invoking a death sentence for what he was going to reveal.

Readers hearing of Bill Cooper with this article should listen to history as it happened. Cooper reported the truth of the major psychological operations and false flags during the Clinton ’90’s – while we were all having such a great time with e-z loans and sex-drugs- and rock n’ roll during the ‘dot com’ delusion. Bill Cooper tried his best to warn us what was coming.
Listen, and you will be astounded by what this man knew, saw, and tried to warn us. [2]
I did not hear this broadcast, or any of Bill’s broadcasts until a year after he was killed, Nov. 5th, 2001.

“William Cooper is the most dangerous radio host in America.” – quote – President Bill Clinton in a White House Memo and read on the air by Rush Limbaugh, 1995.

images (26)
[1] William Cooper – Waco, Anatomy of a Murder – (7-27-93)
[2] Complete Bill Cooper Hour of the Time MP3 series, 1993-2001 – free downloads from the preserved Hour of the Time website.

Comments for “William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations”

Lois said (October 22, 2014):

Mr. Makow..for those who knew Bill knew his defiance of the NWO, respected his truthfulness and listened carefully to his words of wisdom.

Shortly before 911 he told of the upcoming event which would occur and lives being lost. Also, spoke of his demise for revealing this information. Shortly after 911 he was murdered.
Let us go back to this event as the press released the ‘on the scene’ story.

Evidently, in the middle of the night ‘they’ came to his property in Eagar, Arizona to arrest him on ‘tax evasion’. Bill reportedly ‘jumped from his porch, hopped up into his truck and began chasing these intruders from his posted property. After reaching the line of his property he retreated back to the house with armed militia following behind. He jumped from the truck and then jumped back onto the porch where an armed conflict took place. A couple of the ‘tax’ men were wounded and Bill was slaughtered.

My question has always been this: How does a one legged man do all this jumping and hopping off porches and trucks? What the press failed to reveal was Bill was left to die after being followed by secret operatives and was fortunately found and taken to a hospital where his leg was amputated.

Mr. Makow, Bill was a true patriot of the meaning of freedom. He was a man with flaws like all humans but he was honest, loved his family, country and had a deep faith in God. His words of truth were his demise.

Many networks wanted to interview Bill and he always refused. It astounded me when I called him for an interview and he granted one. On the day this was to take place I was fired from the little radio station and of course the interview never took place.

JG said (October 22, 2014):

This intel here for being 16 years old was ahead of it’s time in 1998 and anyone spewing information like this was considered paranoid and irresponsible.

The economy under Bill Clinton was booming in 1997. People were buying homes, working overtime on their once good paying jobs, and young professionals with college degrees were in demand. Patriotism was still strong;people still had a “trust” in their government. You could still put an American flag on your front porch and not feel ashamed.

All of this changed after 911 and I don’t believe it would have happened under Bill Clinton’s or Al Gore’s watch. 911 was the “game changer” event that launched this plan for world government through war under the pretext of combating terrorism.

This ‘War on Terror’ will not stop until all of the nations of the world surrender their sovereignty to this underground unidentified rogue group of power players and their mercenary military forces that form this New World Order cartel.

The “end game” here, like William Cooper says, is Totalitarian World Communism with all the bloodshed and tyranny.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments

- See more at:



by Barry Levinson

images-11 (1)

Barry Levinson

Not surprisingly when I spoke at Fullerton city council Tuesday night (October 7, 2014) about the federal lawsuit recently filed against a former FPD detective for actions starting in late 2012 through well into 2013, Police Chief Dan Hughes kept looking away from me or had his head down.

Capt Dan Hughes lg photo

You tawkin’ ’bout me?

Maybe he was embarrassed or upset that once again the alleged depravity of another one of his long-time officers and his department as well was exposed to the citizens of this city at a city council meeting.

Here you have former detective Ronald Bair, a defendant in a federal civil case of alleged crimes including sexual crimes committed under color of authority. In addition, the lawsuit alleges that his FPD bosses inappropriately handled the compliant filed against that Fullerton police detective by the female plaintiff with the Fullerton Police Department.  What is worse is that it all allegedly happened under the newly “reformed” Fullerton Police Department. However, Mayor Doug Chaffee, Councilwoman Fitzgerald and Flory I guess, do not have a problem with this alleged commission of multiple acts of depravity, bullying, perjury, abuse and sexual abuse under FPD authority against this woman.  This woman was in a shelter for abused women.

images (25)

Blue shirted Doug Chaffee donning FPD bootlicking garb during a police union worship service circa 2012



I heart FPD


Jan M. Flory

Nothing like a man in a uniform


No not a question or statement or even a whimper from Doug, Jennifer, or Jan at the last council meeting on that topic.  I wonder if all the participants in the last Women’s Conference they attended would appreciate their total silence on this matter. 

download (2)


Also. they have been eerily silent on the well publicized allegations by several arrested Kelly Thomas protesters (10 I believe) who said that an FPD officer taunted them with the potentially deadly physical threat that they would have their F#@CKING FACES SMASHED IN.  This goes way back to January 18, 2014.  Ladies and gentlemen, also not a whimper on this subject from Police Chief Hughes, Councilmembers Fitzgerald and Flory either, since it was agendized by Councilmember Whitaker 4 or 5 months ago. Where is their collective concern about those 10 people both men and women?

Is this what they planned to do to them?

This is what the FPD did to Kelly Thomas. Is this what the officers planned to do to to the protesters in custody in the FPD paddy wagon?

But what Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory felt morally compelled to talk about on the city council dais was my alleged behavior prior to the completion of a so-called police investigation.  I know I have done nothing wrong except upset Joe Felz, Dan Hughes, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jan Flory and Doug Chaffee with my continued attention to the shortcomings of this city government.  As the old saying goes, “you do not mess with mother nature”.  It goes doubly that you do not mess with this city government. I was told by the two detectives that an assault compliant was filed with the police allegedly taking place in the lobby of city hall during the August 19, 2014 Fullerton council meeting.  I can say categorically that I did not touch, threaten, gesture or impede the progress of this person.  The complaint is false and baseless. I do not know for sure the exact language of the complaint because the City Attorney, the City Manager and the Police Chief all refused to provide me with a copy of this complaint filed against me by a contractor of the city. The person is not a constituent as Ms. Flory stated at the last council meeting.

images (5)

As the strings are pulled, the nose grows. Hey that rhimes. Name that dummy.


I would like to point out that Ms. Fitzgerald has always been a staunch supporter of former Police Chief Pat McKinley and current Police Chief Dan Hughes.


Pat Mckinley circa 2011

That is also true for Ms. Flory, Mr. Felz, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Chaffee.

Jan M. Flory

A bust of Jan Flory named “a strong, older woman”




Chaffee -your three minutes are up

I do not recall any of them ever making any negative comments about the conduct  of those 6 officers involved in the Kelly Thomas beating death. They all protect the police department and its leadership.

Ms. Fitzgerald and her allies are trying very hard in my opinion to silence me by character assassination.

My family and I have been subjected to harassment and intimidation by the city carried out by its police department for the past several months.  This I believe is a grave misuse of police resources. (Remember 6 officers going to Pasadena to arrest one local person, A. J. Redkey for a non-violent misdemeanor.)

I also believe that Ms. Fitzgerald has a conflict of interest by being a Fullerton council member and at the same time being Vice President for a very influential Southern California government consultant firm.  I call for her to either step down from the council or quit her Vice President position with that consultant firm.  She can’t serve two opposing masters in my opinion.

images (6)

Red or green depending on the day of the week. Now trans fat free.

She frequently states that she”loves” Fullerton but apparently hates people like me, whose only crime is that I tell the truth.  Again, where is her outrage over the civil lawsuit I discussed earlier filed against former Fullerton Detective Ronald Bair and the female plaintiff’s very, very serious allegations of corruption in the Fullerton Police Department itself?

In my opinion, the city is run like a very closed and secretive club for the betterment of the members of that club and their friends only.

images (24)

Recognize any of these cats?

This is very, very sad.  I have spent almost 5 years working very hard to make this city a better place for the citizens of Fullerton.  The more I have learned and the more I have paid close attention to the actions of our city government the more sickened and disgusted I have become however.  I pledge to continue to stand up for truth and my fellow Fullertonians.  I urge  continued support for Councilmember Whitaker and I urge the reelection of Mayor Pro-Tem Sebourn as the first steps to taking back our city.

I would suggest that Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory both have a whole lot of explaining to do to the Fullerton public for their totally inappropriate and strictly politically driven behavior. Ms. Fitzgerald and her allies have gone way too far even for them this time.

Do Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory who also  attacked me at council, believe that action should be taken against me or for that matter anyone before there is any proof that anything inappropriate even happened? Even before the so-called police investigation of this baseless complaint against me is completed.

Does Mayor Chaffee who supported Council Member Fitzgerald in requesting that the City Council agendize a discussion to consider removing me from the Parks and Recreation Committee (where I now serve as Chairman appointed by Council member Bruce Whitaker) believe that he too should be judge, jury and executioner without any charges being brought against me? I guess the answer is yes. After all it was the mean and vindictive Council member Doug Chaffee who went out of his way to slander me back at the December 18, 2012 council meeting when the council was ratifying several direct appointments including my own. Mayor Chaffee at that meeting said the following: “I’m sorry I would not support Mr. Levinson. I have reports that he has been very disruptive and is not a good choice? Ladies and gentlemen that was pure character assassination in the form of slandering my good name with no attempt to back up his scurrilous comments about me.

If there were any truth to Mr. Chaffee’s statement would my fellow Park and Recreation Committee members unanimously vote to make me Chair of that committee a month or two later?

Ms. Flory as an attorney knows that their actions are reckless, outrageous and very possibly a violation of my civil rights.  Both these council members joined in on the ongoing harassment, intimidation and violation of my civil rights.  The fact is that Ms. Flory, as an attorney should no better. Is any of this fair and objective ladies and gentlemen?   The answer is obviously no.

This so-called investigation is now almost 2 months old and still not completed although City Manager Joe Felz told Councilmember Whitaker that the investigation would be completed by the end of September 2013.  This phony complaint investigation should have been completed in a day (August 20) by reviewing the city’s videotape or in a week (August 27) by the long route by interviewing witnesses. It took the police, exactly four weeks before they attempted to make any contact with me in person or by phone.  The day they (2 detectives) first came to my house unannounced was September 16, the day of the council meeting.  They waited until the next council meeting 3 weeks later on October 7 to contact a witness I provided to the city.  If this is not intentional intimidation and harassment, I do not know what would constitute that claim in my opinion.  Our Orange County District Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should investigate the city’s tactics as well.

I believe this intimidation and harassment has two purposes. The first purpose is to try to keep me away from these important council meetings right before the November elections. The second purpose is pure character assassination because they are very concerned that I might choose to run for council in 2016 or beyond.

images (7)

You can’t keep a good man down

I remember in 2012, Ms. Flory spoke before the council and told Councilmember Kiger that his mother obviously did not breast-feed him. What a crass and totally inappropriate comment to make to anyone about one’s mother? Later that year she defeated Travis Kiger by 29 votes.  Therefore, I am not surprised that both Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flory are once again lowering themselves to this level.


I can honestly say that I have consistently stood up for all Fullertonians since 2010. I hope now you will take the time to stand up for me and the rights of all citizens to be treated in a fair and even handed way by our city. I would again suggest that Councilmember Fitzgerald has a choice she needs to make very soon.  Either Ms. Fitzgerald stops being a highly paid, political consultant as Vice President of Pringle and Associates with all that it entails or she resigns her position on the council.   Like I stated above, she can’t serve two very different masters to the best of her ability with two very different agendas. 

images (22)

I urge all of you who live in Southern California to attend the next Fullerton City Council meeting.  It takes place on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 starting at 6:30 PM.  Ladies and gentlemen make no mistake that this is a political witch-hunt against me because I was a political opponent of both Ms. Flory and Ms. Fitzgerald in the November 2012 council election and I have the courage to partake of my 1st Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.

 Approximately 7,500 Fullerton citizens believed in me enough to cast their precious vote for me in that election.  I ask that as many of you as possible come to the next Fullerton city council meeting on Tuesday October 21 at 6:30pm to express you outrage over this obvious misuse and abuse of power by our leaders.  I would also urge that you call City Manager Joe Felz 714-738-6310 or email him at; City Police Chief Dan Hughes at 714-738-6825 or 714-738-6840; Councilmembers Jennifer Fitzgerald and Jan Flory at 714-738-6311 or email them at to express your outrage and demand that this injustice perpetrated against my family and me be stopped immediately.  


God bless and I pray for a time real soon that Fullerton can once again be proud of its city government. Please remember the following:

That  all evil needs to triumph are for good men (and women) to do nothing.  Edmond Burke.

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.  George Orwell.

Thank you all for your attention.

Barry Levinson


Parks and Recreation Chair and

Former Candidate for Fullerton City Council



Apple 666, Artemis, Project Inkwell, Connect ED, and Agenda 21-an expose with an all star cast -

Artemis is known as the goddess of Fertility when you Google it… This is nothing more than a mass sterilization project. Follow this article to the end and you will agree.


Dr Roman Schulze seen here presenting to the Glendale Unified School District on how WiFi is safe for the kids.


Fullerton’s Dr. Roman Schulze on his pro classroom wireless evangelism tour up in Glendale California.

According to a 30 year old section of the California Education Code, we believe that it is illegal to expose children to a Class 2B Carcinogen in schools. I believe that the school district personnel responsible for this need to go to jail for what they are involved in. Maybe that is why Superintendent Dr. George Giokaris decided to forgo wireless in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District and hard wire the campuses.

Here is Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeretis of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, and Merry Callahan, health advocate, presenting updated information on the health impacts from EMF radiation to the Portland Oregon School Board from September of 2013. Two brilliant 3-minute talks exposing the FABLE of the harmlessness of WiFi, a form of radiation no less dangerous than nuclear fallout, causing autism, diabetes 2, and cardiovascular disease, a form of radiation that Roman Schulze says is safe. Stay tuned as there is much more to come as we continue to end the largest radiation experiment on children that the world has ever known and we continue to expose the people like Fullerton’s Dr. Roman Schulze that at all costs, are hell bent on making sure it continues.

I wonder what one does with this information? I wonder what one does with the information in the article below this post? READ THIS-

Published on Oct 7, 2013


More information  Martin L. Pall , Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University,  The Tenth Paradigm Research Group ,




I think Hughes ought to know about this

I think Chief Hughes ought to know about this






With the media blackout on the wireless agenda like nothing I have ever seen in my entire life, thank God that the traffic on this site continues to grow. Folks there are an awful lot of eyes on this debacle in our little neck of the woods. Yes, we are up against a trillion dollar industry and now being joined by the educrat lackeys who are taking your tax money to bed with the media who will never let you in on what is about to be rolled out right before your very eyes right here. It is time to let you know that there is more to this story than what you are being spoon fed folks. Here is your tax money at work and boy is there more to this than meets the eye.



With the almost totally exclusive contracts in the schools images (24)

images (23)

Fullerton’s high priest in the cult of Mac- Superintendent Robert Pletka handing out communion-6000 ipads

and Apple gets to deploy their devices in the laps of our children at school all day

images (11)

A potential victim of classroom wireless technology


It is all at the behest of people like yours truly

images (12)

Obama’s ” Connect ED” scheme with his pal at the FCC ,Tom Weeler, will have EVERY CLASSROOM IN THE NATION WIRELESS IN THE NEXT 3 YEARS


My favorite pen stroke in office was to overturn the Mexico City Policy because I love  unborn children and babies. There is a reason for not including in vitro in my new health plan.

The education superhighway to hell-tech execs pledge BILLIONS FOR CLASSROOM WIFI-ubiquitous Wi-Fi NO LESS


Apple has pledged $100 million in the form of iPads, desktop and laptop computers, and other educational tools to President Obama’s ConnectED initiative that seeks to connect 99 percent of America’s students to wireless high-speed internet.

images (26)

Can you keep a secret? The Manchurian Candidate can.


To the most high -September Morning


the emissions, the helix, the addiction and the agenda

download (9)

Wireless microwave radiation forced exposure from the cradle to the grave for this generation. It ought not be so.

So what is the goal of the proliferation of these wireless devices?


It can’t be good for the children yet we send them off everyday with a lunch and a kiss so they can irradiate their reproductive organs


download (3)

The microwave transmitters are in direct proximity to their reproductive organs


as people like these install wireless networks in all of our schools


LAUSD’s billion dollar raccoon eyed Deasy -So Cal’s number two king of wireless classrooms behind Pletka as he legislates from the bench without his black robe. Not sleeping well these days? EASY DEASY, cuz kids are coming to your board meetings with teachers complaining about nosebleeds, insomnia, bleeding from their ears and all kinds of problems that your staff refuses to file incident reports on.


download (7)

Orange County Department of Education Superintendent Al Mijares—Hey Al, whatcya been doing with all of those emails we been sending to the board for the last year and a half? They never got them? Why did you pull wireless of the shelf at the last board meeting? Is it because you read my email about the ed code violations?


forced WiFi for all with a big fat bloated bond to boot-Chancellor of the NOCCD Ned Doffney


Petaluma superintendent Steve Bolman- children need to be irradiated as I call the cops on you


Glendale Unified's Dr. Richard M. Sheehan

Glendale Unified’s chief irradiator Dr. Richard M. Sheehan-We like you better with your glasses on.


Greg Duyvetter Superintendent of schools for The Catholic Diocese of Orange who refuses to turn off the wireless in all of Orange County’s Catholic schools -Hey Greg, you should have stuck to your singing gig over at St Barbara’s. Hey, you still  tight with father Harris over at my Alma mater Mater Dei. I always wondered why his office was all the way at the end of the hall.

FSD Superintendent Robert Pletka-He could stop this if he wanted to.

FSD Superintendent Robert Pletka drunk on wireless technology and high on common core-He could stop this if he wanted to.

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Fullertons very own Dr. Roman Schulze’s show on the road in Glendale-“wifi safe” with the Captain from Executive Environmental who cooks the RF reports to order for the district.


Glendale Unified Trustee Mary Boger- on the Fullerton Informer-“..junk science, bullying and fear mongering.”



The irradiating brass on stage-Janny Meyer FSD trustee, State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, Fullerton council member Doug Chaffee and hiding in the back row enter through the side door Orange County Superintendent of schools for $300,000 plus per year-Al Mijares–Hey Janny your car is still running with the keys in the ignition and Tom don’t forget your wearing your glasses. Doug, we don’t care what you have to say because your three minutes were up in the parking lot.


While people like this ignore the warnings in Sacramento

Torlakson and Silva just couldn’t do the right thing so they just had the stool pigeon write the apology. -

Torlakson and Silva just couldn’t do the right thing so they just had the stool pigeon write the apology. -


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Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva- Mr Imbriano, you were not on the guest list

Planned Parenthoods Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva

Planned Parenthood’s Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva-who scores a whopping zero on the pro life voting score card. Oh but she loves the veterans so much that she wants to give them a cemetery while they drop like flies at the VA.

Sharon did it ever occur to you that Planned Parenthood just might go out of business if we don’t stop the wireless sterilization of children in the schools? No pregnancy means no abortions which means no body parts and no dinero for your proud eugenicist monster sponsor that is a creation from the pit of hell. Some people will do anything for money.

Check out this Orwellian diatribe on calling baby killing “smart pro women’s public health policies” Planned Parenthood’s centerfold model-Sharon Quirk Silva


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Senator Bob Huff-How empty can a suit get? No response, no concern no comment on the plight of the children.

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Autism conference host where the solution is a room full of drug pushers and vaccine inventors while he and his cohorts totally ignore the wireless connection to the epidemic. No respect I tell ya. 9-13-13


In Washington

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US House of Rep Ed Royce (R) Empty suit? Well since you asked? May I present to you NDAA signator Ed Royce  who continues ignoring every email ever sent to him on the plight of the children. Oh but he beats the war drum so loud you need noise cancelling headphones.


Locally in town wireless for all the kids

image001 (19)

Huge cash donor to wireless classroom technology-silent on our attemtps to reach him


image001 (18)

Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children. I still don’t get the bow tie.


image001 (20)

Ignores repeated emails about the wireless connection to Autism and to top it off his charity group donates money for wirelesss technology to the FSD and blocks me from Facebook


image001 (21)

Michelle Garden-“the leader of Acacia” is a strong advocate for wireless technology in the Fullerton school district and is the wife of Dr. Roman Schulze. ” My husband just enjoys arguing his well-researched point…it is sport for him” – See more at:

If I were Dr. Roman Schulze, I think I would find another hobby.

image001 (23)

Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children eventually resulting in me removing my eldest child from her school. She just smiles at everything.

image001 (22)

She looks like my neighbor, pretty trippy. Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children and continues to direct money into technology with the fundraising efforts district wide.

MAY I INTRODUCE shapeimage_1

download (10)

Acacia elementary principal Karen Whisnant, who has a PHD in placation in my opinion, and is an ardent wireless technology supporter who personally refused and directed my children’s teachers to refuse, on multiple occasions, written information on the dangers of classroom microwave radiation including at a PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE. She has also called the police on parents for handing out fliers on the sidewalk trying to warn parents of the dangers.  My other three children were subsequently removed from the school.

Lets look at some local connections to the Apple mother ship.

shapeimage_1 (1)

Home to probably the highest RF classroom readings in the state


Fisler principal Trang Lai

Trang Lai

Ignores everything we ever sent her and continues on the path of forced microwave exposure for the children on the west side.

Ted Lai

Is this the apple connection for the FSD? Is this the husband of Fisler principal Trang Lai?

Is this the apple connection for the FSD? Is this the husband of Fisler principal Trang Lai? Hey we can read.

Prior to joining Apple,  Ted Lai was most recently the Director of Technology & Media Services at Fullerton School District, home of Robert C. Fisler School (a 1:1 laptop Apple Distinguished School) and Valencia Park Elementary (a 1:1 mobile device Apple Distinguished Program).

Lest we forget Jan Weiner from Cal State Fullerton as she chimed in from her Autism offices on campus next to the freeway-here is the story on that nice dialogue she engaged in to ensure the irradiation of school children continues –



Yeah, they may be listening but they sure as heck are not paying attention.

Gail Lyons, who taught my kids Sunday school classes over at EV Free lent a deaf ear to my board meeting presentation, written materials and emails.


Kevin Hobby ignored the presentation at the board meeting as well written materials and emails.


Ron Todd  ignored the presentation at the board meeting as well written materials and emails.1278766484445_wnp187

Alicia Maciel ignored the presentation at the board meeting as well written materials and emails.




The more things change, the more they remain the same. EV Free Fullerton-Home to Mike Erre, Jennifer Fitzgerald on Sunday’s and occasionally to Pletlka’s crowd for shin digs when summer winds down or when they just need some paint jobs for the dilapidated school buildings that a couple hundred million a year in school district tax money can’t take care of .

My dad told me that you will know a tree by its fruit, so did Jesus.

“We got some Ipad today guys and let me just say I know how much you love it because you email me overwhelmingly and you ask for more ipad, and so as a man who wants to honor the wishes of (pause) people cuz I always…….” Mike Erre 9-14-14 from the pulpit. -

EV FREE FULLERTON’S SENIOR PASTOR MIKE ERRE “We got some Ipad today guys and let me just say I know how much you love it because you email me overwhelmingly and you ask for more ipad, and so as a man who wants to honor the wishes of (pause) people cuz I always…….” Mike Erre 9-14-14 from the pulpit. -

You know, statements like that  should not be coming out of the mouth of a so called Christian pastor in a Christian church from the pulpit during a Sunday morning service while he is thumbing through the Word of God, especially in light of all of the information that he has been provided with on this issue including the satanic roots Apple has- . Not to mention the battle raging over the wireless in the schools that he is no stranger to. as EV Free Fullerton is host to many a shindig for the establishment in town. Ironically, as a matter of fact, after many failed attempts to reach him, with NO responses, this is what we get-

Mail Delivery Subsystem
Aug 13,2014

to me
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
550 Blocked

– See more at:

image001 (2)


 GO TO 4:40-watch for yourself and tell me what this has to do with The Gospel of Luke



In the meantime,people like this man below who pose as a philanthropist and savior of the poor, ram vaccines and wireless down our kids throats everywhere else like in their bedrooms because the wireless transmitters in the Xbox never shut off even if you power it off unless you unplug the unit. The wireless controllers spend all the time irradiating their laps by design-read up on the satanization and sterilization of your children right here-



see more on the video game component to the sterilization of our children here

So what is the goal?

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Girls are born with their eggs but not mosquitos.



Humans are looked upon as animals by people like



So with the hots for your children’s bloodstreams not able to satisfy him, what does he do? He gets into the education business.

12505_10152343153446961_1228315018389040583_n (1)


He gets into the vaccine business with a billion dollar charity.



No shots, no school, no problem, no kidding?



He gets into the wireless common core roll out

images (19)


Common core is being rolled out all over the USA and it is being delivered in a wireless environment. Project Inkwell of which our VERY own Fullerton Trustee Hilda Sugarman IS A member

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.


That thing will be in his lap tonight, under his pillow tonight, and back in his lap again tomorrow at school…and the band played on.

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

Hilda Sugarman



1401 W Valencia Dr. Fullerton, CA 92833
(714) 447-7410

(Please be sure to include your e-mail address if a response is requested.)

Born and educated in San Francisco Hilda attended Lowell High School, UC Berkeley and San Francisco State. Hilda literally married the boy up the block, Michael.

Hilda taught a few years while her husband was training. Her teaching experiences were in Hunters’ Point, Harlem, and Washington, DC. She loved it.

Mike, her husband, is an Internist/Rheumatoligist here in Fullerton. He is also President of the St. Jude Heritage Medical Group. They have two sons, Jason and Steven. The boys attended Richman, Laguna Road, Parks and Sunny Hills High Schools in Fullerton. Hilda was PTA President and Site Council President of these schools and President of Fullerton PTA Council. She also was team mom for the sport teams of the boys and sat on the Boards of the Fullerton Rangers, Boy Scouts and Golden Hill Little League. Mom Hilda has chaperoned trips to Washington, DC, Sacramento, US High School Select athletes to Russia, and Little League Players to their World Series. When the boys left for college, Hilda was on their college parent groups and even acted as a team mom. But that wasn’t the same as working here in Fullerton.

In 1996 Hilda was elected to the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees. She led the successful Bond Drive for improving school facilities. Some know her as a force for 21st century education and implementation of schools of choice in the Fullerton School District. Hilda serves on the Orange County School Board Committee. She also is an active member of the All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation, the Fullerton Excellence in Education Foundation, and the Assistance League of Fullerton. Nationally she serves on the Curriki Foundation and Project Inkwell.

The one thing that each of these activities have in common is their focus on children. Improving the quality of life and education of children is her passion.

THE technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

FSD Trustee Hilda Sugarman

FSD Trustee Hilda Sugarman School Board Member of Project Inkwell.

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.


The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.


see how the arts is a trojan horse for wireless ladies and gentlemen

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.



The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.


unnamed (1)

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.



Do these people know what they are part of?

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

image001 (15)


The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

This is all part of Agenda 21 ladies and gentlemen and it knows no borders

images (11)




The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

project-inkwell-journal-1223782079327458-8-thumbnail-4THIS IS THE GOAL OF THE ELITE






images (14)

I can do it with my eyes closed as long as I am flanked by princess Leah

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.


images (12)

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

 What do wireless emissions do to human reproduction? Scientists tell us that it causes infertility. I would like for us to instead consult the designers and artists of this  5billion dollar corporate headquarters.


download (8)

The ego has landed in Cupertino

Schematic of the Cupertino campus layout-pretty insightful if you ask me.


Sperm talking “Man its a good thing I never made it in because my buddy in the upper right corner is getting electrocuted in there..”

Another schematic from the Cupertino campus layout.


what a bizarre layout for Apple’s HQ

Now this is a schematic of a human egg being fertilized by a sperm-note the similarities-



So with all the money in the world and all the tea in China, why are they spending 5 billion dollars on a facility that is designed to simulate failed conception?

This is a more detailed schematic of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters-note the unmistakable similarity to the human fertilization process with a few exceptions and notice what is missing-the smooth ER.


Apple’s Cupertino HQ layout


Scenario number 1 -ZONA HARDENING:



I believe that the trigger for all of this begins with the corticle granules in your daughters’ eggs and their releasing of calcium ions from the cortical smooth endoplasmic reticulum in response to microwave bombardment. This results in the eggs being hardened so no sperm can penetrate. Hardened eggs equal no pregnancy unless you can get you kids in vitro procedures out of your Obamacare policy


Scenario number 2-POLYSPERMY

Does this display the potential for the function of the smooth ER to either be interfered with, inactivated or simply destroyed by microwave bombardment of the follicles or eggs?  The smooth endoplasmic reticulum appears to be missing from the eerie diagram of Apples headquarters. This would render the eggs vulnerable to being penetrated by more than one sperm if it cannot induce Zona Hardening,


Zona hardening will fail to take place and any attempts at conception will be thwarted as a result of multiple sperm penetrating the Zona Pellucida.  Polyspermy always yields inviable zygotes (They won’t turn into embryos, they will die). I believe that your daughters’ follicles, or eggs depending on their ages, are on the line folks.

What is going on here? It is fertiliztion.




 Schematic diagram showing formation of the fertilization envelope.

Schematic diagram showing formation of the fertilization envelope.


The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.
unnamed (1)

21st century learning-we tried to warn all of you-poor kids

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

images (12)What is the goal?

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.





The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.
download (4)

The Georgia guidestones

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

500 million is still too many?

download (8)


The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.



Where the hell did everybody go?

Windows-8-Wallpaper-18Apple 666? Never right?

images (9)








download (6)

images (20)


What else has come out of apple and Microsoft? How about Steve Perlman who has been an Apple Principal Scientist and Microsoft Division President. What does he bring us?  ARTEMIS TECHNOLOGY.


pCell technology

Artemis-pCell-1 (1)

 ARTEMIS was the Greek goddess of  FERTILITY AND CHILDBIRTH. What a bizarre coincidence.


images (8)


pCell technology is all about harnessing and combining radio signals, even interference to create extra wireless energy around each individual mobile device that follows the device wherever it goes.

ARTEMIS WAS ALSO A GOD OF THE HUNT-how ironic as each wireless device is targeted for a directed energy beam.


From Artemis technology’s website-Look at the wireless device in the cross hairs. Where are the kept all the time?

Artemis systems create individual pCell bubbles of microwave energy around every wireless device all the time, which actually follow the device wherever it goes, with no escape, ensuring that the connection is never broken and the irradiation of the user is constant.


screen shot 2014-03-11 at 1.18.13 pm

You bet it is with pCells’ wireless energy around each mobile device WITH 20 TIMES THE POWER THAT IS CURRENTLY BEING USED hunting everyone down while the energy is directed to each antenna in the laps, pockets or breasts. It is a brilliant invention but could it be being used for nefarious purposes?

“In a year, we will displace the need for cable and DSL..” -forced wireless-

“pCell technologies uses are NOT limited to communications.. communications are a very good application of this technology but IT IS NOT ACTUALLY THE BIGGEST ONE..”

unnamed (3)

PCELLS SYNTHESIZE A TINY RADIO WAVE BUBBLE AROUND EVERY ANTENNA- For now, lets forget the two way surveillance capabilities that this will have on EVERY WIRELESS DEVICE IN EXISTENCE and look at the microwave exposures TO THE DEVICE HOLDER.



This picture doesn’t do it justice. There would be blue pcell dots everywhere.

Alright, I have had enough, but wait there’s more.

How about U2 in October?


Check this out. U2 was up in Cupertino AT APPLE HQ for the rollout of the models of the iPhone 6 There are those 6’s again and guess which album they released?  IT WAS THEIR  13th album-


Wireless emissions everywhere, the indigo color indicating WiFi/wireless mode enabled, with the color red reflecting off of the performers

“A deluxe version of Songs Of Innocence will be released on October 13th. The news release says it “will contain an acoustic session of select songs from the album plus four additional tracks: Lucifer’s Hands, The Crystal Ballroom, The Troubles (Alternative version), Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake).”

Did you catch that? LUCIFERS HANDS?

Apple rolls out iphone 6, U2 releases its 13th album, on the 13th with the song titled “lucifer’s hands” is on it.





Folks WAKE UP and get these things out of your childrens’ laps and better yet, get them out of the wireless classrooms.

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.



These are school district employees on school property on the clock acting out some bizarre ritual-

Don’t bank your lineage on these people who apparently see nothing wrong with aiming a toy gun on school property at an effigy of someone carrying a case with a Christian symbol on it.

This one gets her orders from on high.

This one gets her orders from on high.

Straight to the heart I tell ya

Straight to the heart I tell ya

10392330_426270320844020_1279251681744232029_n (1)

But  FSD Supertintendent Bob Pletka is a nice guy

10419473_426272904177095_1698855657885312930_n (2)

I’m back in black, yes I’m baaack in black…


In case you haven’t noticed, that graph is heading to zero

The white shirted one says it is all safe as he takes his show on the road to irradiate the school children while on this blog he makes fun of the “man in the sky”

image001 (13)

Fullerton’s Dr. Roman Schulze seated at right

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

while the vampire is running the blood bank at The FCC


The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

The unmitigated public health disaster in the making.

images (2)

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

Before wireless in schools


After wireless in schools

They stick this in your face when you turn on the device.

the target


where we all began ourselves before the age of the wireless agenda


Why are there so many attempts in life by evil people to wreck what I hold so dearly and carefully for that magic moment?

the weapon


Ipads emit more microwave radiation than cell phones. Cell phone use is voluntary among adults and most certainly not for 8-10 hours per day in their laps. Ipads in school, well that is another story. Once the kids are addicted to them at home, well kiss the sunlight exposure and normal sleep patterns goodbye. As for their progeny someday, please revert back the mid section of this article.



The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.
images (8)

note the location of the WiFi antenna

The technology must be wireless-

The AORTA1 Education Platform

Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:

  1. Provide adequate bandwidth and Internet access to all schools, calculated on a per – student basis. The last, in-class distribution of this bandwidth must be wireless.

The deployment

images (11)

The antenna is right on his zipper, or for the girls, right on their ovaries emitting microwave radiation levels trillions of times background levels when the device is WiFi enabled .

The frequencies


The power levels are   – ten to the fourteenth power above normal background levels at 2.4 GHz which is the frequency at which the maximum dielectric loss of water begins. What a convenient coincidence.

Your children in school:


Your request to turn off wireless systems in the Fullerton School District is “respectfully denied”-Robert Pletka

The stuff doesn’t belong here.

download (10)

The Earth has ZERO atmospheric opacity to Microwaves because they are almost totally non-existent in nature.

How exposure guidelines were developed



North Korea on the Fourth Of July

So here we are 238 years after Independence from England and enslaved to a system deeper than our ancestral counter parts ever were. Granted some of you may have a few more zeros in the bank accounts that can be wiped clean overnight than others, but at least back then, their minds and their children were their own. So where are we really? There is little to celebrate on this Independence day when the very government that most of us trust and worship to educate and feed our children bombs countries back into the stone age that have done nothing to us and turns a blind eye to 50 years of atrocities only rivaled by Hitler as we become awash in liquor and cheeseburgers this weekend.

May we never forget what is still happening in North Korea where our government turns a blind eye to a regime that threatens nuclear attack and rounds up and slaughters its citizens like an Eskimo seal hunt.


zzzzNorth-Korean-Suffering-600x383 Before you get plastered, overeat, and put a bunch of sulfur into the atmosphere this weekend, remember all that the blood of Kelly Thomas got us in Fullerton is Dan Hughes and Fireworks. All the blood of our men and women in uniform is getting us now is the illegitimate control of Arab oil fields, a domestic police state, poppy fields, the heroine trade, and landing bases in North Africa to continue to rape and pillage while turning a blind eye to regimes that have spent decades replicating accoutrements from the pit of hell.



Yes we implement sanctions on a nation whose citizenry has spent decades in the death grip of a food control genocide program while we gave this satanic tyrant snuff film producing butcher who lived in a seven story sex palace  a complete pass for as long as he walked the earth until the day he was cast unrepentant into the lake of fire by the hand of The Almighty.

download (5)

And hell on earth continues under the rule of his demonic son.
download (4)

North Korea is coming to America ladies and gentlemen. It is just washing up on our shores slowly. The lapping waves carry ashore the ever increasing expansion of poverty through the race to the bottom treasonous trade deals that have deindustrialized this once great engine of economic might. Landing in the middle of the night is the consolidation of our food production in the hands of a few corporations that are engineering cancer viruses and sterilants into the toxic food we are forced to eat and on their terms and rates. Yes, the soft kill silent weapons like contraceptive corn are born in the labs your 180 IQ students on scholarships design, then make their way to the grocers’s shelves, head for our cupboards, microwave ovens and finally into your blood streams.

North Korea openly starves their people into submission and we here in the US are forced into full belly starvation with toxic fake foods.

Phony churches that are really nothing more than real estate holding companies and corporations dot the landscape with silent pulpits occupied by hireling, snake oil salesmen that have a knack for separating you from your wallet so they can upgrade their entertainment facilities that are closed 6 days a week. You will never get the truth out of them. Now these 501c3 fleecing operations have come to the point where they have totally abandoned caring for the poor, the needy, the disadvantaged and the downtrodden.  Go to the office and ask them for help and see the ringer they will put you through. No longer do they build hospitals, orphanages and schools to make the present a better place and invest in the future. This is all now in the hands of the government-they control it all-academia, public assistance and now medicine. This is the North Korean style model and it is alive and well in America. You want your food stamps, you have to inject your kids. You want your housing and medical, your kids need to be enrolled in a public school classroom sterilization chamber. They got you under wraps beginning in the cradle all the way to the grave, from your bloodstreams all the way to your brains.

Worthless, overpriced Godless educations that saddle our children with insurmountable debt preparing them for the road to nowhere cover an entire generation in a dark cloud leaving them with their civic mindedness, common sense, and faith in God sucked right out of their brains in the process. They are then left to compete with the H1B visa holders that work for garage sale prices that will do whatever they are told.

Yes washing ashore is brutality at the hands of militarized police, intrusive and illegal government surveillance through Echelon, the Fusion Centers, and NSA clandestine snooping right through the doors of local police departments. Jurisdictions blur, privacy eviscerates, God given rights evaporate all while the phony preachers pass the plates on Sunday mornings and you go home or stay home and cheer for the ball game. In the meantime Halliburton builds FEMA camp facilities that are on a 24 hour readiness standby. Think it can’t happen here? The educational system is teaching your children they are animals while the media is turning everyone else into animals so that you can all be treated like animals.

So now we have  militarized police with everyone dependent on 100 year old water delivery infrastructure and thin ice food supply logistics, coupled with a power grid that is woven together like a cheap old wine skin under a desert sun which leaves us with about as much security as holding junk bonds in the 1980’s. Never mind the house of cards fractional reserve banking system and its mistress, the quadrillion dollar derivative infestation of the financial system with its step child: the debt based currency we worship call the US dollar replete with in your face occult symbolism that goes right over everyone’s heads as it is exchanged for a cheeseburger at the drive thru window.

Will you ignore the plight of your neighbors next door, your dark skinned brothers in the middle east, your children getting irradiated in the classrooms, and our Korean brothers and sisters across the ocean? But hey who gives a damn? It doesn’t affect me right? I got my big screen, my DVR, my hot box, my hot pocket, my diet joke shaved ice, my 12 pack, my nice new car or truck, my oxycotin, my vape chain, my bon bons, my good payin job, my iPad, my connections, my retirement, my hobby lobby or whatever other pile of sand you choose to stick you heads into. Believe me folks, we all got skin in this game with no one being exempt. Our kids are gonna turn over their hides while our ancestors turn over in their graves if we don’t wake up and take things back. They are setting up a total microwave all seeing matrix where most of us will no longer be necessary. All this technology, medical and scientific advancement is a double edged sword which will all be wielded against us. In actuality, it already is and most of you are simply not paying attention. 40 shots before age 6? Really?

The jails and prisons in this once great nation of ours are full of mom’s, dad’s, people’s sons and daughters, cousins nephews, aunts and uncles, many of whom are totally innocent people. Many were once productive members of society until they were exposed to the drugs our own government ships in, addicted to the endless flowing liquor that the government oversees, until they were introduced to the highly addictive opiates or psychotropics by the white coats, or until they or their famiies met their demise at the hands of the government’s economically destructive policies that massively proliferate unemployment or from the violent satanic video games, movies or pornography alone or in combination with any of the preceding.

The well paying predatory system ensnares those unaware of the traps being set by law enforcement officers who are trained to provoke, escalate and incite in order to up the antes to felonies if and whenever possible. As a result, the uninformed and unsuspecting are financially ruined while languishing in captivity in some cases being forcibly drugged and being unwilling subjects of medical experimentation and radiation biology programs on top of being raped and tortured. North Korean leaders could only dream of the vastness of a system such as ours.

We here in the US have a stasi society run by jack booted, black uniforms overseen by the black robes on the bench.  If your are comfortable with it, then it is only because you or a loved one has not felt it’s cold dead hands around your throats. North Korea runs theirs out in the open. We here in the US like to dress it up or down depending on your particular frame of reference and state of mind. Check out this thug with a badge beating up a woman.

The talking heads on the idiot box push the pills and play the car chases for us while we play the Benny Hill music in our little heads and laugh while another life being destroyed.

Look, I love America. It is the greatest country in the world. We are the last bastion of freedom on this planet. It is for this very reason that so many have given their lives to protect our shores and so many risk their lives to reach our shores. I am just sick and tired of our government being hijacked by robber barons, butcher war mongers, and psychopaths that run government sponsored terrorism that wrap themselves in the American flag and pose as our saviors. It is only possible because our vision and discernment is continuously clouded by our own personal myopic idiot box induced greed, selfishness, drunkenness and apathy. The net results are cemeteries full of dead veterans, and the bequeathal of a North Korean society to our children with microwaved reproductive organs.

Look at the debt, look at the streets falling apart, look at the lead flux oozing out of the drinking fountains, look at the filth on the TV, look at the blood running down the drains in the abortion mills, look at our children being brain damaged by the vaccines, look at the sex ed in the schools, look at the forced irradiation with wireless deployment in the schools and homes. Look at the video game addictions flanked by Hollywood’s overtly satanic pornographic etercontainment industry. Is this our rewward being bestowed on our children ?  Are they being sterilized?

Look at the radiation biology programs going on in the schools, jails and hospitals. Look around at the crumbling infrastructure, the blight, the crooks in local governments and the decaying vestiges of the American dream from a bygone era as out of control taxation and government expand exponentially.

So North Korea could never come to America on the 4th of July? Ask Kelly Thomas if he thought this was America when on July 5th, 2011, officers from the Fullerton Police Department “smashed his face to hell”, bludgeoned him, electrocuted him, beat him to death and sent his soul into eternity.

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Ask his family if this was America when they heard satanic lie after lie during the rigged trial in the courtroom as the murderers slithered out of the charges with high priced taxpayer funded wordsmiths in front of a stacked jury. Ask the reporters about the 4th of July in the Fullerton Police department’s van that were threatened to have “ther f…ing faces smashed in” on the way to jail for filming a protest. Ask the outraged Americans who watched in horror as the verdicts were read acquitting three officers who executed an unarmed homeless man on camera. Ask the goat herders that were rounded up from Afghanistan and renditioned to Guatanemo Bay so they could be waterboarded and hooked up to battery chargers while being sodomized with blunt objects. Yeah some old man named Bin Laden who had been in a CIA hospital months earlier getting taxpayer funded dialysis treatments, from a cave in the desert ran  and orchestrated the controlled demolition of the WTC while Norad was on stand down and the military was running a drill that morning with hijacked airliners hitting the New York skyline.

Ask your son who spent the last three tours of duty huffing depleted uranium in the middle east with his medical records sealed as he was injected with who know what over there fight the best enemies money can buy, an enemy we fund, arm and arrange for while we bomb them back into the stone age.

Ask the kids being brain damaged in the delivery rooms with the cord clampings and injections getting their brains fried with wireless for the rest of their lives when they are old enough to understand that their mental faculties were pruned at birth. Ask them if they knew that they were fed talc laden infant formula that resembled coffee creamer instead of human milk because mom had to work just to pay the taxes or because dad decided to follow the advice of the Bruce Springsteen hit from 1980. Ask the Avocado farmer who had to stump his groves while he looks at the lines in the sky used to run the geo engineering programs which cause the droughts out here and the floods back east to suck kids down the storm drains.

Ask the farmer about how the lines show up in the sky just before the rain and just in time to turn his fertile farm into a dust bowl to run him out of business and to run him off of his land so the banks can pick it up for 2 cents on the dollar. Ask him about being forced into the compact cities to drink the fluoridated water, eat the toxic store bought food and experience the love of the microwave bombardment from the wireless infrastructure that is given carte blanche to pop up like mushrooms on an Arkansas chicken farm after a thunderstorm. Or simply ask the local and national press why they refuse to cover real issues and ram mindless bullshit sports, bimbo diversion stories or meaningless trivial issues down our throats everyday. Ask the parents why they have to subject their kids to 40 nano tech laden injections just so they can sign their kids up for a secular humanist education with a microwave transmitter in their laps all day in a common core algorithm developing microwave matrix irradiating their reproductive organs on your taxpayer dime. Ask the 10,000  American tow and three year old toddlers who every year,  are being given medications like Adderall for ADHD. They are being diagnosed with a behavioral disorder sometimes before preschool, and before they ever meaningfully interact with another person. Ask the hundreds of thousands of elementary school children that have been drugged by the scumbag doctors at the behest of the servile teachers about why the kids’ developing brains are shrunk and their hearts are damaged while Mr. pill pushing vaccine jamming MD takes the pharma rep to Tahiti behind his Stepford wife’s back twice a year.

You think I am too harsh? Too negative? Out of my mind? Should I freeze frame the cartoon your kid is watching and show you what is being beamed into their little brains? Shall I hand you the DTap and Gardasil shot inserts? Should we break down the lyrics of that song on the radio? Shall I explain what the wireless in the classrooms is doing to your children’s reproductive organs? Shall we discuss where all your kids data is going with the common core. Maybe we should discuss why they want your guns in exchange for a Vons card? America is on the highway to hell and you have been singing along for the last 30 years. Take the headphones off for a minute and listen to the cries of  the billions of people in this world living in misery as a direct result of the things that we worship.

Look, America can still be what it once was but only if all of us return to what we are supposed to be to make it work. We must be a God fearing, moral, loving, brave, informed, and politically involved people. We are being turned into the diametric opposite by taxpayer funded social engineers that you invite into your living rooms on TV every night, and by the school district administrators and servile agents that you worship and fund with your blind allegiance, PTA donations and property taxes.

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians worshiped the dung beetle as a god. It miraculously emerged from piles of feces into some miraculous creature. That was a god to them. Thousands of years later, modern day Cairo is surrounded on all four sides by canals filled with garbage and raw sewage. Be careful what you worship.

What are we really celebrating on this day? Who are we really fooling? The only reason you can still trade a few pieces of paper for a sack of beans, a 12 pack or a hot dog is because the dollar is the world reserve currency. When I speak of the twilight’s last gleaming ladies and gentlemen, I mean it. The dollar’s days are numbered. When that day comes, you will need a sack of rice to get a sack of beans. It may come to trading your daughter for a box of ding dongs. Denial is a powerful thing.There is not enough time or space to elaborate any further here but you may want to ponder anew what you can do for your Country. It all begins with the first step which involves opening your eyes.

May we never allow what hundreds of thousands of veterans over the last 238 years ago bled out barefoot in the snow, took bullets in the back storming the beaches, hung high and tortured in the jungles for only to be stolen by our own despicable apathy and willful ignorance being funneled into the control freaks despotic demonic hands. There isn’t much time folks.

You can dismiss everything I say, you can hate me or you can love me. That is within your purview. North Korea is not coming ashore folks, but rather it is already here and moving inland. We have the largest per capita incarceration rate in the world, the largest prison population in the world, the highest per capita murder rate on earth and we are the largest producers of pornography on the planet. All the starvation, torture, rape, murder and criminality is right in veryones living room staring them in the face every night. We take pleasure in it, we pay for it to be beamed into our homes and we allow it to be etched into our minds.

We must seek he higher ground that begins within all of us. Look your kids in the eyes on this July 4th and remember so many that died and for what. I truly love what this country is supposed to stand for. There are millions of honest, hard working people in The United States. This country has so many magnificent accomplishments, inventions, and victories to be remembered. It is sadly all quickly being eclipsed by the debauchery and criminal acts of our own government. Most of our elected officials are truly criminals who as soon as they are elected spend the rest of their careers getting re elected as they turn their backs on the citizens and the rest of the world.

On July 5th, the antithesis of July 4th, the murder of Kelly Thomas, who was an innocent, unarmed homeless man murdered at the hands of agents of the state know as police officers from the Fullerton Police department and the despicable phony journalists that tried to cover it all up are just more reminders that await us all.

The other antithesis of July 4th is North Korea that is there to remind us the other 363 days a year that the price of liberty is truly eternal vigilance. May we never forget my fellow Americans and may we always remember that Freedom is really the ability to do what is right, not the ability to do what you want.

As the shed blood of the innocents, including the unborn continues to cry out to the Almighty, the pulpits remain silent. How long will all of you?

If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it. ~ Rev. Charles Finney

May God help us all ladies and gentlemen especially our brethren across the sea as we celebrate our hard fought independence on this special day.





The Lynching

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You’re CARICATURES, ALL of you! Without your masks, you’re CARICATURES! Look what you have become.

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You must believe in the magic . The dust is magic, it is magic, it is the dust that changes hate into love. You have to believe in the magic.



It’s important to get with the majority, isn’t it? That’s… that’s a big thing nowadays, isn’t it Reverend? That’s all there is is the majority.

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The minority must have died on the cross two thousand years ago. You’ve all been so consumed by hate. It is the darkness.

Fullerton is the Twilight Zone ladies and gentleman and like I have said all along, it is never too late to do the right thing.


Sex Ed Sharon Quirk Silva, her pit of hell planned parenthood endorsement and her cronies.


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SEX ED SILVA has come a long way from her “socks” days.





August 27, 2014 | Generation Action, Grassroots Organizing


On August 23, the Community Action Fund (CAF) of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties hosted a campaign headquarters kick-off celebration to formally begin the field program to support Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva (AD65).

Orange County Endorsements of the CAF:

65th Assembly District:

Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva


The Community Action Fund is the political arm of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties. It’s an independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization dedicated to protecting and expanding individual rights to reproductive choice and access to family planning. The Community Action Fund raises funds in support of progressive candidates that value access to affordable reproductive health services and comprehensive sexual health education.

The Community Action Fund supports reproductive rights and health care services by:

  • Direct and grassroots lobbying of elected officials at all levels of government
  • Making endorsements and contributions to endorsed candidates at all levels of government
  • Implementing independent expenditure and field campaigns for endorsed candidates
  • Mobilizing and educating voters about issues important to reproductive health care
  • Organizing community partners and advocates in support of women’s health issues
  • Electing and training pro-comprehensive sexual health school board members and candidates
  • Defeating dangerous anti-reproductive health care initiatives in California and other state


I guess pro life legislation is now dangerous folks. How many vaccines injected, how much aspartame consumption, how many idiot box viewing hours and how much wireless exposure is responsible for the mindset that calls parting out unborn children “reproductive health”? How much satanic program viewing yields a thought process that equates legislating the protection of the unborn with being “dangerous”.

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When you think of her cronies, well…..

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Planned parenthood wants to get into the schools so they can corrupt the kids and part out their unborn children.


It is done by forcibly exposing them in an authoritative setting and manner to things that they have not been exposed to in order to peak their curiosity.

I am just trying to keep some semblance of innocence for the kids in The FJUHSD- up against the demonic ilk that corrupts.

At least TROY’S  Mr. Lance Bletscher has  his moral compass pointed in the right direction and he is to be commended.


It appears that another Troy High employee however, posing with Sharon Quirk Silva on one of the sleaze mailers that came in the mail over the weekend is just unaware of just  how far down the wrong road this woman wants to take our children. The fact that she is using this well known school district employee to further her agenda is deeply concerning. I just love the American flag in the background with the dog that you cant see. What a nice touch. Such a mom and pop, main street, apple pie and Chevrolet feel to it.


So back to the kids-Over the summer, when I asked to video the condoms being put on the bananas and requested the sex ed indoctrinator guest list and the power point presentations and to preview the AIDS and suicide prevention videos for the freshman sex ed “health” class, this is what eventually transpired. I got the following email.

Lance Bletscher <>

Jul 10
to me

Hello Mr. Imbriano-

Since we last talked there has been a structural review resulting in changes with regards to Troy’s Health program.

The dialogue that you and I have had as been a very healthy opportunity to step back and reflect on how our summer health program is conducted.

In short, field experts from our local community are no longer going to be a component of the course; effective immediately. This means that no guest speakers will be part of the health program at Troy High School.

Attached, is a more thorough and itemized listing of the course outline of the Health  curriculum that you requested to review. This breaks down, in more specificity, the topics, course goals, and objectives than just the syllabus you received earlier.

Further, you are currently in possession of ——–“s  Health text book. Please review it to see what they will be using as an instructional material to support their learning.

I realize that it may too late a time frame for you and your family to review these materials, but if you still have interest in him being a part of our last session of health starting Monday the 14th, let me know and I will welcome him with open arms.

Let me know if there is more that I can help you with.


Lance Bletscher

Assistant Principal, Student Activities

Troy High School

2200 East Dorothy Lane

Fullerton, CA 92831

Phone: 714-626-4411


I am also trying to keep our children in the K-8 system in the FSD from having their reproductive systems damaged by the common core’s microwave matrix classrooms.

All the while I have to come home to multiple glossy acrylate hit pieces in my mailbox with this woman posing with a High School teacher, veterans and kids while she bashes a moral, ethical conservative candidate while calling the butchering of unborn babies “women’s access to reproductive health”. These are not sleazeball tactics folks, this is pure evil. I don’t even need to go any further. I will just point out what is irrefutable. She has taken PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S MONEY AND ACCEPTED THEIR ENDORSEMENT more than once.

Shame on the teachers and educrat lackeys that support this woman who claims to be a champion for woman’s health. Sharon Quirk-Silva Gains Key Education Endorsements

I believe that the education establishment and the rest of her establishment supporters in this town needs to go to confession for more reasons than one.

Yes, you will see the teachers lining the streets when in comes to lining their pockets. Hundreds of Fullerton teachers, many wearing red shirts and waving signs, lined both sides of a hundred-yard-long stretch of Harbor Boulevard for more money

But they are nowhere to be found when it comes to stopping planned parenthood from coming into our schools and the program dubbed radiation experiments on school children. Sex ed Silva has put out a platform the likes of which I have never seen in my life. She is running on her accomplishments of rewarding illegal immigration, pushing for job killing taxes while claiming to be pro business, pushing for a a place to bury dead veterans instead of finding a way to keep them from dying at the VA, corrupting young children with sex ed and openly and Orwellianly calling mutilating and murdering unborn children “womens access to reproductive health.”

Back to the teachers. I believe that with all of their complicit silence on all of the aforementioned as well as the sterilizing,  forced irradiation of students with wireless microwave radiation with levels trillions of times normal background levels in the classrooms, the brain damaging, immoral and intrusive common core, and now rallying behind someone who proudly accepts the ultimate endorsement from the pit of hell, I believe it has now become high time to call a spade a spade in this town. Yes in my opinion, teaching has now become arguably THE most despicable form of gainful employment that one could engage in. That is of course, unless you break rank and resist what is being done to our children by forgoing your paltry paycheck worship and do the right thing to stop this assault on children on so many fronts. Not everyone has their price ladies and gentlemen but for those of you who do, why do you allow yourselves to be priced out of human dignity’s range?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that the culling of humanity with abortion and wireless would become so overt, yet go right over the heads of so many. What have we become? What have they done to all of us? How has it come to this point where we have to even have this debate? Who is to blame? There is no one to blame but ourselves ladies and gentlemen. We need to repent.

May God help us to open our eyes ladies and gentlemen. May God help us to have the courage to stand up against evil for everyone’s children, born or unborn, in Jesus name. Amen.



Just about everything in this election can be summarized as pure and simple boil over from The Fullerton School District’s technology plan that is at COMPLETE ODDS WITH The Fullerton Joint Union High School District. THE CANDIDATES JUST WON’T PUBLICLY TALK ABOUT IT.


You see folks, under the direction Robert Pletka with the support of the board members  Beverly Berryman, Hilda Sugarman, Chris Thompson, Janny Meyer, and Lynne Thornly, now almost every last one of the 15,000 children in Fullerton’s Elementary schools are being forcibly exposed to wireless radiation all day long and are being forced to use a wireless iPad or wireless laptop at school. The district refuses to provide an education without a wireless environment.


In the Fullerton Joint Union High School District which encompasses Fullerton, Buena Park and La Habra, under the direction of George Giokaris with the governing board members, the 14,000 students are using textbooks in a classical setting with no wireless exposure. The board decided to hard wire all of the Common Core computer labs throughout the entire district.

So what we are left with is this so called infamous technology GAP between the elementary schools and the high schools. Let’s have a closer look at this gap.

K-8 students are constantly staring into screens and being forcibly exposed to microwave emission levels that are trillions of times background levels at school.


This has also bled over into the homes forcing families to install WiFi systems in their homes and apartments so the children can do their homework. This has also bled over into the infant care and after school daycare facilities so the children can do their homework there. It is really so they can play video games now instead of going outside to play.


Bandwidth is always an issue demanding the deployment of more and more wireless access points and even new technologies increasing the classroom exposure.


It is worth noting that EVERY CLASSROOM IN THE FULLERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT HAS FIBER OPTIC CONNECTIVITY TO THE WALLS and yet they have chosen wireless as the end connection ignoring research and warnings of scientists and medical doctors.

There is no opt out provision in any of this. In addition, these radiation levels are not low power as levels that are trillions of times background levels, they are not healthy, and not natural period.

Lets look at the High schools where students are currently carrying textbooks and attending classes that do not have WiFi systems deployed in them. They utilize state of the art hardwired computers when needed. They can then go home and choose what form of computers they use, with the connectivity they desire, wired or not. There is no need for an opt out provision as there is no forced microwave exposure.

I believe there is egg on the faces of the FSD board members, their staunch supporters and mud all over Robert Pletka’s wth the FJUHSD deciding to hardwire all of their campuses and abruptly halt the plans for wireless deployment based on safety concerns.

The tensions between these groups is tremendous. While it may not be evident to the public at large, I firmly believe that it is THE DRIVING FORCE IN THE ELECTION for the three governing board positions.

The players in the FSD are, in my opinion, in large part responsible for riffs that are emerging with the city hall crowd as well. It is all connected in my opinion, and you can trace it all back to them.

It would not surprise me if there were plans to do away with the High School Board and bring everything under FSD control perhaps even doing away with the FJUHSD administration altogether.

It all boils down to the following: THE FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT TO IRRADIATE YOUR KIDS.

The following statement has been prepared by Diane Hickey, co founder of NACST.ORG and has been sent to all of the candidates. We will post their responses as they come in.

To: Fullerton Joint Union High School Board Candidates

Marilyn Buchi, Joanne Fawley, Zina Gleason, Bob Hathaway, MJ Noor*, Robert Singer, Ph.D.  (*sent via candidate portal)

All Fullerton Joint Union High School District candidates for trustee should be keenly aware of the following, recently released messages regarding wireless radiation in our children’s classrooms.  They all have the same message:  hardwire the school technology.  

University of California, Berkeley, Center for Community and Family Health, “Some Tips To Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation”

Among these are:

“Turn off wi-fi on devices being used by kids”

“ . . . use hardwired networks in schools to provide Internet access.”

The link is here:

Doctors For Safer Schools

“We ask School Boards, educators and parents to realize existing standards fail to protect students and staff.  We call upon governments to update their safety standards and make them relevant to non-thermal exposures, including WiFi.”

The link is here:

This website is of particular interest to pregnant teachers that are working every day in wireless classrooms.  It features Dr.  Hugh Taylor, Chief of Obstetrics, Yale University Hospital, discussing the scientific studies that demonstrate exposures to wireless radiation results in degradation of memory and learning, most notably ADHD:  The BabySafe Project:  “Protect Your Baby from Wireless Radiation”

The messages coming out could not be plainer or more insistent:  hardwire the school technology.  The Fullerton School District (K-8) trustees were provided the first and third items in July.  For over a year and a half, the FSD has been presented with information on the dangers of wireless classrooms.

You should also be aware that in 2012 an Italian court ruled that wireless radiation emitted from cell phones can cause brain tumors.

Italian Court Ruling is here:

When we examine product liability on cell phones, “The insurance industry has refused to provide product liability insurance on cell phones primarily due to this concern as they fear that cell phone litigation may turn out like tobacco or asbestos litigation did with huge punitive awards.”

That link is here:


As an FJUHSD school board member, please consider Sections IV and V in the Orange County Department of Education, Liability Under Section 1983.  This document addresses personal liability exposure for school board trustees.

That link is here:

These messages stand on their own.  They must translate into a wired technology program, one that does not carry the serious health detriments of wireless and is known to be a secure and reliable connection.




Diane Hickey, Co-Founder

National Association For Children and Safe Technology

Attachments area

Preview attachment Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation2.pdf

Some Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation2.pdf



Getting away with murder: 33 Police Officers Fire 600 Bullets into Car Knowing It Contained a Hostage

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the first time that out of control police turn into assassins.

We are reminded of what The Fullerton Police department did to an innocent, unarmed homeless man named Kelly Thomas. It was all on camera and they all got away with murder.


Southern California is no stranger to high profile trials. I lived through the Rodney King and OJ Simpson trials and were not surprised by the results handed down from the handpicked, stacked deck jury put together by those playing both sides of the aisle with Rodney King. While I believe that similar circumstances prevailed in the murder trial of two Fullerton police officers, what was remarkably different was the significance of the outcome. As a Fullerton resident, this evil must be addressed as this is as close to home as you can get.

Rodney King was brutally beaten by L.A.P.D. officers. Rodney king was evading police during the act of committing a crime. Rodney King was a very tall, strong and healthy man and RODNEY KING WAS ABLE TO WALK AWAY FROM HIS BEATING AND LIVED TO ATTEND THE TRIAL TO FACE HIS ACCUSERS. KELLY THOMAS WAS NOT AFFORDED THAT LUXURY WHICH WAS ACTUALLY HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

Kelly Thomas was a rather thin, small framed schizophrenic homeless man living on the streets of Fullerton California. Known to many, simply as Kelly, he was a fixture in Fullerton’s downtown area in and around the Fullerton transportation center. Known by local police and by some local area merchants, he was looked upon as a nuisance, a bum, and an eyesore. To others that knew him, he was an honest human being with a giving heart and a free spirit. That, however, would be forever changed on that warm summer evening in July 2011. From then on, Kelly was known to anyone with a functioning conscience, as a homicide victim, an innocent man who was brutally murdered by a gang of thugs employed by the Fullerton police department, and a martyr for the cause of ending police brutality in America and to the ends of the earth.

Kelly Thomas was determined to be an innocent man, guilty of no crime and subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing but not until AFTER being brutally murdered by officers working for the Fullerton police department. His exoneration was conducted post mortem. The city’s own surveillance camera recorded the majority of that fateful interaction with law enforcement that led to the deadly, asphyxiating, electrocution, brutal beat down and dog pile that his body was no match for. Two officers were charged with multiple counts including second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. While this event was recorded and played repeatedly on television and all over the internet, as well as being entered into evidence in the criminal trial’s proceedings, on January 13. 2104, a jury of 8 women and 4 men found 2 officers, Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, not guilty. As a result, a third officer, Joe Wolfe, will not be charged in connection with the death either.

So how do we go from months of public outrage, a successful city council recall, a police chief stepping down, police officers being fired and a seemingly open and shut case to not guilty verdicts?

That sadly, is rather easy for me to answer and I will at the end of this article. The much larger question at hand that I have involves many unanswered and difficult ones. Let us begin with those now.

Dan Hughes became Fullerton’s police chief not long after Chief Mike Sellers went out on stress leave. Dan was the one in charge on duty the night the murder took place. He subsequently allowed the officers to view the pole cam video so the officers could rewrite their reports. Dan Hughes was quoted along the lines of saying some time ago that he had seen the video (city’s pole cam video) 300 times and when you see it, it will change your mind too.

So I am assuming Dan Hughes saw the video as representing acceptable behavior and properly followed police procedures. The FPD expert testimony in the trial contended that no procedures were violated either. The officers were found to be not guilty. Is it therefore safe to assume that Dan Hughes’s and Fullerton’s rehiring the officers will logically follow as they could be legally compelled to do? Why were they fired in the first place? How did Dan Hughes, being a man of this particular persuasion end up bequeathed with command of a one hundred million dollar militarized police department that is akin to a standing army in this bedroom community?

Recently the city’s police chief recently spent $14,000 of taxpayer money to send out a letter briefing the community of the trial, its possible outcome and what I believe to be nothing more than greasing the skids for the officers to walk.

How can the OC Ragister continue to refer to the incident as merely a scuffle, an encounter, a confrontation, an altercation, just a beating, or simply just a death?

The Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackaukas, was the one who brought the charges against two of the officers and chose to personally prosecute this case which I believe was designed to fail.

download (8)

The hired guns for the defense were called in and paid big money. Building lie upon lie, they satanically blamed Kelly’s death on him having a weak heart instead of the blunt force trauma, electrocution and torture inflicted on him and portrayed him as a violent and dangerous person. Cameras were not allowed in the court room. The trial went on for some time and jury deliberations were swift and abrupt yielding not guilty verdicts for the defendants. The very next day the pathetic scum bag controlled media jams the Justin Bieber house egging story down all of our throats as if that is going to change what is inherently wrong with our wheels of justice that appear to turn like those from the stone age.

Here are the tough questions that I have to ask.

If the officers did nothing wrong or illegal, then why were they fired? When will they be coming back to work for Fullerton?

How can Lou Ponsi from the OC Ragister yes the Ragister, over the course of several years, continue to call this brutal murder an “encounter” with police. This was not some sort of a date. How about a “scuffle” or an “altercation”? This was not a playground argument between five year old children over who is next in line for the swing.

How can anyone watch that video, no less than 300 times, and not come to the conclusion that Kelly Thomas died as a result of the actions of the officers? How can that person justify what happened to an innocent man at the hands of those out of control officers?

How can the so called “pillars” of the community (and you know who you all are) come out in support of Dan Hughes and overwhelmingly call for his confirmation by the city council to become Fullerton’s chief of police? In a nation of several hundred million residents, was he the best they had to offer our city?

Did the pillars of the community come to the same conclusion that Dan Hughes did after watching the video themselves? How did these so called pillars of this community rationalize speaking out against those involved in the demonstrations against the brutal murder and what appeared to be a cover up?

How can the city council themselves confirm Dan Hughes, knowing that full well, in addition to his decades long career deep in the trenches of the of the department with its questionable longstanding practices, alleged trains of abuses, that he apparently saw nothing wrong with the actions of those officers?

In the wake of the vacuum created by the Fullerton recall, how did the Fullerton residents elect three council members Flory, Fitzgerald, and Chaffee, who remained totally silent during the ongoing protests against the brutal murder of Kelly Thomas who made absolutely no public statements in regards to these obvious abuses of power?

Ramos, Cicinelli and Wolfe were fired by the department and yet in the trial, the expert witnesses said they did not violate police procedures. To this very day, there has not been one single solitary law enforcement officer that has come forth and decried the outrageous actions of the individuals responsible for the murder of Kelly Thomas that I am aware of. How can that be? What about their spouses or their children? They certainly showed up in droves to stop the city council from getting a bid for the OC Sherrif’s department to contract out services to them. Heck they even had T shirts done up and had a taco truck in red zone out in front of city hall to make them all feel right at home. So do they all agree with the treatment that was given to Kelly?

Fullerton is known as the education community. Where were all the teachers, principals, and administrators while the outrage lasted for months on the streets of Fullerton? Their presence is remarkably notable lining the streets waiving signs and shouting at the top of their lungs when it involves lining their pockets. What kind of lessons are they really teaching our children in terms of leadership, role modeling and civic responsibility? Is this just another example of the secular humanists’ perspective of moral relativism or just cowardly myopic behavior that I am truly accustomed to observing in my other endeavors dealing with these people? In my opinion, the educational establishment in this town is morally bankrupt.

Fullerton has a vibrant business community. Most of the downtown merchants are liquor peddlers drenching our youth in booze, feeding the jails clients and emptying their pockets in the process. Many business leaders actually came forward in support of the police department speaking out against the “lynch mob” of protesters. What is this some sort of mafia?

The most poignant question of all is where were and are all the churches in this town? Heck they only work one day a week and the other day they work they are just counting the loot, so where are they? Where are the members of its clergy with their 30 million dollar parking structures, 30 million dollar sanctuaries, Hollywood production facilities, ornate brick buildings with stained glass windows, stone altars, donning their long ceremonial robes, flip flops, Hawaiian shirts and forked tongues?



Pastor Wiley Drake from First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park,


WAS THE ONLY MEMBER OF THE BODY OF CHRIST that had the courage, character and decency to show up at the protests and speak out at the council meetings against this heinous murder. What about all the rest of the clergy? He puts his money where his mouth is and runs a homeless shelter on his church property. His humble operation over on Western is a Biblical model not a cash register. With almost 100 churches up and running in Fullerton city limits alone with literally tens of thousands of Fullerton residents in church on Sunday mornings supposedly praising the Lord with their lips, where are the so called men and women of God? Is it still business as usual Sunday mornings with the preachers and priests preaching watered down psychology, entertaining the masses, cracking jokes while passing the plate and picking the pockets of the congregants? Are those in the pews, or the theater style seats staring at the jumbo trons, just going through the motions and kidding no one just like in Wiemar Germany when the ovens were going full blast and the churchgoers wiped the ashes off of their windshields as they left the parking lots Sunday mornings?

images (14)

Kelly Thomas CHOSE to live on the streets and as such, he had a right to do so and enjoy the protections afforded him as an American citizen guaranteed by the Unites States Constitution. Those rights were stripped of him as he bled out in the gutter while the first responders applied band aids to a few of the officers and attended to their minor cuts and bruises.

images (15)

What does all this say about the hour of darkness that so many delusionally mistake for the light? America has been allowing the ripping of unborn children apart in the womb with its tacit approval for the better part of the last 40 years.

Our parents and grandparents are now, right under your noses, falling victim to stealth euthanasia practices in our hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes and now a new level of debauchery has been achieved in 2014. The precedent appears to have now been set. I believe that Kelly Thomas was tried, convicted and executed in the streets by agents of the state on camera, in full view of the whole world and it was apparently all legal. The moral compass of that special handpicked jury directed the officers straight to the lock box containing the keys to the kingdom of darkness on their way out of that courtroom. Their freedom was bought with a price in the worst way imaginable. To this day no one directly involved is sorry for what happened to Kelly on that fateful evening. Like rats in the dark when the light switched gets flipped on, they scurry, scidaddle and blame Kelly for everything. Soon they will sue for their jobs back for more plunder and pillage of this city’s lawsuit damaged, bloated payroll and pension drained coffers yielding the residents third world roads, busted water mains, declining city services and residents that now fear for their lives and this is supposed to be called public service?

The message that the criminal justice system has sent to the residents of Fullerton is clear ladies and gentlemen. According to the results of this trial, and bellied by the eerie results of other recent trials, it appears as if you must submit to any Law enforcement command, lawful or unlawful, or you can be beaten and or murdered by the police department on camera with no recourse. Yes the walls have closed in completely on all of us, or so they want us to think. However, the simple fact remains that in spite of police departments all over the country becoming completely militarized, the American people must and will remain armed to the hilt in order to keep the balance of power in a constant state of equilibrium.

The nature of this crime, and the egregiousness of the verdict is just another component in the macabre nature of the majority of the Fullerton community and its crumbling so called community “pillars”. The majority of this community has spoken in the past with their election day lever pulls for the establishment hacks that re brand the status quo and shove it up our backsides. The majority of this community has spoken by sleeping late on all those Saturday mornings while armchair warrioring waiting for the broken, frozen wheels of justice to turn instead of voicing their outrage when the protests were going over this gruesome act. Has the majority of the community spoken once more by ignoring this verdict and instead concentrating their attentions on the 12 pack, the drive thru and the 300 channel idiot box? Where are all the moms? What has happened to all your maternal instincts? While thousands of parents have willingly chosen to turn a blind eye and ignore that there is a distinct possibility that your children are being irreparably harmed in the wireless classrooms in Fullerton schools and at home, I find it impossible to believe that they can continue to turn a blind eye to the obvious in this case. Will they continue to exchange the truth for believing the thousand dollar an hour defense attorney produced lies that Kelly died totally unrelated to injuries sustained at the hands of those men in black?

images (13)

While I believe that there has been little doubt that the most dangerous place in America for the last 40 years has been in a mothers womb, I have and will continue to contend on this blog as well as directly addressing The Fullerton School District, The Fullerton Joint Union High School District, both Boards of Trustees and The Fullerton City Council, that the mutilation of the unborn issue is now being rivaled and will soon be surpassed by the potential reproductive organ damage resulting from the forced microwave wireless radiation exposure in the classrooms our children are being condemned to. The establishment hacks are entrenched in that operation as well.

It is my sincere belief that as a result of constant wireless device exposure in direct proximity to their sensitive developing reproductive areas, they are being rendered infertile and quite possibly by design. Yes, this is a remarkably bold statement but in light of the fact that a televised murder at the hands of police carries with it no recourse to the victim nor his family, and the end result being justice denied to the community, it is not far fetched at all as we are now living in the Twilight Zone. Up is down, torture is massage, beating is love, good is bad and evil is called good. Stop living in denial people.

images (12)

Fullerton is indeed a tale of two cites. It is a downright demonic, forgone conclusion that the unborn have no semblance of protection, and while it now appears as if the wireless assault on the pre born and young school children has been given carte blanche in Fullerton schools despite the evidence against it, it has now been outdone by the unthinkable: the sanctioning of televised pre-trial public executions.



Yes, what is on the line in my hometown is unparalleled in human history. Here on Fullerton’s soil, I believe the battle rages on several fronts for the the future of humanity. The battle for the rights of the unborn have been raging here for decades in spite of the silent pulpits in these cash register churches.

download (7)


For the last 21 months, I have been fighting for protection from, what I believe to be the wireless microwave radiation exposure induced evisceration of the reproductive capabilities and rights of our children, against servile school administrators, lackey board members, and the wireless industry and tech giant’s intrusion into the laps and classrooms of every last one of our school children flanked by an agenda at the highest levels of power on the planet.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The jury selection process serves them up on a silver platter. When T Rack decided to prosecute this one himself, that was very worrisome. The 12 handpicked sausage links, in my opinion, were handpicked to be clay as all involved in the prosecution are on the same side of the fence as the officers. I believe the case was thrown, allowing Kelly’s character to be asasinated instead of defended, overcharging on and undercharging another and as such, designed to fail. It is all a multi million dollar political theater production in my opinion, and the dog and pony show must go on at all costs. You know what? So does ours. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Remember, these are technically all coworkers in a predatory system that ensnares unawares, its victims in perpetuity. You, your loved ones or your kids could be next.

images (10)

To the countless brave men and women who have loudly made their voices heard at the protests and demonstrations, there is no reward, but rather merely more responsibility. Fullerton is home to another 150,000 more people who did not spend their weekends on the sidewalk in front of the police station demanding justice. To those on the sidelines conscription awaits as you have all been drawn into the battle which rages for the rights of all of us not to be executed at whim by those whom we bankroll to serve and protect us. Looking the other way is no longer an option. Protecting the sanctity of life involves NO COMPROMISE, for to do so only eventually dooms those whom it seeks, by its very nature, to defend. The fence is tipped with electrified barbed wire and cannot be sat upon. Once the slippery slope descent has begun, reversing course becomes exponentially more difficult. Is it too late for Fullerton?

download (5)

Ladies and gentlemen, I am no politician, and am beholden to no one or anything except what I believe to be truth. There is no party line in my book. It is all black and white. The controlled media can spin this all they want. Kelly is dead and he was alive before he met the officers that evening. His heart would probably still be beating today if their paths did not cross on that hot summer evening.

images (11)

What will it take for Fullerton, its leaders, its so called pillars and its residents to wake up from their macabre slumber party? Will any one of our elected leaders lay it all on the line and stand for what is right? Will the Feds step in and pick this thing up? Will the attorneys once again thwart justice and the will of the people, that was clearly blocked by the cherry picked 12 T Rak and his cohorts polished up? Will the esquires use P.O.B.A.R. as a battering ram putting Cicinelli and Ramos back in the driver seats with automatic weapons in the trunk roaming the streets of Fullerton once again?

download (6)

The following letter was provided at the site where Kelly was murdered. The author is anonymous:

“Ever wonder why the jury acquitted the two police officers and with such a speedy verdict? Perhaps the reason is that the jury was stacked in their favor. Everyone knows that Tony Rackauckas has never prosecuted a police officer since he has been district attorney, and that he didn’t want to prosecute this time either. But the crime was so terrible that he had to, or put his career in jeopardy However he only had to go through the motions to satisfy an angry public. I am sure if the truth was known he and the defense were in collusion to stack the jury in their favor, and to put on a very weak prosecution. which he did from the very start. I did not see any witnesses or friends testifying in Kelly Thomas behalf. And of course both police officers took the fifth as not to be put on the stand And for the reason that officer wolf will not be going to trial is pretty simple, I do not think that they can stack a second jury What would happen if a jury found wolf guilty as charged. That would pretty much show that the first jury was selected on their belief that cops can do no wrong. Which is exactly what both the defense and the prosecution wanted, to try and guarantee an acquittal. But I don’t think they thought the jury would have such a speedy verdict. And now it is becoming painfully apparent to many people what actually transpired. What is needed is a federal
investigation in to the misconduct of the orange county district attorney. Maybe then Kelly Thomas and those who are also abused by the police will get justice.”

Where does this all lead? Will this soon become the norm in this country?


May Almighty God have mercy on this city, its leaders, its clergy, its so called pillars, its police department and lastly its residents. May He grant the wisdom and courage that is required to effect the necessary change to ensure that the future generations have a chance to be born, exist, and live freely in world where, what we once took for granted, never becomes a luxury reserved for the select few. And finally, may the cowardly, silent complicity on all levels not bring forth the rotten fruits of its idle labor that most Fullerton residents so wantonly pursue with their horrifying apathy. May it be repented of before it becomes too late for all of us. May God truly help those who committed this heinous act as well as the rest of us to realize that forgiveness is possible but only through true repentance and faith in His Son Jesus Christ. May He help us see the light in this darkness showing all of us the peaceful way out of all of our chains that many embrace so willingly and yet some so abhorrently and that it truly is never too late to do the right thing.

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By Virgina Farver
Thank you for sharing this with our readers Virginia.


To Whom it May Concern:
I would like to respond to the installations of PROW cell towers in L.A., and wanted to share my Story with you. I lost my Beautiful, YOUNG Son from Glioblastoma Multiforme Brain Cancer on October 11, 2008. Rich, had attended SDSU ( San Diego State University ) ,and was working and living in San Diego at the time of diagnosis. Diagnosis was March 14th, 2008 and Rich, lived just shy of 7 months. Dr. Verjesh Tantuwaya told the family that his cell phone was the culprit. Tumor location was in the right frontal lobe, and he was right handed -Ispwerlateral.
August 7, 2009 while at home in Colorado I found articles and a video about a,’ Brain Cancer Cluster on the SDSU campus.’ I’ll put the links below, and Rich is the graduate student these are referring too. I immediately started to contact the SDSU Administration and found this
to be futile. I then drove out to San Diego, staying the whole month of October 2009. I met with Professors Nancy Speckmann ( Rich, was her TA ) and Farid Abdel-Nour off campus for meetings. Both Professors told me that my Son spent long hours in Nasatir Hall, ROOM 131 (where most of the brain cancer victims were located ). I was told that my Son would meet with students in this room, study and grade papers, even on weekends.

After arriving back home the SDSU Administration had sent me an Epidemiological Report written by a Dr. Thomas Mack. 3rd paragraph of this report he mentions that he has,’ No known knowledge of chemical or radiation concerns and therefore are none.’ I e-mailed Dr. Mack and he called me at home. I asked him about a specific Cell Tower that is directly outside of Nasatir Hall, and room 131. Dr. Mack denied this could be the cause and SDSU BRAIN CANCER CLUSTER – UCSD BREAST CANCER CLUSTER – CARLSBAD CANCER CLUSTER

I immediately started to contact the SDSU Administration and found this to be futile. I then drove out to San Diego, staying the whole month of October 2009. I met with Professors Nancy Speckmann ( Rich, was her TA ) and Farid Abdel-Nour off campus for meetings. Both Professors told me that my Son spent long hours in Nasatir Hall, ROOM 131 ( where most of the brain cancer victims were located ). I was told that my Son would meet with.

You already know about SDSU.  The UCSD campus had protests on campus in 2009 concerning a,’ Breast Cancer Cluster,’ which involved the Literature Building on campus.  I cannot get the link to come up, but if you type in,’ NYTimes 2009 UCSD Breast Cancer Cluster,’ the 1st LINK.  Dr. Leeka Khiefets was commisssioned by the UCSD campus to help in the investigation.

In this article, if you CLICK on FULL REPORT.  Page 4 shows many other people with cancer than reported.  Page 27 gives a Thanks to Jim Turman from SDG&E., for his help in the investigation. \  Dr. Leeka Khiefets works, and does research through the,’ Electrical Power Research Institute.’  UCSD also had an Epidemiological Report written.  The proper procedures for both SDSU, and UCSD should have been Toxicology Studies.  Both of these people should have been eliminated from doing a study.  This was a complete conflict of interest!

In 2010 there was a,’ Cancer Cluster at Kelly Elementary School,’ in Carlsbad.  The report I would like you to look at, will not come up.  If you type in,’ Carlsbad Cancer Cluster,’ there is an article written by Dr. Thomas Mack.  Dr. Mack is the one who wrote the Epidemiological Report for SDSU.   These schools are Covering Up.  Had any of these Schools conducted Toxicology Studies, maybe the whole Smart Grid/ Meters could have been stopped.

The HPWREN cell tower on the SDSU campus is connected to the Lambda Grid, Tera Grid, PRAGMA Grid.  Combined this is the,’ SMART GRID.’  It is also connected to the Inmarsat Satellite:
images (21)

Here is the picture of the HPWREN cell tower at SDSU.  This cell tower is on top of the Communications building on campus, and is located at the highest point.  Nasatir Hall is the building on the lower left, and room 131 is the 1st floor bottom window, closest too you.

These two buildings are approximately 100-150 yards apart.  In the movie, it doesn’t go into it, but notice the dead tree foliage on the surrounding trees.  I took this picture in 2009 when I met these professors off campus for meetings.  They are afraid to lose their jobs, but mostly their lives!

I met an emf expert on campus, fall of 2011 with a very good meter, which could not handle the emissions.  The sad part about it, is there is an outdoor courtyard directly underneath this cell tower at the top of the hill.  While on campus ( every day for 3 weeks with signs ) there were kids sitting under this cell tower most of the time, and for long periods of time.  Below is a list of cell towers near Kelly Elementary in Carlsbad.

Subject: Carlsbad Cancer Cluster –

   I did a search on towers and antennas in the Kelley Elementary area of Carlsbad, CA.  here is what I found.  The sheer # is staggering.  59 towers, 219 antennas.  No wonder the kids are sick.  Distance means distance from school.
Alert! 3 New Tower Applications found within 4.00 miles of Kelley Elementary,Carlsbad, California, United States.
Tower Type ID Num Site Owner Height Dist
Registered (1) Oceanside Fire Department, City Of 40 feet 2.16 miles
(2) Sba 2012 Tc Assets, Llc 37 feet 2.30 miles
(3) Pacific Bell Mobile Services 45 feet 2.84 miles
(4) T-mobile West Llc 29 feet 3.41 miles
(5) Sprint Telephony Pcs, L.p. 50 feet 3.58 miles


Not Registered (1) Cox California Pcs Inc 44 feet .29 miles
(2) Nextel Communications 45 feet .63 miles
(3) Gianni Associates Msi 52 feet 1.11 miles
(4) Us West Cellular Of California, Inc. 37 feet 1.21 miles
(5) Verizon Wireless (vaw) Llc 30 feet 1.33 miles
(6) Attws 65 feet 1.37 miles
(7) San Diego, County Of 400 feet 1.42 miles
(8) Nextel Communications Inc 400 feet 1.44 miles
(9) Crown Castle Usa For Sprint 58 feet 1.44 miles
(10) Nextel Communications 35 feet 1.49 miles
(11) Nextel Communications 73 feet 1.92 miles
(12) Airtouch Cellular 80 feet 2.06 miles
(13) Omnipoint Communications, Inc. 31 feet 2.19 miles
(14) Cox California Pcs Inc 40 feet 2.20 miles
(15) Carpenters Garage Inc. 35 feet 2.25 miles
(16) Cox California Pcs Inc 47 feet 2.63 miles
(17) Airtouch Cellular 60 feet 2.66 miles
(18) Pacific Bell Mobile Services 55 feet 2.70 miles
(19) Pacific Bell Wireless 51 feet 2.74 miles
(20) Pacific Bell Mobile Services 30 feet 2.74 miles
(21) Blank 163 feet 2.75 miles
(22) Verizon Wireless Vaw Llc 33 feet 2.80 miles
(23) Nextel Communications 45 feet 2.91 miles
(24) Pactel Cellular 52 feet 3.11 miles
(25) Oceanside, City Of 60 feet 3.11 miles
(26) Blank 50 feet 3.15 miles
(27) Crown Castle – West Area – Deedee Stout 60 feet 3.17 miles
(28) Blank 60 feet 3.19 miles
(29) Cox Communications 65 feet 3.20 miles
(30) Nextel Communications 31 feet 3.21 miles


LAUSD WiFi systems “Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.

images (4)

“Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school.” states the teacher who required medical intervention.





In the Fall of 2014, LAUSD, the second largest public school district in the US, officially accommodated teacher Ms. Anura Lawson by approving her request to have the Wi-Fi turned off in her classroom during the 2014-2015 school year and alternatively approving a reassignment to a different school site where Wi-Fi has yet to be installed.

Lawson-Anura.Reasonable-…dation.092214-2 (1)

The Middle School teacher reported that she fell seriously ill after a wireless system upgrade in her school in Spring 2014.  She described her cardiac symptoms during a May 28, LAUSD Common Core Tech Project meeting. Ms. Lawson also stated, “The students are having nosebleeds and the main offices are refusing to do incident reports.  I have had two seventh grade students bleeding out of their ears.” See

This is the first accommodation in a US public school system for microwave sickness.

Microwave sickness, also known as electro hypersensitivity (EHS), is not widely recognized in the US.  However, physicians in many other countries are familiar with this medical condition and the diagnosis is more common.  EHS symptoms include:  headaches, dizziness, anxiety, rapid heart beat (tachycardia) and irregular heart beat (arrhythmia), ear and nose bleeds, tinnitus, red and irritated eyes, increased mucous and upper airway congestion, itchy skin rashes, abdominal pain, poor focus and attention, memory and sleep problems.

In March 2012, the Austrian Medical Association recognized and developed EHS treatment guidelines.  In the United States, adverse effects were identified before 1988 when a US Air Force Review stated that “Experimental evidence has shown that exposure to low intensity radiation can have a profound effect on biological processes.”

The LAUSD Board of Education went ahead with a wireless technology plan in February 2013, even after they were presented with numerous letters from many noted medical doctors and researchers, including the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, imploring them to use wired technology in the classroom because of the health impacts from wireless radiation.  See

Wireless LAUSD classrooms typically employ 30+ devices (iPads) in addition to an industrial-sized router. These devices all emit microwave radiation and represent an unprecedented level of exposure to children.

Decades of accumulated research show wireless radiation damages neurological, immune, and reproductive systems in addition to increasing cancer risk.  Professor Olle Johansson, Karolinksa Institute, Stockholm Sweeden, has stated that wireless radiation exposure studies have indicated “irreversible sterility within five generations.”  As this damage is cumulative, the longer the radiation exposure, the greater the health impact over time.

“We are getting reports of headaches and cardiac issues from across the country.  The time to act is now,” stated a spokesperson for the National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST).

NACST is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the health impacts of wireless radiation on children.  They are calling for schools to use wired Internet only.  Their website details both the accumulated research showing wireless radiation’s acute as well as long term health impacts.


The National Association for Children and Safe Technology


Folks this is what is going on with your children once they are dropped off at school.



This is what is going on when you keep a cell phone in your bra


this is what is going on when you drop your kids off at school


This is what is going on when you drop your kids off at school.

images (11)

This is worse than a cell phone in the bra because the antenna is on his zipper. What is this doing to him? How about the young girls? Why did they put the WiFi antenna at the bottom in the middle?

This is the truth about emission levels


This is what they have to look forward to.



This is how it is all plays out right here in your own backyard.

Look gang, what is going on with this stuff isn’t going to take 5 generations to accomplish. An ipad in the lap of your child for years in a classroom will probably be 100 percent effective.

A quick look at Apple’s Important Product Information Guide for the iPad WiFi + 3G reveals that the highest SAR value for the WiFi 2.4 GHz is 1.19 W/kg and for the 1800/1900 MHz cell phone network is 1.18 W/kg, which is typical for SAR values of cell phones. What is the difference? To me, the amount of radiation possibly absorbed by the body looks pretty much the same. And when the iPad or any other tablet, for that matter, is conveniently placed in the lap or on the thighs, the distance between the Wi-Fi transmitter and the human body does not look that “much greater,” anymore. It is the same like holding a cell phone to your head. Or even worse! Since our lap lacks a skull-like shell, the whole-body exposure from an RF transmitter in the lap can be much higher, especially for adolescents and children.

RF exposure levels from the Wi-Fi transmitter(s) directly at a laptop or tablet when e.g. put in the lap or on the thighs can be as high as 120,000 µW/m2 (IMTS study on WLAN 2005) or even as high as50,000,000 µW/m2 (NRW Ministry of Environment brochure on wireless devices 2012). For comparison, the exposure limit for cell tower radiation in Canada is 10,000,000 µW/m2, in Switzerland 100,000 µW/m2, in Ukraine 24,000 µW/m2At 2 feet from the iPad, I still measure peak levels of 5000 µW/m2. The EMF Working Group of the Austrian Medical Association considers any RF levels above 1000 µW/m2 “very far above normal” and above 10 µW/m2 “far above normal.”


The science

HERE ARE  ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY SIX  Reference Links to Peer-Reviewed Studies re RF Microwave Radiation  RIGHT HERE:

Parents for Safe Schools 2013 Collection of Studies, Videos and News Releases

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The solution-You have two choices-


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Fullerton California Campaign Central I report, you decide. By Barry Levinson


images-11 (1)Fullerton California Campaign Central

I report, you decide. By Barry Levinson


League of Women Voters Fullerton Candidate Forum, Thursday October 2.

Attendees: G. Sebourn, D. Chaffee, B. Chaffee, J. Rands, S. Paden, R. Alvarez and

L. Bennett


I rated the candidates by using both my knowledge of the issues and the candidates.

I considered whether they answered the question fully and directly; whether they

answered honestly, and how well they presented their points.

This is my rating order.


Greg Sebourn

Jane Rands

Sean Paden

Bill Chaffee

Larry Bennett

Doug Chaffee, Rick Alvarez tied for last


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Greg Sebourn answered the questions directly. Both his content and his delivery

were good. I believed he gave each question some real thought before he gave his

answers. In other words, his answers did not seem rehearsed or pre-planned. That

is a good thing. We want our leaders to thoughtfully answer questions and not give

rote answers.

Grade: A-


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Jane Rands also answered the questions directly. I thought it was her best

performance to date. I did disagree with a few of her comments but overall thought

she did a good job with the issues and her presentation as well.

Grade: B+



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Sean Paden also answered the questions directly. His content was good but his

delivery was bad. He discussed the pension problem, which was the highlight of his

presentation. However, on one question he forgot to turn on his microphone so we

missed his first few sentences of his answer. Overall he was hard to follow because

he spoke to fast and did not speak loud enough.

Grade: C+



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B. Chaffee did his best and answered all questions honestly. He is a nice man but not

qualified enough to be a good council member in my opinion.

Grade: D+



The last three candidates were very disappointing to me.

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L. Bennett is a smooth talker and tries to sell himself as a real conservative who

will be a good steward of our finances. Yet he was the campaign manager for the

NO on Recall Campaign in 2012 and a staunch supporter of McKinley, Bankhead

and Jones who helped get us into this financial mess. Two of them (Bankhead and

Jones) voted for the huge police and fire pension spike back in 2002 and McKinley

got a huge bump in his pension thanks to that vote which was retroactive for all

active safely employees. That pension spike allows safety employees to retire with

90% of their last year’s pay after 30 years of service as early as 50 years of age.

McKinley hired some bad cops in my opinion that have already cost the taxpayers

approximately 2 million dollars and going higher.

Bennett kept his comments very vague. For example, he mentions the need for

pension and retire health care reform but is totally silent on how he intends to

accomplish this goal. He also does not tell us what pension reform will look like. He

also repeatedly in his campaign has mentioned that he is a consensus builder. I have

a real problem with that claim. As stated above, it was Larry Bennett who was the

campaign chairman for the No on Recall in 2012. This was a very contentious and

divisive issue, regardless of what side you were on. It was certainly not a consensus

building process.

Grade: D-




R. Alvarez gets a failing grade for two reasons. First for making at least one huge

misleading statement and two for failing either in this forum or on his campaign

website to even mention the biggest financial problem facing Fullerton taxpayers,

which is the $182,000,000 unfunded pension liability and the unfunded retiree

health insurance liability. His misleading statement concerned his position on

the Downtown Core and Corridor Project (DCCSP). He stated that he has “serious

concerns” about the DCCSP. Ladies and Gentlemen, R. Alvarez voted to approve the

DCCSP as a member of the Planning Commission just a few short months ago despite

his “serious concerns”. Enough said on that issue.

Grade: F



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D. Chaffee also gets a failing grade for misinforming the public. He stated in his

closing arguments, which ladies and gentlemen are prepared remarks the following:

He said he is “supported by the Orange County League of Woman Voters”. The

moderator had to remind the audience at the end of the forum that the League is


opinion he had a hard time coming up with the answer to why he deserves to get

reelected. Looking forward to participating in Love Fullerton Day next May did not

strike me as a really good reason to vote for or reelect any candidate.

Grade: F


Why the FJUHSD crosses the line and why The Voters Within The Fullerton Joint Union High School District Should Vote “No” On Measure I

Why The Voters Within The Fullerton Joint Union

High School District Should Vote “No” On Measure I,

a $175,000,000 Bond Issue.

By Barry Levinson
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Throughout this year I received three color brochures from the Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD).

Each brochure mentioned that they are considering a new bond issue. Finally on
August 5th, the school board voted to place this $175,000,000 25-year
bond on the November 4, 2014 ballot. The added cost to the taxpayer
will be $19 per $100,000 of assessed property value. If your home is
assessed for $500,000, your added tax burden will be $95 per year for
25 years. Taxpayers must remember that the $175,000,000 price tag is
the principal value of the bond. We the taxpayers are on the hook for all
the interest as well, which easily doubles the total cost.

It was irresponsible that the board waited until the very last minute to
make its’ decision to place this bond before the voters. Taxpayers will
be saddled with this increase in property taxes for decades, while the
voters have only three short months to consider this huge bond issue.
What the district will not voluntarily mention is that we the taxpayers
will still be paying off the last FJUHSD bond approved in 2002 for
another 13 years.

Marilyn Buchi

Andy Montoya

Robert N. Hathaway

Barbara Kilponen

Robert Singer Ph.D.

The bond will be repaid over a 25-year period. However, the list of
things that the school district wants to use the bond money for are both
long-term and short-term projects. Finance 101 states that it is bad
economic policy to finance short-term projects with long-term money.
For example, a prudent person would not take out a 25-year loan to
finance the purchase of a new computer with a useful life of only 3 or 4

A responsible board would have proposed this bond issue at least 3-6
months earlier in the year. It seems the board purposely waited until
the very last moment to spring this very large bond issue on the public.
A school board more concerned with transparency and openness would not have waited so long.

They still have not provided the public with
the details we will need to make an informed decision. According to one
current board member, the board members themselves have not been
given a specific accounting on how the money will be divided by school
and by project. Good governance requires better, and we the people
demand better from every member of this board and from our

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Do not attempt to adjust the resolution. Seeing things clearly is not my intention.

Under Superintendent’s Bond Resolution Remarks – August 2014,
Superintendent Giokaris states the following, in part:
“Bond financed projects will address facilities needs for repairs,
upgrades, and improvements in the following areas if approved by the
voters.” He goes on to state: “During the economic crisis that began in
2008/2009 and still continues, the District’s operating budget was
reduced by $14 million each year. While we have managed with 11%
fewer dollars to improve our programs and student achievement, there
is no money left to address facilities needs.”

The Superintendent is inferring that much of that $14 million yearly
reduction in the FJUHSD operating budget was taken from facilities,
including the repairs and maintenance the district now wants to
complete with part of the bond proceeds. If I do a little old fashioned
math, you will see that as much as $84 million ($14 million x 6 years)
has been diverted away from facility repair and maintenance. Now the
district wants the taxpayers to bail them out and to help cover up their
poor financial management for the last six years. I say to voters within
the FJUHSD, that we should not reward the district for their poor
decisions. Let the district acknowledge that they made poor choices in
the past and that going forward they will now live within their means.
Please note that the FJUHSD has one of the highest average payrolls of
any school district in Orange County.

There are 13 Bond Money Project Areas that are identified in the
Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlet. For example one project
category is Competitive Athletic Facilities and Physical Education, which
includes to “Renovate/modernize/expand/upgrade existing facilities
district-wide”. Under Gymnasiums it includes painting. Under Sports
fields/tracks it includes all weather tracks, new and/or artificial turf.
Under Baseball/softball fields it includes field/infield renovation, newgrass and/or artificial turf.

None of the items that I have just mentioned
will last 25 years or more. Clearly repairs should have been done on a
regularly scheduled basis as part of a well thought out maintenance
plan. But your tax dollars to repay the new bond issue will be spent on
repairs and maintenance as well as long-term improvements. Why is this
important to bring up to the reader? The simple answer is that while
some of these repairs and maintenance projects will only last 5 or 10
years, we the taxpayer will be paying for it for 25 years. Does that mean
the board will come back again in another 10 years or so to ask for more
tax money to repair these items once again? Why has the district failed
to set aside the proper amount of annual funds to take care of the usual
repair and maintenance items that are very predictable?

The Superintendent states as I mentioned previously that there was a $14
million reduction in the district’s operating budget for the last 6 plus
years. Why hasn’t the district made the proper adjustments to take care
of these repair and maintenance needs of the district during that
time frame? The taxpayers deserve answers to these questions
While the school board is blindly following the new and unproven
Common Core requirements from state bureaucrats with virtually no
parental involvement or consent, the board at the same time wants a
boatload more of our hard-earned tax dollars.

I ask of you, as taxpayers, citizens and parents:

 Does it sound fair that the same school board who is marching in
stride with state-wide bureaucrats to take away our local control of
our schools is asking us to give them hundreds of millions more of
our hard-earned tax dollars?

 Does the fact that they either do not have or have not shared with the
public any detailed accounting of how the money will be spent by
school or by project seem open and transparent?

 Does it make good fiscal sense that they have listed many projects
whose useful life will be long gone a decade or two before we finally
pay for the bond itself?

 Does it make any sense that we the taxpayers should bail out the
district for their poor financial management of the school budgets for
the last six years?

The only logical answer to these questions is “No”.
Vote “No” on Measure I, the $175,000,000 FJUHSD bond issue.

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From: George Giokaris <>;

Subject: RE: Campaigning on School Property
Sent: Tue, Oct 7, 2014 12:08:56 AM


Dear Mr.
I did not invite Mayor Chaffee to the meeting and I did not ask him to advocate support for the bond.  I know that to do  so is a violation of District and legal guidelines. Neither Mayor Chaffee or I knew that each other would be at the meeting, and neither of us knew what the other person was planning to say at the meeting.   Thank you for writing me and asking for a clarification.
Attached is the factual information that I passed out and discussed, which is also posted on the District’s Website.  District legal counsel has advised that the attached information is factual and neutral.
If  PTA members are using school facilities and equipment for phone banking, they are doing so in violation of District and legal guidelines.  Phone banking is taking place at private businesses in Brea, Fullerton and La Habra.  If you have any information that phone banking is  taking place at District schools, please let me know immediately so it can be stopped.
Again, thank you for contacting me.
George Giokaris
C: Board of Trustees

Sent: Monday, October 06, 2014 1:43 PM
To: George Giokaris
Subject: Campaigning on School Property
Dr. Giokaris,
I heard something quite disturbing today and wanted to get your side of the story.  What I heard would demonstrate a massive lapse in judgement which I just cannot fathom coming from you.  I heard that you had Doug Chaffee advocating support for the bond on the Troy High School campus today and that you have PTA members using school facilities and equipment for phone banking and campaign organizing.  Please let me know if any of this is true.




“Hello Indians!

I hope everyone has had a great start to their year and have settled in nicely to all that the Tribe has to offer. Attached to this email are some documents to help you understand Measure I that you will see on your ballot on November 4th.  Please take a moment to look over the general information and the more specific information to FUHS.  While not all the work needed at the school will get done if this measure is passed, a lot will be. This means that no matter the project, every student will benefit from the scope of work that is completed under this measure.  Thank you for all you do for the school, your students and as always, Go Tribe!


Rani Goyal



By my reading of page 2 of this fact sheet from the California School Boards Association, even CSBA interprets using the email list as crossing the line, and CSBA is probably one of the friendliest groups to the idea of school districts sending out school bond literature.


On page 1, CSBA notes there are three categories of activities designated by the State Supreme Court regarding public resources on election issues:

  • Permissible informational activities
  • Impermissible campaign activities
  • Unclear activities which require further analysis based on the “style, tenor and timing” of the activity

Even if we generously interpret this document as falling in the “unclear activities” category (if we accept for the sake of argument that the email/attachment never expressly advocates).  However, using the email list just two weeks before the election certainly causes “style, tenor and timing” problems.

A more reasonable interpretation that it’s impermissible campaign activities.  That entire “The Why” section and possibly the last bullet of “District’s Facilities Needs” are express advocacy by my reading.

Under Education Code Section 7054, it appears either the FPPC or the DA could bring an enforcement issue against the district for this.


The untimely death of Gary Carter and what we can learn from what happened to the “kid”


His death was a  tragic, untimely loss, seemingly without reason. The hope of many is that this field of dreams in our home town will offer the next generation what may seem impossible: a chance at the big league and the big time. My sincere hope in this article is, maybe in his memory, I can expose what I believe has stolen the best years of Gary’s and many other ballplayers’ lives. That is what I will attempt to explore and assert. The cruel twists and turns of this arduous life don’t make sense at times, especially when it seems the good die young and the impetuous inherit the earth. I never had the pleasure of personally meeting Mr. Gary Carter,  but his reputation preceded him. His career in the major leagues spanned decades and his philanthropy will span even more. He was known as “Kid” for his ebullient demeanor. He was known to all as number 8 on the field, to some as dad, to some as one of a kind to many more, he will be forever remembered as Gary Carter, one of baseball’s great players.

On Saturday, Febuary 21st, field two at the Fullerton Sports complex will be dedicated and officially named Gary Carter field.

images (7)

One of my sons is a catcher and wore number 8 for several years. My older son will be playing in the tribute game being held in Mr. Carter’s honor, ironically here, just a few miles to the east of where Gary used to play in his younger years in the empty fields on the corner of Rosecrans and Sunny Ridge drive. Today there you can find a 20+ acre golf course which is meticulously landscaped and cared for which is now known as the McColl superfund site.

Gary attended Sunny Hills High School and would eventually write his own ticket because of his athletic gifts. He had what it took to make the big leagues and that he did. In 1972 he signed with the Expos. Life would never be the same. Gary was drafted as a shortstop but several years later he would permanently change positions to catcher. He would spend the better part of the next 20 years behind home plate. This would be the “kid’s” new home. Throughout his remarkable career,  Gary Carter caught more major league games than all but three players in baseball history. Some would estimate that Gary Carter caught upwards of three to four hundred thousand pitches behind home plate.

Gary Carter eventually developed a very aggressive form of terminal cancer in his brain that led to his tragic, untimely death. The type of cancer is known as glioblastoma. Brain cancer seems to be increasingly prevalent in our society and even more so in some sports. Baseball, in particular seems to be the sport where the tumors are becoming the most prevalent. You would initially suspect that head trauma would be responsible and that contact sports like hockey or football would lead the way statistically. Oddly enough, that is not the case. Baseball players like catchers and pitchers seem to be the ones plagued by this dreaded disease.

Cancer is a disease whose causes can vary just a widely as the different forms and is very difficult to prove what specifically is responsible.  With respect to the big leagues, the experts are baffled as to causation but in agreement that there is indeed a strange correlation to baseball. Time magazine had a piece a few years back on it:


There are many baseball players that spend time behind home plate and on the mound. and they live long healthy lives. However there is definitely an inordinate amount that do not.  I believe there are reasons that he and other players met the same fate and succumb to this disease and while many who spend their lives out on that field do not.’

I would like to explore what I believe to be the common denominator and and cause of what is being observed. I believe there is a logical explanation for we are witnessing.

Gary Carter was a catcher. He had tumors that resembled a snake wrapped around the back of his brain. Let us look at some of baseballs other players that suffered a similar fate.

Dan Quisenberry was a right handed pitcher who developed brain cancer on his left temporal lobe.

Dan Quisenberry 1953-1998

Dan Quisenberry 1953-1998


Bobby Bonds, the father of Barry Bonds, was an outfielder. He developed a brain tumor and lung cancer.


Bobby Bonds 1946-2003

Bobby Bonds 1946-2003

One of the more notable anomalies in baseball’s bizarre brain tumor incidence is what went on with The Phillys  at veterans stadium.

Five players, Tug McGraw, John Vukovich, Johnny Oates, Ken Brett and Darren Daulton all had brain tumors.

Tug Mcgraw was a pitcher. The location of his tumor was located on his left temporal lobe.

Tug McGraw 1944-2004

Tug McGraw 1944-2004

John Vukovich was an infielder spending most of his career at 3rd base.

John Vukovich 1947-2007

John Vukovich 1947-2007

Johnny Oates was a catcher. His tumor was in the back of  his head in the brain stem.

Johnny Oates 1946-2004

Johnny Oates 1946-2004

Ken Brett was a pitcher. His tumor was on his frontal lobe.

Ken Brett 1948-2003

Ken Brett 1948-2003

Darren Daulton is a catcher. He has a brain tumor.

Darren Daulton 1962-

Darren Daulton


Ricky Stone is a pitcher. He developed a malignant brain tumor.

Ricky Stone 1975-

Ricky Stone

Bobby Mercer was a center fielder and a broadcaster and his tumor was on his right frontal lobe.

Bobby Mercer 1946-2008

Bobby Mercer


Curt Schilling, one of the Phillies’ all-time greatest pitchers and recently announced  he was recently diagnosed with cancer
download (7)


Giants pitcher Dave Dravecky, 32, had a cancerous tumor on his left arm.

download (6)



Lets look at some umpires. Although they rotate their positions on the field, they spend plenty of time behind the plate.

Orioles long-time umpires attendant Ernie Tyler, who has worked 51 consecutive Opening Days including  3,819 consecutive home games  in Baltimore, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Longtime big league home plate umpire Harry Wendelstedt had a career that spanned from 1966-98  and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Henry Wendelstedt 1938-2012

Henry Wendelstedt




Frank Dezelan,  a major league home plate umpire,  umpired for 10 years in the minor leagues and then in the major leagues from 1966-1971. Surgery to remove a brain tumor ended his career when he was 42.


Frank Dezelan 1929-2011

Frank Dezelan

Lanny Harris was a home plate umpire in the National League for 7 full seasons, from 1979 to 1985. In 1985, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, and given six months to live.

Lanny Harris 1940-1991

Lanny Harris

Todd Felis walked away from a coordinator position with Big League Dreams to return to umpiring logging 5000 games. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Thomas S. Busdeker, 54, a long time umpire of high school and youth baseball was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called “glioblastoma multiform.

MLB’s Executive Director Michael Weiner has also been diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

What is striking is the majority of the aforementioned individuals is that most are in the direct trajectory of the ball when it is being pitched. Why do the brain tumors seem to plague pitchers and catchers? Why that particular group of individuals?

The anomaly at Veterans stadium in Philadelphia brings no less than five players to oncology wards. The brain cancer rate was 3 to 4 times what the average should have been and four out of the fiver were either pitchers or catchers.  Was it the synthetic turf that they played on? Was it the proximity to the South Philadelphia refineries? Was it due to the stadium being built on a dump? If so what about all of the other players on the field besides the pitcher and catcher? Why are they not seemingly affected? What about the grounds crew, season ticket holders or anyone else that worked for years in, on and around the astro turf? Considering that the odds in a normal environment of contracting brain cancer is about 1 in 8,000 and that there were only a couple of hundred Phillies who played during the last 30 years,  the question  should be raised concerning possible public health risks from the facility.

Let us first look at Astro Turf. According to the U.S. Patent Office, Astro Turf is composed of many ingredients including polyvinyl chloride which is a plastic that when exposed to temperatures of 86 degrees or more breaks down into a dioxin. In addittion, studies have concluded that artificial turf contains dangerous toxins like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and lead including the lead chromate pigment.

UV degradation along with the elements aid in the decomposition of polyvinyl chloride compounds and release their contents into their environment. Rub your fingers along a white pvc pipe in your yard that has been exposed to the elements and look at the white powder that will stick to your hand.  The same pipe will not do that on the shelf at the hardware store.

What about the refinery pollution or the jets landing over the stadium? Why does it appear that the pitchers and catchers are the only ones affected? What about all of the other players from other teams that played on the field throughout the seasons? Once more, why are they not affected? Good question.

What did Gary Carter  have in common with the five players from the Phillies who came down with brain tumors?

One of the fields where Gary Carter used to play in his youth was later determined to be a superfund site called the McColl site in Fullerton California. From 1942 to 1946, this location served as a dump for the petroleum industry. The principal contaminants of concern (COC) are: benzene, tetrahydrothiophenes (THTs), and metalsEPA McColl site info When dumping operations ceased, it subsequently became an empty field. Like many children are naturally inclined to do to this very day, they play in empty fields.  Gary, along with hundreds of children over the next 50 years, played in those fields, breathing the air, inhaling the metallic laden dust and the airborne organic compounds. The older kids on my block used to ride up there to dirt bike, play in those fields and even go shooting up in the Coyote Hills. So what about all of the kids that used to play in the fields up there off of Rosecrans? I grew up with some of them. Why are they not all sick? 

Like the five Phillies, Gary was exposed to and ingested carcinogens. Gary breathed his from the dust and physical contact with the soil. So did the neighborhood kids. The five Phillies spent an inordinate amount of time on the Astro Turf breathing and coming into contact with carcinogens as well but so did countless others. The players used their cell phones, lived on an on the road diet at times and were frequently subjected to a lack of sleep on the road trips. So were all the other players?

So what is different about these individuals? 

Why were they possibly susceptible to a greater extent than their counterparts to these carcinogens and external factors off of the field if indeed they were responsible? What did Gary Carter and these others have in common?

All professional Baseball players have it rough. There is no doubt about it. I have known at least one personally and all the way from his farm team days to the big time under the bright lights, it has been an incredibly trying time both physically and emotionally. Long hours away from home and family are just one of the hallmarks of baseball’s  commitments. All baseball players use cellphones to fill the long hours hours away from home. So why are the  GBM’s are on the rise in just the pitchers, and catchers . It is no coincidence that this is the area of the brain closest to which the cell phone is held. Baseball players (even retired) probably use their cell phones often as they are on the road often. So why don’t we see the left or right fielders, coaches, or first basemen inordinately coming down with brain tumors on a similar basis? 

Yankees Phillies Spring Baseball

A lot goes on behind the plate as that is where all the action is. There are a lot of eyes and ears 30 feet back in the stands. What most people don’t realize is that part of the action behind the plate and elsewhere involves radar. The radar is aimed at the pitcher from behind home plate and at times, in center field aimed at the catchers to get the velocities off of the bat. It is used on almost every ball that is pitched and caught, whether it be at practice, spring training or during regular season, a radar gun is in operation aimed directly at the pitcher. The catcher is also smack dab in the middle of the radar beam. Gary Carter was no exception. He was in the radar gun’s line of fire almost all of the time. For that matter, so are most catchers, pitchers and even umpires. So why then, do not all pitchers, catchers and umpires get brain tumors?

Let’s talk about radar. Radar employs microwave technology to determine the velocity of the ball as it travels to home plate from the pitcher’s mound. It emits a precisely focused, directional beam of electromagnetic radiation that travels right through the catcher, umpire and to the pitcher. Just how many radar guns were in use at each respective game is unclear to me at this point but it is being investigated.

In the 1960’s, The X band frequency was used extensively which covered the 8-12 GHz range. In the early 1970’s this was changed to the K band at 18-26 GHZ. Eventually the frequencies on radar guns were shifted to Ka bands, thus creating a more powerful, and accurate reading in the 26-40 GHz range. I can still remember listening to Don Drysdale  broadcasting on KMPC on my transistor radio in the 1970’s talking about them clocking Nolan Ryan’s 100 mph fast balls. Radar has been around on the ball field for a long time.

Today, the readily available inexpensive models current operate on a frequency similar to the microwave oven in your home, which is around 2.4 GHz. This is also the same frequency that your WiFi and WiFi enabled wireless devices, including some cordless and cellular phones operate on as well. It is well established that microwaves have been shown to make the blood brain barrier permeable to toxins and metals.

I believe this unique combination of cause and effect is why Gary and these individuals fell victim to this tragedy and many others, although exposed to the toxins, were not exposed to the radar failed to develop tumors. Those exposed to the radar that were not exposed to the toxins failed to develop tumors as well. I believe that both are required for the brain tumors to form and this explains what we are observing.

Below is an excerpt from Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D. Director, Center for Family and Community Health School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley  that confirms what low intensity microwaves do to the blood brain barrier:

“Since exposure to low intensity microwave radiation can open the blood-brain barrier, toxic chemical exposure may be more harmful to anyone who is exposed to wireless radiation. For example, see]”

‘Putting the next generation of brains in danger’

Saundra Young, CNN, Feb 14, 2014

The number of chemicals known to be toxic to children’s developing brains has doubled over the last seven years, researchers said.

Dr. Philip Landrigan at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Dr. Philippe Grandjean from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, authors of the review published Friday in The Lancet Neurology journal, say the news is so troubling they are calling for a worldwide overhaul of the regulatory process in order to protect children’s brains.

“We know from clinical information on poisoned adult patients that these chemicals can enter the brain through the blood brain barrier and cause neurological symptoms,” said Grandjean.

“When this happens in children or during pregnancy, those chemicals are extremely toxic, because we now know that the developing brain is a uniquely vulnerable organ. Also, the effects are permanent.”

The two have been studying industrial chemicals for about 30 years. In 2006, they published data identifying five chemicals as neurotoxicants — substances that impact brain development and can cause a number of neurodevelopmental disabilities including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, dyslexia and other cognitive damage, they said.

Those five are lead, methylmercury, arsenic, polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, and toluene.

Banned in the United States in 1979, PCBs were used in hundreds of products including paint, plastic, rubber products and dyes. Toluene is in household products like paint thinners, detergents, nail polish, spot removers and antifreeze.

7 chemicals in your food

Now, after further review, six more chemicals have been added to the list: manganese; fluoride; tetrachloroethylene, a solvent; a class of chemicals called polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or flame retardants; and two pesticides, chlorpyrifos, which is widely used in agriculture, and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DDT.

“The continuing research has identified six new chemicals that are toxic to the developing human brain,” said Landrigan. “We’re turning up chemicals at the rate of about one a year that we’re discovering are capable of damaging the developing brain of a human fetus or human infant.”

To examine fluoride, which is in tap water in many areas, Landrigan and Grandjean looked at an analysis of 27 studies of children, mostly in China, who were exposed to fluoride in drinking water at high concentrations. The data, they said, suggests a decline on average of about seven IQ points.

There’s another big concern: “We are very worried that there are a number of other chemicals out there in consumer products that we all contact every day that have the potential to damage the developing brain, but have never been safety tested,” Landrigan said.

“Over the last six or seven years we are actually adding brain toxic chemicals at a greater speed than we are adding toxicity evidence in children’s brains,” Grandjean said.

“At least 1,000 chemicals using lab animals have shown that they somehow interfere with brain function in rodents — rats and mice — and those are prime candidates for regulatory control to protect human developing brains. But this testing has not been done systematically.”

At greatest risk? Pregnant women and small children, according to Grandjean. According to the review, the biggest window of vulnerability occurs in utero, during infancy and early childhood.

The impact is not limited to loss of IQ points.

“Beyond IQ, we’re talking about behavior problems — shortening of attention span, increased risk of ADHD,” Landrigan said.

“We’re talking about emotion problems, less impulse control, (being) more likely to make bad decisions, get into trouble, be dyslexic and drop out of school. … These are problems that are established early, but travel through childhood, adolescence, even into adult life.”

BPA, phthalate exposure may cause fertility problems

It’s not just children: All these compounds are toxic to adults, too. In fact, in 2006 the pair documented 201 chemicals toxic to the adult nervous system, usually stemming from occupational exposures, poisonings and suicide attempts.

The American Chemistry Council, meanwhile, called the review a “rehash” of the authors’ first review.

“This iteration is as highly flawed as the first, as once again the authors ignore the fundamental scientific principles of exposure and potency,” said council spokesman Scott Jensen.

“What is most concerning is that the authors focus largely on chemicals and heavy metals that are well understood to be inappropriate for children’s exposure, are highly regulated and/or are restricted or being phased out. They then extrapolate that similar conclusions should be applied to chemicals that are more widely used in consumer products without evidence to support their claims. Such assertions do nothing to advance true scientific understanding and only create confusion and alarm.”

Landrigan and Grandjean now say all untested chemicals in use and all new chemicals should be tested for developmental neurotoxicity.

This is not a new concept. In 2007, the European Union adopted regulations known as REACH — Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals — to protect human health from risks posed by chemicals. REACH covers all chemicals, placing the burden of proof on companies to prove that any chemicals they make are safe.

“We are behind right now and we’re falling further behind,” Landrigan said. “… I find it very irritating some of the multinational manufacturers are now marketing products in Europe and the U.S. with the same brand name and same label, but in Europe (they) are free of toxic chemicals and in the U.S. they contain toxic chemicals.”

The best example of this, he said, is cosmetics and phthalates. Phthalates are a group of chemicals used in hundreds of products from cosmetics, perfume, hair spray, soap and shampoos to plastic and vinyl toys, shower curtains, miniblinds, food containers and plastic wrap.

You can also find them in plastic plumbing pipes, medical tubing and fluid bags, vinyl flooring and other building materials. They are used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl.

In Europe, cosmetics don’t contain phthalates, but here in the United States some do.

Phthalates previously were used in pacifiers, soft rattles and teethers. But in 1999, after a push from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, American companies stopped using them in those products.

“We certainly have the capability, it’s a matter of political will,” Landrigan said. “We have tried in this country over the last decade to pass chemical safety legislation but the chemical industry and their supporters have successfully beat back the effort.”

However, the Food and Drug Administration said two of the most common phthalates, — dibutylphthalate, or DBP, used as a plasticizer in products such as nail polishes to reduce cracking by making them less brittle, and dimethylphthalate, or DMP used in hairsprays — are now rarely used in this country.

Diethylphthalate, or DEP, used in fragrances, is the only phthalate still used in cosmetics, the FDA said.

“It’s not clear what effect, if any, phthalates have on human health,” according to the FDA’s website. “An expert panel convened from 1998 to 2000 by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), part of the National Institute for Environmental Safety and Health, concluded that reproductive risks from exposure to phthalates were minimal to negligible in most cases.”

But Grandjean is unfazed.

“We know enough about this to say we need to put a special emphasis on protecting developing brains. We are not just talking about single chemicals anymore. We are talking about chemicals in general.”

“This does not necessarily mean restrict the use of all chemicals, but it means that they need to be tested whether they are toxic to brain cells or not,” he said.

“We have the test methods and protocols to determine if chemicals are toxic to brain cells. If we look at this globally, we are looking at more than a generation of children — a very high proportion of today’s children have been exposed to lead, mercury and other substances, including substances that have not yet been tested but are suspect of being toxic to brain development.”

The Environmental Working Group is an environmental health research organization that specializes in toxic chemical analysis and has long called for reforms. In 2004, the group tested 10 samples of umbilical cord blood for hundreds of industrial pollutants and found an average of 200 in each sample.

“Here in the U.S., the federal law put in place to ostensibly protect adults and children from exposures to dangerous chemicals, including those that can present serious risks to the brain and nervous systems, has been an abject failure,” said Environmental Working Group spokesman Alex Formuzis.

“The 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act has instead been largely responsible for the pollution in people beginning in the womb, where hundreds of industrial contaminants literally bathe the developing fetus.”

Landrigan is recruiting pregnant women for a new study that will test for chemical exposures. He said it’s inevitable that over the next few years more chemicals will be added to the list.

His concern? “The ability to detect these chemicals lags behind the chemical industries’ ability to develop new chemicals and put them into consumer products. That’s why we need new legislation in this country to close that gap.”

“We are lagging behind,” Grandjean said. “And we are putting the next generation of brains in danger.”

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

There are many studies and research papers that confirm that microwaves allow toxins to get into the brain that would under normal circumstances, not be able to enter:

Increased blood–brain barrier permeability in mammalian brain

 Here is an invaluable 19 min. lecture by world-renowned neurosurgeon and research scientist Dr. Lief Salford of Lund University, Switzerland, on research findings showing blood brain barrier leakage in (thousands of) rat brains leading to increased albumin (neurotoxin) uptake, memory loss and damage of up to 2% of brain cells.
Folks, wireless microwave radiation exposure like any radiation exposure is cumulative. The more exposure over time, the greater propensity for disease. The radar guns have improved in technology over the years much like the cell phones went from a brick to a small flip phone that fits in the palm of your hand. While they are still dangerous, the wireless emissions have dropped in proportion. The same with the radar. Pitchers and catchers are in the radar beam almost continuously. This is the game changer. The radar exposure is the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back when combined with toxin exposure, cell phone use etc. The radar guns behind home plate beamed at the back of Gary’s head for decades. Gary Carter’s tumor was in the back of his head wrapped around the spine.
The radar guns are always aimed at the pitcher and I believe the locations of the tumors indicate the radar is the trigger. For example, catchers would get the cancer on the back of the head or the brain stem and the pitchers would get the cancer in one of the temporal lobes depending on if they were left or right handed. You would expect to find the tumors on the side of the head that faces home plate during the delivery. I believe that is exactly what we are witnessing.  Coincidence? I do not believe so.
What about the scouts, pitching coaches or bullpen catchers? They are around the radar and it is sometimes aimed at the backs of their heads?
Mark Merila, the Padre’s bullpen catcher for more than a decade has brain cancer.
Mark Merila

Mark Merila

Colorado Rockies scout Chris Forbes came down with two brain tumors.

download (4)

Tom Pratt was the 12-year pitching coach for the MLB’s Chicago Cubs and has a brain tumor.

download (5)

Michael Weiner, the executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association died of brain cancer. I believe it was probably due to his cell phone use. 

images (2)

Gliomas (brain cancers) have been linked to wireless exposure.

As a matter of fact, the Italian supreme court ruled that microwave radiation from cell phones did in fact cause tumors. Remember that radar guns emit microwave radiation.

How about other sports like tennis that use radar?

tennis radar system

tennis radar system

So how many tennis players are getting brain tumors?

Tim Gullikson, the uncommon tennis player who never made an enemy and who became the coach of the best player in the world, died of the brain cancer he had been fighting for nearly 18 months at the age of 44.

Timothy Ernest "Tim" Gullikson 1951-1996

Timothy Ernest “Tim” Gullikson

Helen Kelesi  had a brain tumor.

Helen Kelesi

Helen Kelesi

James Broach had just become the first and only Trinity men’s tennis player to win a national championship in singles and doubles. He died after a three-year battle with brain cancer. He was 37

James Broach 1986-2013

James Broach

Renee Simpson died of brain cancer at age 47.

Rene Simpson 1986 -2013

Rene Simpson
1966 -2013

Todd Witsken was a three-time All-American at USC and died of brain cancer at age 34

Todd Witsken 1963-1998

Todd Witsken

Leander Paes, one of the world’s best doubles tennis players, was treated for a brain lesion that turned out to be a parasitic brain infection.

download (6)


Alice Reen, is a professional tennis player and a two-time brain tumor survivor.



Stephen Bell, a champion tennis player died of a brain tumor at the age of 38.

Stephen Bell 1969-2009

Stephen Bell

Chuck McKinley was clearly among the most charismatic players of the early 1960s. He passed away far too young at 45 of a brain tumor. 

Chuck McKinley 1941-1986

Chuck McKinley


I believe that so many are dead or dying from wireless microwave radiation this and yet government and the industry is trying to hide it from the public. How could major league baseball or the tennis associations not even mention any of this anywhere? Has no one ever put these pieces together?

Radar guns emit wireless microwave radiation.   Wireless microwave radiation has been determined to be a class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization. list of class 2B carcinogens begins on page 9

Some scientists believe if accurately assessed today, wireless microwave radiation would be listed as a class 1 carcinogen. Dr Hardell of the World Health Organization EMF Working Group,  now states radio frequency radiation meets criteria for a  group 1 carcinogen and that  “Current guidelines for exposure need to be urgently revised”.

Think of the  tremendous industry influence over the scientific community and government regulators.

The FCC exposure guidelines for wireless radiation only take into consideration acute burning of tissue and ignore all non thermal biological effects that are found at much lower exposure levels.  There is much debate over this particular issue. For example:



Epa scientist on wireless

Cell phones, WiFi routers, wireless TVs, dvr’s, blue tooth devices,iPads, tablets, laptops, security systems, printers, and any other wireless device emits this carcinogen. Depending on how toxic of an environment you live in, will determine how synergistically the radiation with work with the poisons around you and your children to produce disease.

I believe that Gary Carter and many others would possibly still be alive today if those we entrust with our safety and our very lives at times would stand up and face head on what has spent the better part of the last 35 years behind home plate. It sadly has now managed to enter our homes, schools and workplaces, and in some cases, without even our knowledge or consent.

Major league baseball as well as all sports need to act on this and end this needless tragedy of some of our finest men and women who tirelessly give of themselves for the game.

images (13)

There is nothing more precious than to see the sun shine forever in a child’s eyes. Their excitement of being in the stands of a big league game or simply playing on the little league field is priceless.  We all know that without the children there is no tomorrow for any aspect of our society.  How much longer will we have to tolerate the silence on the wireless microwave radiation dangers especially to our children?

I would like to show you a photo of what I believe to be the biggest threat of all to our children. It is taking place in the classrooms and maybe even at home. This is a photo of a child, not with a radar gun to his head but rather something, in my opinion, that is far more dangerous. It is a microwave transmitter.

The Fullerton Informer shared from:

Like This Page · March 8, 2013

Student at Commonwealth creating a story on the iPad.

33984_479084712158056_1011868072_n (2)

The wireless antenna is right on his zipper. Need I say more?

What is all this wireless doing to the unborn? Are the same mechanisms at work in Autism involving metals and microwave radiation?

download (5)

You see, my son will be playing on that field tomorrow in honor of Gary Carter. Ironically my other son is number 8 on his little league team and my oldest will be wearing the “kid” shirt tomorrow at the game. My hope for my sons is that they will have a “kid” of their own someday and with any luck more than just one. Sadly I believe that what is taking place right before our very eyes may make that reality a mere impossibility some day.

When my father died of cancer some 12 years ago from causes totally unrelated to wireless, I availed myself to warn others of the mistakes he and others unknowingly made and continue to make in the hopes of many others gaining insight into what may not be evident to the unsuspecting.

While what has happened to Gary Carter and those that have gone before him cannot be changed, what can be gained is insight into what needs to change so that others don’t have to go down that road. Ladies and gentlemen, wireless radiation is not harmless, the trillion dollar wireless industry is not your friend and if you think the government is going to protect you, you have another thing coming. The dangers of microwave radiation have been known for the last 50 years and are still being actively suppressed to this day. This is an agenda at the highest levels plain and simple.

I am sure that if the players that gave their all to the fans that meant it all to them were here today and know what is now evident, they would want you to act in a way consistent with the values they collectively embodied as a team. The need to be strong, courageous, brave and to persevere in spite of at times, insurmountable odds, and to act in a way that was fair, kind, and loving towards those who are the most vulnerable would be the best tribute to Gary Carter and the others that any of us could ever make.

Do it for the “kid” and for all the “kids”. Help us end the largest forced irradiation program of school children that the world has ever known that is currently being carried out all players in this game of life, including our children so that the “kids” may live to display Gary Carter’s once youthful exuberance in perpetuity and have “kids” of their own someday. I am sure he would have wanted it that way.


Fullerton California Campaign Central

Fullerton California Campaign Central:

I Report, Fullerton Voters to Decide-By Barry Levinson

images-11 (1)


Rating the Council candidates websites for content and for accuracy.

Rating System:  If the candidate does a good job identifying the major issues, I will give them a rating as high as a C.

If the candidate does a good job spelling out specific solutions to all the problems as well, the rating can go up to an A.

If the candidates’ websites are misleading in any way they are downgraded.  I believe honesty is the “best” policy.  No one running for office should be allowed to either misinform or mislead the public.


  1. Greg Sebourn: B minus for doing a good job of identifying the issues, but failing to give any specifics for solutions. I boosted his score from a C to a B- for not embellishing his record.  I believe candidates should be recognized positively for accuracy and honesty and downgraded for the opposite.


  1. Rick Alvarez: D minus   For identifying only a few of the issues (infrastructure, economic development and public safety) with no specifics on solving our many problems.  Mr. Alvarez does not even mention the huge problem of unfunded pension and retiree health care liabilities.


  1. Jane Rands: D minus I like her opening statement about balance.  Unfortunately Rands has not provided us with much else.  I know where Ms. Rands stands on most issues but she must share that information on her website.


  1. Sean Paden: D minus Like Ms. Rands, I know where Mr. Paden stands on many of the issues however like Ms. Rands his website is silent on all but one narrow issue.  His issues segment states “Coming Soon”.


  1. Larry Bennett: F He mentions pension reform but takes it no further.  He does not state that today’s pensions are way to generous and need to be scaled back if the city is ever to get back on a good financial footing.  I downgraded him to an F for failing to fully acknowledge his past close support of McKinley, Jones and Bankhead and for some misleading comments on his website under his caption Working Together.  He first states that he is a consensus builder.  He was campaign chairman for the NO on the FULLERTON RECALL in 2012, a very contentious and divisive issue.  He also states he is for civic openness but has defended what Councilmember’s Whitaker and Sebourn call the Fullerton Counterfeit COIN ordinance.


  1. Doug Chaffee: F He mentions some of the problems but like the others does not provide specific solutions.  He is downgraded from a D to an F for an important inaccuracy on his website.  His website states that “ Chevron, which owns the land, will work to forge a deal to sell most or all of the land to The Trust for Public Land, a national land-conservation group, city official announced Tuesday evening”. Unfortunately, the Trust for Public Land has totally bowed out of any deal approximately a month and a half ago.  This is a mistake at best or at worst an intentional factual inaccuracy.


  1. Bill Chaffee F He earns a failing grade for not having a website.




Cancer shields for cellphones circa 2001

get (1)






LAUSDletter1 1 (1)

Never, ever, has the Fullerton School District mentioned ANY OF THE POTENTIAL DANGERS OF RADIO FREQUENCY EMISSIONS EXPOSURE AT ANY OF THEIR TECHNOLOGY MEETINGS. No only how wonderful and safe this all is. By the way, this type of exposure shown below, aside from school, now, thanks to Robert Pletka, goes on at the restaurant, at the day care facility, at Sunday school, in the car, in the plane, in the train, at home in the bedroom, at the dinner table, in the dining room, in the living room, in the front yard if they ever make it outside, at grandma’s house, I could go on and on and its all because it started at school.

images (11)

ignoring this will not make it go away


skull-vs-ipad-basic (1)




images (23)

Robert Pletka, FSD’s Cult of Mac’s high priest handing out communion (ipads)

I think he needs to go to confession, AND as a matter of fact, I think we all do for sitting back and letting this go on like it has for the last 2 years.

Look folks, for the record I am not against technology. As a matter of fact, I have been using a hardwired computers for the last 25 years. Schools simply need to use hardwired technology not wireless technology.

I am not against the advancement of education. I am simply against the advancement of a dangerous technology called wireless connectivity that needlessly and forcibly exposes unsuspecting children to harmful levels of microwave radiation  in classrooms WHEN EVERY CLASSROOM IN THE DISTRICT HAS FIBER OPTIC CONNECTIVITY THAT PLETKA HAS DECIDED TO  CONVENIENTLY STOP AT THE WALLS.


Here is an outstanding 57-page-long report on wireless radiation that was published last month (August, 2014) by the Environmental Health Trust the the Fullerton School District continues to ignore. These are not the assertions of Joe Imbriano.
The report, as you’ll see, contains just about everything one would want to know about all the different ways that wireless radiation harms the body, especially the bodies of children, and also contains all the key scientific studies which have been conducted over the years showing this harm.

Students bowing towards Cupertino (Apple Headquarters)

Many school districts in the US these days are forcing the young children in their district to be constantly exposed to this harmful wireless radiation each day while in the classroom.

unnamed (1)

They will never be the same

The children attending schools in these districts, of course, don’t realize what’s happening to them. It is up to parents and their elected representatives of such children to decide whether to pull out their children from such schools, or be lazy and just roll the dice and hope that somehow their children won’t be harmed by all their exposure to wireless radiation. However, when you review all the scientific studies listed in the enclosed report, you will likely conclude that when those parents, administrators and elected representatives who decide to roll the dice do so, the dice will come up snake eyes.
images (32)


Like Elton John said some 40 years ago-“Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player.” 


WHO and SCENIHR: Scientific cover-up at the highest levels

And lastly, my assertions that this is all an agenda to destroy human fertility-



Fullerton’s downtown skid row: Dan Hughes and Joe Felz failing Fullerton and thier Fascist solution asking for the beginning of the end of the first and fourth amendments.


Want to catch just one more look into her eyes after dinner?  Why go anywhere else? Why wait for the Vegas bullet train to roll into town? Downtown’s got it all north of the tracks after dark ladies and gentlemen. What is your forte, aggressive pan handling, street circuses, drugs for sale, pot smoking with the pungent odor of skunk bud? Maybe you have a taste for the underage with fake ID’s. How about the scantily clad?

Perhaps you can appreciate, upon disembarking your vehicle in the $30,000 taxpayer funded parking stall, the visual appeal of feces and vomit plastered to the walls that haven’t been cleaned for months all the while as you approach the elevator, the aroma of urine fills the air. You can thank the frat boys over at Cal State Fullerton for the uric acid eau de toilette, the homeboys that Amtrak brought in on the sundowner, the IE crew that heads south for the winter or the grove crowd that moves north for the evening in search of cheap thrills on higher ground. Let us not forget that in addition to all of the aforementioned, as a direct result of the Fullerton Police Department’s televised execution of Kelly Thomas, Fullerton is now a homeless sanctuary city plopped right in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard with no public restrooms or showers. Now its downtown has got people urinating, defecating, slamming heroin, smoking crack, pimpin’, vandalizing cars flanked by broken bottles, street rumbles, threats of physical harm, boxing matches not to be outdone by people pretending to be passed out on the stairs in parking structures looking up women’s skirts. These are not just my assertions folks, I have backup that begins at 2 hours and 54 minutes-

download (11)

Last call before things get out of hand.

Oh the parking structures. Yes build it and they will come. An unsupervised oasis with a declared open season on catalytic converters and drunk hot chicks as they are left unattended and on display and for the taking. Yes the huge magnet to all scrap metal recyclers, eligible bachelors, singles, married, perverts and everyone else looking for a quick buck and a good time is aimed in all four directions and energized at maximum Gauss levels just about every night here in our hometown.

Oh the vehicle theft, vandalism, rapes, the groping, replete with people having sex in corners, doing drugs in corners, drinking in corners, minors, addicts DTF has them all. Condoms, day after pills, used condoms, needles. The homeless, the bar patrons, the out of towners, the students, the residents, the residents children, the city leaders, the city leaders children, the establishment, the establishments offspring, heck everyone is welcome.  Harassment, threats of robbery, rape and molestation await. Slow, little or no response from police is what has been alleged.  How did we get to this point?

Welcome to Downtown Fullerton

Yes this is the legacy that the Fullerton Establishment  has bequeathed us with the restaurant overlay district where liquor licenses were handed out by a bunch of dolts like lollipops on halloween.

We now have a 2 am Freemont street experience every night with EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR POLICE PRESENCE, ENFORCEMENT  AND THE LIGHT SHOW ON THE CEILING. I guess the sights are too good inside and around the clubs for Fullerton’s finest to watch the structures where thousands of visitors return to their cars. Man if I was the police chief, I would have everyone working 24 hour shifts  to include Friday and Saturday nights and place them right at the exits to SOCO and the structures so they could shoot the drunk ducks in the barrel and load them into the paddy wagons. No instead we don’t have the money, resources or staff to guard our infrastructure thanks to who?

images (15)

Is that you Joe?


So Fullerton’s downtown Freemont Street Experience actually costs the city more in policing and related costs than it brings in in sales tax revenue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All roads lead to Rome or do they?





Look at the proposed municipal code amendment 8.52.020 specifically sections  B, C, and D.


images (29)

Last time I checked, all of the dangerous, seedy, inappropriate activity was already illegal. What does this guy want, the wild west where anything goes if you have a gun and a badge? Let me get this straight Mr. Hughes and Mr. Felz, you have parking structures with no camera surveillance systems and virtually no police presence and zero maintenance? How long have you both been working for the city? Who is your boss?

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes

We have residents who have repeatedly been complaining about all of the aforementioned and the cops still aren’t hauling these people away? Where has general services been if there is fecal matter and vomit caked all over these places for months? Are you kidding me? Someone call the health department on these guys.


Welcome to Fullerton and no, this is not some council candidate’s market.

Is this the classic Hegelian dielectic or is it just government business as usual where they are so lame that they can’t see the forest for the trees so when they smell smoke, they just cut the trees down?

We need to include all parking lots...

We need to include all parking lots…

Rick Alvarez, candidate for council, in his infinite wisdom actually suggested we expand the fascist end of the first amendment portion of this ordinance to INCLUDE ALL PARKING LOTS? Aren’t you from Cuba? Did you learn anything from that place run by that cigar smoking, freekazoid moron that lost his shaving kit back when Khrushchev lost his hair?


The bygone era when students strived to reach the moon . Now they are on the road to nowhere as they moon each other while we fall off the economic cliff. Folks, Fullerton needs real leaders and not high paid lackeys that mismanage our hard earned money while they green light the evisceration of our rights along side the alcoholic destruction of our youth in the open air sewer that these so called pillars of the community built and continue to operate with our subsidies.

I will not allow you to take away my right to peaceably assemble, or smooch my hottie in the front seat  just because these booze and brothel owners don’t want to hire their own version of Blackwater to patrol the pavement in these tilt ups that Hughes and Felz can’t seem to get under control with a 200 million dollar budget that can’t even spring for an outhouse and a standing army that apparently can’t read the penal code.

You want solutions? Here are the solutions. Agendize this:

Install cameras and hire a security company to patrol the lots. Hire a maintenance company to clean them nightly. Charge for parking with merchant validation. Track the parking validations and pass the cost of all of this on to the merchants by charging merchant fees commensurate with usage.

Yes-tax the businesses that use the structure-all of them. Add a surcharge on any of them with an ABC license. Public restrooms need to be strategically built downtown and yes they will need to be maintained.

Dan Hughes and Joe Felz, you have failed the residents of Fullerton. You have failed to spend our tax dollars wisely and you have failed to protect the people who pay the taxes to pay your salaries. You have have put the public in grave danger as you both have allowed things to get out of control all the while the tools at your disposal have been misused in allowing this nightmare on elm street to end up on Fullerton’s main street.

Draconian legislation granting sweeping police powers is not the answer to our problems. The answer is common sense which you both seem to clearly lack when it comes to solving this multifaceted problem.  Maybe my wife and I with our friends will just go down to Anaheim for our night on the town knowing that at least some of our sales tax revenue generated in Anaheim will go to provide reverse osmosis filtered water for its residents while Fullerton pipes in halide toxicity in return for the empty beer bottles, vomit, and feces plastered all over the walls that some of you all in city hall have mistaken for some sort of  a mural.

Let me and mine hang out when we are out and about, let the young and old soak in the sights on those warm summer nights and let them get their kisses goodnight. Getting the balance right can be done if the myopic and short sighted in government would just get out of the way or better yet, we can send them packing in November for the next train out of town. We shall see soon enough and 2016 will be comin’ round the mountain. Is there a solution? You bet, one way tickets for some of them right on out of that 200 million dollar a year building on Commonwealth Avenue where behind closed doors the monsters are due on Maple street.


Fullerton’s best days are still ahead so stay tuned and-don’t forget to turn off that WiFi-your grandchildren will thank you.






Cover up at the highest levels and children being taken down to the lowest.

images (11)unnamed (1)

Lennart Hardell’s science is a game changer and the suppression is planned, global and deeply entrenched. The more we expose it, the better.

Susan D. Foster, MSW _____________________________________________________________________________________________

August 31, 2014

Emily O’Reilly

European Ombudsman

European Commission

RE: SCENIHR Report 2014 and The Suppression of Dr. Lennart Hardell’s Science

Dear Emily O’Reilly:

In July 2014 we received individual letters from Acting Director John Ryan following our deeply and urgently conveyed concerns that scientific misconduct had occurred at SCENIHR under the direct actions of Dr. Joachim Schüz. Dr. Schüz took it upon himself to unilaterally write the epidemiology portion of SCENIHR’s report. Because SCENIHR was entrusted with examining the RF standards for all of Europe, this task and position calls for great integrity and objectivity. We are strongly suggesting both were lacking as Dr. Schüz “cherry-picked” the science that went into SCENIHR’s preliminary and then final report, purposefully and negligently omitting the five 2013 studies of independent epidemiologist Dr. Lennart Hardell of Sweden.

From Acting Director John Ryan we received the following replies to our concerns, as did others who wrote with similar concerns:

Subject’ Reply – EC – SCENIHR Preliminary Report “Our investigation found no facts to support these allegations, which seem to be completely unfounded. The working methods used by the EMF working group were  appropriate and in accordance with our rules of procedure. All members of the working group agreed upon the preliminary opinion and its conclusions before the draft preliminary opinion was sent to the SCENIHR for approval.

No conflict of interest could be identified among members of the EMF working group or the stakeholder members.”We would contend, with all due respect to Mr. Ryan, that the Secretariat of the Scientific Committee assigned by Acting Director John Ryan may not have fully investigated the multiple conflicts of interest that Dr. Schüz brought to SCENIHR. To be blunt, the body of Joachim Schüz’s work and his telecom industry affiliations – so carefully elucidated by others who share our concern – must be scrutinized. This conflict of interest by Joachim Schüz impacts hundreds of millions of lives. We suggest the fox is guarding the hen house, and the victims are an unsuspecting body of humanity entrusting their lives, their children’s lives, and their progeny to the industry-biased goals of an epidemiologist who is on the industry payroll through a multitude of organizations including the Danish Cancer Society (as foreign as that conflict of interest may sound). There has been excellent reporting on Dr. Schüz’s well-known conflicts of interest by Louis Slesin of Microwave News, and more recently a comprehensive letter to John Ryan by Israeli author Iris Atzmon which includes the following conflicts of interest:

Dr. Schüz declared his contract with the electric industry, see “2006-2012 Electric Power Research Institute” (EPRI), EPRI is the US power industry research arm. He also declared that he was a management committee member of COST BM 0704. IT’IS Foundation was appointed as the Grant Holder of COST Action BM0704., Lloyd Morgan, B.Sc. of Berkeley, California, published a comprehensive list of Dr. Joachim Schüz’s conflicts in Electromagnetic


Our complaint to you on behalf of the UK’s EM Radiation Research Trust, sent with the greatest urgency, is about Dr. Schüz receiving money from a variety of telecommunication and power industry sources, money which sometimes flows through and insidiously influences organizations like the Danish Cancer Society – and now SCENIHR. This complaint is about the unethical actions of Joachim Schüz, a man who purports to be objective, places himself in charge of the epidemiology section of the SCENIHR Report, and then single-handily ignores, dismisses, and suppresses the brilliant 2013 epidemiology studies of Dr. Lennart Hardell of Sweden. Four of these five 2013 Hardell studies found a statistically significant link between cell phones and gliomas — the deadliest of brain tumors, and acoustic neuromas. Both types of brain tumors are on the rise; prompting an unprecedented industry attempt around the world to suppress these statistics.

It should be noted that Dr. Hardell’s earlier science, even before the 2013 studies were published, was included in the science that went before Judge Frederick H. Weisberg of Superior Court in Washington D.C. Judge Weisberg is presiding over 13 consolidated lawsuits against the telecommunications industry in the United States. After months of testimony and careful deliberation, Judge Weisberg ruled that scientific evidence from five experts is strong enough to meet what is called the Dyas/Frye legal standard. The science must be generally accepted and meet what some experts refer to as “the test of time”. Never before has this happened in the US. Now the cases have been cleared by Judge Weisberg to proceed to trial.

Not all science brought before the court was accepted. The science of Dr. Lennart Hardell –and again, this is Dr. Hardell’s epidemiological science that preceded the five studies published in 2013 (which are even stronger) — was considered strong enough by Judge Weisberg to be included in the brain tumor cases as they go forward to trial. It is critical to understand that the five more recently published studies by Dr. Hardell, which cover more than 20 years and show an even greater statistically significant correlation than the science considered and accepted by Judge Weisberg, were tragically dismissed by Dr. Schüz from consideration by SCENIHR.

Dr. Kjell Mild, co-author of four or five of the studies with Dr. Hardell and a member of SCNEIHR, tried repeatedly to have Dr. Hardell’s science included in the SCENIHR report. He chronicled his strong objection to the dismissal of this science in a letter many of us sent to Mr. Ryan. Those efforts by Dr. Mild were in vain. Dr. Schüz was steadfast in his refusal to accept the Hardell science.

It is clear Dr. Lennart Hardell’s science is a “game-changer”, and Dr. Schüz is well-paid, albeit indirectly, to see that Hardell’s science does not adversely influence the profitable flow of the telcom industry’s business-as-usual. There are two casualties in all of this cover-up: 1) the truth, and 2) the well-being of humanity.

The telecommunications industry is concerned about the liability implications of these recent court cases, with several precedents linking cell phones and brain tumors being set in Europe. Honest, brilliant scientists around the world are having their funding cut because the telecommunications industry puts pressure on the universities that fund RF radiation research. Because of this massive suppression of research monies by the industry, and because of the money we can trace to “industry-friendly scientists” who offer the study results that find “no harm” from cell phones and other wireless applications, Dr. Hardell’s independent science is more needed, more honored, and more timely than ever. Yet Joachim Schüz suppressed the Hardell science, and our letters to Mr. John Ryan detailed this concern. We believe Mr. Ryan was well intentioned but the reports to him that there was “no conflict of interest” had to have been false. Too many facts tell us otherwise.

To suppress science that has stood the test of time and is telling the world we need to consider RF radiation not as a 2B or “possible human” carcinogen but rather a Group 1 or “absolute” carcinogen in the same category with asbestos and DDT is not an oversight. It is not a forgetful act. It is a purposeful hiding of the truth. When SCENIHR is entrusted with evaluating the standards for all the citizens of Europe, and when we see the telecommunications industry’s fingerprints all over this suppression of Dr. Hardell’s science through Dr. Schüz, we must call this exactly what it is. It is a crime against humanity. We implore you to open an investigation into this scientific fraud.

With Great Respect,

Susan Foster, MSW


EM Radiation Research Trust

Eileen O’Connor


EM Radiation Research Trust

The EM Radiation Research Trust is an educational organisation funded by donations. An independent Charity Registered No.

1106304 © The EM Radiation Research Trust 2003-2004




I Report You Decide. By Barry Levinson

images-11 (1)


I Report You Decide.

A friend of mine recently made a very profound comment to me.

He said you could tell how corrupt a city is by the condition of

the infrastructure. Well if that is a correct statement ladies and

gentlemen, Fullerton ranks way up there on the corruption meter. Our

roads, our sewers and water lines are in terrible shape.

Several months ago, Republican former State Assemblyman Chris

Norby was taken into custody after the FPD came to his house as

a result of a domestic dispute. A typical he said, she said, but they

arrested only Mr. Norby anyway. Later they had to drop all charges

because there was insufficient evidence.

In my opinion, why would the FPD want to arrest someone with no

real evidence of any crime being committed? I leave it to all of you to

answer that simple question.

Well yours truly has certainly ruffled enough feathers in this town,

with my speaking out for justice for Kelly Thomas and real reform

of the FPD. I have recently been very vocal about the Downtown

Core and Corridor Project proposal calling it both a huge attempted

power grab by our City Manager, Joe Felz and a move that would

be extremely undemocratic. I have consistently reported that the

percentage of the Operating Fund Budget has to be reduced from the

approximately 80% level for salaries and benefits if this city is going

to make real strides in improving our infrastructure.

No ladies and gentlemen, as George Orwell stated many years ago

and it applies even more today, “In a time of universal deceit – telling

the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I have consistently spoken the truth and will continue to do so.

Dishonest people have and will resort to the use of personal attacks,

when the facts are not on their side. The only difference is that now

all of you know another one of their dirty little secrets.


Fullerton California Campaign Central-I report you decide-By Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Fullerton California Campaign Central

As a prelude to my upcoming comments on the literature put out by each of the candidates, I decided to check their websites.

All but Bill Chaffee have listed websites for their campaigns.

I will be reporting on the content of their websites in the weeks to

come. Here are their links to their websites as follows:

For now I want you to know that 5 of the 6 websites are up and running.

We noted that currently Sean Paden’s website is not yet available.

We will let you know when or if that status changes for Paden.

Barry Levinson



Robert Pletka, Fullerton School District Superintendant puts another 6000 iPads into Fullerton school children’s laps today


Good evening Fullerton School District parents, this is Superintendent Bob Pletka. I am very pleased to announce that during the coming week, the District will be distributing over 6,000 iPads to all 5th through 8th grade students throughout our District as a part of our 1:1 VIP (Visual Innovation Program). California State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson, will be joining me at Valencia Park School, Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at a press conference to announce the distribution of these iPads.

We are excited that the District’s commitment to including high-level technology that reaches beyond the classroom is becoming a reality. We are also committed to being your first source of information regarding our progress. We expect that this announcement will receive broad local news coverage, and we wanted to keep you apprised.

This e-mail has been sent to you by FULLERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT. To maximize their communication with you, you may be receiving this e-mail in addition to a phone call with the same message. If you no longer wish to receive email notifications from FULLERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT, please click here to unsubscribe.
image001 (15)

Fullerton School District Superintendent Robert Pletka



I wonder if Torlakson was going to read the statement that we gave him in the parking lot from U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health telling him to shut off the wireless.

I wonder if  Torlakson was going to read the statement that we gave him minutes earlier in the parking lot written by The U.C. Berkeley School of Public Health telling him to shut off the wireless in the classrooms. Yea he denied in front of our camera knowing anything about  our concerns even though he , his office, his facebook page and staff has been presented our concerns multiple times and even personally in his Sacramento office. Yeah this tool said he never heard of this before even though the blog tracking shows his Sacramento office’s IP address as a repeat visitor and he had me thrown out of Sharon Quirk Silva’s shin dig over a Troy last year- I wonder if  greenhouse gas Janny Meyer realized that she left her car running with her keys in her car after she ran away from our camera? What about the $300,000 club member Mijares in the back row who came in the side door who for the better part of a year and a half, to this day ignores everything we have ever sent him and hides it from his board members? I wonder if Chaffee realizes that this is all way over his head as he goes on record stating wireless technology is “wonderful for the children”  as he came up for air in front of our camera. I wonder.

Sure Torlakson is unaware of the wireless debate just like when he had me illegally thrown out on my ass from a public meeting last year, 

Some more info on how he knows nothing about anything.

Yes,we were there with our banners to warn the mind controlled masses, the spineless, lackey school district minions and to film and greet the brass, Berryman had no comment and the District’s IT guy hid in the shadows. Yeah the establishment is all going along for the ride as the largest unmitigated public health disaster in the making is being ordained by the most respected (depending on your subjective frame of reference) members of our community.



If soft tissue cancer results from wireless cell phone microwave exposure, what do we make of this wireless iPad microwave exposure?

images (11)


Fullerton School District Superintenedent  Robert Pletka.

Fullerton School District Superintendent Robert Pletka. “Your request that the district turn off wireless connectivity and remove IPads from your children’s respective classrooms….is respectfully DENIED.” 11-1-2013 letter to Joe Imbriano


The Fullerton Joint Union High School District awarded an electrical contract THAT INCLUDES NO WIRELESS SYSTEMS a few months back sparing 14,000 High School students and staff who will not be be forcibly exposed to wireless microwave radiation at school which would have been trillions of times background levels. That meant that all of the hot mapping for deployment has been called off, and the wireless access points, and related equipment is sitting in a warehouse where it MAY HAVE COST THE TAXPAYERS SOME MONEY BUT AT LEAST IT can’t hurt anyone.

Robert Singer Ph.D.

Robert Singer Ph.D. FJUHSD Trustee -safety first-bravo Mr. Singer


Here it is-THE ELECTRICAL CONTRACT from earlier this year


Meanwhile, back home on the range for the most vulnerable segment of our student population here in town, the K-8 students, The Fullerton School District under Superintendent Robert Pletka’s watch is GOING WIRELESS ALL THE WAY DOWN TO KINDERGARTEN.



Dr Dariusz Leszczynski, Adjunct Professor, Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki and a member of a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries constituted by World Health Organization (WHO) that classified cellphone radiation as possibly carcinogenic, in conversation with Maitri Porecha, reveals how leading cell phone operators and manufacturers are withdrawing funding for research, leading to closing down of laboratories studying effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as emitted by wireless devices, cellphones and cell towers

download (3)

Is this what you signed your kids up for gang? They might as well just put a cell tower in the room.


WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? -these transmitters are up in the air, and in the classrooms, the transmitters are between their legs.

Fullerton has quite the establishment folks. Its roots runs deep and dark in my opinion. It involves the schools, the city hall crowd, the FPD and even some of the wanna be big timers who play church on Sundays.

In 2 weeks, 6000 more iPads will be going into the laps of Fullerton school children. Everyone is all in.

Fullerton’s Praetorian guard. In 2 weeks, 8000 more iPads will be going into the laps of Fullerton school children forcing 8000 households to install wireless connectivity so that they can do their homework.

The player's club.  Anyone want to join?

The player’s club. Anyone want to join?

She is a little shy

She is a little shy

Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you... Whoa Doug, your the man-wireless technology- "..It is great for the children.."

Come and knock on our door, we’ve been waiting for you… Whoa Doug, your the man-wireless technology- “..It is great for the children..”

I believe the children of those who value their wallets over their own flesh and blood will soon learn the hard way. Their parents ignored the fact that the jury on wireless has been in for decades. The verdict was found to be comprised of cancer, ADHD, autism and infertility. Check out these women who are along for the ride:

JenniferFitzgerald2012sm_1-1 (1)

Fullerton Council woman Jennifer Fitzgerald- Voted yes on the 4000 watt cell tower next to a school and voted yes for a homeless shelter next to a school. On school forced wireless exposure-” I don’t agree with your assertions”


Fitzgerald she needs to spend a little less time at the hair salon and devote a lot more time to dealing with reality.

Hilda Sugarman, a member of the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees, “My vision: Every single child will have one 24/7

Hilda Sugarman, Fullerton School District  Trustee on iPads,
“My vision: Every single child will have one 24/7″-this one is too far gone to reason with

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Doug Chaffee and Jan Flory all voted to put a 4000 watt cell tower right on top of a community health clinic next to a school last night with Robert Pletka’s blessing. Yes it is one big happy party for these deniers.

I motion to post the ATT report on our website-Potius Pilate

Fullerton Councilwoman Jan Flory voted to place a 4000 watt cell tower next to a school and voted to place a homeless shelter next to a school. “I move the motion to post the ATT report on our website and approve the cell tower”-Pontius Pilate

Where is the flag? I feel a draft.

Fullerton councilman Doug Chafeee “Your three minutes are up…” Where is the flag? I feel a draft. The tower is approved. I don’t understand radio waves  and microwaves but I will vote to stick this 4000 watt antenna array right on top of a community health clinic in a park next to a school because I am up for re-election and I don’t want to be associated with the tin foil hat brigade. I just want to cozy up with my establishment cronies and union hacks. Just get me over to the arboretum.

How much again?

Jennifer Fitzgerald-Curt Pringle’s Pride.How much does the city get for the tower lease again?

I wonder what Hughes is thinking while he poses for photo ops with Pletka? What does Hughes and Fitzgerald think when they send their daughters off to be irradiated at school everyday while they pretend to ignore the wireless discussion every other Tuesday night on this issue? What’s for lunch or probably nothing as that would explain their behavior. What about the five F.S.D.  board members that are connected at the hips to each of these establishment deniers?

Janny_Meyer (2)

JANNY MEYER Fullerton School District Trustee who is also member of the board of the technology foundation-NO COMMENT-she just smiles at everything.

Beverly_Berryman (1)

BEVERLY BERRYMAN Fullerton School District Trustee . “Thank you for forwarding this information to me. I am attempting to understand all of the data, not being a scientist, it is pretty complicated. I am continuing to follow up to ensure that we are doing what we need to do in researching the issues that you have and I know that our superintendent has been communicating with you regarding the progress of the testing. I do understand your passion for this topic and do appreciate your concern. I want you to know that even though I do not comment back in the board meetings, your concerns are being heard.”


LYNNE THORNLEY Fullerton School District Trustee. NO COMMENT of course

Chris_Thompson (1)

CHRIS THOMPSON Fullerton School District Trustee. I wonder what Joe is here to talk about tonight? “….



HILDA SUGARMAN Fullerton School District Trustee and board member of the technology foundation. NO COMMENT as would be expected

- See more on these five at:

Cognitive dissonance in this town has quite the high price, seemingly having  no end and apparently knowing no limits after thousands of studies have been presented to and ignored by these people warning against what is being done to your children.

images (13)

Why do wireless and microwaves always get a pass? Did it ever occur to any of you as to why we have this explosion of  Down Syndrome babies born to very young mothers today? How about Testicular Cancer in young men from the cell phones in their pockets, wireless laptops, tablets and gaming controllers in their laps, Prostate Cancer in young men,  Autism, ADHD in our young children, Infertility in our young men and women, Atrial Fibrillation  in our parents, heart murmers arising out of nowhere in our children, kids dropping dead at school, bizarre rheumatic conditions and all the other forms of  Cancer today? Close your eyes and pretend this is all a conspiracy theory while the emission levels go off the charts all around us. This stuff is not natural and is trillions of times the normal background levels. Wake up.

When Federal Legislation is written to forcibly irradiate you and your children with categorical exemptions for cellular infrastructure jammed down our leaders throats, the last thing we need is ill informed, spineless lackeys and educrats making health decisions for you and your children in areas where there are no categorical exemptions like classrooms.

I wonder if It ever occurred to any of these reprehensatives that this is a decision well above their pay grade as well as their intellect and has been placed there by design replete with 1st and 10th amendment violations just for good measure as icing on the cake. I wonder where we would be today if the same pass that wireless is being given was given to DDT, tobacco, asbestos, dioxin, mercury, BPA or any other loving compound? I wonder. Yeah the government never lies and scientists would never serve up results catered to order.

Folks that is exactly what we have and you are all going along for the ride. So why do they roll the dice with your kids?

The welcome wagon was rolling nice and smoothly for a feel good time and happy party over at EV Free last Friday for all the accessories to the forced irradiation of 14,000 school children in the FSD with FSD and FPD top brass as well as  hack council members that have demonstrated their total willful ignorance of this issue .

Pletka's in the pulpit at EV Free

Pletka’s in the pulpit at EV Free

Well, I wonder if any of these cats opened The Word to 1 Timothy 6:10 that was staring them in the face on the back of the pew at their little shin dig last week.

I prefer the King James Translation over the New American Standard-

So why do they roll the dice with your kids again?

“I’m holding it up as a model for the state,” said Tom Torlakson, state superintendent of public Instruction, said at the presentation.


In closing, I have been asked to please share this letter with the world .

An Open Letter from Traci Frantz On Cell Phone Safety

My name is Traci Frantz and I live in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. On January 4, 2012 my
daughter, Tiffany, was diagnosed (in Lancaster, PA) with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in her left breast.
Tiffany submitted to genetic testing and, as a family, we underwent genetic counseling. Genetic tests
including BRCA1, BRCA2 and TP53 tested negative. Therefore, there is no genetic pre­disposition to
breast cancer. However, Tiffany stored her cell phone in her bra (against her bare skin) for at least 5
years, every day, all day (12 hours/day) and the masses that were found lined up exactly with where she
stored her cell phone.
By November of 2012, Tiffany had a left mastectomy, radiation therapy and reconstructive
surgeries (at Hopkins) and we were convinced that the cancer had been removed and obliterated by 6
weeks of radiation therapy. However, in March of 2013 it was discovered via PET scan and MRI (in
Lancaster, PA) that Tiffany’s breast cancer had metastasized to her hip, pelvis, spine, sternum and
skull. Tiffany underwent surgery to insert a plate into her left hip as a stabilizer and 2 weeks of radiation
to treat the tumor that was quite sizeable. She currently is undergoing monthly Zometa IV treatments
(for 2 years) and daily Tamoxifen treatments (for 5 years).
We most recently (June 2014) have been informed that according to her latest PET scan, her
cancer has metastasized to her liver.
The wording that is being advocated for is already in the owner’s manual which no one takes the
time to read. Cell phone manufacturers KNOW there is a danger otherwise they would not include it in
their verbage. We are only asking for it to be better seen by the consumer at the point of sale for the
sole purpose of heeding caution and for nothing more. Have you and your family taken the time to read
your owner’s manual? Have you and your family heeded the advice your cell phone manufacturer
I WISH there would have been a warning on the outside of the box for ALL of us to read ­
My daughter may not have to fight for her life if it were!!!

Traci Frantz

images (2)

PARENTAL COGNITIVE DISSONANCE DEFINED. To the fool, the ultimate way to electronically babysit while you all wine a bit.  I am telling you, your children are gonna lose it all.

What do you think these devices are doing to your daughters’ eggs ladies and gentlemen? What about your sons’ reproductive organs? I believe that there are no accidents here gang. I believe that this is all being done on purpose. They are jamming wireless down your throats and up your backsides. 




Are iPads safe in the laps of school children? Why are women getting BREAST CANCER from keeping cell phones in their bras?



Fullerton School District Superintendent Robert Pletka




If soft tissue cancer results from wireless cell phone microwave exposure, what do we make of this wireless iPad microwave exposure?

images (11)


Fullerton School District Superintenedent  Robert Pletka.

Fullerton School District Superintendent Robert Pletka. “Your request that the district turn off wireless connectivity and remove IPads from your children’s respective classrooms….is respectfully DENIED.” 11-1-2013 letter to Joe Imbriano


The Fullerton Joint Union High School District awarded an electrical contract THAT INCLUDES NO WIRELESS SYSTEMS a few months back sparing 14,000 High School students and staff who will not be be forcibly exposed to wireless microwave radiation at school which would have been trillions of times background levels. That meant that all of the hot mapping for deployment has been called off, and the wireless access points, and related equipment is sitting in a warehouse where it MAY HAVE COST THE TAXPAYERS SOME MONEY BUT AT LEAST IT can’t hurt anyone.

Robert Singer Ph.D.

Robert Singer Ph.D. FJUHSD Trustee -safety first-bravo Mr. Singer


Here it is-THE ELECTRICAL CONTRACT from earlier this year


Meanwhile, back home on the range for the most vulnerable segment of our student population here in town, the K-8 students, The Fullerton School District under Superintendent Robert Pletka’s watch is GOING WIRELESS ALL THE WAY DOWN TO KINDERGARTEN.



Dr Dariusz Leszczynski, Adjunct Professor, Division of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki and a member of a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries constituted by World Health Organization (WHO) that classified cellphone radiation as possibly carcinogenic, in conversation with Maitri Porecha, reveals how leading cell phone operators and manufacturers are withdrawing funding for research, leading to closing down of laboratories studying effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields as emitted by wireless devices, cellphones and cell towers

download (3)

Is this what you signed your kids up for gang? They might as well just put a cell tower in the room.


WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? -these transmitters are up in the air, and in the classrooms, the transmitters are between their legs.

Fullerton has quite the establishment folks. Its roots runs deep and dark in my opinion. It involves the schools, the city hall crowd, the FPD and even some of the wanna be big timers who play church on Sundays.

In 2 weeks, 8000 more iPads will be going into the laps of Fullerton school children. Everyone is all in.

Fullerton’s Praetorian guard. In 2 weeks, 8000 more iPads will be going into the laps of Fullerton school children forcing 8000 households to install wireless connectivity so that they can do their homework.

The player's club.  Anyone want to join?

The player’s club. Anyone want to join?

She is a little shy

She is a little shy

Come and knock on our door, we've been waiting for you... Whoa Doug, your the man-wireless technology- "..It is great for the children.."

Come and knock on our door, we’ve been waiting for you… Whoa Doug, your the man-wireless technology- “..It is great for the children..”

I believe the children of those who value their wallets over their own flesh and blood will soon learn the hard way. Their parents ignored the fact that the jury on wireless has been in for decades. The verdict was found to be comprised of cancer, ADHD, autism and infertility. Check out these women who are along for the ride:

JenniferFitzgerald2012sm_1-1 (1)

Fullerton Council woman Jennifer Fitzgerald- Voted yes on the 4000 watt cell tower next to a school and voted yes for a homeless shelter next to a school. On school forced wireless exposure-” I don’t agree with your assertions”


Fitzgerald she needs to spend a little less time at the hair salon and devote a lot more time to dealing with reality.

Hilda Sugarman, a member of the Fullerton School District Board of Trustees, “My vision: Every single child will have one 24/7

Hilda Sugarman, Fullerton School District  Trustee on iPads,
“My vision: Every single child will have one 24/7″-this one is too far gone to reason with

Jennifer Fitzgerald, Doug Chaffee and Jan Flory all voted to put a 4000 watt cell tower right on top of a community health clinic next to a school last night with Robert Pletka’s blessing. Yes it is one big happy party for these deniers.

I motion to post the ATT report on our website-Potius Pilate

Fullerton Councilwoman Jan Flory voted to place a 4000 watt cell tower next to a school and voted to place a homeless shelter next to a school. “I move the motion to post the ATT report on our website and approve the cell tower”-Pontius Pilate

Where is the flag? I feel a draft.

Fullerton councilman Doug Chafeee “Your three minutes are up…” Where is the flag? I feel a draft. The tower is approved. I don’t understand radio waves  and microwaves but I will vote to stick this 4000 watt antenna array right on top of a community health clinic in a park next to a school because I am up for re-election and I don’t want to be associated with the tin foil hat brigade. I just want to cozy up with my establishment cronies and union hacks. Just get me over to the arboretum.

How much again?

Jennifer Fitzgerald-Curt Pringle’s Pride.How much does the city get for the tower lease again?

I wonder what Hughes is thinking while he poses for photo ops with Pletka? What does Hughes and Fitzgerald think when they send their daughters off to be irradiated at school everyday while they pretend to ignore the wireless discussion every other Tuesday night on this issue? What’s for lunch or probably nothing as that would explain their behavior. What about the five F.S.D.  board members that are connected at the hips to each of these establishment deniers?

Janny_Meyer (2)

JANNY MEYER Fullerton School District Trustee who is up for re election- also member of the board of the technology foundation-NO COMMENT-she just smiles at everything.

Beverly_Berryman (1)

BEVERLY BERRYMAN Fullerton School District Trustee . “Thank you for forwarding this information to me. I am attempting to understand all of the data, not being a scientist, it is pretty complicated. I am continuing to follow up to ensure that we are doing what we need to do in researching the issues that you have and I know that our superintendent has been communicating with you regarding the progress of the testing. I do understand your passion for this topic and do appreciate your concern. I want you to know that even though I do not comment back in the board meetings, your concerns are being heard.”


LYNNE THORNLEY Fullerton School District Trustee. NO COMMENT of course

Chris_Thompson (1)

CHRIS THOMPSON Fullerton School District Trustee. I wonder what Joe is here to talk about tonight? “….



HILDA SUGARMAN Fullerton School District Trustee and board member of the technology foundation. NO COMMENT as would be expected

- See more on these five at:

Cognitive dissonance in this town has quite the high price, seemingly having  no end and apparently knowing no limits after thousands of studies have been presented to and ignored by these people warning against what is being done to your children.

images (13)

Why do wireless and microwaves always get a pass? Did it ever occur to any of you as to why we have this explosion of  Down Syndrome babies born to very young mothers today? How about Testicular Cancer in young men from the cell phones in their pockets, wireless laptops, tablets and gaming controllers in their laps, Prostate Cancer in young men,  Autism, ADHD in our young children, Infertility in our young men and women, Atrial Fibrillation  in our parents, heart murmers arising out of nowhere in our children, kids dropping dead at school, bizarre rheumatic conditions and all the other forms of  Cancer today? Close your eyes and pretend this is all a conspiracy theory while the emission levels go off the charts all around us. This stuff is not natural and is trillions of times the normal background levels. Wake up.

When Federal Legislation is written to forcibly irradiate you and your children with categorical exemptions for cellular infrastructure jammed down our leaders throats, the last thing we need is ill informed, spineless lackeys and educrats making health decisions for you and your children in areas where there are no categorical exemptions like classrooms.

I wonder if It ever occurred to any of these reprehensatives that this is a decision well above their pay grade as well as their intellect and has been placed there by design replete with 1st and 10th amendment violations just for good measure as icing on the cake. I wonder where we would be today if the same pass that wireless is being given was given to DDT, tobacco, asbestos, dioxin, mercury, BPA or any other loving compound? I wonder. Yeah the government never lies and scientists would never serve up results catered to order.

Folks that is exactly what we have and you are all going along for the ride. So why do they roll the dice with your kids?

The welcome wagon was rolling nice and smoothly for a feel good time and happy party over at EV Free last Friday for all the accessories to the forced irradiation of 14,000 school children in the FSD with FSD and FPD top brass as well as  hack council members that have demonstrated their total willful ignorance of this issue .

Pletka's in the pulpit at EV Free

Pletka’s in the pulpit at EV Free

Well, I wonder if any of these cats opened The Word to 1 Timothy 6:10 that was staring them in the face on the back of the pew at their little shin dig last week.

I prefer the King James Translation over the New American Standard-

So why do they roll the dice with your kids again?


In closing, I have been asked to please share this letter with the world .

An Open Letter from Traci Frantz On Cell Phone Safety

My name is Traci Frantz and I live in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. On January 4, 2012 my
daughter, Tiffany, was diagnosed (in Lancaster, PA) with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in her left breast.
Tiffany submitted to genetic testing and, as a family, we underwent genetic counseling. Genetic tests
including BRCA1, BRCA2 and TP53 tested negative. Therefore, there is no genetic pre­disposition to
breast cancer. However, Tiffany stored her cell phone in her bra (against her bare skin) for at least 5
years, every day, all day (12 hours/day) and the masses that were found lined up exactly with where she
stored her cell phone.
By November of 2012, Tiffany had a left mastectomy, radiation therapy and reconstructive
surgeries (at Hopkins) and we were convinced that the cancer had been removed and obliterated by 6
weeks of radiation therapy. However, in March of 2013 it was discovered via PET scan and MRI (in
Lancaster, PA) that Tiffany’s breast cancer had metastasized to her hip, pelvis, spine, sternum and
skull. Tiffany underwent surgery to insert a plate into her left hip as a stabilizer and 2 weeks of radiation
to treat the tumor that was quite sizeable. She currently is undergoing monthly Zometa IV treatments
(for 2 years) and daily Tamoxifen treatments (for 5 years).
We most recently (June 2014) have been informed that according to her latest PET scan, her
cancer has metastasized to her liver.
The wording that is being advocated for is already in the owner’s manual which no one takes the
time to read. Cell phone manufacturers KNOW there is a danger otherwise they would not include it in
their verbage. We are only asking for it to be better seen by the consumer at the point of sale for the
sole purpose of heeding caution and for nothing more. Have you and your family taken the time to read
your owner’s manual? Have you and your family heeded the advice your cell phone manufacturer
I WISH there would have been a warning on the outside of the box for ALL of us to read ­
My daughter may not have to fight for her life if it were!!!

Traci Frantz

images (2)

PARENTAL COGNITIVE DISSONANCE DEFINED. To the fool, the ultimate way to electronically babysit while you all wine a bit.  I am telling you, your children are gonna lose it all.

What do you think these devices are doing to your daughters’ eggs ladies and gentlemen? What about your sons’ reproductive organs? I believe that there are no accidents here gang. I believe that this is all being done on purpose. They are jamming wireless down your throats and up your backsides. 




Flory, Fitzgerald and Chaffee’s 3-2 vote approving the Richman Park cell Tower

It' not funny ya lamebrain

It’ not funny ya lamebrain

I wish it was something to laugh about.

Flory, Fitzgerald and Chaffee’s 3-2 vote approving the Richman Park cell Tower-by Diane Hickey

As in the past, I am following up with the source documents/media references made during my public comments at the August 19, 2014, Fullerton City Council Meeting.  The following are links to the assertions made at that meeting:


1)       Resonance:  Beings of Frequency


“Over the last 25 years:

A number of species, which rely on the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate, have mysteriously gone into decline.

5 species of butterfly have become extinct in Britain

109 species of Arctic migratory birds have declined dramatically in numbers

36 species of Australian shore birds have decreased in numbers by 75%

10% of the world’s butterflies face extinction

45% of a Europe’s common birds have declined in numbers

50% decline in all European grassland butterflies

Bee numbers have dropped by up to 70%

62% of Asia’s migratory water birds declining or extinct

4 species of American bee decreased in numbers by up to 98%

Farmland birds falling by as much as 79%

190 different species of bird face imminent extinction”

2)       Letter from the Department of the Interior to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, dated Feb 7, 2014, “regarding the adverse impact of cell tower radiation on wildlife.”

3)       Washington Post:  Electromagnetic ‘noise’ can confuse migrating songbirds, study says


As time progresses, more information is coming out at an increasing pace in regard to the health detriments of wireless radiation.

As we all know, UC Berkeley is a well-respected education and research institution. You should be interested in the June, 2014, release from UC Berkeley, Center for Family and Community Health,Some Tips For Reducing Your Exposure To Wireless Radiation. Among those tips are:

“Turn off wi-fi on devices being used by kids.”

“ . . .  use hardwired networks in schools to provide Internet access.”

Those of you that have children in the Fullerton School District (FSD) should be asking yourselves the question:  Why is the FSD wireless classroom practice completely contrary to UC Berkley’s tips on wireless radiation avoidance?  Or, why does FSD continue to expose the children to wireless radiation when numerous medical doctors, researchers, and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have written letters to Los Angeles USD imploring them to use WIRED technology.   Berkeley is not the only institution telling the schools to hardwire the classrooms.

The link is here:

Do you recall the testimonies of Drs. Martin Pall and Dr. Paul Dart before a state governmental body, the Oregon State House of Representatives Committee on Health Care?  Those testimonies were sent to you a number of weeks ago; did you view them?

It is inconceivable that Mss. Fitzgerald and Flory and Mr. Chaffee voted for a cell tower at Richman Park, where children play, attend school, and reside nearby. Is it only a matter of time before these neighborhoods experience breast cancer rates 23 times higher and brain cancer rates 121 times higher than those not located near the cell tower?  These were rates cited from just one study, conducted in Austria (1984-1987), and you were given this information weeks ago.

Council members Fitzgerald, Flory, and Chaffee, will your vote to allow the cell tower have set in motion the health detriments as testified to by Drs. Pall and Dart?

You were provided many resources from which to examine a topic that has a significant impact on the Richman Park community.  It has been testified to that cancer and infertility are health outcomes of wireless radiation emissions, how could this vote be anything but hugely significant?  Your votes defy reason, logic, and, most of all, human compassion.  Certainly, none of you have the credentials to refute the information provided you.

You three council members could have, as did Messrs.  Whitaker and Sebourn, cited other non-health issues for a “no” vote.

Only you know your motivations for voting for the cell tower and I can only surmise that those motivations held more significance and value to you than did the impact to the health of the Richman Park community.



Diane Hickey, Co-founder

National Association For Children and Safe Technology

I motion to post the ATT report on our website-Potius Pilate

Jan Flory

How much again?

Jennifer Fitzgerald

Where is the flag? I feel a draft.

Doug Chaffee








I report, you decide. by BARRY LEVINSON

Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

I report, you decide. By Barry Levinson.


It seems that Mayor Chaffee has a hard time doing anything right lately.

We had a somewhat heated by respectful discussion about an agenda item to approve a declaration passed by the US Congress about 7 years ago concerning the human rights violations by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII as it related to the 200,000 Korean “Comfort Women” forced into sexual slavery.

Mayor Chaffee gave almost all of the speakers many of whom were either of Korean or Japanese heritages more than the normal 3 minutes to speak before them.  It seemed that many of them went over their three minutes by 2, 3 or more minutes easily.

I personally thought it was perfectly okay to give these speakers this additional time.  It was obviously a very personal and difficult subject to talk about and each and every speaker presented their opinions with much grace and dignity.

But then came the public comments for all those items not on the agenda.  It should have been one of the first pieces of business but Mayor Chaffee moved the WWII issue in front of regular public comments.

As is frequently the case, significant portions of the public comments are critical of one or more members of the council.  In this case, no additional time was granted to any of the speakers.  Once again, Mayor Chaffee even when he is going to face the voters in November apparently can’t bring himself to conduct the meeting in a fair manner for everyone.

At one point, a speaker asked Mayor Chaffee if he has paid for all the volunteer signs that he gives out to those he believes are worthy of that honor.  His answer to the speaker was that it was “none of his business”.


Councilperson Chaffee

Once again, Mayor Chaffee you find yourself on the wrong side sir. For it was you early on in this program who declared that you were paying for these signs and it would not cost the taxpayer’s a dime.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.42.34 PM

The ball started rolling on 7-24-14

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.42.48 PM

Doug paid up 5 days after being called out- stringing the taxpayers along for a year and a half. I wonder if he would have ever paid it back if he was not asked to?



Now less than a year later you are telling us it is none of our business.  It is no wonder that recently our fair city of Fullerton was ranked as one of the snobbiest cities throughout the country.  I am now wondering how much Mayor Chaffee had to do with that dubious ranking.



Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 5.42.21 PM

I guess he only paid up because the heat was on? Since December of 2012 no payments reimbursing the taxpayers through July of 2014? What else does he have going on at city hall?



Barry Levinson on Common Core Curriculum in The Fullerton School District

I report, you decide-by Barry Levinson


We Want Excellence From Our Students, Teachers and Administrators. Why Common Core will not get us there.



We Want Excellence From Our Students, Teachers and Administrators. Why Common Core will not get us there.

I report, you decide.

As a concerned and involved parent of a son in a Fullerton elementary school that is instituting Common Core, I want to know how this major change will impact the quality of my son’s education.

Robert Pletka-He could stop this if he wanted to.

F.S.D. Superintendent Robert Pletka-He could stop this if he wanted to.

What I have learned up until now has been anything but reassuring. My son’s school had a briefing for the parents earlier this year to discuss Common Core. We were told the following:

1. If your child does poorly on a Common Core exam, under Common Core the school will automatically dumb down the next test for your child. This process will not lead to excellence in academic achievement in my opinion. They would not be challenging the students with this scenario. There are many reasons why a student might do poorly on any given exam and to automatically dumb down future tests would be a total over reaction by the school.

2. I discussed with the administrators at the school that I believed there would be a lot of lessons learned in the first year of instituting Common Core throughout this elementary school and throughout the district. I asked at the end of the year a list of lessons learned could easily be created. I then asked would the individual schools and/or the district then make those changes to install those lessons learned the following year or would the district send the list to Sacramento and wait for their guidance. I was very saddened to learn that Sacramento has total control.

3. What real control does both the district and the individual teacher really have in the new Common Core System? In my opinion, it appears that most if not almost all of the control has been relinquished to bureaucrats in Sacramento. This is rarely a good thing.

If you believe that this change is mostly a bad thing, as parents you must let your school district board members as well as your principal know your concerns.

Clearly, this is a big step in taking away parental rights as well. The further away the real power is, the less control parents will have in the quality of the education given to their children.

Finally, I was informed that parents can legally opt out their kids from taking the Common Core tests but not the Common Core curriculum. However, I was also told that without the Common Core test scores the schools do not get money for your child, i.e. it impacts the financing of the schools.

If true, why is this important. It is important because if enough parents have their kids opt out, the schools will not be able to financially function and would have to consider dropping Common Core altogether.

Barry Levinson


And the Race for Fullerton City Council begins: I report, you decide. -By Barry Levinson



And the Race for Fullerton City Council begins:

I report, you decide.

Well the field of candidates is shaping up for the Fullerton City

Council race. Seven have filed papers and assuming they all have

the necessary valid signatures they will be as follows:

Bill Chaffee, (Doug Chaffee’s younger brother)

Jane Rands, Green Party

Doug Chaffee, Democrat

Greg Sebourn, Republican

Rick Alvarez, Republican

Larry Bennett, Republican

Sean Paden, Republican

During the course of this campaign I will be speaking on the issues

and noting each candidates strengths and weaknesses. I will report

on what they have said and what they have done that may or may

not jive with their campaign rhetoric. It is so important that I point out

any candidate’s inconsistencies. I believe this will help the voters

determine who is trustworthy and who may not be as trustworthy.

  • As I have said many times there are certain characteristics that I
  • believe are essential to have for any candidate that I want to support
  • wholeheartedly. Those characteristics are the following:
  • 1. Honesty and integrity,
  • 2. Knowledge, intelligence and wisdom,
  • 3. Common Sense and
  • 4. Guts and strength of character and convictions
  • I believe it should be rather self-evident why all the above
  • characteristics are important for the good candidate to possess. But
  • if I had to name just one reason, it would be that a candidate that
  • possesses all of the above characteristics I believe can be counted
  • on to make informed, impartial decisions that are in the best interests
  • of the citizens of Fullerton. This is something that a majority of our council does not consistently do now in my opinion.
  • A candidate for instance could have the first three characteristics and
  • still not be able to carry forth their principles without guts.
  • So I will be informing all of you what positions each candidate has on
  • all key issues facing Fullerton. I will also be telling you whether based
  • on the candidates previous words and actions that we can reasonably
  • count on them keeping their campaign promises.

Of course I will be stating what positions I believe are best for our city as well.

Barry Levinson


Barry Levinson-My Thoughts on the Fullerton City Council’s Unanimous Vote Passing a Resolution Supporting Proposition 13 and Other Recent Local Developments



The FUJHSD has placed a $175 million bond issue on the

November ballot. The NOCCCD has placed a $574 million

bond issue for North Orange County on the November ballot.

The city of Fullerton when it has the chance to pass

meaningful public labor negotiation reform says no thanks

but we can sure pass a sham C.O.I.N. ordinance instead.

Finally, the city is attempting to ram down our throats a

huge undemocratic power grab by City Manager Joe Felz.

Another really bad idea from the same city that allowed the

bars in downtown Fullerton to expand exponentially in the

90′s and then at the turn of the century shackled the city’s

taxpayers with a huge retroactive pension increase for our

police and firemen that will eventually cost the taxpayer’s

10′s of millions of dollars under the guise that it would cost

the Fullerton taxpayers nothing at all.

Now don’t we all feel much better that our council passed a

meaningless resolution in support of Prop 13. I would not be

poking fun at this resolution if the majority of our council

were doing a good job with making policy that would create

a financially healthy and open city government. But the fact

is they have not even come close to that goal. In fact the

majority of the council I believe does not even have that goal

for the city and its citizens.

We need much better on our council and we better start

demanding much better from our council. If we do not

have the right mix of council members that want to do the

right things for our city, it is the public’s responsibility to

put enough pressure on those officials to force them by

overwhelming public opinion to do the right things despite


Let us start with pressuring our city council to vote down the

DCCSP. It is a real shame that we as citizens have to force

some of our elected officials to do the right thing.


What is your opinion about Judeo-Christian Bible study? Why faith matters? I Report, You Decide. By Barry Levinson



I Report, You Decide. By Barry Levinson

Dennis Prager, a nationally syndicated radio host likes to recount this

story when he speaks before a live audience.

If you were walking alone, late at night on a dark and deserted street

and you saw a large group of teenagers in gang style clothing, would

you feel more safe or less safe if you knew they just came from a

Christian bible study class?

Even the most ardent atheist if they were being truthful, would have

to say that they would feel more safe knowing that this large group of

teenagers just came from a Christian bible study session.

What does that tell you about the goodness of the Judeo-Christian

faiths? It tells you that even an atheist knows that being a religious

Christian is a net positive to how people will behave in society.

I like to recount this story because it proves a point that having

Western religious moral values is a good thing for the individual and

for society as well.

Does that mean that atheists are by in large bad people? This is

obviously not true. But the point is that just knowing someone is an

atheist really tells you nothing either positive or negative about the

character and values of that person.

And in fact that is what I perceive as a real shortcoming in atheism, is

that it provides no moral backbone for the individual to draw on. In the

atheist’s world each individual can and does come up with their own

set of “moral” principles.

For me, I will draw on the 10 Commandments as the cornerstone of

my moral principles.


Who is Behind This Massive Grab of Money and Power Known as the Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan (DCCSP), City Manager Joe Felz?

I report you decide-by Barry Levinson




Who is Behind This Massive Grab of Money and Power Known as the

Downtown Core and Corridor Specific Plan (DCCSP)? City Manager

Joe Felz?

Fullerton City manager Joe Felz

Fullerton City manager Joe Felz

Let me be as direct as I can be. Any council member who votes for

the DCCSP in its current form is basically thumbing their noses at

democracy and the people of Fullerton.

I say this because this would be a major power grab by City Manager

Joe Felz and a loss of control and transparency for the people of


Those in favor are going to argue that those not in favor are against

development, against progress, etc.

The main thing I am against is having my rights as a citizen of

Fullerton being taken away. My right to be able to go before council

and voice my opinion on a new high tower development in my city

before my elected representatives vote yes or no.

This will be taken away from me if the DCCSP proposal is approved

in its current form. All projects in this huge area of Fullerton will not

require additional EIR’s (Environmental Impact Reports) and will not

normally require any votes by council. All it will need is our unelected

City Manager, Joe Felz. It would be very convenient for him and

awful for the rest of us with the exception of some developers.

Who elected City Manager Joe Felz? Why is he making policy and

then taking over this huge plan that gives the go ahead for massive

high-rise development along most of the major corridors of our city?

Why would any council member vote to give away the necessary

checks and balances and replace it in the hands of one unelected

man, our city manager? This so-called “specific plan” gives almost

unlimited powers to develop wide portions of our city to Joe Felz. My

understanding is that this plan could result in 8,000 new buildings,

almost all of them multi-story in both commercial and also in and

around predominantly residential neighborhoods.

Checks and balances in government is always a good thing. This

aims to take those checks and balances away from future councils

and from the public at-large.

Any Fullerton politician in favor of this monstrosity in my opinion does

not care that they are usurping the rights of all citizens. Governor

Brown ended redevelopment and City Manager Joe Felz and his

minions are bringing it back exponentially with no oversight by future

councils or the public.

If this is passed, there will be no further review for this massive

amount of new development, which could easily increase the current

population of Fullerton from 140,000 to well over 200,000 and

beyond. But don’t you worry Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton citizen, because

Uncle Joe will take care of everything.

Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly what I am afraid of.

So please come to our next Fullerton Council meeting on Tuesday

August 5 at 6:30PM

Barry Levinson


Rotten to the core-Fullerton’s core corridor proposed fast track back door road to an urban nightmare.


image001 (7)





Well after much careful thought, it looks like in a 5-0 vote our beloved planning commission just green lighted a citywide red light district. Yup, you heard me. How many, is it 9,000 more residential units in addition to the 13,000 residents being added over on Nutwood College town nut house.  You watch as the name of that street will live up to its etymology when you lock up 13,000 people in WiFi prisons with no yards. They will eventually figure it out.
Yes folks we are all gonna get loaded together with special global warming combating sun blocking  8 story tall  monstrosities spanning entire city blocks to offset the wind blocked landlocked choking emissions of idling cars stuck in traffic garnished with permit denying, job killing in the fast track lane without any transponder and no speed limit.
What about traffic? Oh that’s a piece of cake. The experts tell us that no one is going to drive anywhere because the 30,000 + additional residents will just go downstairs and walk right into yogurt land  to get their breakfast, lunch, dinner, groceries, pills, booze, dime bags, baby formula, toilet paper, oil changed, soccer cleats, or their pet food and never use their cars. Ha ha ha ha ha. Hey look, it is no joke but that is the twisted pretzel logic that is being applied here.
Oh what about water? Oh it’s no problem as it is not even an issue being taken into consideration in this project. It is not even on the stinkin’ table. It only is a problem for you or I if we wanna wash our cars that we wont be able to drive and your ninny neighbor wants to rat you off the the water police.I guess these thousands of units will have to be connected to a massive solar powered condensation, dehumidifying water generating apparatus that is still in secret development while the auto mechanics all will be run out of Dodge at permit point.Yes folks that is what our leaders want to sell us. They all think that we  just fell off of the turnip truck and they tell us this is progress. I am sorry, forgive me as I digress while the planning commission looks on.
image001 (5)

image001 (6)

After being rubber stamped by these development experts, this nightmare will now go to the council with the commission’s blessing in August.

Before these three on the council hand over the keys to the kingdom to the fat cat builder man and the combo on the variance lock to some unelected bureaurocrats, we  need to fully expose this thing and get it to the voters in November so we can send it to where the sun don’t shine, not rammed through in some back door deal on a midsummer’s night.  When Fullerton’s is gone, she is gone ladies and gentleman.



Council member Chaffee

Council member Chaffee


Jan Flory

From: joe imbriano <>

Date: Wed, Jul 30, 2014
Subject: downtown corridor
To: “” <>, Barry Levinson <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, Bruce Whitaker <>, “Greg Sebourn, PLS” <>
Cc: Fullerton Observer <>, Davis Barber <>

As a resident and a taxpayer, I am requesting that this item be placed on the November Ballot leaving the final approval to the voters. There is absolutely no reason to ram this through right now. This is a one stop shop, one E.I.R., council bypass that, in my opinion, is too huge to be handed off to unelected city staff through the hands of you five. Going forward, there is no objective, honest way that you can conclude that green lighting such a massive project is in the best interests of the residents of this city, especially when hardly anyone knows about it. The insidious irony of projects of this magnitude and nature is that the scope of the public reporting requirements decreases inversely proportionate to the size of the development. Placing this on the ballot remedies that injustice to the residents.

This is leaps and bounds above and beyond the scope and magnitude of what is warranted at this time. It is an immense concession of checks and balances in the City’s long standing traditional approach to planning. Fast tracking makes sense in times of fiscal or other emergencies.The occupany rates of Fullerton housing is no where near 100 percent at this time.

This thing is a total Agenda 21 developer and variance orgy clothed in an affordable housing garb. Send the money back to the state and get Felz to disband the redevelopment has been dream team and you will have doubled your money in 12 months.

In addition, almost none of the claims that this thing makes are even remotely possible to accomplish. Mitigating traffic with a few more trash cans is an insult. I have not even mentioned that there are several legal challenges that will be brought forth if this item is moved forward as it is written.

Put the brakes on this thing and please do the right thing. Let’s look at this through the eyes of your constituents by placing it on the ballot where it belongs.

Thank you.

Joe Imbriano

site admin


Average Orange County Public Employee Pension is 88% of Final Salary


Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

This is according to an article written by Robert Fellner on July 20, 2014.

The reason all taxpayers should be outraged by the final percentage of retirement income vs. final pay for OCERS retirees is simple.
The taxpayer cannot afford to pay these public servants that kind of retirement money.

It may be called a pension, but in reality part of it is simply welfare created by the unions’ cozy relationship with so many of our elected officials.


A pension benefit should be earned and paid for by the contributions of the employees with a matching contribution by the employer/taxpayer and nothing more.





As someone who has studied and worked in the financial field my entire life, I wish there was a financially prudent way to afford these lavish pensions. There is only one way to do this and that would be to have each and every public employee pay at least 30 – 50% of his or her gross salary into the pension fund. Of course that will never happen but that is exactly what we the taxpayer’s are facing now or will face in the near future without a major reduction in public retirement benefits.



For instance, in 2012 I reviewed the employer cost for the Fullerton, California safety workers (police and fire). The employer portion (which in public service means the taxpayer) was scheduled to be over 40% and rising. This is not fair to the taxpayer. Most of the taxpaying public makes less in salary than our police and fire employees, and could only dream of getting any pension let alone 88% of final salary.



Let me state something plain and simple. Those public union bosses are self-centered, selfish people who do not really care about the financial well being of all those taxpayers who have paid for their incredibly generous benefits and very healthy salaries as well.



The question that must be asked is the following:

The union goon breaking out the bong just in time for the din din bell

FPD’s  Internal affairs investigator Schoen breaking out the bong just in time for the din din bell in front as 100 elementary schoolers look on.



When will those public employee unions stop their conflict of interest campaigns of supporting only agreeable candidates for office— JENNIFER FITZGERALD


Fullerton Mayor Doug Chafee

Fullerton Mayor Doug Chafee


Jan Flory

-and start acting like true public servants who actually care about the communities they are supposed to serve?

Road repairs? Sorry pal, we are closed. Come back next year after we put in the 8 story affordable housing units.

Road repairs?  Come back next year after we three vote to put in the 8 story housing units all over every last commercial property left in Foolerton and the C.O.I.N. provisions on audits have expired.




The Manhattan Beach Shark attack and the City of Manhattan Beach’s illegal attack on fishing.


images (5)

When sharks smell blood, they show up. When the media smells hysteria, they show up. When city officials smell what the media smells and put their noses together for an opportunity to wage a sort of elitist socioeconomic ethnic cleansing of an exclusive waterfront community, they appear to push the envelope as far as they can. The right to feed yourself is as basic as you can get and so much so that the framers of our beloved California Republic wrote it into our State Constitution in Article I Section 25.

images (7)

What happened to the swimmer was tragic to say the least, and thank God he is O.K.  What happened was an accident, plain and simple but If anyone is negligent here it is the city for not addressing the fact that there are dangerous sharks sharing the surf with with beach goers and for not banning swimming, surfing, and boating within 100 yards of the pier like almost all other cities do up and down the coast. 

I want all involved to know that like we have always said all along, at the Fullerton Informer, there are two sides to every coin and every story. This one is especially newsworthy because it garnered such attention and the actions of city leaders appear to be so blatantly illegal.

image001 (10)

Ironically, this an issue that I am revisiting from some 20 years ago in Newport Beach. The issue is when taxpayer funded government entities, in this case city officials, violate the public trust and jeopardize the very legal agreement that gives the beach city the ability to be a beach city, what is the city’s tideland grant. It, through Legislative enactment, deeds State  property, such as tidelands and submerged lands to a municipal corporation, in this case, in revocable trust to the City of Manhattan Beach. S1955_Ch1427

What happened to the swimmer over the July 4th weekend was a tragic accident, but that is all  it was. It was an ACCIDENT. There is inherent risk when entering the ocean to swim or dive. There is inherent risk when swimming near a public fishing pier where white sharks are known to congregate. Here is a photo just weeks before the attack adjacent to the pier. Tell me praytell, would you let your five year old swim there?  Misguided City officials and ill-informed residents at the last council meeting declared that the pier area is safer than ever because the fisherman are gone. Really?


6-10-2014 manhattan-beach-sharks-closeup


The behavior of city officials, in my opinion, is criminal and the behavior of the media was par for their course. The slant was obvious and the fact that the media showed complete disregard for the illegal nature of the city’s actions is abhorrent. The fact that the media is going along for the ride while advocating for a fishing ban and not advocating for a swimming ban makes no sense.  But hey, what else would you expect from the talking heads on the idiot box.

Instead of banning swimming in shark infested waters, they ban a legally protected activity-fishing, with an “emergency coastal development permit”. I believe that the city of Manhattan Beach is involved in illegal activity with its ridiculously issuing an emergency CDP for 60 days banning a legal and protected activity.

They should be banning swimming until they can sort out the fact that 2014 is an El Nino year and with the warm currents come food and sharks and swimmers. 


The fact that they even considered making the fishing ban permanent at any point in the past while leaving the beach open to swimmers leads me to believe that there is incompetent legal counsel involved or worse- a concerted effort by some in city government to break the law to further an elitist agenda.

If the fishing ban is not lifted by the next council meeting, I am prepared to request an investigation with the State Attorney General’s office, put general counsel on notice at the State Land’s commission and look into a partial or full revocation of the city’s tideland grant.

image001 (9)

As far as the media, they are all a bunch of big fat liars with the exception of NBC channel 4. They were the only ones that told the truth without the PETA pandering. 

Well here is the version that the media won’t allow you to hear directly from the fisherman who has been threatened, vilified and even being subjected to threats of criminal prosecution and grand jury investigations by ridiculous grandstanding city officials in spite of the fact that HE DID NOTHING ILLEGAL.  Here is the version from the fisherman in his own words. Much of what he has written has been omitted from the slanted reports pushing the fishing ban agenda. There is much more to this story. Here is the account from the fisherman-

“We arrived at Manhattan pier around 5:30 am 2 poles a piece 3 anglers 1 bag of 6 frozen sardines for bait.we set up our gear and casted out our lines around 6 am.only one pole each in the water due to lack of bait.40# mono with a 120# 6ft mono leader with a 5/0 circle hook mutu light by owner. With our big lines in the water we tried to catch bait such as mackerel or sardines.with no luck what so ever. A few lizard fish was all that bit. Not one bait fish in the water. We were sitting on the curb of the aquarium for about an hour playing games on our phones getting ready to leave.when my buddy’s pole started screaming. He picked up the pole set the hook.the fish made a bee line for Hermosa pier to the south. After 20 minutes he passed it to me. At this point the fish was approximately 150 to 175 yards away from the pier. It turned towards the shore and surfaced in the wave break 5 ft from a surfer 30 ft or so from shore. We seen that it was a shark. Not wanting to cut the line without warning surfers of the shark we screamed and yelled to clear the beach of everyone in the vicinity which is exactly what happened. Everyone that could hear us quickly exited the water. Eric Martin, the round house biologist was out there with us. In awe of the shark.we talked about it and he said not to cut the line yet as it might be a tagged shark. I was able to turn the sharks head out to deeper waters as it was on its way out i passed the pole to my buddy while i went to grab my knife. At this point Eric mentioned if he was out there he’d like to swim up to the shark just for the experience. I went to get the knife and we seen the swimmers approaching. My buddy tried to pull the shark towards us but was unable to do so. The swimmers were too far to warn.Heads in the water there was nothing we could do. Approximatly 200 yards off the south side of the pier we seen the shark jump but couldn’t tell if anyone was hit. About 30 seconds after we noticed something was serious. I didn’t have the pole in my hand at this time. I ran down the pier to the sand. I was there as they carried Mr. Robles out of the water. I was there as they treated him. I alerted an officer on the shore we were up there fishing and for her to come get our stories info and check our gear as she did. She then left and we cleaned up to leave. After receiving threats, we had to be escorted to our car. Quick history-we used to fish there almost every Saturday but due to constant hook ups with great whites we stopped fishing there for over a month. They were a nuisance.not what we were after. Like I said we use all mono leaders there. Any shark with teeth (gws makos) bite right through in a matter of seconds which is why the first 20 minutes of this ordeal we didn’t think it was a shark. It would have bit through.yes we target sharks.threshers soup fins leopards shovel nose.all of which pose no threat to people and all of which are unable to bite through our mono leader.

People hear shark and they automatically think we were targeting whites. Its not true and its perfectly legal to fish for those other species using the  methods we use. In  no way what so ever did we intend to cause harm to anybody in the water.While fishing there previous times groups of long distance swimmers would stop right in front of the pier, pull on our lines.and float there for as long as 10 minutes. We had told them numerous times we were fishing for sharks and it might not be safe. They would laugh like we were crazy.that video on you tube,  which by the way was not ours, and there were over 50 people on the pier for this incident. You will  hear joking and laughing. A comment was made about them seeing this shark and finally realize they’re  there. No we didn’t hold it there on purpose and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Even if we cut our line that shark still had a hook in its mouth and was still gonna be upset.

With at least 175 yards of line attached to it if we did cut it it would have been bad for the shark and any swimmer in the area.all that line out there could easily tangle around any swimmer or object in the water and result in injury to the wading public or the shark. The intentions were to bring the shark as close as possible then cut the line to reduce risk of injury due to the length of attached line in the water. I no way what so ever did we intend for this tragic accident to happen.   In no way what so ever did we intend to purposely endanger the i said we cleared the beach of swimmers and surfers.and as soon as the long distance swimmers were close enough to warn they were warned also.we didn’t chum the waters.for what We fish for there’s no need to chum.and we didn’t have anything to chum with anyways. We most definitely  didn’t use that 30 ft of wynch cable with a water bottle and marlin trolling lure that was brought in to the city council meeting that day. That’s preposterous to even think such a thing.we were fishing off a pier not deep sea trolling.that cable obviously had never even seen the water ever and was clearly a setup to fool the city council into thinking it was ours.

Absurd to even think something like that could be used off a pier.all 3 of us have fishing licenses and are well aware of the rules and regulations.were not ignorant hooligans from out of town who dont care about your city.we pay for parking and shop at your stores while were there just like everyone else.when we get to the pier we clean up any messes left by ppl who were there over night.we set up a kids swimming pool that we fill with mackeral and sardines for kids to come see and play with.when youth come by with their parents and want to try fishing we hand them a pole to try out.we interact with the public there in a very positive manner.we enjoy what we do and try to share it with others. Manhattan pier is one of the nicest piers in so cal and that’s why we fished there. Never had a problem with one person at all. We don’t drink alcohol or do drugs.We don’t tag the pier and we don’t try to scare people out there. We enjoy the atmosphere just like everyone else.i want to get into ideas that can hopefully prevent something like this from happening again.ill start with the sinks.those sinks are there for anglers to gut and clean there fish.sometimes very big fish.all the blood and guts that go into that sink drains directly into the water directly under the pier.We didn’t build those sinks.The city did. Maybe they should drain some where else. I am not a plumber so i cant fix that myself. That’s something the city needs to about enforcing the clearance the swimmers should stay from the pier. There’s plenty of ocean to swim in. All we have is the pier to fish on. Every other pier has a boundary that swimmers are to stay from the pier and its enforced but not here.

How about putting some signs up warning the public that there are dangerous sharks in the water. It’s sad that people nowadays need to be warned bout such things but that’s the society we live in. Once again that’s not the anglers job. How about installing some kind of warning system at the end of the  pier.a loud horn or even a phone that goes directly to the lifeguard stands.once again not the anglers job.If there was such a warning system maybe this could have been prevented.Those sharks are there. There is nothing you can do about it. That’s where they live. Instead of blaming the anglers for this incident lets look at ways we can prevent something like this from happening again. Banning fishing is not going to make the sharks leave.a few days after this no fishing ban was implemented great whites were spotted at the pier again. With not one angler out there.

To say these animals are gentle docile creatures is absurd. These are sharks.wild animals that can not be controlled. On the very same day in San Luis Obisbo county a surfer was laying on his board when a 8 to 10 great white slammed him off his board and bit the board in half.


He was able to get away safely. There was no one fishing anywhere near him.same sz great whites that are frequenting Manhattan beach. Open your eyes. The public is in danger and it has nothing to do with fishing. This ban should be immediately lifted and other restrictions should be imposed to protect the swimming public. This doesn’t fall on my shoulders . Everyone is so quick to blame me and fishing.Just  because I don’t live there and I got a few tattoos and my past ain’t as pretty as some other people doesn’t mean any of this is my fault.I want to thank you for your time in reading this and considering other actions than banning fishing” .by Jason Hagemann-the fisherman

So there you have it gang. No gigantic hooks, no steel cable, no winch, NO broken laws, no illegal activity, nada. Yet the media never once mentioned THAT THE FISHERMAN CLEARED THE BEACH and aided the ailing swimmer on the beach, and profusely apologized. The scumbags in the media would have us believe the fisherman were sadistic creeps getting their jollies off of someone getting attacked by a shark. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Then again since when did the truth and the mainstream media stop being mutually exclusive terms?

So here we get to the meat and potatoes of the issue. First, in the interest of public safety, swimming, diving and surfing should be banned in shark infested waters, not fishing. I believe the greatest threat to public safety in Manhattan Beach right now is the city’s denial of reality. The fact is these sharks DO ATTACK unprovoked and we have children swimming in those waters while the fisherman are sent home.

Fishing is a protected right written into every beach city’s tideland grant spelling out the State Constitution article I section 25. It was done so as the right to feed yourself was and is one that is tantamount to being a free society.

When I placed a public records request over the phone for a copy of the city’s tideland grant, I was told over the phone that it would take 10 days to have it emailed to me. I then personally visited the City Clerk’s office and requested to personally inspect the document and was told that the documents were not ready nor were they available. The truth of the matter is that I pulled one up within about 16 seconds off of the State Land Commission’s website subsequent to my request. The Department of Fish and Wildlife as well as the  Coastal commission are not comfortable with 60 days CDP being used for a fishing ban and neither are we. A CDP has never been used for banning a perfectly legal activity like fishing unless there was construction going on in or around an affected area. I was rather shocked myself when I looked over the city’s staff report. 

I would like to remind all involved in city government that what I have read regarding your plans sounds eerily familiar. Here is some history from 20 years ago.
From 1993 to 1996, the City of Newport Beach under the direction of the acting city manager Kevin Murphy, embarked on a plan that ultimately led to his demise. It was a long term plan to snuff out the out of town visitors to the city’s piers so they could be developed. It involved the city attorney cooking up section 11.20.060 of the municipal code:
The city manager in cahoots with the city attorney then bamboozled the city council into adopting it.  They wanted to make, of all things, fishing illegal on all or part of the piers ostensibly to accommodate merchants. 

In reality, there were plans to develop the piers, bulldoze homes, eliminate beach access by eliminating public parking and redevelop part of the Balboa Peninsula. It would have involved busing or trollying in vistors while removing public parking.  At the same time I watched parking meters come out down Balboa Blvd when the sewer pipes were replaced and not get put back until I made a call to the Coastal Commission. There had been no hearing or permits pulled to eliminate public parking yet the red curbs went in anyway. 

After much intimidation by law enforcement and strange unannounced personal visits to my home, on one very stormy and rainy February evening, I decided to draw the line in the sand. At the  2-26-96 Newport Beach City Council meeting I arrived and in hand, I called their bluff with a letter drafted and ready to be mailed to the acting Attorney General at the time, Dan Lungren. I also had copies ready to go to General Counsel at the State Lands commission along with my rep in the State Assembly at that time, Jim Morrissey, to begin the process of the possibility of a partial or full revocation of the city’s tideland grant if the fishing ban was enacted.

It could have turned Newport into a state beach. Newport officials have never implemented the illegal portions of the ordinance nor will they ever. The city manager shortly thereafter resigned and the fishing on the piers, the homes and parking down the center of Balboa Blvd still remain to this day.

The Manhattan Beach pier is built on State property below the high tide line which consists of submerged tidelands which through legislative enactment were deeded from the State to the City to be held in Public Trust. The beaches as well, are tidelands which are State property currently deeded to the city in an agreement subject to revocation if the public trust is violated. Expressly written into the grant is the State Constitution’s provision reserving in the people the absolute right to fish. Many beach cities are a dichotomy with both State and City beaches and consequently have NEVER attempted to cross the line. The City can restrict access to fisherman on the pier but the access has to be restricted to everyone. The City needs to work with the appropriate regulatory agencies where preemption exists in terms of gear restrictions and only as a last resort.


Jurisdiction is key here. A possible no take area of sharks in the form of a type of SMCA, combined with municipal code restrictions on steel leaders, line test and hook sizes coupled with a 100 yard buffer zone all around the pier banning swimming, diving, and boating will solve the problem. Any attempts at banning fishing must be accomplished via a Constitutional amendment. The city has absolutely no legal grounds to stand on when it comes to banning fishing. This in not my legal opinion but rather established fact.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic and by nature is a nation of laws. This very fact is directly responsible for the continued gainful employment of taxpayer funded city staff whose sole purpose is to navigate and enforce these laws.

I will never forget some 40 years ago, as an 8 year old boy, we would arrive at the Balboa pier around 3:30 am so that we would get a spot at the end. I will never forget the hundreds of dirt poor farm workers and immigrant laborers that lined the rails along side myself in eager anticipation of some of the most incredible runs of pelagics in the world where literally thousands of fish were caught in a matter of a few hours. At the time, the runs seemed if they would never end. They would fill buckets to take back to the other farm workers to supplement their diets as they could not afford to buy meat.

Things have changed I know. We don’t see runs like that anymore. Sadly, socioeconomically for many in our society things have not changed.

What  remains the same is the fact that the right to fish is an absolute right clearly being  preempted at the state level being subject to the terms and conditions that the legislature deems necessary. This puts the City Council at the back of the bus. The city must tread carefully on its plans. I don’t believe that the city is being upfront with what are viable solutions are much like Newport  Beach was guilty of some 20 years ago where general services and law enforcement were intentionally called off, abandoning maintenance and refusing to cite violators as a pretext to manufacture a public health and safety crisis to package and deliver to the council a bogus, illegal, unenforceable section of the municipal code that ended the career of a city manager.

Realtors and huge developers were behind it then. They tried to railroad the fisherman out of town which would have been followed by the public at large. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

The fact is that the public in Manhattan Beach is in more danger now than ever before because there is a false sense of security being promulgated by city staff and the media. The idea that banning fishing will keep the sharks away is like the idea that banning umbrellas will keep the rain away.

When city officials blatantly ignore laws such as is in this case and the media fails to report it as such, there is no end to how far the envelope will be pushed.

There is nothing new under the sun ladies and gentlemen. Government must be kept on a short leash or they will eventually put all of us on one. Just a thought and hoping all involved will do the right thing. Our best goes out to Mr. Robles who in my opinion, should file a lawsuit against the city for not warning him that he was entering shark infested waters and they are shark infested waters folks-ask the biologist at the end of the pier.


The Increasing Number Of Suspected Police Abuse Incidents Caught On Video Is Becoming A Real Problem For Both Our Police Departments And Our Society As Well. Why Incidents Like The Kelly Thomas Beating Death By Police In Fullerton California Will Not Go Away?

I report you decide-By Barry Levinson.



The Increasing Number Of Suspected Police Abuse Incidents Caught On Video Is Becoming A Real Problem For Both Our Police Departments And Our Society As Well.
Why Incidents Like The Kelly Thomas Beating Death By Police In
Fullerton California Will Not Go Away?

Police Chiefs around this country tell us repeatedly how well trained the members of their departments are and how they believe their departments are one of the best in the country.

FPD's Dan Hughes

FPD’s Dan Hughes

Yet every time we witness via live taping of a police civilian contact gone terribly wrong, almost never is the officer criminally or even civilly held to account for their actions.

download (1)


They are put on paid administrative leave, which means a fully paid vacation for months or even up to a year or more while the police hierarchy and/or the DA investigates the incident. Then almost always the officer’s actions are found to be “reasonable” and they are back at their jobs fully refreshed from their extended paid vacations.

download (2)

Yes many times, we might hear that the officer will receive additional training as if every bad act by a police officer can be fixed by attending one or more classes. If an officer likes to hurt people, training will do absolutely nothing to stop his bad behavior. If the officer has the wrong temperament or lacks the necessary common sense to deal rationally with the public, training will do absolutely nothing to change that officer’s bad behavior.

images (21)

If someone is asked to sit down by an officer and he/she refuses does that give the officer the right to put that person’s life in danger? It is clear that too many police officers like the power and authority they have over the average citizen and yes have an extremely low bar before they escalate a confrontation from words to physical violence.

images (18)

I for one, if asked to sit down or stand up or even get on my knees would obey the officer out of both respect and fear that this officer might use any minor excuse to physically assault me.

images (5)

But there are those citizens who do not automatically listen to commands barked by an officer and want to know why they are being detained and want an answer before considering obeying an officer’s command.

There are situations that are not easy for the police. Non-obeying suspects are a challenge to them. But a situation where a non-violent suspect does not obey a verbal order, grounds to put someone in the hospital or worse. I do not think so.

The headline above asked if the police are more violent today then in the past. I do not know that answer. But I do know that more and more suspected police abuse has been caught on citizen’s smart phone cameras now.

I also know that laws such as POBAR, the Police Officers Bill of Rights in California that hides the records of bad police officer’s from the general public and everyone else but the police chiefs does not help the situation one little bit.

download (3)


Finally, obvious cases of police officers using excessive force and not being punished, criminally, civilly or even suspended without pay for their actions, has given the bad officer a virtual green light to continue to mete out their form of street justice to an unsuspecting public.

images (3)

See these fists?

Therefore, the real problem may not be whether there is more police abuse now than in the past. The real problem may be that the criminal justice system is ill-equipped to rein in and properly punish those bad officer’s acts.

images (4)


It is clear that a growing segment of the public has become aware of this problem and it could become dangerous for our society to test the public’s patience on this matter.

images (6)






‘I think it is both fitting and appropriate that I am penning this article on the 4th of July, Independence Day.

Councilmember Fitzgerald’s June 30, 2014 article entitled “Fullerton Councilmember Responds: New COIN Ordinance Has Teeth” is referring to my last article about C.O.I.N. dated June 25, 2014 without mentioning my name. She states that Supervisor Moorlach’s five components are in the Fullerton ordinance. She conveniently ignores every specific fact comparison I make for each of the 5 components. How is that responding to my very real concerns that the Fullerton ordinance will not make any major improvements to the transparency, timeliness and accountability of Fullerton’s labor negotiation process?

Let us first start out with the keys to a good C.O.I.N. ordinance. The keys are transparency, openness, timeliness and accountability. Let us take up that subject as it may relate to Ms. Fitzgerald. Let us go to her byline entitled ”About the Author”. She tells you “she serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of California Cities-Orange County Chapter and the Orange County Taxpayers Association and is a Past President of the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.” Yet she leaves out what she does for a living and who is her current employer. Why would she not tell the audience how she earns a living? So I will tell you. She is currently Vice President of Curt Pringle and Associates which describes themselves on their Facebook page as follows:

Curt Pringle & Associates is a full-service public relations, public affairs and government relations firm, providing a wide range of services to both private and public sector clients.

General Information
The Curt Pringle & Associates team works collaboratively to maximize our knowledge, expertise and experience in tailoring a comprehensive strategy to fit the client’s specific goals, resources and abilities.

While we are perhaps best known for our governmental advocacy efforts, employing an extensive breadth of relationships with elected and appointed officials throughout southern California and at the State Capitol*, we are also well versed in the areas of land use entitlement, public outreach, crisis communications and media relations, and have produced substantial benefits in each of these fields for numerous clients.”

I would very much like Councilmember Fitzgerald to tell us why she left out this very important detail in describing herself. I would say what one does for a living could have a direct impact on various public policy positions especially when that is her business as VP of Curt Pringle and Associates as well as her elected obligation and duty as Fullerton Councilmember as well. Could it be that this is the very reason why Ms. Fitzgerald failed to mention her executive position with Curt Pringle and Associates?

There is an excellent quote whose author I do not know. The quote is as follows:

“You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.”

It simply means that you are entitled to any opinion without the boundaries of accuracy, factuality, or even sanity. Facts by the very definition of the word, does not allow you to have your own set of facts simply because you are not the arbiter of those facts like you are with your own opinions. I know politicians wish that they could have their own set of facts and many times act like they are entitled to have their own set of facts. However, I am here to tell them unequivocally that they do not have that right if they also want to be honest communicators of the truth.

Therefore, Ms. Fitzgerald certainly is entitled to her opinions but she is certainly not entitled to her own brand of facts.

My earlier article took the five major components of a good C.O.I.N ordinance and found shortcomings in the just passed counterfeit CO.I.N. ordinance thanks to the yes votes by Mayor Chaffee and Councilmembers Fitzgerald and Flory.

It is interesting that for each specific shortcoming that I factually pointed out, Ms. Fitzgerald did not address directly any of them. I would call that rather non-responsive.

For instance, let us give the reader two examples starting with component No. 1 Independent Negotiator. This is part of what I wrote as follows:

“Under Moorlach’s component, an independent negotiator is a requirement for all negotiations.  Under Fullerton ordinance Section B.1. Principal Negotiator second paragraph states as follows: “The requirement for an outside negotiator may be waived by a majority vote of City Council.”
Therefore, since the current council put this out clause into the ordinance they must want to be able to waive the independent negotiator requirement at their convenience with a simple majority vote. If a majority of our current council wanted a truly independent process there would be no language in the ordinance to allow for the independent negotiator’s status to be tampered with by this council or for any future council as well.
Ms. Fitzgerald did not address this critical fact in her response.

For Component No. 2., Cost of Contracts, I wrote the following:

“Under Moorlach’s component the independently elected Auditor-Controller reviews the costs of proposed contracts and provides the information to all parties and the public before any contractual finalization can take place.”  In the Fullerton version it states at A.1., Annual Analysis of Costs and Liabilities, second paragraph, as follows: “The annual fiscal analysis shall be submitted to the City’s independent auditor during the course of the annual City financial audit.” Under Fullerton law, there is no requirement to provide this information prior to the signing of the labor negotiation contracts, relegating the independent auditor’s information basically worthless because the public does not receive it in a timely manner.  Therefore, the second component’s only purpose is not carried out under the Fullerton law.”
Ms. Fitzgerald failed to address this critical point as well. To use her vernacular….CHECKMATE!

I would also like to make one very important observation. I have been regularly attending Fullerton council meetings since early 2010. In those 4.5 years, any agenda item that even had the hint of potentially reducing union power, control and especially their salaries and benefits of their members always resulted in many, many city employees attending and speaking out at those meetings. Not one city employee, not one union president or member spoke out against the recently passed Counterfeit C.O.I.N. ordinance. Ladies and gentlemen doesn’t that tell you all you really need to know about which version of C.O.I.N., the Costa Mesa version or the Fullerton version is going to work best for the taxpayers of Fullerton.

In conclusion, Ms. Fitzgerald is certainly entitled to her opinions, but she is not entitled to her own facts. Unfortunately, we the people of Fullerton believed her when she told us that she would support an effective C.O.I.N. ordinance for the city of Fullerton. Now we know her opinion about C.O.I.N., and now the reader knows the facts.
Post Script: What is truly sad is that Ms. Fitzgerald as well as Ms. Flory and Mr. Chaffee will be asked to account for these and other shortcomings in the Fullerton ordinance in upcoming Fullerton city council meetings by the public and they will most likely not respond to any of the public’s questions. Is this the kind of government that our forefathers envisioned or is this the kind of government they feared might materialize while the public was not closely watching our city leaders?





I report you decide- BY BARRY LEVINSON

On Tuesday evening, Council Member Bruce Whitaker explained with great specificity why he would be voting against the Fullerton Counterfeit C.O.I.N. ordinance.



Council Member Jennifer Fitzgerald,who appears to have taken up the role of an attack dog for the City of Fullerton’s power structure, immediately responded as follows: “You are absolutely wrong.” However, she did not address one of the many specific points that Mr. Whitaker spoke to about the deficiencies in our version of C.O.I.N.  Ms. Fitzgerald it is so, so easy for you to say you are absolutely wrong. If you were a member of a debate team you would receive a failing grade of F. Let me proceed with Ms. Fitzgerald’s remarks. “It follows in the path of C.O.I.N.” Mr. Whitaker explained exactly why it does not follow in the path of C.O.I.N. as represented by the Costa Mesa law. Let me provide you with one last quote from Ms. Fitzgerald. “We are not far enough along in this reform to quibble about these small, little differences.”

Again, Ms. Fitzgerald offers no words of substance, no factual support for her conclusions whatsoever.

Once again, she casts her vote with the two status quo council members, Chaffee and Flory and turns her back on her supposed natural allies, Whitaker and Sebourn as well as the people of Fullerton.  In fact, except for some 5 to 0 votes, I do not believe that Ms. Fitzgerald has ever cast her vote in agreement with Mr. Whitaker on any substantive issue.  What does that tell you folks about Ms. Fitzgerald?

In my opinion, her comments at the July 15, 2014 council meeting were a purely political ploy, which should not be surprising based on her chosen profession as political consultant.  Only now when she speaks she has the backing of her new employer, the consulting firm of Curt Pringle and Associates. I wonder how many Fullerton voters who cast their ballot for Ms. Fitzgerald in 2012, are lamenting their decisions.

Ms. Fitzgerald did plenty of damage to her already eroding credibility by her unsubstantiated statements above.  However, she further damaged her reputation by the following comment.

According Ms. Fitzgerald, Council member Bruce Whitaker is against the Fullerton version of C.O.I.N. because it was not his idea. Ms. Fitzgerald did you not hear Mr. Whitaker’s eloquently provided specific reasons not to be in favor of the Fullerton Counterfeit version of C.O.I.N. just a few minutes before your personal attack? It seems to me that you have a real problem responding to facts presented by opposing positions.

I guess your love for Fullerton Ms. Fitzgerald does not extend to all your fellow council members. You had absolutely no excuse for your behavior toward Council member Whitaker. An apology from you at the next council meeting would be most appropriate. After all, your comments fell way below any basic standards of decency and respect that you should always demonstrate to all your fellow council members.

Barry Levinson






Park and Recreation Committee met last night and voted to approve the installation of an AT&T cell tower in Richman Park, a few feet away from the St Jude Medical Clinic and adjacent to the Richman Elementary School.

download (2)

The final vote was 4 for approval, 1 abstention and 1 rejection. The vote broke down as follows:

Wayne Carvalho, Vice-Chair 
(appointed by Greg Sebourn) Yes

Erin Haselton 
(appointed by Jennifer Fitzgerald) Yes

Jesus Silva 
(appointed by Jan Flory) Yes

Scott Stanford 
(appointed at-large) Yes

Karen Lang-McNabb 
(appointed by Doug Chaffee) Abstained

Barry Levinson, Chair
(appointed by Bruce Whitaker) No

Ladies and gentleman, it was approved despite the collection of 365 neighborhood citizen signatures telling the city that it does not want the cell tower to be installed. The committee was told that this neighborhood group only learned about this cell tower a week ago and that they were still actively collecting signatures and that more would be forthcoming. All public comments from the citizens, five in all were against the construction of the cell tower. No one from the public was for the cell tower.

It was also approved despite the fact that AT&T has not provided a contract document to the city. At my urging a similar document was provided as an example. We learned that the specifics of the cell tower equipment is not included in any contractual document but handled off line by the Park and Recreation Department.

The standard language in these cell tower contracts was somewhat troubling in a few key areas. For instance, it states under the Section entitled Use, the following: 
”The Premises may be used by the Lessee” (that would be cell tower provider), “for any lawful activity in connection with the provision of wireless communications services by the Lessee.” According to the engineering study conducted for AT&T, the cell tower in question is “one percent of the applicable public exposure limit”. So under this standard language contract they could presumably increase the exposure almost 100 times and still be within the “legal” FCC limits according to the study. All this can be done without every being reviewed again by the Parks and Recreation Committee or the Fullerton City Council. I noted last night that this contractual language was not acceptable to me. Apparently, it was acceptable to everyone else as I was the only no vote.

I also asked if the council would be given a copy of the AT&T contract prior to their vote to approve the cell tower. The answer was that it is not provided in their agenda package because it is a standard contract approved many years ago by a former council.

I found all of the above unacceptable as I believe we were voting on an agenda item based on only verbal assurances by AT&T and very little else.

Now ladies and gentleman, I have not even yet raised the part that is most concerning to many others and me. It is the potential health risks that most of the public comment speakers addressed. Joe Imbriano, administrator of even gave the council copies of several recent studies that detail the health risks of cell towers to the surrounding community.

Yet despite all of this, I was the only commissioner who voted against this agenda item. So now it goes before the city council for final approval. Unless all of us go to that meeting (it has not been put on the agenda as of yesterday) I suspect this cell tower will be approved.

Before the vote, I offered an alternative motion that the vote be delayed one month until our next meeting. At that time I recommended that AT&T could provide us with the proposed contract, the neighborhood group could provide the city with its final tally of all those against the project and members of the public could address the committee with a formal presentation of their concerns about the placement of this cell tower. The committee voted down that alternative motion.

I asked the members of the Park and Recreation Department present along with the other five committee members, what is the purpose of reviewing this cell tower proposal, if we do not have a contract and by law (the FCC) we are not to consider the health risks of our children and their parents that have been claimed by dozens if not 100’s of scientific studies throughout the world. Not surprisingly, no one provided me with an answer.

One last but vital point. Director Hugo Curiel reminded us that as a body we couldn’t consider the health effects of cell towers in making our decision to approve or reject the cell tower for Richman Park.

The FCC stands for the Federal Communications Commission. It has federal jurisdiction over interstate communications. Please tell me where such a group has the authority and the expertise to make it illegal to consider the potential negative and serious health effects of cell tower transmissions.

I for one stand tall and stand proud to state unequivocally that the FCC has no right to demand our silence on the issue of cell tower heath risks.

It was just another sad performance by people representing the city of Fullerton.  It was sad because every concern, i.e. the lack of a contract, the health concerns and the wishes of many of the neighborhood residents, all ignored by our Parks and Recreation Department and its committee.



Fullerton’s newest cell tower proposed in Richman park. Insert school kids for firemen, insert classrooms, school campuses and parks for fire stations. Stand with us to protect our children.


This one’s a doozy. It is going to be right next to Richman Elementary School, next to homes, in a park, towering right on top of The St. Jude Heritage Medical Group’s community health center. Get this-  The ATT rep told the parks and rec commission that it is ILLEGAL to consider health effects in their decision. What? Is she parroting possible disinformation based on a contorted preemption case out of San Diego? Maybe or maybe not. The San Diego Court ruling on preemption is very dicey. At any rate, the ATT rep agreed to come back in 30 days with a so called  “independent expert” to answer any questions regarding health effects and dangers to the public at the request of Parks and Recreation Commission.

So far, it appears that the commission has been bypassed, and it is set to be voted on by the council in July. WHERE IS THE DUE PROCESS AND THE ATT  EXPERT COMING OUT AND ANSWERING THE HEALTH CONCERN QUESTIONS?

Well it sure ain’t illegal to simply read and understand the health effects and say NO based on a proprietary business decision. We have enough wireless exposure gang. We don’t need another tower, especially where they want to place this one. Are school kids and neighbors worth three grand a month? They are worth a hell of a lot more than that to me folks.

It came as no surprise to me that it already has the blessing of The FSD’s Robert Pletka and the St Jude Heritage Medical Group’s president that I will not name here. I wonder if the parents at Richman know about this? How about the neighbors?  At least the parks and rec commission listened to me and agreed to review some more info and wait another 30 days before rubber stamping the proposal.


So what does the prestigious and respected organization- THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS DIVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND MEDICINE  think of sticking these wireless things on top of their employees firehouses humming away all day and night?






Position on the Health Effects from Radio Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation in Fire Department Facilities from Base Stations for Antennas and Towers for the Conduction of Cell Phone Transmissions

The International Association of Fire Fighters’ position on locating cell towers commercial wireless infrastructure on fire department facilities, as adopted by its membership in August 2004 (1), is that the IAFF oppose the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until a study with the highest scientific merit and integrity on health effects of exposure to low-intensity RF/MW radiation is conducted and it is proven that such sitings are not hazardous to the health of our members.


Further, the IAFF is investigating funding for a U.S. and Canadian study that would characterize exposures from RF/MW radiation in fire houses with and without cellular antennae, and examine the health status of the fire fighters as a function of their assignment in exposed or unexposed fire houses. Specifically, there is concern for the effects of radio frequency radiation on the central nervous system (CNS) and the immune system, as well as other metabolic effects observed in preliminary studies.

It is the belief of some international governments and regulatory bodies and of the wireless telecommunications industry that no consistent increases in health risk exist from exposure to RF/MW radiation unless the intensity of the radiation is sufficient to heat body tissue.  However, it is important to note that these positions are based on non-continuous exposures to the general public to low intensity RF/MW radiation emitted from wireless telecommunications base stations.  Furthermore, most studies that are the basis of this position are at least five years old and generally look at the safety of the phone itself.  IAFF members are concerned about the effects of living directly under these antenna base stations for a considerable stationary period of time and on a daily basis.  There are established biological effects from exposure to low-level RF/MW radiation.  Such biological effects are recognized as markers of adverse health effects when they arise from exposure to toxic chemicals for example. The IAFF’s efforts will attempt to establish whether there is a correlation between such biological effects and a health risk to fire fighters and emergency medical personnel due to the siting of cell phone antennas and base stations at fire stations and facilities where they work.


Critical questions concerning the health effects and safety of RF/MW radiation remain.  Accordingly, should we allow exposure of our fire fighters and emergency medical personnel to this radiation to continue for the next twenty years when there is ongoing controversy over many aspects of RF/MW health effects?  While no one disagrees that serious health hazards occur when living cells in the body are heated, as happens with high intensity RF/MW exposure (just like in a microwave oven), scientists are currently investigating the health hazards of low intensity RF/MW exposure. Low intensity RF/MW exposure is exposure which does not raise the temperature of the living cells in the body. 

Additionally, a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences panel designated power frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF/EMF) as “possible human carcinogens.” (2)  In March 2002 The International Association on Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization also assigned this designation to ELF/EMF in Volume 80 of its IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans. (3)

Fixed antennas used for wireless telecommunications are referred to as cellular base stations, cell stations, PCS (“Personal Communications Service”) stations or telephone transmission towers. These base stations consist of antennas and electronic equipment. Because the antennas need to be high in the air, they are often located on towers, poles, water tanks, or rooftops. Typical heights for freestanding base station towers are 50-200 feet.

Some base stations use antennas that look like poles, 10 to 15 feet in length, that are referred to as “omni-directional” antennas. These types of antennas are usually found in rural areas. In urban and suburban areas, wireless providers now more commonly use panel or sector antennas for their base stations. These antennas consist of rectangular panels, about 1 by 4 feet in dimension. The antennas are usually arranged in three groups of three antennas each. One antenna in each group is used to transmit signals to wireless phones, and the other two antennas in each group are used to receive signals from wireless phones.

At any base station site, the amount of RF/MW radiation produced depends on the number of radio channels (transmitters) per antenna and the power of each transmitter.  Typically, 21 channels per antenna sector are available.  For a typical cell site using sector antennas, each of the three transmitting antennas could be connected to up to 21 transmitters for a total of 63 transmitters.  When omni-directional antennas are used, a cellular base station could theoretically use up to 96 transmitters. Base stations used for PCS communications generally require fewer transmitters than those used for cellular radio transmissions, since PCS carriers usually have a higher density of base station antenna sites.

The electromagnetic RF/MW radiation transmitted from base station antennas travel toward the horizon in relatively narrow paths. The individual pattern for a single array of sector antennas is wedge-shaped, like a piece of pie.  Cellular and PCS base stations in the United States are required to comply with limits for exposure recommended by expert organizations and endorsed by government agencies responsible for health and safety.  When cellular and PCS antennas are mounted on rooftops, RF/MW radiation levels on that roof or on others near by would be greater than those typically encountered on the ground.

The telecommunications industry claims cellular antennas are safe because the RF/MW radiation they produce is too weak to cause heating, i.e., a “thermal effect.” They point to “safety standards” from groups such as ANSI/IEEE or ICNIRP to support their claims. But these groups have explicitly stated that their claims of “safe RF/MW radiation exposure is harmless” rest on the fact that it is too weak to produce a rise in body temperature, a “thermal effect.” (4)

There is a large body of internationally accepted scientific evidence which points to the existence of non-thermal effects of RF/MW radiation. The issue at the present time is not whether such evidence exists, but rather what weight to give it.

Internationally acknowledged experts in the field of RF/MW radiation research have shown that RF/MW transmissions of the type used in digital cellular antennas and phones can have critical effects on cell cultures, animals, and people in laboratories and have also found epidemiological evidence (studies of communities, not in the laboratory) of serious health effects at “non-thermal levels,” where the intensity of the RF/MW radiation was too low to cause heating. They have found:

  • Increased cell growth of brain cancer cells (5)
  • A doubling of the rate of lymphoma in mice (6)
  • Changes in tumor growth in rats (7)
  • An increased number of tumors in rats (8)
  • Increased single- and double-strand breaks in DNA, our genetic material (9)
  • 2 to 4 times as many cancers in Polish soldiers exposed to RF (10)
  • More childhood leukemia in children exposed to RF (11)
  • Changes in sleep patterns and REM type sleep (12)
  • Headaches caused by RF/MW radiation exposure (13)
  • Neurologic changes (14) including:
    • Changes in the blood-brain-barrier (15)
    • Changes in cellular morphology (including cell death) (16)
    • Changes in neural electrophysiology (EEG) (17)
    • Changes in neurotransmitters (which affect motivation and pain perception) (18)
    • Metabolic changes (of calcium ions, for instance) (19)
    • Cytogenetic effects (which can affect cancer, Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative diseases) (20)
  • Decreased memory, attention, and slower reaction time in school children (21)
  • Retarded learning in rats indicating a deficit in spatial “working memory” (22)
  • Increased blood pressure in healthy men (23)
  • Damage to eye cells when combined with commonly used glaucoma medications (24)


Many national and international organizations have recognized the need to define the true risk of low intensity, non-thermal RF/MW radiation exposure, calling for intensive scientific investigation to answer the open questions.  These include:

  • The World Health Organization, noting reports of “cancer, reduced fertility, memory loss, and adverse changes in the behavior and development of children.” (25)
  • The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (26)
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) (27)
  • The Swedish Work Environmental Fund (28)
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI) (29)
  • The European Commission (EC) (30)
  • New Zealand’s Ministry of Health (31)
  • National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (32)
  • Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization of Australia (CSIRO) (33)
  • The Royal Society of Canada expert group report prepared for Health Canada (34)
  • European Union’s REFLEX Project (Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods) (35)
  • The Independent Group on Electromagnetic Fields of the Swedish Radiation Protection Board (SSI) (36)
  • The United Kingdom’s National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) (37)
  • The EMF-Team Finland’s Helsinki Appeal 2005 (38)

Non-thermal effects are recognized by experts on RF/MW radiation and health to be potential health hazards.  Safe levels of RF/MW exposure for these low intensity, non-thermal effects have not yet been established.

The FDA has explicitly rejected claims that cellular phones are “safe.” (39)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated repeatedly that the current (ANSI/IEEE) RF/MW safety standards protect only against thermal effects. (40)

Many scientists and physicians question the safety of exposure to RF/MW radiation. The CSIRO study, for example, notes that there are no clear cutoff levels at which low intensity RF/MW exposure has no effect, and that the results of ongoing studies will take years to analyze. (41)

Internationally, researchers and physicians have issued statements that biological effects from low-intensity RF/MW radiation exposure are scientifically established:

·         The 1998 Vienna-EMF Resolution (42)

·         The 2000 Salzburg Resolution on Mobile Telecommunication Base Stations (43)

·         The 2002 Catania Resolution (44)

·         The 2002 Freiburger Appeal (45)

·        The 2004 Report of the European Union’s REFLEX Project (Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods) (46)

·         The 2004 Second Annual Report from Sweden’s Radiation Protection Board (SSI) Independent Expert Group on Electromagnetic Fields Recent Research on Mobile Telephony and Health Risks (47)

·         Mobile Phones and Health 2004: Report by the Board of NRPB (The UK’s National Radiological Protection Board) (48)

The county of Palm Beach, Florida, the City of Los Angeles, California, and the country of New Zealand have all prohibited cell phone base stations and antennas near schools due to safety concerns.  The British Columbia Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils [BCCPAC] passed a resolution in 2003 banning cellular antennae from schools and school grounds. This organization is comparable to the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) in the United States.  The resolution was directed to B.C. Ministry of Education, B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development, B.C. School Trustees Association, and B.C. Association of Municipalities.

US Government Information

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has used safety guidelines for RF/MW radiation environmental exposure since 1985.

The FCC guidelines for human exposure to RF/MW radiation are derived from the recommendations of two organizations, the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In both cases, the recommendations were developed by scientific and engineering experts drawn from industry, government, and academia after extensive reviews of the scientific literature related to the biological effects of RF/MW radiation.

Many countries in Europe and elsewhere use exposure guidelines developed by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). The ICNIRP safety limits are generally similar to those of the NCRP and IEEE, with a few exceptions. For example, ICNIRP recommends different exposure levels in the lower and upper frequency ranges and for localized exposure from certain products such as hand-held wireless telephones. Currently, the World Health Organization is working to provide a framework for international harmonization of RF/MW radiation safety standards.

In order to affirm conformity to standards regarding heating of tissue, measurements are time averaged over 0.1 hours [6 minutes].  This method eliminates any spikes in the readings.  Computer power bars have surge protectors to prevent damage to computers.  Fire fighters and emergency medical personnel do not!

The NCRP, IEEE, and ICNIRP all have identified a whole-body Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value of 4 watts per kilogram (4 W/kg) as a threshold level of exposure at which harmful biological thermal effects due to tissue heating may occur.  Exposure guidelines in terms of field strength, power density and localized SAR were then derived from this threshold value. In addition, the NCRP, IEEE, and ICNIRP guidelines vary depending on the frequency of the RF/MW radiation exposure.  This is due to the finding that whole-body human absorption of RF/MW radiation varies with the frequency of the RF signal.  The most restrictive limits on whole-body exposure are in the frequency range of 30-300 MHz where the human body absorbs RF/MW energy most efficiently.  For products that only expose part of the body, such as wireless phones, exposure limits in terms of SAR only are specified.

Similarly, the exposure limits used by the FCC are expressed in terms of SAR, electric and magnetic field strength, and power density for transmitters operating at frequencies from 300 kHz to 100 GHz.  The specific values can be found in two FCC bulletins, OET Bulletins 56 and 65.

OET Bulletin 56, “Questions and Answers about Biological Effects and Potential Hazards of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields” was designed to provide factual information to the public by answering some of the most commonly asked questions. It includes the latest information on FCC guidelines for human exposure to RF/MW radiation.  Further information and a downloadable version of Bulletin 56 can be found at:

OET Bulletin 65, “Evaluating Compliance With FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields” was prepared to provide assistance in determining whether proposed or existing transmitting facilities, operations or devices comply with limits for human exposure to RF/MW radiation adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Further information and a downloadable version of Bulletin 65 can be found at:

The FCC authorizes and licenses products, transmitters, and facilities that generate RF and microwave radiation. It has jurisdiction over all transmitting services in the U.S. except those specifically operated by the Federal Government.  Under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), the FCC has certain responsibilities to consider whether its actions will significantly affect the quality of the human environment. Therefore, FCC approval and licensing of transmitters and facilities must be evaluated for significant impact on the environment.  Human exposure to RF radiation emitted by FCC-regulated transmitters is one of several factors that must be considered in such environmental evaluations. In 1996, the FCC revised its guidelines for RF/MW radiation exposure as a result of a multi-year proceeding and as required by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

For further information and answers to questions about the safety of RF/MW radiation from transmitters and facilities regulated by the FCC go to

Canadian Government Information

Industry Canada is the organization that sets regulatory requirements for electromagnetic spectrum management and radio equipment in Canada. Industry Canada establishes standards for equipment certification and, as part of these standards, developed RSS-102, which specifies permissible radiofrequency RF/MW radiation levels. For this purpose, Industry Canada adopted the limits outlined in Health Canada’s Safety-Code 6, which is a guideline document for limiting RF exposure.  A downloadable version of “RSS-102 – Evaluation Procedure for Mobile and Portable Radio Transmitters with respect to Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 for Exposure of Humans to Radio Frequency Fields”, as well as additional information can be found at:

Safety Code 6 specifies the requirements for the use of radiation emitting devices. This Code replaces the previous Safety Code 6 – EHD-TR-160.  A downloadable version of “Limits of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields in the Frequency Range from 3 kHz TO 300 GHz – Safety Code 6”, as well as further detailed information can be found at . 

US and Canadian Legal Issues

Although some local and state governments have enacted rules and regulations about human exposure to RF/MW radiation in the past, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 requires the United States Federal Government to control human exposure to RF/MW radiation.  In particular, Section 704 of the Act states that, “No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission’s regulations concerning such emissions.” Further information on federal authority and FCC policy is available in a fact sheet from the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau at

In a recent opinion filed by Senior Circuit Judge Stephen F. Williams, No. 03-1336 EMR Network v. Federal Communications Commission and United States of America, the Court upheld the FCC’s decision not to initiate an inquiry on the need to revise its regulations to address non-thermal effects of radiofrequency (RF) radiation from the facilities and products subject to FCC regulation as EMR Network had requested in its September 2001 Petition for Inquiry.

At the request of the EMR Network, the EMR Policy Institute provided legal and research support for this appeal.  On January 13, 2005, a Petition for Rehearing en banc by the full panel of judges at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals was filed. Briefs, background documents and the DC Circuit decision are found at:

The Toronto Medical Officer of Health for the Toronto Board of Health recommended to Health Canada that public exposure limits for RF/MW radiation be made 100 times stricter; however the recommendation was not allowed, since, as in the US, only the Canadian federal government can regulate RF/MW radiation exposure level.

World Health Organization Efforts

In 1996, the World Health Organization (WHO) established the International EMF Project to review the scientific literature and work towards resolution of health concerns over the use of RF/MW technology.  WHO maintains a Web site that provides addition information on this project and about RF/MW biological effects and research.  For further information go to


For decades, the International Association of Fire Fighters has been directly involved in protecting and promoting the health and safety of our membership.  However, we simply don’t know at this time what the possible health consequences of long-term exposure to low-intensity RF/MW radiation of the type used by the cell phone base stations and antennas will be.  No one knows–the data just aren’t there.  The chairman of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection ICNIRP), one of the leading international organizations which formulated the current RF/MW radiation exposure guidelines, has stated that the guidelines include “no consideration regarding prudent avoidance” for health effects for which evidence is less than conclusive (49)

Again, fire department facilities, where fire fighters and emergency response personnel live and work are not the proper place for a technology which could endanger their health and safety

The only reasonable and responsible course is to conduct a study of the highest scientific merit and integrity on the RF/MW radiation health effects to our membership and, in the interim, oppose the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until it is proven that such sitings are not hazardous to the health of our members.



[back] 1. Revised and Amended IAFF Resolution No. 15; August 2004

Study of Firefighters Exposed to Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation from Cell Towers/Masts

WHEREAS, fire stations across the United States and Canada are being sought by wireless companies as base stations for the antennas and towers for the conduction of cell phone transmissions; and

WHEREAS, many firefighters who are living with cell towers on or adjacent to their stations are paying a substantial price in terms of physical and mental health.  As first responders and protectors of the general public, it is crucial that firefighters are functioning at optimal cognitive and physical capacity at all times; and

WHEREAS, the brain is the first organ to be affected by RF radiation and symptoms manifest in a multitude of neurological conditions including migraine headaches, extreme fatigue, disorientation, slowed reaction time, vertigo, vital memory loss and attention deficit amidst life threatening emergencies; and

WHEREAS, most of the firefighters who are experiencing symptoms can attribute the onset to the first week(s) these towers/antennas were activated; and

WHEREAS, RF radiation is emitted by these cellular antennas and RF radiation can penetrate every living cell, including plants, animals and humans; and

WHEREAS, both the U. S. and Canadian governments established regulatory limits for RF radiation based on thermal (heat) measurements with no regard for the adverse health effects from non-thermal radiation which is proven to harm the human brain and immune system; and

WHEREAS, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency stated in a July 16, 2002, letter, “Federal health and safety agencies have not yet developed policies concerning possible risk from long-term, non-thermal exposures. The FCC’s exposure guideline is considered protective of effects arising from a thermal mechanism (RF radiation from cell towers is non-thermal) but not from all possible mechanisms. Therefore, the generalization by many that the guidelines protecting human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified”; and

WHEREAS, an Expert Panel Report requested by the Royal Society of Canada prepared for Health Canada (1999) stated that, “Exposure to RF fields at intensities far less than levels required to produce measurable heating can cause effects in cells and tissues.  These biological effects include alterations in the activity of the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase, in calcium regulation, and in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. Some of these biological effects brought about by non-thermal exposure levels of RF could potentially be associated with adverse health effects”; and

WHEREAS, based on concerns over growing scientific evidence of dangers from RF radiation, an international conference was convened in Salzburg, Austria, in the summer of 2000 where renowned scientists declared the upper-most RF radiation exposure limit from a tower-mast should be 1/10th of 1 microwatt (Note that 1/10th of 1 microwatt is 10,000 times lower than the uppermost limit allowed by the U. S. or Canada.); and it should be noted this limit was set because of study results showing brain wave changes at 1/10th of 1 microwatt; and

WHEREAS, in a recently cleared paper by Dr. Richard A. Albanese of the U. S. Air Force, a highly recognized physician in the area of the impact of radiation on the human body, Dr. Albanese states, “I would ask a good faith effort in achieving as low exposure rates as are possible within reasonable financial constraints. Also I would fund targeted studies using animal subjects and human groups living or working in high radiation settings or heavy cellular phone users, emphasizing disease causations. I urge acceptance of the ideal that there should be no unmonitored occupational or environmental exposures whose associated disease rates are unknown.” (The opinions expressed herein are those of Dr. Albanese, and do not reflect the policies of the United States Air Force.); and

WHEREAS, recently a study, not affiliated with the wireless industry, was conducted of firefighters exposed to RF radiation from cell towers/antennas affixed to their stations.** The study revealed brain damage that can be differentiated from chemical causation (such as inhalation of toxic smoke) suggesting RF radiation as the cause of the brain damage found on SPECT scans; and

WHEREAS, firefighters are the protectors of people and property and should be protected under the Precautionary Principle of Science and therefore, unless radiation is proven safe and harmless, cellular antennas should not be placed on or near fire stations; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the IAFF shall seek funding for an initial U. S. and Canadian study with the highest scientific merit and integrity, contrasting firefighters with residence in stations with towers to firefighters without similar exposure; and be it further

RESOLVED, That in accordance with the results of the study, the IAFF will establish protective policy measures with the health and safety of all firefighters as the paramount objective; and be it further

RESOLVED, That the IAFF oppose the use of fire stations as base stations for antennas and towers for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until such installations are proven not to be hazardous to the health of our members.

**Note:  A pilot study was conducted in 2004 of six California fire fighters working and sleeping in stations with towers.  The study, conducted by Gunnar Heuser, M.D., PhD. of Agoura Hills, CA, focused on neurological symptoms of six fire fighters who had been working for up to five years in stations with cell towers. Those symptoms included slowed reaction time, lack of focus, lack of impulse control, severe headaches, anesthesia-like sleep, sleep deprivation, depression, and tremors.  Dr. Heuser used functional brain scans – SPECT scans – to assess any changes in the brains of the six fire fighters as compared to healthy brains of men of the same age.  Computerized psychological testing known as TOVA was used to study reaction time, impulse control, and attention span.  The SPECT scans revealed a pattern of abnormal change which was concentrated over a wider area than would normally be seen in brains of individuals exposed to toxic inhalation, as might be expected from fighting fires.  Dr. Heuser concluded the only plausible explanation at this time would be RF radiation exposure.  Additionally, the TOVA testing revealed among the six fire fighters delayed reaction time, lack of impulse control, and difficulty in maintaining mental focus.

[back]  2. An international blue ribbon panel assembled by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) designated power frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as “possible human carcinogens” on June 24, 1998. The panel’s decision was based largely on the results of epidemiological studies of children exposed at home and workers exposed on the job. The evaluation of the EMF literature followed procedures developed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), based in Lyon, France. The working group’s report will be the basis for the NIEHS report to Congress on the EMF Research and Public Information Dissemination program (EMF RAPID). The National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) of the United Kingdom noted that the views of its Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radiation are “consistent with those of the NIEHS expert panel.”

June 26, 1998 statement of the National Radiological Protection Board, sited in Microwave News, July/August 1998

[back]   3. World Health Organization; International Agency for Research on Cancer; IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans; Volume 80 Non-Ionizing Radiation, Part 1: Static and Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) Electric and Magnetic Fields; 2002; 429 pages; ISBN 92 832 1280 0;  See   This IARC Monograph provides the rationale for its designation of ELF/EMF as a possible human carcinogen.  It states that:

A few studies on genetic effects have examined chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei in lymphocytes from workers exposed to ELF electric and magnetic fields. In these studies, confounding by genotoxic agents (tobacco, solvents) and comparability between the exposed and control groups are of concern. Thus, the studies reporting an increased frequency of chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei are difficult to interpret.

Many studies have been conducted to investigate the effects of ELF magnetic fields on various genetic end-points. Although increased DNA strand breaks have been reported in brain cells of exposed rodents, the results are inconclusive; most of the studies show no effects in mammalian cells exposed to magnetic fields alone at levels below 50 µT. However, extremely strong ELF magnetic fields have caused adverse genetic effects in some studies. In addition, several groups have reported that ELF magnetic fields enhance the effects of known DNA- and chromosome-damaging agents such as ionizing radiation.

The few animal studies on cancer-related non-genetic effects are inconclusive. Results on the effects on in-vitro cell proliferation and malignant transformation are inconsistent, but some studies suggest that ELF magnetic fields affect cell proliferation and modify cellular responses to other factors such as melatonin. An increase in apoptosis following exposure of various cell lines to ELF electric and magnetic fields has been reported in several studies with different exposure conditions. Numerous studies have investigated effects of ELF magnetic fields on cellular end-points associated with signal transduction, but the results are not consistent.

[back] 4. The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) statement “Health Issues Related to the Use of Hand-Held Radiotelephones and Base Transmitters” of 1996 reads:

“Thermally mediated effects of RF fields have been studied in animals, including primates. These data suggest effects that will probably occur in humans subjected to whole body or localized heating sufficient to increase tissue temperatures by greater than 1C. They include the induction of opacities of the lens of the eye, possible effects on development and male fertility, various physiological and thermoregulatory responses to heat, and a decreased ability to perform mental tasks as body temperature increases. Similar effects have been reported in people subject to heat stress, for example while working in hot environments or by fever. The various effects are well established and form the biological basis for restricting occupational and public exposure to radiofrequency fields. In contrast, non-thermal effects are not well established and currently do not form a scientifically acceptable basis for restricting human exposure for frequencies used by hand-held radiotelephones and base stations.”

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, “Health Issues Related to the Use of Hand-Held Radiotelephones and Base Transmitters,” Health Physics 70:587-593, 1996

The ANSI/IEEE Standard for Safety Levels of 1992 similarly states:

“An extensive review of the literature revealed once again that the most sensitive measurements of potentially harmful biological effects were based on the disruption of ongoing behavior associated with an increase of body temperature in the presence of electromagnetic fields. Because of the paucity of reliable data on chronic exposures, IEEE Subcommittee IV focused on evidence of behavioral disruption under acute exposures, even disruption of a transient and fully reversible nature.”

IEEE Standards Coordinating committee 28 on Non-Ionizing Radiation Hazards: Standard for Safe Levels With Respect to Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields, 3 KHz to 300 GHz (ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1991), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York, 1992.

[back] 5. Drs. Czerska, Casamento, Ning, and Davis (working for the Food and Drug Administration in 1997) using “a waveform identical to that used in digital cellular phones” at a power level within our current standards (SAR of 1.6 W/Kg, the maximum spatial peak exposure level recommended for the general population in the ANSI C95.1-1991 standard) found increases in cellular proliferation in human glioblastoma cells. This shows that “acceptable” levels of radiation can cause human cancer cells to multiply faster. The authors note that “because of reported associations between cellular phone exposure and the occurrence of a brain tumor, glioblastoma, a human glioblastoma cell line was used” in their research.

E.M. Czerska, J. Casamento, J. T. Ning, and C. Davis, “Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation on Cell Proliferation,” [Abstract presented on February 7, 1997 at the workshop ‘Physical Characteristics and Possible Biological Effects of Microwaves Applied in Wireless Communication, Rockville, MD] E. M. Czerska, J. Casamento Centers for Devices and Radiological Health, Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, Maryland 20857, USA; H. T. Ning, Indian Health Service, Rockville, Maryland 20857, USA; C. Davis, Electrical Engineering Dept., Univ. of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 20742, USA

[back] 6. Dr. Michael Repacholi (in 1997, currently the director of the International Electromagnetic Fields Project at the World Health Organization) took one hundred transgenic mice and exposed some to radiation for two 30 minute periods a day for up to 18 months. He found that the exposed mice developed lymphomas (a type of cancer) at twice the rate of the unexposed mice. While telecommunications industry spokespersons criticized the experiment for using mice with a mutation which predisposed them to cancer (transgenic) the researchers pointed out that “some individuals inherit mutations in other genes…that predispose them to develop cancer, and these individuals may comprise a subpopulation at special risk from agents that would pose an otherwise insignificant risk of cancer.”

Dr. Repacholi stated “I believe this is the first animal study showing a true non-thermal effect.” He repeated the experiment in 1998 using 50 Hz fields instead of the 900 MHz pulsed radiation (the type used by cellular phones) used in the original experiment and found no cancer risk. He stated that this new data had implications for his original cellular phone study: “the control groups for both our RF and 50 Hz field studies showed no statistical differences, which lessens the possibility that the RF/MW radiation study result was a chance event or due to errors in methodology.”

It is extremely important to note that Dr. Michael Repacholi was Chairman of the ICNIRP at the time its Statement on Health Issues Related to the Use of Hand-Held Radiotelephones and Base Transmitters was developed in 1996.

M. Repacholi et al., “Lymphomas in Eµ-Pim1 Transgenic Mice Exposed to Pulsed 900 MHz Electromagnetic Fields,” Radiation Research, 147, pp.631-640, May 1997

[back] 7. Dr. Ross Adey (Veterans Administration Hospital at Loma Linda University in 1996) found what appeared to be a protective effect in rats exposed to the type of radiation used in digital cellular phones. The rats were exposed to an SAR of 0.58-0.75 W/Kg 836 MHz pulsed radiation of the TDMA type two hours a day, four days a week for 23 months, with the signals turned on and off every 7.5 minutes, so total exposure was 4 hours a week. Interestingly this effect was not present when a non-digital, analog signal was used. Rats exposed developed cancer less often. This study shows that low power fields of the digital cellular frequency can influence cancer development.  Whether they would protect or promote in our children is a question for further study.

Ross Adey of the Veterans Administration Hospital at Loma Linda University, CA presented the results of pulsed (digital cellular) radiation on June 13, 1996 at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society in Victoria, Canada.  He presented the findings of the analog cellular phone radiation effect at the June 1997 2nd World Congress for Electricity and Magnetism in Biology and Medicine in Bologna, Italy.  Reviews can be found in Microwave News issues July/August, 1996 and March/April 1997.

In recognition of his more than three decades of “fundamental contributions to the emerging science of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields,” the authors of the November 2004 Report of the European Union’s REFLEX Project(Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards From Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods) chose to include Dr. Adey’s personal views on Electromagnetic Field Exposure research as the Foreword to that report.  To view the entire report, see:  REFLEX Final Report.pdf

The following is taken from Dr. Adey’s Foreword found on pages 1-3 of the REFLEX Report:

The Future of Fundamental Research in a Society Seeking Categoric Answers to Health Risks of New Technologies

In summary, we have become superstitious users of an ever-growing range of technologies, but we are now unable to escape the web that they have woven around us.

Media reporters in general are no better informed.  Lacking either responsibility or accountability, they have created feeding frenzies from the tiniest snippets of information gleaned from scientific meetings or from their own inaccurate interpretation of published research.  In consequence, the public has turned with pleading voices to government legislatures and bureaucracies for guidance . . .

We face the problem brought on by the blind leading the blind.  Because of public pressure for rapid answers to very complex biological and physical issues, short-term research programs have been funded to answer specific questions about certain health risks.

In many countries, and particularly in the USA, the effects of such harassing and troublesome tactics on independent, careful fundamental research have been near tragic.  Beguiled by health hazard research as the only source of funding, accomplished basic scientists have diverted from a completely new frontier in physical regulation of biological mechanisms at the atomic level.  Not only have governments permitted corporate interests in the communications industry to fund this research, they have even permitted them to determine the research questions to be addressed and to select the institutions performing the research.

[back] 8. Dr. A. W. Guy reported an extensive investigation on rats chronically exposed from 2 up to 27 months of age to low-level pulsed microwaves at SARs up to 0.4 W/Kg. The exposed group was found to have a significantly higher incidence of primary cancers.

A. W. Guy, C. K. Chou, L. Kunz, L, Crowley, and J. Krupp, “Effects of Long-Term Low-Level Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure on Rats.” Volume 9. Summary. Brooks Air Force Base, Texas, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, USF-SAM-TR-85-11; 1985

[back] 9. Drs. Henry Lai and N. P. Singh of the University of Washington in Seattle have reported both single- and double-strand DNA breaks in the brains of rats exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation at an SAR of 1.2 W/Kg. DNA is the carrier of the genetic information in all living cells. Cumulated DNA strand breaks in brain cells can lead to cancer or neurodegenerative diseases.

H. Lai and N. P. Singh, “Single- and Double-Strand DNA Breaks in Rat Brain Cells After Acute Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation,” International Journal of Radiation Biology, Vol 69, No. 4, 513-521, 1996

[back] 10. Dr. Stanislaw Szmigielski has studied many thousands of Polish soldiers.  He has found that those exposed to radiofrequency and microwave radiation in the workplace had more than double the cancer rate of the unexposed servicemen analyzing data from 1971-1985.  He has presented further data suggesting a dose-response relationship with soldiers exposed to 100-200 W/cm2 suffering 1.69 times as many cancers as the unexposed, and those exposed to 600-1000 W/cm2 suffering 4.63 times as many cancers.  The level considered safe for the public according to FCC regulations is 1000 W/cm2.  Occupational exposure up to 5000 W/cm2 is allowed.

S. Szmigielski, “Cancer Morbidity in Subjects Occupationally Exposed to High Frequency (Radiofrequency and Microwave) Electromagnetic Radiation,” The Science of the Total Environment 180:9-17, 1996

[back] 11. Dr. Bruce Hocking found an association between increased childhood leukemia incidence and mortality in the proximity of television towers. The power density ranged from 0.2-8.0 W/cm2 nearer and 0.02 W/cm2 farther from the towers.

B. Hocking, I. R. Gordon, H. L. Grain, and G. E. Hatfield, “Cancer Incidence and Mortality and Proximity to TV Towers,” Medical Journal of Australia 165: 601-605; 1996

[back] 12. Drs. Mann and Röschke investigated the influence of pulsed high-frequency RF/MW radiation of digital mobile radio telephones on sleep in healthy humans. They found a hypnotic effect with shortening of sleep onset latency and a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) suppressive effect with reduction of duration and percentage of REM sleep. “REM sleep plays a special physiological role for information processing in the brain, especially concerning consolidation of new experiences. Thus the effects observed possibly could be associated with alterations of memory and learning functions.”

K. Mann and J. Röschke, “Effects of Pulsed High-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields on Human Sleep,” Neuropsychobiology 33:41-47, 1996

[back] 13. Dr. Allen Frey has been researching RF/MW radiation for over 3 decades. Here is the abstract on a paper concerning headaches and cellular phone radiation. “There have been numerous recent reports of headaches occurring in association with the use of hand-held cellular telephones. Are these reported headaches real? Are they due to emissions from telephones? There is reason to believe that the answer is “yes” to both questions. There are several lines of evidence to support this conclusion. First, headaches as a consequence of exposure to low intensity microwaves were reported in the literature 30 years ago. These were observed during the course of microwave hearing research before there were cellular telephones. Second, the blood-brain barrier appears to be involved in headaches, and low intensity microwave energy exposure affects the barrier. Third, the dopamine-opiate systems of the brain appear to be involved in headaches, and low intensity electromagnetic energy exposure affects those systems. In all three lines of research, the microwave energy used was approximately the same–in frequencies, modulations, and incident energies–as those emitted by present day cellular telephones, Could the current reports of headaches be the canary in the coal mine, warning of biologically significant effects?”

A. H. Frey, “Headaches from Cellular Telephones: Are they Real and What Are the Implications?” Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 106, Number 3, pp.101-103, March 1998

[back] 14. Henry Lai’s review of the literature concerning neurological effects of RF/MW radiation: Existing data indicate that RF/MW radiation of relatively low intensity can affect the nervous system. Changes in blood-brain barrier, morphology, electrophysiology, neurotransmitter functions, cellular metabolism, and calcium efflux, and genetic effects have been reported in the brain of animals after exposure to RF. These changes can lead to functional changes in the nervous system. Behavioral changes in animals after exposure to RR have been reported.

Even a temporary change in neural functions after RF/MW radiation exposure could lead to adverse consequences. For example, a transient loss of memory function or concentration could result in an accident when a person is driving. Loss of short term working memory has indeed been observed in rats after acute exposure to RF/MW radiation.

Research has also shown that the effects of RF/MW radiation on the nervous system can cumulate with repeated exposure. The important question is, after repeated exposure, will the nervous system adapt to the perturbation and when will homeostasis break down? Related to this is that various lines of evidence suggest that responses of the central nervous system to RF/MW radiation could be a stress response. Stress effects are well known to cumulate over time and involve first adaptation and then an eventual break down of homeostatic processes.

H. Lai, “Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Relating to Wireless Communication Technology,” Paper presentation at the IBC-UK Conference: “Mobile Phones-Is There a Health Risk?” September 16-17, 1997, Brussels, Belgium

[back] 15. Blood-Brain-Barrier: The blood-brain-barrier (BBB) is primarily a continuous layer of cells lining the blood vessels of the brain. It is critical for regulation of the brain’s activity.  Lai notes that “Even though most studies indicate that changes in the BBB occurs only after exposure to RF/MW radiation of high intensities with significant increase in tissue temperature, several studies have reported increases in permeability after exposure to RF/MW radiation of relatively low intensities…Pulsed RF seems to be more potent than continuous wave RF.”  Pulsed RF/MW is the type used in digital cellular systems.  Effects on the BBB were noted at the 0.2 W/cm2 level, and even at SAR of 0.016-5 W/kg. These effects could lead to local changes in brain function.

H. Lai, Ibid

[back] 16. Cellular Morphology: RF/MW radiation induced morphological changes of the central nervous system cells and tissues have been shown to occur under relatively high intensity or prolonged exposure to the RF/MW radiation. However, there are several studies which show that repeated exposure at relatively low power intensities caused morphological changes in the central nervous system. Again here pulsed (as in digital phone use) RF/MW radiation produced more pronounced effects. Certain drugs given to nonhuman primates sensitized them, for instance allowing eye damage to occur at very low power intensities. Dr Lai notes “Changes in morphology, especially cell death, could have an important implication on health. Injury-induced cell proliferation has been hypothesized as a cause of cancer.” Some of these experiments were in the range of SAR 0.53 W/kg or even 0.26 W/kg.

H. Lai, Ibid

[back] 17. Neural Electrophysiology: Changes in neuronal electrophysiology, evoked potentials, and EEG have been reported. Some effects were observed at low intensities and after repeated exposure, suggesting cumulative effect. Energy density levels were as low as 50 W/cm2.

H. Lai, Ibid

[back] 18. Neurotransmitters: Neurotransmitters are molecules which transmit information from one nerve cell to another. Early studies have reported changes in various neurotransmitters (catecholamines, serotonin, and acetylcholine) in the brain of animals only after exposure to high intensities of RF/MW radiation. However, there are more recent studies that show changes in neurotransmitter functions after exposure to low intensities of RF radiation. For example, effects were seen at 50 µW/cm2 in one experiment.  U.S. and Canadian RF/MW radiation safety policies allow exposures of 1000 µW/cm2 at that frequency.

RF/MW radiation  activates endogenous opioids in the brain. Endogenous opioids are neurotransmitters with morphine-like properties and are involved in many important physiological and behavioral functions, such as pain perception and motivation.

The response to RF/MW radiation  depends on the area of the brain studied and on the duration of exposure. Exposure to RF/MW radiation  has been shown to affect the behavioral actions of benzodiazepines (these are drugs such as Valium).

H. Lai, Ibid

[back] 19. Metabolic Changes in Neural Tissue: Several studies investigated the effects of RF/MW radiation exposure on energy metabolism in the rat brain. Surprisingly, changes were reported after exposure to relatively low intensity RF/MW radiation for a short duration of time (minutes). The effects depended on the frequency and modulation characteristics of the RF/MW radiation and did not seem to be related to temperature changes in the tissue.

Calcium ions play important roles in the functions of the nervous system, such as the release of neurotransmitters and the actions of some neurotransmitter receptors. Thus changes in calcium ion concentration could lead to alterations in neural functions. This is an area of considerable controversy because some researchers have also reported no significant effects of RF/MW radiation  exposure on calcium efflux. However, when positive effects were observed, they occurred after exposure to RF/MW radiation of relatively low intensities and were dependent on the modulation and intensity of the RF/MW radiation  studied (window effects). Some studies had SARs as low as 0.05-0.005 W/Kg.

H. Lai, Ibid

[back] 20.  Cytogenetic effects have been reported in various types of cells after exposure to RF/MW radiation.  Recently, several studies have reported cytogenetic changes in brain cells by RF/MW radiation , and these results could have important implication for the health effects of RF/MW radiation . Genetic damage to glial cells can result in carcinogenesis. However, since neurons do not undergo mitosis, a more likely consequence of neuronal genetic damage is changes in functions and cell death, which could either lead to or accelerate the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Power densities of 1 mW/cm2 were employed, a level considered safe for the public by the FCC.

RF/MW radiation -induced increases in single and double strand DNA breaks in rats can be blocked by treating the rats with melatonin or the spin-trap compound N-t-butyl–phenylnitrone. Since both compounds are potent free radical scavengers, these data suggest that free radicals may play a role in the genetic effect of RF. If free radicals are involved in the RF-induced DNA strand breaks in brain cells, results from this study could have an important implication on the health effects of RF exposure. Involvement of free radicals in human diseases, such as cancer and atherosclerosis, has been suggested. Free radicals also play an important role in the aging process, which has been ascribed to be a consequence of accumulated oxidative damage to body tissues, and involvement of free radicals in neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington, and Parkinson, has also been suggested. One can also speculate that some individuals may be more susceptible to the effects of RF/MW radiation exposure.

H. Lai, Ibid

[back] 21. Dr. A. A. Kolodynski and V. V. Kolodynska of the Institute of Biology, Latvian Academy of Sciences, presented the results of experiments on school children living in the area of the Skrunda Radio Location Station in Latvia. Motor function, memory, and attention significantly differed between the exposed and control groups. The children living in front of the station had less developed memory and attention and their reaction time was slower.

A. A. Kolodynski, V. V. Kolodynska, “Motor and Psychological Functions of School Children Living in the Area of the Skrunda Radio Location Station in Latvia,” The Science of the Total Environment 180:87-93, 1996

[back] 22. Dr. H. Lai and colleagues in 1993 exposed rats to 45 minutes of pulsed high frequency RF/MW radiation at low intensity and found that the rats showed retarded learning, indicating a deficit in spatial “working memory” function.

H Lai, A. Horita, and A. W. Guy, “Microwave Irradiation Affects Radial-Arm Maze Performance in the Rat,” Bioelectromagnetics 15:95-104, 1994

NOTE:  Dr. Lai’s January 2005 compilation of published RF/MW radiation studies demonstrating biological effects of exposure to low-intensity RF/MW radiation is included as a Reference section at the end of this report.

[back] 23. Dr. Stefan Braune reported a 5-10 mm Hg resting blood pressure rise during exposure to RF/MW radiation of the sort used by cellular phones in Europe. The Lancet, the British medical journal where the report appeared, stated that “Such an increase could have adverse effects on people with high blood pressure.”

S. Braune, “Resting Blood Pressure Increase During Exposure to a Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Field,” The Lancet 351, pp. 1,857-1,858, 1998

[back] 24. Dr. Kues and colleagues (of Johns Hopkins University and the Food and Drug Administration) found that placing timolol and pilocarpine into the eyes of monkeys and then exposing them to low power density pulsed RF/MW radiation caused a significant reduction in the power-density threshold for causing damage to the cells covering the eye and the iris. In fact the power was reduced by a factor of 10, so that it entered the “acceptable, safe” level of the FCC, 1 mW/cm2! Timolol and pilocarpine are commonly used by people suffering from glaucoma. This is a very important study, as it points to the fact that laboratory experiments under “ideal” conditions are rarely what one finds in real life. The “safe” level of RF/MW radiation exposure for healthy people is likely to be very different than for those of us who suffer from illness, take medications, or are perhaps simply younger or older than those in the experiments.

H. A. Kues, J. C. Monahan, S. A. D’Anna, D. S. McLeod, G. A. Lutty, and S. Koslov, “Increased Sensitivity of the Non-Human Primate Eye to Microwave Radiation Following Ophthalmic Drug Pretreatment,” Bioelectromagnetics 13:379-393, 1992

[back] 25. The World Health Organization states that “concerns have been raised about the safety of cellular mobile telephones, electric power lines and police speed-control ‘radar guns.’ Scientific reports have suggested that exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted from these devices could have adverse health effects, such as cancer, reduced fertility, memory loss, and adverse changes in the behaviour and development of children.” Therefore, “In May 1996, in response to growing public health concerns in many Member States over possible health effects from exposure to an ever-increasing number and diversity of EMF sources, the World Health Organization launched an international project to assess health and environmental effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields, which became known as the International EMF Project. The International EMF Project will last for five years.” “A number of studies at [frequencies above about 1 MHz] suggest that exposure to RF fields too weak to cause heating may have adverse health consequences, including cancer and memory loss. Identifying and encouraging coordinated research into these open questions is one of the major objectives of the International EMF Project.”

World Health Organization Fact Sheet N181, “Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health, The International EMF Project,” reviewed May 1998 and World Health Organization Fact Sheet N182, “Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health, Physical Properties and Effects on Biological Systems,” reviewed May 1998, 

[back] 26. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration in a January 14, 1998 letter to the House Telecommunications Subcommittee stated it “believes additional research in the area of RF is needed.” In 1997 the FDA established the following priorities:

  • Chronic (lifetime) animal exposures should be given the highest priority.
  • Chronic animal exposures should be performed both with and without the application of chemical initiating agents to investigate tumor promotion in addition to tumorigenesis.
  • Identification of potential risks should include end points other than brain cancer (e.g. ocular effects of RF radiation exposure).
  • Replication of prior studies demonstrating positive biological effects work is needed.  A careful replication of the Chou and Guy study (Bioelectromagnetics, 13, pp.469-496, 1992) which suggests that chronic exposure of rats to microwaves is associated with an increase in tumors, would contribute a great deal to the risk identification process for wireless communication products.
  • Genetic toxicology studies should focus on single cell gel studies of DNA strand breakage and on induction of micronuclei.
  • Epidemiology studies focused on approaches optimized for hazard identification are warranted.


Food and Drug Administration Recommendations quoted in Microwave News, March/April, 1997

[back] 27. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is planning a multi-country, multi-million dollar study of cancer among users of wireless phones, beginning 1998.  Microwave News, January/February, 1998

[back] 28. The Swedish Work Environmental Fund initiated a new epidemiological study on cellular phone radiation and brain tumors in 1997. Microwave News, November/December, 1997

[back] 29. The National Cancer Institute announced plans for a 5 year study of brain tumors and RF/MW radiation in 1993. Microwave News, January/February, 1993

[back] 30. The European Commission (EC) Expert Group on health effects of wireless phones called for a 5 year research program with a $20 million budget, reported 1997.  Microwave News , January/February, 1997

[back] 31. A report commissioned by New Zealand’s Ministry of Health stated that “It is imperative that the scientific issues be clarified as soon as possible, as there is much at stake.” It called for more research to examine the potential health effects of RF radiation.  Microwave News, November/December, 1996

[back] 32. The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia announced its sponsorship of a 5 year, $3.5 million project on potential health effects of mobile phone technology in 1996. Microwave News, November/December, 1996

[back] 33. The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) of Australia concluded in 1995 that the safety of cellular telephones cannot be resolved “in the near future.” Dr. Stan Barnett, a principal researcher of CSIRO, states that “My goal is to establish a national committee to approach this problem by coordinating relevant and focused research.” He estimated a budget of $3 million over a 3 year period would be necessary.

Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization, “Status of Research on Biological Effects and Safety of Electromagnetic Radiation: Telecommunications Frequencies,” a report prepared by Dr. Stan Barnett, as sited in Microwave News, September/October, 1995

[back] 34. In Canada, Expert Panels are formed in response to requests from governments and other organizations for guidance on public policy issues where specialized knowledge is required.  The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) is the only national academic organization, encompassing all fields of study in the sciences, arts and humanities that provides, through its Committee on Expert Panels, a service to Canadians by convening Expert Panels that produce publicly disseminated, arms-length, third party reviews.  The most recent Expert Panel report addressing RF/MW radiation examines new data on dosimetry and exposure assessment, thermoregulation, biological effects such as enzyme induction, and toxicological effects, including genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, and testicular and reproductive outcomes.  Epidemiological studies of mobile phone users and occupationally exposed populations are examined, along with human and animal studies of neurological and behavioural effects.  All of the authoritative reviews completed within the last two years have supported the need for further research to clarify the possible associations between RF fields and adverse health outcomes that have appeared in some reports. See:

Recent Advances in Research on Radiofrequency Fields and Health: 2001-2003; A Follow-up to The Royal Society of Canada, Report on the Potential Health Risks of Radiofrequency Fields from Wireless Telecommunication Devices, 1999

[back] 35. The European Union effort to address this issue is in the study Risk Evaluation of Potential Environmental Hazards from Low Energy Electromagnetic Field Exposure Using Sensitive in vitro Methods (REFLEX).  Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) in relation to health is a controversial topic throughout the industrial world.  So far epidemiological and animal studies have generated conflicting data and thus uncertainty regarding possible adverse health effects. This situation has triggered controversies in communities especially in Europe with its high density of population and industry and the omnipresence of EMF in infrastructures and consumer products.  These controversies are affecting the siting of facilities, leading people to relocate, schools to close or power lines to be re-sited, all at great expense.  The European Union believes that causality between EMF exposure and disease can never be regarded as proven without knowledge and understanding of the basic mechanisms possibly triggered by EMF.  To search for those basic mechanisms powerful technologies developed in toxicology and molecular biology were to be employed in the REFLEX project to investigate cellular and sub-cellular responses of living cells exposed to EMF in vitro.

The REFLEX data have made a substantial addition to the data base relating to genotoxic and phenotypic effects of both ELF-EMF and RF-EMF on in vitro cellular systems.  While the data neither precludes nor confirms a health risk due to EMF exposure nor was the project designed for this purpose, the value lies in providing new data that will enable mechanisms of EMF effects to be studied more effectively than in the past.  Furthermore, the REFLEX data provide new information that will be used for risk evaluation by WHO, IARC and ICNIRP.  For further information on REFLEX see:

[back] 36.  The Swedish Radiation Protections Institute (SSI) endeavors to ensure that human beings and the environment are protected from the harmful effects of radiation, both in the present and in the future.  SSI has focused on epidemiological research on cancer and exposure from mobile phones and transmitters as well as experimental cancer research.  In addition three selected topics were also discussed, namely blood-brain barrier, heat shock proteins, and precautionary framework.  For further information on SSI see:

[back] 37.  In the United Kingdom, the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) was created by the Radiological Protection Act 1970.  The statutory functions of NRPB are to advance the acquisition of knowledge about the protection of mankind from radiation hazards through research and to provide information and advice to persons (including Government Departments) with responsibilities in the United Kingdom in relation to the protection from radiation hazards either of the community as a whole or of particular sections of the community.  The NFPB believes that there is a need for better occupational studies rather than simply for more. In particular, the studies need to be of occupational groups for whom measurements show that there is genuinely a substantially raised exposure to RF fields. If the studies are to be more informative than those so far, a key requirement will be for improved exposure measurement (or improved estimation of exposure) for individuals, or at least for occupational groups. It would be desirable, as far as practical, that the studies should measure the intensity and timing of RF field exposures, and also that they should include some assessment of major RF field exposures from sources other than the current occupation.  Ideally, exposure assessment needs to be anatomica